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In 2013, AIESEC UQ will strive to build a solid brand image within UQ & External stakeholders to drive exchange growth. We will also cultivate an engaging and committed organisational culture, therefore as to achieve sustainability.

“An INTENSE leadership journey can teach something remarkable. It can teach the value of AMBITION & ultimately the power of PURPOSE & ACTION”

PRESIDENT’S FOREWORD “I have no special talent, I am only passionately CURIOUS.” - Albert Einstein --

There are three values I abide by, those were learnt from my parents. It is to be humble, care for others and lastly, be curious. As I’ve lived in three different countries: Vietnam, Vanuatu & Australia, I’ve never failed to bring that sense of curiosity towards the different cultures, people and living environments, growing up. I initially joined AIESEC for the opportunity to help other communities & see the world. Little did I know this organisation would shape me into the leader I am today and more importantly show me the fundamental values withholding AIESECers towards our vision and mission: activating leadership, enjoying participation, living diversity, demonstrating integrity, acting sustainably & striving for excellence. AIESEC has been part of my life for two years now. And AIESEC is the place where I finally knew what it meant to be “passionately curious”. AIESEC was founded in 1948. This is the 35th year of our story at our local chapter, AIESEC UQ. 2012 was a difficult year as we faced leadership crisis and a loss of connection to the core vision and values. AIESEC UQ therefore this year, in 2013, wanted to tell a different story. We wanted to tell a story of a large group of young volunteers, young people who are giving an enormous amount of effort for a big dream, who are not looking for distraction from the future but rather working out ways to grab opportunities & shaping it for themselves.

An intense leadership journey can teach something remarkable. It can teach the value of Ambition & ultimately the power of Purpose & Action. Early October, I had the privilege to chat with Mr. Goodmanson, a very powerful UQ Alumni currently on the Board of Director of Qantas & Rio Tinto. He asked me “Why did you choose this role of president?” My response was Youth Leadership because I want to give countless opportunities for my peers in UQ to be able to voice out, help communities and simply learn by doing through our Go Volunteer & Team Member Programs. He said that I was being too optimistic. It struck me, we have great ambition, but it is not just about a goal, the clarity of the why behind the numbers truly teach us how to reach our vision and that needs to be showed and understood by our stakeholders: the Students, the University & Corporations. AIESEC generates Impact through Exchange. Since 1948, we have delivered more than 200,000 exchanges worldwide and we have currently 124 countries and territories present within our growing network of 90,000 members. Optimistic looking in this light for me means that AIESEC is that safe platform for young people to dream big, do things, fail, learn & lead change. And this was the story of the AIESEC UQ Executive Board 2012-13; the story of Generation 2012-13. To the new executive team, I wish for you all to dream big, embrace challenge & uncertainties and live the most incredible experience, something I’ve had thus far.

Nicole Tru President of AIESEC at the University of Queensland 2012-2013

FROM YESTERDAY TO TOMORROW This year, we established a firm direction in our approach towards Alumni, past interns and the University to strengthen our relevance and exposure to the student body and corporations. Hear from our best supporters:

At UQ, we recognize the importance of gaining global perspectives and contributing to the community. The Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) is very pleased to be able to support the opportunities provided by AIESEC, which allow members to gain global competencies that employers value. In 2013, the OUE supported AIESEC’s ‘Youth to Business Seminar’ and ‘Australia Youth to Business Forum’ through the UQ Sponsorship Grant scheme. We have also been pleased to promote AISEC’s Go Volunteer and Go Teach programs, and have enjoyed working with this dedicated and engaged group of UQ students. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of this year’s executive and thank them for their contribution to the UQ campus community. I encourage future AIESEC members to get involved and participate in all of the activities on offer at UQ. Whether you want to study overseas, undertake a local or global internship or put your knowledge into action as a volunteer, UQ offers a range of activities to help you build important international networks during your degree. On behalf of the OUE team, I congratulate AIESEC on a successful 2013 and look forward to working with members again in the coming year.

Dr Jessica Gallagher Director, Office of Undergraduate Education, The University of Queensland

Dear AIESECers

My name is Owen, one of the founders of AIESEC Nanjing. I joined and took part into the establishment of Nanjing Committee in 2007. I did my first internship in Germany, and thereafter with The Queensland Audit Office. My life has changed dramatically since then. During my exchange in Australia in 2009-2010, I enjoyed the Australian way of life and got involved in the community and social activities. This experience greatly assisted my understanding of Australian English and the society. Now I am a qualified accountant with solid record of utilizing International, Australian and Chinese business expertise to help diverse clients resolve complex issues. My cross border working experience and the “Out Of Box” thinking are much appreciated by my employer and local businesses. I wish my AIESEC testimony can inspire you, my dear AIESEC fellows, to take the AIESEC opportunity to build up leadership, explore the rest of world and broaden your knowledge. The world is much vivid than what we imagine and our potentials are much bigger than what we thought. Please dear to try!

Owen Zheng Senior Consultant, PwC, Brisbane


THE STORY OF YOUTH MOBILITY This year, we focused on evolving our Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) through connecting quality with quantity delivery. Emphasising customer experience management, we harnessed the potential of our fastest-growing programme to create life-changing experiences for both participants and partners. The Global Internship Programme (GIP) continues to attract a high number of interest. The Outgoing Exchanges witness a clear growth. However it is the contrary for the Incoming Exchanges due to the weak pipeline from previous years & the lack of knowledge of the Brisbane Market. Among our initiatives to build our corporate relations this year, AIESEC QLD connected with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Queensland, hosted the Australia Youth to Business Forum and continue to nurture relationships with our Partners trough enhancing the Clarity of Why of our organisation.

KEY HIGHLIGHTS – GLOBAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (GCDP) LEAD for exchange participants (EPs) We re-engineered the GCDP delivery framework by injecting “leadership empowerment” elements. This helped our EPs recognize their own outer and inner journies, as well as their personal growth within the challenging environment of an exchange experience. Integrated Experiences (IXP) We reconceptualised the full AIESEC experience as Exchange and Team Experience (X+T). This includes encouraging team members and leader to live a GDCP experience, as well as reintegrating GCDP participants into the local chapter for growing talent capacity and boosting quality. Improved country-to-country partnership processes With the growing scale of the programme, we brought together sending and hosting entities to analyse customer feedback and plan solutions, collaboratively enhancing our participants experience. GCDP issue segmentation Globally designed 11 master social issues are implemented to increase our global market relevance, improve product alignment with customer expectations and drive matchability. Eg: Human Rights, Literacy, Health & Lifestyle, Cultural Understanding, Environment…etc. Rachel Xu, returned from her Volunteer Experience in Turkey, from the project “Myself, My World” in August 2013 and joined AIESEC into the outgoing exchange team.

KEY HIGHLIGHT – GLOBAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME (GIP) GIP sub-product development Globally, dividing the GIP programme into 16 distinct sub-products allowed for more focused supply and demand, leadership development, and talent brand. This year, we focused on educational programs lasting 12 weeks to a year: the Go Teach (product). Technical programs remain extremely competitive globally, hence there is less emphasis on the promotion of such programs.

OUR PRODUCTS OUTGOING EXCHANGES Gold Partners Go Volunteer Asia: China Central & Eastern Europe: Poland Silver Partners Go Volunteer Latin America : Brazil, Colombia Asia: Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Cambodia Central & Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Italy Go Teach Asia: Vietnam, Indonesia Central & Eastern Europe: Russia

Net Promoter Score is our globally defined measure of success for Quality. At all levels of the organization, we can translate feedback into directly improving our products and processes.


The Global Talent Sourcing Program allows organisations access to young graduates from our global network for short-term employment. Our diverse talent pool extends to over 124 countries and territories and covers a range of skill sets. In the past 10 years, AIESEC Australia has sourced over 400 top graduates and students for employment in over 200 Australian organisations, both for-profit and not-for-profit.

University of Queensland

Nhung Thach, 1st Year Bachelor of Engineering & Business Management

Zoie Nott, Honours Bachelor of Psychological Science

Nicholas Wainwright, Master of International Studies

Yuan He, 3rd Year Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

Rachel Xu, 2nd Year Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Abhinav Bakshi, 3rd Year Bachelor of Law & Commerce




Team Members


Our Values


76 Life-changing Experiences



Team Leaders


Striving for Excellence Living Diversity Enjoying Participation Demonstrating Integrity Activating Leadership Acting Sustainably







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Events in 2013

December 2012: Term start

Winter Exchanges

November 2013: end of Term

Summer Peak Exchanges

19 – 25 January 2013 The year 2013 has a kick-off start with the AIESEC Australia January National Conference, held in Adelaide. 7 days, 200 delegates from around Australia, AIESEC Australia prepares for the new term ahead, together.

The semester starts..

20 February AIESEC UQ at Market Day in O-Week!

StarSellers is a 4 day conference that brings Directors of Business Development (Incoming Exchange) and ICXers together with external business sales professionals & AIESEC Alumnis. It is intended to train ICXers to become better at selling AIESEC programs to potential partners.

AIESEC QUEENSLAND STATE CONFERENCE 3-5 March AIESEC UQ & AIESEC QUT welcome new members and spent 3 days filled with activities, learnings & fun.

12 -20 April Our president, Nicole spent 8 days in Turkey at EuroXpro alongside 300 other local committee presidents from the AIESEC Network. “A single Journey begins with a single move� was the essence of the international conference. Thanks to AIESEC International, these young people representing their countries and committees were able to exchange ideas, challenge ideas and learn from each other. It is Youth Leadership.

4 May National Leadership Development Seminar in Sydney, for all executives of the Australian Network.

6 July Youth to Business is an initiative powered by AIESEC and aims to connect young leaders and businesses around relevant topics in the world to generate new, actionable ideas and thoughts about the future St Lucia, UQ

7- 12 July UQ Gatton hosts the July National Conference gathering 300 AIESECers. Highlight: the new National Directors Team Handover.

28 September – 2 October Current & Elect Presidents with the State Managers & National Directors Meeting, Sydney. AIESEC Australia 2015 Statement: Leading the Breakthrough.

                

UQ UNSA Global Experience Evening (March 20, August 28) The Big Meet (March 28) AIESEC Queensland Youth to Business Forum (April 2) QLD State Conference 2013 (April 3-5) UQ Abroad Global Experiences Expo (April 9) AIESEC UQ Hunt, Shoot & Win! Campaign (May 6) AIESEC UQ Paper Plane Competition (May 9) Chamber of Commerce & Industry QLD (CCIQ) & Clarkson University Students Tea (May 21) QLD Outgoing Preparation Seminar, Semester 1 (June 1) UQ Professional Work Showcase & Volunteer Expo (July 31, August 7) CCIQ The Queensland Plan Board Meeting (August 22) Go Global Campaign – Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe (September – October) AIESEC Australia BOOM! Campaign (September 9 – 22) Alumni Lecture Series – Lunch with Mr. Goodmanson (October 16) UQ Union Awards Night (October 23) QLD Outgoing Preparation Seminar, Semester 2 (October 26) AIESEC QLD Rewards & Recognition (October 26)

OUR PEOPLE Our AIESEC journeys have sculpted us into the leaders we want to become.




Vice President Marketing & Communications



Vice President Outgoing Exchange

Vice President Finance

DELWYN GOH Vice President Incoming Exchange

HAROLD AMAN Vice President Talent Management

TEAM MEMBER AND TEAM LEADER PROGRAMMES While delivering exchange experiences, AIESECers themselves are challenged to learn in a fulfilling team context and to connect their inner and outer journeys towards leadership. We focused on clarifying our TMP/TLP programmes to ensure that our talent capacity drives organisational success in our exchange performance.

The Rewards & Recognition Night held on the 26 October celebrated the successes & strong bonds that were created all along 2013.

Our Awards Recipients are: - Business Development Excellence: Ross Macleod - Exchange Excellence: Tou Vue - Finance Excellence: Ginevra Jarmaine - Talent Management Excellence Kin Wong - Marketing Excellence: Ailsa Tang - Friendly Neighourhood AIESECer: Jade Xuan - Energetic Participator: Zeke Le - Member of the Year: Zoe Liang

I want to volunteer abroad with AIESEC Australia this summer because I want to lead a life full of meaningfulness.

Zoe Liang, Member of the Year.

Zoe is an example of our Exchange + Membership (X+T) integral experience and is also the winner of AIESEC Australia’s BOOM! Campaign granting her a free exchange experience abroad to Eastern Europe this summer.

First row (left-right): Ross Macleod, Delwyn Goh, Melissa Jin, Tou Vue. Juley Vuong, Ginevra Jarmaine. Second row (left-right): Harold Aman, Kin Wong, Zeke Le, - , Ellson Yap, Ailsa Tang. Last row (left-right): Zoe Liang, Nicole Tru, - , Jade Xuan.

OUR SPOTLIGHT UQ Union Recognition

External Recognition

(Left-Right): Lumina Yin, Nkosana Mafico, Peter Do, Ginevra Jarmaine, Grace Su, Jade Xuan

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AIESEC UQ Annual Report 2012-13  

Australia, Youth Leadership, Brisbane, University of Queensland

AIESEC UQ Annual Report 2012-13  

Australia, Youth Leadership, Brisbane, University of Queensland