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Coin, Veil, Cord Ceremony This special ceremony takes place just before the final blessing.

Will the pillow bearers please come forward with the knealing pillows?


Coins Will the Coin bearers please come forward? The officiant takes the coins, and then drops them into the Groom's waiting hands, who in turn drops them into the Bride's hands. The Bride returns them to the Groom, who then allows the coins to then be dropped into a plate held by an acolyte. Groom, please place the coins in Bride’s hands. You give bride these thirteen gold coins, as a symbol of your unquestionable trust and confidence. As a husband, you recognize your responsibility as a provider, and you are pledging your ability to support and care for her. Bride, your acceptance of these coins symbolizes that you are taking that trust and confidence unconditionally with total dedication and prudence. Bride, please give the coinsback to Groom’s hands. This conveys that what you both earn will become part of each other’s.

Veil Will the veil bearers please come forward? Together, they pin a veil from the groom's shoulders, extending it to cover the bride's head and shoulders. This is symbolic of the groom pledging his strength and protection to his bride - the wife who he promises to take care of, from this day forward. This veil signifies union and oneness. We have two individuals before us now, who after this day, will become as one, sharing one home, one name, and one family. Let no distance, nor barrier, separate your hearts and minds. Together you will build a future for yourselves (and your children to come) through love and perseverance.

Cord Ceremony Will the cord bearers please come forward? (Bearers come forward and place an intertwining cord over the heads of the Bride and Groom, then are seated). With love that deepens through many years, may you know its meaning and its mystery; how we become truly one in sharing ourselves with one another, and yet, remaing truly two in your own uniqueness. This cord signifies strength. It binds you together, combining your separate and individual strengths, as a new family. May this cord make you pillars of strength and

righteousness. You are what your children will be; it is from you that your children will draw strength. You will be their role model of what is right and wrong. Partial Accounts ~William Meredith In Chota Nagput and Bengal the betrothed are tied with threads to mango trees, they marry the trees as well as one another, and the two trees marry each other. Could we do that sometime with oaks or beeches? This gossamer we hold each other with, this web

of love and habit is not enough. In mistrust of heavier ties, I would like tree-siblings for us, standing together somewhere, two trees married with us, lightly, their fingers barely touching in sleep, our threads invisible but holding.

special ceremonies: cord, veil, coin ceremony  
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