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BIG NIGHT BRIGHT LIGHTS Lesley Dance Team Presents


Calabria by Enur

“#YOLO #isthisenglish”

Choreographed by Emma Wolper dancers: Cheyenne Abaquin, Lauren Bachand, Kayla Coleman, Ciera Cuevas, Christian-Grover Derupe, Caitlin Foley, Taylor Gray, Naomi Kolok, Rhiannon Leigh, Sarah Levine, Anna Luti, Jordan McGonigle, Jasmine Mirras, Nicollette Petersen, Emily Pysczynski, Jess Visconti, Leeanne Wallace, and Emma Wolper


That Power by feat. Justin Bieber

My song That Power is about believing in yourself and to show how confident you are in anything. Never give up on your dreams and know how grateful you are to make people inspire you and accept who you are. You show that you will always have a positive attitude and you work hard in everything you do to make yourself feel stronger every minute of the day. Think about the lucky things you do In your life plus keep your head up high and people will be there for you no matter what. Just keep saying to yourself “And I’m lovin every second, minute, hour, bigger, better, stronger, power”

Choreographed by Sarah Munro dancers: Mykayla Marcelino, and Sarah Munro


Hey Big Spender from the Musical Fosse Choreographed by Roselle Feldman dancers: Lauren Abrams, Kayla Coleman. Arthur Guerra, Kate Havican, Sarah Levine, Nelson Maldonado, Julie Miquel, Jasmine Mirras, Emily Noel, Hannah Perry, Nicollette Petersen, Theresa Powers, Alexa Romancewicz, and Jessica Sewell


“Hardly Golden” The Funeral by The Band of Horses “There is scarcely any passion without struggle-Albert Camus”

Choreographed by Anna Luti and Jess Visconti dancers: Anna Luti and Jess Visconti


300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintela

Often times we rely on lyrics in music to tell a story and tell us what the song is about. Instrumental music, however, we have to let the music tell us the story and lead the way. Dance can bring the story of the music to life.

Choreographed by Mykayla Marcelino dancers: Kate Bond, Kayla Coleman, Amy Coole, Jennifer Cubides, Ciera Cuevas, Amber Grover, Naomi Kolok, Molly Larson, Sarah Levine, Mykayla Marcelino, Jordan McGonigle, Adrienne Mill, Jasmine Mirras, and Emma Wolper


Toxic cover by Yael Naim Choreographed by Lauren Abrams dancer: Lauren Abrams


Welcome Home by Radical Face Choreographed by Lauren Bolles dancers: Cheyenne Abaquin, Lauren Bolles, Christian-Grover Derupe, Heather Drinkwater, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Julie Miquel, Emily Noel, Hannah Perry, Theresa Powers, Alexa Romancewicz, Leeanna Silvestrone, and Amanda Will


Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer

“Ill be there... whether you say you need me or not.” This dance is the battle of one girl who is struggling internally, and by the forced help of her best friend she able to overcome the conflicts within herself.

Choreographed by Kayla Coleman and Nicollette Petersen dancers: Kayla Coleman and Nicollette Petersen


Fast Car by Tracy Chapman Choreographed by Heather Drinkwater dancers: Shari Atamian, Rachel Burkholz, Kayla Coleman, Heather Drinkwater, Olivia Fox, Molly Larson, Anna Luti, Jasmine Mirras, Emily Moynihan, Caitlin Panter, Hannah Perry, Timothy Smith, Melissa Uva, Jess Visconti, Hannah Willis, and Emma Wolper


You’ve Got What It Takes by Michael Bublé Choreographed by Lisa Smith dancers: Lauren Abrams, Amy Coole, Emily Noel, Nicollette Petersen, Theresa Powers, Jessica Sewell, and Timothy Smith


“Hymn of the Military Wife” Long Journey Home by Hans Zimmer

“We do not know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have” I would like to personally dedicate this dance to my parents: to my father who has served 21 years in the United States Navy. And to my mother: who has been a constant role model to me, who proudly stands by my father’s side yet stands just as tall and strong when alone. This piece is danced in remembrance of those who have lost their lives while seriving our country, and most importantly to the family and friends who keep the memory of our fallen soldiers alive.

Choreographed by Lauren Bachand dancers: Nicholette Cournoyer, Ciera Cuevas, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Olivia Fox, Amber Grover, Rhiannon Leigh, Sarah Levine, Hugh Long, Nelson Maldonado, Mykayla Marcelino, Adrienne Mill, Greg Schneider, Jessica Sewell, Leeanna Silvestrone, Jess Visconti, and Hannah Willis


“Méfiez-vous la Femme Fatale” ‘Til The World Ends Femme Fatale Remix by Britney Spears Feat. Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj

Femme Fatale (noun): french for fatal women; a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. Special thanks to my assistant Emily Noel, I could not have done it without you!

Choreographed by Lexie Steinhauser dancers: Lauren Abrams, Lauren Bachand, Kayla Coleman, Kelly Correia, Heather Drinkwater, Taylor Gray, Anna Luti, Mykayla Marcelino, Julie Miquel, Emily Noel, Hannah Perry, Nicollette Petersen, Theresa Powers, Leeanne Wallace, and Emma Wolper


Dr. Feelgood by Aretha Franklin Choreographed by Madison Taibi dancer: Madison Taibi


“Releasing Creative Energy” Neck Brace by Ratatat

This dance brings out creative energy. Being a student brings stress and busy schedules, leaving little time to forget the world and let our creative minds take over. This strange and quirky dance helps us refocus our minds and release the creativity within us.

Choreographed by Amy Coole dancers: Cheyenne Abaquin, Shari Atamian, Lauren Bachand, Rachel Burkholz, Amy Coole, Taylor Gray, Nishat Khan, Rhiannon Leigh, Adrienne Mill, Emily Moynihan, Jessica Sewell, Melissa Uva, Leeanne Wallace, and Emma Wolper


Better Man by James Morrison Choreographed by Lauren Bolles dancer: Lauren Bolles


A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) by Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRock Choreographed by Hannah Perry dancers: Lauren Bachand, Lauren Bolles, Kayla Coleman, Amy Coole, Kelly Correia, Ciera Cuevas, Heather Drinkwater, Kate Havican, Mykayla Marcelino, Jordan McGonigle, Rebecca Meyers, Adrienne Mill, Sam Millette, Hannah Perry, Nicollette Petersen, Theresa Powers, Alexa Romancewicz, and Leeanne Wallace


“False Expectations” The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars Relationships go through transitory periods, up and downs from first impressions to years of experience. We wonder when people do or say things outside of their character.

Choreographed by Adrienne Mill and Caitlin Panter dancers: Adrienne Mill and Caitlin Panter


Lack of Color by Death Cab For Cutie

In a group, army, or nation everyone is looked at as being a whole. It takes a strong individual to break out from their group and hold their own. Everyone has their way of being themselves; this world around us wouldn’t be the same with a lack of color.

Choreographed by Nicollette Petersen dancers: Kayla Coleman, Kelly Correia, Kate Havican, Jasmine Mirras, Nicollette Petersen, Bree Wisniewski, and Emma Wolper


Grease Lightning from the Musical Grease Choreographed by Amy Coole, Heather Drinkwater, and Hannah Perry dancers: Dylan Bushe, Jeff Landry, Nelson Maldonado, Greg Schneider


Stuff Like That There by Bette Midler Choreographed by Emily Noel dancers: Lauren Abrams, Kelly Correia, Jennifer Cubides, Taylor Gray, Amber Grover, Kate Havican, Julie Miquel, Emily Moynihan, Emily Noel, Theresa Powers, Alexa Romancewicz, and Jessica Sewell


Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross

“Antonio Lopes Marcelino: January 28, 1965 - November 3, 2013. I love you, daddy. I will always be your Munchkin.”

Choreographed by Mykayla Marcelino dancer: Mykayla Marcelino


“Standing Strong” Soldier by Gavin DeGraw

“You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it”

Choreographed by Kayla Coleman dancers: Lauren Bachand, Kate Bond, Kayla Coleman, Jennifer Cubides, Ciera Cuevas, Sarah Fioroti, Taylor Gray, Amber Grover, Kate Havican, Nishat Khan, Naomi Kolok, Molly Larson, Adrienne Mill, Jasmine Mirras, Caitlin Panter, Nicollette Petersen, Alexa Romancewicz, Jessica Sewell, Leeanna Silvestrone, Madison Taibi, Jess Visconti, Bree Wisniewski, and Emma Wolper

Half of the donations from the show will be going to:

Christopher’s Haven is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides housing for families who bring their child to Boston’s MassGeneral Hospital for Children and the Dana-Farber/Children’s Hospital Cancer Center for cancer treatment. Christopher’s Haven is located at One Emerson Place, adjacent to the hospital, where seven large and completely furnished apartments and a community space are available to families who travel from out of state or outside the country for daily outpatient treatments. A typical stay is 6 to 8 weeks. The mission of Christopher’s Haven is to make a tangible difference in the day-to-day lives of children and their families by creating and operating a home away from home for children being treated for cancer at MassGeneral Hospital and surrounding Boston children’s hospitals.

For information about Christopher’s Haven visit:

Special Thanks:


Katie Ebdon

Mike Fox

USG Tommy Truscott & Jennifer O’Neil

Jen Stone & Willow Coronella

Neal Klein & Bryan Brophy-Baermann

2013 - 2014 Lesley University’s Dance Team Lauren Abrams, Cheyenne Abaquin, Shari Atamian, Lauren Bachand, Lauren Bolles, Dylan Bushe, Kate Bond, Rachel Burkholz, Kayla Coleman, Amy Coole, Kelly Correia, Nicholette Courneyr, Jennifer Cubides, Ciera Cuevas, Christian-Grover Derupe, Heather Drinkwater, Sarah Fioroh, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Caitlin Foley, Olivia Fox, Taylor Gray, Amber Grover, Arthur Guerra, Kate Havican, Nishat Khan, Naomi Kolok, Jeff Landry, Molly Larson, Rhiannon Leigh, Sarah Levine, Hugh Long, Anna Luti, Nelson Maldonado, Mykayla Marcelino , Jordan McGonigle, Rebecca Meyers, Adrienne Mill, Sam Milette, Julie Miquel, Jasmine Mirras, Emily Moynihan, Sarah Munro, Emily Noel, Caitlin Panter, Hannah Perry, Nicollette Petersen, Theresa Powers, Emily Pyscznski, Alexa Romancewicz, Jessica Sewell, Greg Schneider, Leeanna Silvestrone, Timothy Smith, Madison Taibi, Melissa Uva, Jess Visconti, Leeanne Wallace, Amanda Will, Hannah Willis, Bree Wisniewski, and Emma Wopler


DA N C E Program Designed by: Nicollette Petersen

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