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EARLY TRAINING It all began at the the age of 5 when Nicolle realized she was born to be a singer. At 7 years old, she began studying Tap and Ballet at Maria Priadka School of Dance in South Orange, NJ and shortly thereafter began training at Performers Theatre Workshop in Livingston, NJ with classes in Song Interpretation, Tap, Jazz, and Musical Theatre. Around this same time, she also began taking private classical voice lessons with Virginia Beacraft and soon added private cello lessons to her already full plate. After performing in one of her very first showcases at PTW, Nicolle was approached by New York management company Anthony & Associates, began auditioning in New York City, and subsequently booked her first big job as a series regular on the TV series ÂŤ Shining Time Station Âť starring Ringo Starr.

FULL-TIME ACTRESS AND STUDENT All throughout elementary and middle school, Nicolle worked regularly in Theatre, TV, and Film and was blessed to gain roles as a series regular and invited guest star on TV shows such as The Babysitters Club, The Cosby Show, Clarissa Explains it All, NYPD Blue, Law & Order, and The Chappelle’s Show, to name a few, all the while maintaining her studies through on-set tutors, helpful teachers, and a pure love for learning (see her full resume on

HIGH SCHOOL YEARS Nicolle continued honing her craft during highschool in the School of Visual and Performing Arts Dance Program as well as an intensive Modern Jazz program at the Premiere Dance Theatre in Montclair, NJ, and was the only freshman selected to sing the difficult lyrical repertoire as a first Soprano in the exclusive Madrigals Choir. Already very fortunate in her career, playing the daughter of well-known actor James Earl Jones in the civil rights biopic / TV movie ÂŤ The Vernon Johns Story Âť was a special highlight and honor.

IVY LEAGUE After only 3 years of study at Montclair High School, Nicolle graduated high school early in order to attend the prestigious Brown University, choosing to focus her studies in Linguistic Anthropology : Culture and Communication, French, Spanish, and German, while also continuing her arts training in The New Works African Dance Company, Shades of Brown Acapella Group, Mock Trial, and Brown Sisters United Organization.

POST COLLEGE Thrown into the «real-world» with a diploma and a dream, Nicolle began simultaneously auditioning, acting, and training, as well as working part-time in NewYork City as an Assistant French Teacher at Lyceum Kennedy Bi-Lingual School, a French/English Baby-Sitter for hire, and an Administrative Assistant to the president of philanthropic organization The Wealth and Giving Forum. Again very fortunate, Nicolle had the grand opportunity to perform opposite well-known actor Alan Alda in the play «Limonade Tous Les Jours».

BIKER CHICK Inspired by her beloved mechanic, fix-it-all, motocyclist father Lawrence, Nicolle got a motorcycle license and then a Harley Davidson as a gift from dear old dad, after which she exclaimed: ÂŤ Everyday is a better day with a motorcycle license, with the sheer possibility to ride away, free in the wind Âť ; a phrase that gives an obvious insight into her personality !

BROADWAY BABY ! In addition to television and film, Nicolle often worked on the stage, earning lead roles in « Crumbs From the Table of Joy » directed by acclaimed actor Joe Morton, the re-booted Broadway show «Starmites,» the Broadway workshop «Beehive» directed by Debbie Allen, The Public Theatre’s Shakespeare in the Park production of « Henry V » alongside Liev Shreiber, and « Fame on 42nd Street » at the Little Shubert Theatre.

A DREAM COME TRUE Enrolled in French classes at Madame Cummins Petit Ecole since the age of 3 and intrigued by the life and songs of «La Perle Noire» since the age of 12, Nicolle finally realized her dream of playing Josephine Baker in Jerome Savary’s production « à La Recherche de Josephine » starring in a four year International Tour that passed through France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Beligum, Lebanon, and the USA and performing in 3 different languages.

AN AMAZING DISCOVERY Newsflash : the old-style of Jazz music and Jazz vernacular dance are alive, well, and especially thriving in Sweden! After visiting the world’s best Swing Camp «Herrang» near to Stockholm, Sweden, Nicolle quickly became addicted to studying, dancing, and performing Lindy Hop as well as Authentic Jazz and Blues.

DANCE MEZCLA Training with them whenever she got the chance, the eclectic Parisian dance group « Les Danseuses d’Or » offered Nicolle an opportunity to explore and perform the styles of Samba, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Coupé-decalé, and Bollywood.

EXPLORING LATIN CARIBBEAN ROOTS Focused on finding her own sound, Nicolle decided to draw on her Jamaican and Costa Rican heritage and travel to Cuba in order to create a demo of her original compositions combining Jazz, Pop, House, and Reggaeton.

FRENCH POP With the end of « à la Recherche de Joséphine » in February 2010, Nicolle began searching for a new project to sink her teeth into. Her prayers were answered promptly as she was lead one evening by divine intervention to the one bar in Paris where she happened to find the leader of the group Ginkgoa who just happened to be looking for a singer at that very moment.

ELECTRO SWING Growing up in New Jersey meant two things : the mall and House Music. Thankfully, Nicolle’s mall-habit has since died down, but her love of all things relating to House Music has only been heightened by Europe’s very electro vibe and living in close proximity to Ibiza : Electro and House Heaven. Eventually combining two of her favorite styles in both music and dance, House and Swing, Nicolle began working with DJ/ producers and friends Bart & Baker to produce several Electro-Swing tracks, an obvious next step in Nicolle’s career.

PERFORMING ARTS EDUCATION As the child of two veteran teachers, Nicolle certainly got it honest and inevitably began exploring other ways to touch an audience through teaching and performing the dance styles and choreography of Jazz Roots, Electro-Swing, and Jazz-House in France, Germany, and Sweden in 2011.

THE DUKE ORCHESTRA Contacted by well-known big band orchestra conductor Laurent Mignard, Nicolle was delighted to call upon her classical vocal training in order to sing the exquisite, often dissonant and ever-glorious repertoire of Duke Ellington, including the challenging Soprano repertoire presented within The Sacred Concerts.

THE FANTASTIC HARLEM DRIVERS It’s back to Vaudeville, 20’s Jazz, Tap, and Lindy Hop when Nicolle gigs with this dynamic group of seasoned artists, lead by pianiste Jean-Claude «Lou» Laupretre and including seasoned musicians Bernard Brimeur, Alain Marquet, singer Sylva Howard and Jazz/Tap dancers Jelly Germain and Caroline Podetti.

THE BOOGIE WOOGIE WORLD After having recently discovered the wonderful sounds and intense rhythms of Boogie Woogie and Blues in Europe, Nicolle was welcomed into a Big Boogie Family and now enjoys traveling regularly around the world to sing and dance as an invited guest with great artists such as : Christoph Steinbach, Jean-Paul Amouroux, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Richie Loidl, Daniel Ecklbauer, Balazs Daniel, and Michael Maas, among others !

THE FUNK ORCHESTRA Ocassionally joining this Austrian Big Funk Band lead by the talented drummer Franz Tr채ttner, Nicolle is able to reconnect with her American roots while singing selections from great soulful women such as Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Chaka Kahn, and Amy Whinehouse.

JAZZ, BLUES, BOOGIE & SOUL Soon after joining forces with talented pianist/singer Julien Brunetaud, their group ÂŤ Nikki & Jules Âť gained a reputation for sharing a passionate musical experience with their audiences and began playing internationally as a duo, trio, quartet, quintet or sextet, always full of explosive energy and musical creativity on-stage and off !

RECENT COLLABORATIONS Being an eclectic explorer of the Jazz, Blues, and Boogie-Woogie of many eras has led Nicolle to collaborate most recently with The Hot Antic Band, The Archie Shepp Big Blues Band, The Barcelona Jazz Orchestra, The Jove Big Band of Girona, and the Antti Rissanen Big Band in Russia, among others.

BILLIE IS BACK! All of those hours spent listening to Billie Holiday cassettes on repeat paid off when Nicolle was recently asked to perform a theatrical concert show created in Switzerland with the Yerba Buena Big Band Orchestra in which she plays the role of Billie Holiday as well as sings the repertoire of the unforgettable star.

HEART POINT SCHOOL OF DANCE Giving herself yet another challenge to advance to new levels of artistic excellence, Nicolle recently decided to attend a two-year intensive dance program in order to further train her body in the styles of Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary Dance, led by one of the most reputable ( and feared ! ) dancer in Paris, Dominique Lesdema.

A MODERN GEAISHA MASH-UP As a modern woman remixed with many influences and a strong interest in not only exploring different cultures but inspiring change and freedom of expression all around the world, Nicolle is proud to introduce her new eclectic solo project based on the idea of the ÂŤ GEAISHA Âť : an ever-training eclectic artist whose work is essentially a vehicle for feminism when considering the opportunities it has created for the advancement of women in terms of overall value and respect as well as their increased presence in the workforce of Japan at the time it was created. www.moderngeaisha. com

GET GAIN GIVE AND THE GULABI GANG Touched by the difficulties and injustice faced especially by the little girls and women of the world, Nicolle is currently collaborating with the women’s organization Gulabi Gang in India and developing GET GAIN GIVE, a non-profit organization which is linked to her solo project. ( hence the unorthodox spelling of « GEAISHA » ) with the goal of spreading awareness about these particular issues and ultimately helping to get education and human rights protection for women and children, no matter what country they happen to be born in.

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