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Warming of the Rings Around the world the wedding rings are the strongest and most visible sign of the bond these two people are about to make. A commitment to life, to each other and to the future. With a ring warming in your ceremony the rings will not only be a gift from one to another but will be given with the love, support and wisdom of all present. The rings are passed amongst all the guests and they hold the rings thus giving their personal blessing upon the rings before the bride & groom exchange the rings.

1. Family and friends, each of you are here today because you are the people who mean the most to Groom and Bride, and for that they have asked me to welcome you and to confirm they are honored by your presence. We are here, not merely to absorb the inherent beauty of the wedding two lovers, but to participate in it by witnessing their pledge, celebrating their union, and to offer to them your love, support and accountability for the rest of their lives. You are being asked to witness, support, and strengthen Groom and Bride’s relationship in the coming years. Bride and Groom, we are here today to share and support your love and commitment to one another. We would like to give you our support and best wishes, by warming your wedding rings. Let each of us in his own way, may it be prayer, may it be by a thought, whatever you and I would wish for this couple, let's pray or have our own thoughts as a blessing upon them. Let us pause at this time for these silent blessings. Now the rings will be passed through the guests, who will each infuse the rings with good wishes and warm loving thoughts. 2. A wedding of the heart is the binding of spirits of all who have gathered, celebrate, acknowledge, and encourage these two people creating a new life together. All of us here today have been a witness to Bride and Groom’s growth as individuals and as a couple, and we are brought together by this celebration. Today we form a circle of family and friends, a union of lives, brought together by love. Groom and Bride, your rings are not only gifts to one another, but are also going to be a gift from all your guests because we are going to pass them around, and each guest may going to quietly bless your rings, and infuse your rings with love and positive thoughts. When you then exchange them with one another, you will also be sharing love, wisdom, and support of all present today.

3. During this ceremony Groom and Bride will exchange rings. These rings are visible sign of their commitment to one another. As this ceremony proceeds, we invite family and friends to take part in the warming of the rings. We ask that you wish them health and happiness, and all that is noble in life. I ask that each guest hold them for a moment, warm them with your love and make a silent wish for this couple, and their future together. When these rings come back they will contain, in their precious metal, that which is more precious, that which is priceless – your love and hope and pledge of support for their union

During Ring Exchange These rings, now warmed by those you love the most will forever show the world you are one, and they will carry with them the eternal love and blessing of your families. And when you have been together for a long, long time, you will look at these rings, you will feel the indentations they have made on your fingers, and you will know that these rings contain all the memories of what your lives and your relationship have been.

These rings, now warmed by those you love the most will forever show the world your are one and they will carry with them the eternal love and blessing of your families.

special ceremonies: ringwarming  
special ceremonies: ringwarming