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Locating your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife

Fife means business.

Main image: Courtesy of Alstom (© Alstom).

Contents • Why Fife works for marine energy companies


• Fife and the global marine renewables market


• An established supply chain


• Transport and Logistics


• Graduates, training and skills development


• Case Studies


• Locations:

Locating your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife 2

Rosyth Waterfront


Mid Fife




Energy Park Fife


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Cover images from left to right: Fife Renewables Innovation Centre & Methil Business Park; Alstom 1MW Tidal Turbine, Rosyth (©Alstom); Oyster 800 Wave Energy Device, Methil.


Why Fife works for marine energy companies Fife has an expanding profile in the Marine Renewable Energy sector and a long and proud history of engineering excellence, including in the offshore energy industry. Deep-water ports, benign coastal environments, an experienced, competitively priced workforce and well developed transport and digital communication infrastructures combine to make Fife an attractive proposition for enterprises across the marine energy sector.

For more information or to start your process of locating in Fife, please contact: Ross Mackenzie Lead Officer – Investment 03451 55 55 55 ext 492178 ross.mackenzie@fife.gov.uk Barbara Whiting Lead Officer – Renewables 03451 55 55 55 ext 492184 barbara.whiting@fife.gov.uk

Other benefits of locating in Fife include: • Discretionary Regional Selective Assistance grants for job creation • £5 million apprenticeship fund • Further and higher education programmes for energy skills training • Well-served business parks with quayside access and excellent logistics • Support from Invest in Fife to develop new markets and diversify your business. Add to this the mutual support to be gained from existing clusters of related, world-leading design, manufacturing, servicing and supply businesses and Fife becomes the natural choice for any operation aiming to excel in marine renewables. The following pages give an overview of the range of opportunities, facilities and supports available to organisations wishing to set up or expand in Fife.


Locating your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife 4

Fife and the global marine renewables market The World Energy Council estimates the total market potential for wave energy alone to be in excess of 5,000 TWh/year, representing a capital expenditure of over £500 billion. Scotland’s seas encompass up to 25% of the Europe’s tidal power, 10% of its wave power and 25% of its offshore wind resource.

An industry entering Commercialisation The wave and tidal energy sector in the UK is now entering commercialisation with the potential for strong growth in the sector over the next decade. This has attracted the attention of some of the world’s major energy companies.

Massive opportunities in licensed sites around Scotland The UK Crown Estate has licensed almost 40 wave and tidal sites with the vast majority being in Scottish waters. There is now a substantial pipeline of potential capacity, with likely deployment of 100MW to 200MW of devices expected by the end of 2020.

Unparalleled Scottish Government support While the UK government has placed a subsidy cap of 30MW on marine energy production, the Scottish Government has imposed no such limit. To ensure that Scotland can capitalise on its enviable marine energy resources, the Scottish Government has created an £18 million fund. The Scottish Government’s commitment to renewables has been further underlined by its target of meeting 100% of Scotland’s electricity demand from renewables by 2020.

Support within Fife Companies creating jobs in some parts of Fife may be eligible for Tier 2a Regional Selective Assistance grants of up to 35%. Fife holds the only areas within the Edinburgh City Region to benefit from this level of support. Invest in Fife can help you develop new markets through events and national and international trade fairs and conferences. We are also ready to support companies to diversify into new, related areas of business. Read more about support for companies locating or expanding in Fife on page 24.

An ideal location for industrialscale production Fife’s deep-water ports and easily accessed benign coastal conditions are ideal for initial sea testing. Meanwhile, our industrial complex has all the capabilities required for the commercial development, manufacturing and assembly of demonstration devices trialled at European Testing sites. See our range of available business locations onpages 8 & 9.

“ With an excellent track record in helping companies of all sizes realise their projects, our dedicated Invest in Fife team stands ready to assist your move to or expansion within Fife.” Ross Mackenzie, Invest in Fife

Marine engineering expertise A wide range of marine, offshore and energy sector specific skills and experience already reside in Fife as a result of the continued presence of major engineering companies. A strong local supply chain and a range of supporting subcontractors has grown up around them and continues to thrive. Read more about Fife’s well established engineering supply chain overleaf.

Talent pool and skills base

All Energy 2013

In addition to benefiting from an already highly skilled engineering workforce, Fife is within easy reach of all Scotland’s main engineering Universities. All of them contribute to a vibrant renewable energy Knowledge Transfer Network. For the future, ongoing collaboration between Fife council, industry and education providers ensures we have an ever-strengthening skills base, from apprenticeship schemes to industry backed engineering skills academies. Find out how Fife supports training and skills development on pages 10 & 11.

Image courtesy of Babcock

Energy Park Fife


Main pic: Oyster fabrication by BiFab, Methil

An established supply chain With over 150 companies in the sector, Fife hosts one of Scotland’s largest engineering clusters. World leaders and major players support a thriving array of smaller manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors, providing a resilient and fertile environment for any marine renewables enterprise. Fife’s range of indigenous expertise and suppliers includes

Tier 2 and 3 suppliers

• subsea installation manufacturing at multi national FMC Technologies, Dunfermline

These include a choice of precision engineers and CNC shops, sub-assembly manufacturers and suppliers of mission critical components such as high-pressure valves and control electronics.

• subsea umbilicals for the Oil & Gas industry at global leader Oceaneering Umbilical Solutions, Dunfermline • subsea jackets, topsides and sub-structure fabrication at BiFab, Burntisland and Methil • subsea installation and offshore engineering at Babcock Naval Dockyard, Rosyth

Locating your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife 6

• marine and offshore engineering at Rolls Royce, Dunfermline • advanced systems and electronics integration at BAE Systems, Hillend

Fife has an array of manufacturers and service providers further down the supply chain ready to meet the needs of Marine Renewable Energy businesses.

Noted examples include: • offshore engineering and installation services from Briggs Marine, Burntisland • marine mammals protection advisory services at SMRU Marine Ltd, St Andrews • steel fabrication and heavy rolling at Gray Fabrication, Cupar.

• power generators and drivers from Parsons Peebles, Rosyth.

Axyz Engineering - CNC Milling - Glenrothes

Rolls Royce - Dunfermline

FiFab - Laser CNC, Glenrothes

NOV Itasco - Glenrothes

BiFab - Pelamis, Methil

Proclad - Glenrothes


Transport and Logistics Fife is an ideal logistical hub. It has easy access to Scotland’s main centres of population and to international transportation for personnel and freight. Wide availability of fibre optic data connections further enhances its communications advantages.

Motorways • South via M90 to Edinburgh and A1 to Newcastle • North via M90 to Dundee and Aberdeen • West via M8 to Glasgow and onwards, via M77 to Irish ferry port at Stranraer, and south to England, the M6, M5 and M1

Airports • Edinburgh International • Dundee Regional • Glasgow International

Bus • Extensive Public Transport Network serving all population centres


Aberdeen Glasgow

Locating your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife 8


Edinburgh Newcastle

N. Ireland

Rep Ireland Wales


England London


Kincardine M876 M9








• East and West Coast Mainline connections to freight and passenger services • London 4h 22m • Freight railhead at Thornton

Ports • Rosyth Deep-water Port with scheduled freight ferry sailings to Zeebrugge • Burntisland Deep-water Port • Across the Firth of Forth, Leith is the largest enclosed deep-water port in Scotland


Digital Superfast, high resilience fibre optic connectivity available on all business sites with a Green Data Centre planned





St Andrews

A91 Cupar

A915 M90 A91



Thornton Railhead

Dunfermline M90



Energy Park Fife





Inverkeithing International Airport





Graduates, training and skills development Building, improving and retaining a quality workforce is a challenge across the engineering sector. Fife Council works closely and continuously with education providers, government agencies, and with industry to ensure our local employers can find new, skilled recruits and enhance the capabilities of existing staff through appropriate education and training. Graduates and school leavers Engineering is the No.1 choice for male school leavers in Fife. Of those going on to a degree qualification, 9% of school leavers choose Engineering, 15% choose Science or Mathematics.

Locating your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife 10

Fife is home to Scotland’s top-ranking University of St. Andrews, while the leading engineering universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt, Napier, West of Scotland and Strathclyde are all within easy reach by road and public transport.

Students at the University of St Andrews

Fife College

The newly formed regional College is developing courses to meet the growing demand for workers with skills suitable the offshore energy industry. It is the largest provider of engineering FE courses in Scotland, accounting for about 21% of total provision. It has 5,000 fulltime and over 25,000 part-time students.

Stenton Campus

Apprentices from Fife College

The development of Fife College’s new £17.5 million Future Skills Centre in Glenrothes is central to the creation of the facilities that will underpin the College’s low carbon economy strategy.

Whitlock Energy Collaboration Centre

The Whitlock Centre in Rosyth is one of Scotland’s newest education, research and training resources dedicated to supporting the growth of the energy sector and its supply chain.

Fife Science Festival at Carnegie Campus, Fife College

“ 37% of Scotland’s working population has a degree, HND, or equivalent qualification, while Scotland’s graduates have higher starting salaries and lower unemployment rates than the UK average.” Source: Scottish Government

The Centre is one of the largest and best equipped of its type in Scotland and provides approximately 10,000 square metres of purpose-built training facilities.

Fife Engineering Academy

In collaboration with local engineering employers, Opportunities Fife Partnership has established Fife Engineering Academy and an apprenticeship programme for workers in the region to gain the skills and knowledge our engineering industries require.

Recruitment Support

Opportunities Fife works with employers to deliver a cohesive employability service for Fife and develop the skill base for a thriving local economy.

Background image courtesy of Rolls Royce, Dunfermline

This means that, should you locate to Fife, you will have a well connected local partner ready to assist with your recruitment needs.


Case Study

1 Pelamis Wave Energy Following successful sea trials of their Fife-built Pelamis 1 wave energy converter, Pelamis Wave Energy is now conducting extended sea trials of Pelamis 2. The Pelamis design uses a series of interconnected steel tubes to convert the undulating motion of waves into electrical power.

Locating your offshore Oil & Gas business in Fife

Pelamis 1 power units were manufactured at Babcock’s Naval Dockyard in Rosyth, with the tube bodywork fabricated at BiFab in Methil. Designed for deployment in waters over 50m depth, Pelamis 1 became the world’s first offshore wave energy converter to supply electricity to a national grid when it was connected to the UK grid in 2004. Pelamis 2 units, owned by EON and by Scottish Power, are now undergoing testing at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney.


Pelamis bodywork fabrication at Methil

Middle: Pelamis sea trials in Orkney Main:


Pelamis tow out from Rosyth

All images are courtesy of Pelamis Wave Power

Case Study


Aquamarine Power Aquamarine Power’s Oyster 800 device captures energy from near shore waves and uses it to drive an onshore hydroelectric turbine. Burntisland Fabrications (BiFab) employed its many years of expertise in supplying structures to the North Sea Oil & Gas industry to successfully complete the project over several phases. Oyster 800 is a hinged flap that attaches to the seabed. Wave action moves the flap back and forth against two hydraulic pistons, pushing high-pressure water onshore to drive a turbine. Oyster 800 has been designed to work in wave farms with an array of machines linked to a single onshore power station. Following the successful trial of Oyster 1 at EMEC in Orkney, BiFab won the contract from Aquamarine power to build Oyster 800. This followed an £11m investment in Aquamarine power from ABB and Scottish and Southern Energy. Aquamarine Power, with joint-venture partner SSE Renewables, now has full consent to develop a 40MW Oyster Wave Farm off the Butt of Lewis - the world’s largest fully consented wave power site.


Oyster 800 build at BiFab, Methil.

Middle: Oyster 800 oad out. Bottom: Oyster 800 on Sea trials in Orkney


Case Study


Tidal Generation Limited Rolls Royce used its engineering know-how to assist with the design and manufacture of Tidal Generation Limited’s (TGL) demonstrator device. TGL’s system is designed to be sited on the seabed in areas with high tidal flow streams. Its simple and efficient design means that it can be deployed or retrieved in a single tidal cycle using small vessels, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Locating your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife 14

It was assembled and factory tested at Rolls Royce’s Dunfermline plant ahead of installation in the Pentland Firth. The 500 kW turbine completed its test programme having successfully exported 250 MWh of power to the Scottish grid. Originally Tidal Generation Limited, the company was sold by Rolls-Royce to Alstom in 2013 for £42 million. Throughout 2013/14 detailed testing and analysis of the 1 MW turbine installed at EMEC in Orkney will continue and lessons learned will be transferred into the final commercial design.

Alstom 1MW Tidal Turbine lift

Main image © Alstom

Case Study

Case Study


Flumill The Flumill device’s unique design uses helical screws to generate energy from tidal flows. Flumill’s compact, patented design has been tested in Norway and offers simpler assembly, easier installation and lower capex cost than competing devices. Flumill completed tow testing over two weeks in 2011, and successful EMEC testing (European Marine Energy Centre, Orkney Island) from September 2011 to January 2012. The device can be installed without the costly heavy-lift vessels needed for other Marine Energy systems and its fast installation time is ideal for tidal areas. The test system at EMEC was successfully sited in only 4 hours from lifting at shore. The development of Flumill is managed by Energy Project Management (EPM) from their base at the Fife Renewables Innovation Centre. In the autumn of 2012 Enova awarded Flumill NOK 57.5 million (£6.4m) as part funding for a full-scale facility in Rystraumen near Tromsø.

Top: F2 sea trials


ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest HS1000 is a subsea turbine that converts energy from tidal flows. BiFab was responsible for fabricating the steel lattice support structure (subsea jacket) for the test device installed at EMEC. Established in 1997 by Norwegian utility company Hammerfest Energi, ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest now has its main offices in Glasgow, Scotland. Its main shareholders are ANDRITZ HYDRO, a leading supplier of systems and equipment for hydro-electric power installations, and Iberdrola, one of the largest utilities in the world and a leader in wind power. In December 2011 ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest successfully deployed its 1 MW pre-commercial tidal turbine HS1000 destined to validate the technology for the world’s first tidal power array to be installed, among others, in the sites developed by ScottishPower Renewable, the Sound of Islay (10MW) and the Ness of Duncansby (95MW).

HS1000 subsea tidal turbine © ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest




Rosyth Waterfront 10 miles from Edinburgh Airport, this 240 ha site includes a deep-water port, a non-tidal basin, and benefits from excellent access to the road network via the M90 and a rail link to the East Coast Main Line.

A90 linking to M90, M8, M9, A92, A720 & A1 Site of new Queensferry Crossing

29.7 ha site 16.1 ha

13.6 ha


Locating your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife 16

• Babcock • Forth Ports • Oceaneering Umbilical Solutions • Lloyds Banking Group • Scott Timber • Trak Microwave • Qinetiq Ltd • Whitlock Energy Collaboration Centre • Hydrasun • Parsons Peebles

Energy P

Energy Park

Burntisland an


Rosyth/ Zeebrugge Freight Ferry

Burntisland an

Rosyth Zeebru Freigh

The Waterfront area falls under 3 key land ownerships – Babcock Group, Forth Ports PLC and Scarborough Muir. Babcock operates the former naval base at Rosyth, which covers 119 ha. They have extensive marine engineering experience and design, assembly and testing facilities on site. A total of 4,180 square metres of industrial property are being actively marketed within the Rosyth area. Forth Road Bridge Linking Edinburgh - M90 & M8

The Port of Rosyth is operated by Forth Ports and covers over 43 ha. Rosyth is Scotland’s only roll on, roll off freight link to Europe. Cable manufacturers Oceaneering Umbilical Solutions are based within the port and supply cables to the oil & gas and renewable energy market directly over the quayside. To the east is 61 ha of land owned by Scarborough Muir. Occupiers can access the quayside within the port or a new quayside could be established by extending the North Wall. 2 miles to the north of the Rosyth Waterfront is the Shepherd Offshore site, offering considerable opportunities for supporting supply chain activities over 60 hectares with direct access to the M90 motorway.

Roll On - Roll Off Terminal

Deep water port

Proposed International Container Terminal

22.5 ha




Mid Fife Mid Fife holds the region’s main population centre and several clusters of engineering and related supply chain companies. These include marine fabricators and service providers at the deepwater port of Burntisland.

Energy Park

Occupiers Locating your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife 18

Kirkcaldy Kirkcaldy is the largest town in Fife home to a growing cluster of supply chain companies, including several high-precision CNC turning specialists. Fully-serviced office and industrial properties are available to suit a range of budgets as well as development land in areas zoned for office and industrial use.

Burntisland Owned and operated by Forth Ports, this deep-water port is already home to Burntisland Fabrications Ltd (BiFab) and Briggs Marine. Its location east of the Forth Bridges means Burntisland is free from the 44m air draft restriction. Over 7 ha of land is available for development with access to the East dock. This presents a significant opportunity for companies seeking to develop a facility to service offshore Marine Renewable Energy installations or testing ventures.

Briggs Marine (Burntisland)

• Burntisland Fabrications (BiFab) Burntisland and Rosyth/ Zeebrugge • Briggs Marine Freight Ferry • Sterling Precision • Protomould • 3d Precision

BiFab (Burntisland)

Glenrothes Burntisland


Energy Park Rosyth/ Zeebrugge Freight Ferry


A92 North A90 - West M90

Mitchelston Industrial Estate

32 ha

A921 Kirkcaldy

John Smith Business Park A92 North A90 - West M90

A92 West to M90, Dunfermline & Rosyth

4.9 ha


Fife Central Retail Park

Burntisland BiFab Briggs Marine

Burntisland deep water port




Glenrothes Gateway Investment Zone

Glenrothes is the region’s administrative capital and its third largest town. Road communications are excellent, with the A720, A90 and A92 providing access to the M9 and M90.

Glenrothes is home to Fife’s main concentration of specialist subcontract engineering companies.



Queensway Ind Est

Town Centre



es R






• NOV Itasco Precision • FiFab Energy Park • Bosch Rexroth • Brand Rex • Raytheon Ltdand Burntisland Rosyth/ • FTV Proclad Zeebrugge Freight Ferry • Score Europe • Venture Oilfield Services • East Coast Precision Faraday Rd • Surface Heat Solution

Available land

Eastfield Industrial Estate

Available property

B921 Buko Business Centre & Buko Tower

Southfield Industrial Estate


Westwood Park

Foxton Dr

Locating your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife 20

To Dundee




Bankhead Roundabout


From Kirkcaldy & Dunfermline

The approaches to Glenrothes offer well-established business areas and substantial development opportunities.

Glenrothes Burntisland


Energy Park Rosyth/ Zeebrugge Freight Ferry

The Queensway Industrial Estate is situated adjacent to the town centre and offers Class 4 development opportunities. Fife College, Stenton Campus, provides a wide range of training and education options in the area. There is a total of 33.2 hectares of allocated employment land at Glenrothes Investment Zone.

Westwood Park A92 south M90 & Edinburgh

10.2 ha site Bankhead roundabout A92 north Dundee & Aberdeen


Faraday Road

1.5 ha Faraday Road

Buko Business Centre

123 to 3,140 sq.m

B921 Buko Tower

Queensway 1.5 ha Flemington Road Queensway Industrial Estate

1.5 ha

A911 Queensway A92




Locating your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife 22

Energy Park Fife Energy Park Fife is a development of 66 ha coastal areas and a further 16.5 ha proposed inland. An Innovation Zone offers office and workspace accommodation specifically designed to incubate innovative start-ups.

Occupiers • • • • • • •

Energy Park Rosyth/

Zeebrugge Burntisland an Burntisland Fabrications Freight Ferry Samsung Heavy Industries Energy Project Management Reach Engineering & Diving Services Hydrosphere Narvida Fife College

Energy Park Fife is identified within the recently published National Renewable Infrastructure Plan (N-RIP) as being ideally placed to take advantage of the Scottish Government’s commitment to the Renewable Energy sector.

Engineering Zone

Engineering The 55 ha Engineering Zone has been developed under a joint venture between Scottish Enterprise and Fife Council and is currently home to leading players in the energy sector, Burntisland Fabrications (BiFab) and Samsung Heavy Industries.

Methil Docks Methil Docks has excellent access to Scotland’s offshore energy sites and the major offshore wind sites. The Port of Methil has two docks able to take vessels up to 3,000 dwt.

Methil Docks Business Park


Energy Park

Rosyth/ Zeebrugge Freight Ferry

Already home to landmark developments including Fife Renewables Innovation Centre and The Hydrogen Office, Methil Docks Business Park offers a number of opportunities from office space and development land to the potential redevelopment of Methil Number 3 Dock. A suitable base for offshore Operations and Maintenance activity.

Energy Park

Fife Renewables Burntisland and Innovation Centre

Rosyth/ Zeebrugge Freight Ferry

This £3m low carbon construction development offers high quality work and innovation space in a low carbon facility. The building, extending to approximately 1,400 sqm over 2 floors, is designed to enable technology and knowledge transfer, with a combination of individual incubation units and shared research facilities.

Supply Chain Investment Park Energy Park Proposed 16.5 ha situated inland Rosyth/ for businesses that would benefit Burntisland Zeebrugge Freight Ferry from being located less than 1 mile from the Energy Park but don’t require direct quayside access.

Supply Chain Investment Park

PLOT A 2.41 ha (5.96 acres) AD RO

16.5 ha



PLOT D 1.38 ha (3.41 acres)


PLOT G 1.16 ha (2.87 acres)

PLOT B 2.19 ha (5.41 acres)


PLOT D 1.33 ha (3.28 acres)

PLOT D 1.38 ha (3.44 acres)

PLOT C 1.07 ha (2.63 acres)


The Hydrogen Office

Dock Zone

The Hydrogen Office

Innovation Zone

Methil Docks Business Park

Fife Renewables Innovation Centre

Fife Renewables Innovation Centre


Invest in Fife has a proven track record of helping investors make their projects happen as well as supporting the expansion of Fife’s existing offshore energy industry clusters. Whatever your requirement, we have the skills and experience to make your move to or expansion within Fife as easy as possible. We can help you with:

Property selection and land for development

Detailed local information such as demographics, local workforce, public transportation

Familiarisation trips

Advice on financial assistance

A nominated case officer and assistance with major business category planning applications

Recruitment, selection and training support through Fife Council’s Opportunities Fife Partnership and Employability Team

Attendance at key industry events with Fife Council’s Market Development Programme

Advice on supply chain engagement through Fife Council’s Supplier Development Programme

Providing contacts within external organisations

Local stakeholder engagement

A dedicated relationship manager programme.

Please contact one of the team at enquiries@investinfife.co.uk or telephone 03451 555 555 ext 492178.

Invest in Fife is an initiative supported by Fife Council and works in partnership with Scottish Development International and Scottish Enterprise.

Contact Information 01592 583639 enquiries@investinfife.co.uk www.investinfife.co.uk @investinfife www.youtube.com/InvestinFife  Invest in Fife Kingdom House Kingdom Avenue Glenrothes Fife KY7 5LY

Profile for Invest in Fife

Locating Your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife  

Locating Your Marine Renewable Energy business in Fife