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SUNY Learning Network ​hi I'm Ali Tariq today I will be discussing about my security capstone project and my adviser name is Carl Lewis so in this project I use the vzo I create my project using the vzo software and also create the snot cruise and then in this project I use the different layout how I how I designed this project so first of all I will be telling you about the how I made my vizio project and so this project first we'd assemble the computers hubs and switches and therefore remove all the cables and then we set up all the computers on each table and then after that we label all the cables which are attached at both ends and therefore attach new rj45 connectors to the end of the purely white cables and there we also and we set up we only one 24-port switch which we call as the sw6 for all the computers and the VPN other 24 ports which sw4 for we use it for the VPN ubuntu and the web server machines so after finishing we all did the all these steps cables were should be properly installed to the computers and the switches with as little cables visible as possible so we also install the Windows XP on the assign computer such as C 0 to C 0 3 C 0 for c 0 5 6 & 7 after once we install the Windows XP we install the office and the antivirus and we run the updates so that way we can have this computer as a domain names such as the RTF Q dot local and and for C 0 9 computer machine we install the manra which is the flavor of Linux and in this manner wavi installed them and then we install this thing and then we also installed Windows XP on other two machines such as the C 0 8 and C which was which was behind the main toolbar and then we also installed the XP and we update Windows Update and then we install the Microsoft Office and the antivirus and we use these three computers as a workgroup such as C 0 at C 0 9 and C 0 C 10 machines they were used as a workgroup and then in then we also then we install the Windows Server 2003 on other 2 computers and after installing Windows Server 2003 we also install the active directory by using the dcpromo command in the run dialog box and we use the default settings and installing that to dev tree in the two Windows Server 2003 computer we also create our username and the password the reason for creating the username and the password for the active directory active directory is that we can login in any computer with the domain name if all that computer attack under the Windows Server 2003 so I so I'm so my default username or a sign as the a party first initial and the last full name with the password IP for you today with the domain name which we created as RTF Q dot local so the default username we assigned for each XP machine was the n history computer is the administrator and the password assigned as IP for you today and we make sure like every windows update on both the windows server 2003 computers and we also use two more computers with their domain names as the RTF to dotnet one computer we use for the web server and one we use for the smart so that way we don't have the out incoming traffic to be a tag in our system so we can apply the snot rules and then we also have the bun toe server sample 1-0 installed so in any different machines we install like different windows and we install like the active directory in the server so we can create the domain names we also use one printer near this node computer for printing the documents attached to the switch for we will use one a VPN computer with their domain names as the RTF to dot locker we install the Windows Server 2003 attached with the switch 4 and switch 6 therefore VPN computer have two network interface cards and the computer which are attached to sit for we use as a static IP addresses so I can so right now I am discussing all about the layout about which computers were assigned to which windows and then I will show you the diagram how it works so I we also used one Mac computer whose network cable was attached to the switch 6 we use the one Netgear router going to the switch 6 and the calls modem who is my advisor taking this security capstone project and his modem cable was attached to a switch 4 and therefore through this modem we can access the internet so while using the cables for this project we use the straight through cables and the format for the straight through cable is the orange wild orange then green white blue then the blue white green and brown white Brown we have to follow this sequence so that way we have the straight through cables going through all the computers attached to the switches so so in this project while doing this project we while creating my network diagram for the security capstone project I also learned with your listen video tutorials about how to use the Microsoft easy so I can create that computer machine and and label it so what I learned from the from this software was that I run the installation process how to use the vzo inserted property understanding the basic diagram such as the network diagram electrical mechanical drag so so here is over like the computer information for each computer we use the also use one of the software like Bell arc software if you install the software then it will identify the computer information such as the information of your RAM are this operating system IP address method whatever information your system contains once you install this or it will give you all the information so so in one of the Machine we install like the COS dot RTF

q dot local we assign this machine name as this way and we in this machine we install the XP professor and we assign different IP addresses with the MAC address and then the other machines having the windows XP and we have the different IP address every machine have the unique IP address and the unique MAC addresses and different machines were installed with different windows so this is our layout that we use like do we assign different computers with different windows with the IP address unique IP address and the unique MAC address and this is all all the information we used for the Mac computer we you install the lap leopard OS X software windows so we have the IP address assigned as the 192 dot 168 or 1.15 with the MAC address 0 0 1 e c200 see 1 b e and the other computer co here if we use as a workgroup and co 9 we use a.m. and rubra and these three computers will be Co it to see or 10.we used as a work group and we also you and the some of the computers we use the Windows Server 2003 computer shows so1 dot RTS Q dot local and then these are the server computer with their - with the unique IP address and the MAC address and we have the one web server was itwas we are using by the Ubuntu Server machine and they're having the unique IP address seventy dot sixty one dot one 20.1 99 with them unique IP address unique source MAC address 0 0 - 0 7 - 9 - B - e 6 - 6 8 and we have like 1 VPN machines and in that VPN we have the Windows Server 2003 installed one was the printer we have this is the Ubuntu Server we have so this is all the IP addresses we used for different machines and this was the lab ADT - 116 where I'm did my oh my security capstone project and by using the vzo software so this is my n Network diagram of my security capstone project here is my each and every computer information with the computer name and what operating system they have installed and with their unique IP address and the MAC address and the webserver they have installed and they have the printer attached to the switches and they have all the information so so I also developed the snort project with my sneaky security capsule as I told that this node I use it because of the to detect or block the different attacks such as port scans web application attacks so they can be either installed on the windows and linux but that's why i installed so that way we don't have any attacks coming so installing the snowed on the windows we need to install the RAM package so when vanuatu M stands for is the windows apache mysql PHP installing the snowed on the Linux we should have a lamp package which is called as a Linux Apache MySQL PHP so so there so now I will tell you how install the snowed in the bento service and point 1 0 which was also one of the part of my security capstone project which I use in the in the lab 82 - 116 so first of all the steps of installing the snort in the Punto service and point 1 or Linux is that first I use the su su command in the terminal and give password IP for you today you can give any password but this was our like random password which we give so before installing the snore we have to install the Apache MySQL PHP either for Windows or Linux by using the command apt - get installed then I go to the root directory in terminal and service over there and then I make the directory called as note TMP and then I click on the snort T&P directing and I install the snort by going through the snort website and then I also stack the latest version of the snort like two point eight dot point two point one now it may be like the more recent versions are come like I think now that you this will maybe a old version so you can install from this node web site may install the latest version and then it is to also install the snowed rules from the website and and the information is written and then I move the snowed rules in the snowed directory where I install the snowed so I can just give the command like M this command solve so I can give this command when I move the snowed rules and then and then I go to the directory and therefore of the snowed and they extract the snowed rules by using the command as then I by using this command then I remove the file by using the command by using this and then is then I install the pole compatible regular expression in the snort time directory strat and then move in the tar file same as in the previous slide light pole compatible expression I install the lip cap this is one of the library I installed then I also installed the adore P in the snort am directly and strata then removed in there and then I make and install there's so many steps you have to configure and install while installing the snowed and then after going to the directory of the snort then I go to the Rose directory and copy all the files from there and then by using all the command SCP then using this command do some changes and then you have to follow this procedure and then you have to move a dope to the directory and then all this procedure you have to follow and I then in the browser I and then I change the permissions of the then I install the base which is one of the most important thing in while installing the snort in the bond to server in thumb bottom machine so I install the so while installing the base - one point three point and go we browse through this website and then I do the following five steps for the base five and then once I installed that I use the super scanner software on another machine and type this IP address of snowed machine s and then I go to the snowed machine and put my username and password for the base then it was capturing factors from the ICMP UDP and the port scan by showing the alerts so here is the diagram how doing all those procedures which is discussed in the previous slide and this is how the snowed alerts are coming and how you can apply the rules so what is the purpose of Base using in the snow the purpose of using bass is that it is it can be used for analyzing the alerts sensors in the traffic profiles from the snort

intrusion detection system it proposes to view information from the snowed and they were also allow the administrative control and it is all one of the good graphical tool for NL for for for the use of the snowed so I also use the telnet software like putty it is the as free tendon or the secure shell tool which can be accessible to log on to another computer with the help of giving another computer hostname or IP address it is free of course and you it can work on either Windows or Linux it can be helpful for detecting does not whether you are getting the out whether you are getting some attacks virus and any hacking attacks are coming into your system so that way you can detect the snot so how to address the rules in the snowed and this is the rules we behave as writing any program and then you can rules can improve the variables keywords in the functions and you can download rules from from the website and then once you download then you can go to the directory and then you type this command to enable these rules go to the and then to add these rules open local load rules with the help of any editor and add the line s and you can create your own rules also to handle those attacks so this is all this is the project I did about the security capstone project I use the Visio diagram to show my network layout that how the computers which machines was assigned to which my windows and then how how big machines were assigned to the snowed and we install the web servers so this is this presentation is just to give you idea if you want to set up a network and just how you can set up the network and the other you can see that domains controller and the web server and how the you can have the server machines and this is just to give you an overview of if you want to set up your own network if you have like different machines so this is just an overview about the security caps number I hope you all learn about this project very well and you have all have a nice day thank you Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy.