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Process Book By: Nicollette Petersen

Design Specs 2013

This class is a required course and one that most design students push off because of all the talk that goes around about it. I tried to look at this class from a different perspective and take it my sophomore year to get it over with. After the first class we left questioning:

“What am I doing here?” “Should I drop it now?” “What is going on?” So after watching many people drop the class I decide to stick it out and just give it a shot.

Time to choose a group:

Graphic Identity Large Format Letterpress Microsites Mobile Apps Offset Printing Screen Printing Time Based It was such a hard decition just trying to pick one group knowing that was going to be the only thing you are getting out of the class.

After a lot of thinking over which group to be in, I finally decided on letterpress. We started with 6 people in our group and after the add/ drop period was over we had a final number of 4 people in the group. Not only was it going to be harder now because we had less people but letterpress is also a tricky because we don’t actually have a letterpress at AIB to use. It is not like some of the other groups that can produce work because all they need are their computers.

Field Trip to Union Press



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