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To maximize limited dorm room space, just think vertical. Since Keep Tabs™ Containers were designed to stack together, they’re perfect for organizing desktops or dressers.



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c Lunch Tote Set Take along to school, office or a picnic for one. The ultra-stylish, twin-handle Tote has a velcro closure and comes with a handy Sandwich Keeper and 12-oz./360 mL Tumbler with virtually liquid-tight, flip-top seal. Q $33.25 value. Save $12.25! 81905 $ 00


Takeout lunches often include paper bags, wrappers, cups and napkins that end up as waste. A healthier alternative is to pack your own eco-friendly lunch in reusable containers. It’s also easier on your pocketbook.

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e can help you eliminate waste and preserve the environment. Products rated

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Made with naturally replenishable vegetable oils, the inks used to print this flyer emit lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and minimize any potential negative impact to the environment.

Products noted with the Q or G symbol are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects. See Tupperware catalog for further details.

To receive a catalogue of the complete line of Tupperware® brand products: attend a party, contact your Tupperware Consultant or phone Tupperware (listed in the White Pages). To be referred to a Consultant in your area, call 1-866-376-7521 or visit Effective July10–August 13, 2010. Mid-July Edition 2010-099-116 Canadian English 94559 • Ordering #s 77612/ctn 76812/pk

props pictured with products not included. Actual product colors and appearance may differ slightly based upon photographic and printing limitations. Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.

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Please see the current product catalogue for information on the Limited Lifetime Warranty or the Quality Guarantee. Prices are subject to change without notice. All amounts are suggested retail prices and do not include sales taxes. All items offered are available while quantities last and Tupperware Canada, a division of Premiere Products Brands of Canada, Ltd. reserves the rights to substitute items of equal or greater value. ® & TM Tupperware Canada, a division of Premiere Products Brands of Canada, Ltd. is the authorized user of the trademark and the trade name “Tupperware” and all other registered trademarks under license from Dart Industries Inc. All unregistered trademarks are the property of Tupperware Canada, a division of Premiere Products Brands of Canada, Ltd. ©2010 Tupperware Canada, a division of Premiere Products Brands of Canada, Ltd. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. Food items and

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MID-JULY BROCHURE July 10–August 13, 2010

m offer superior value and keep more money in your pocketbook.

h can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. o allow you to better organize household storage space. Products rated

Products rated



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On average, a person uses about 167 disposable water bottles annually but only recycles 38. A reusable water solution helps save resources for future generations by reducing petroleum consumption and landfill waste.


Quick Quench Bottle Set—Save over 40%! Sleek, carry-anywhere beverage bottle features large, free-flowing spout. It rapidly dispenses any refreshment, including energy shakes or fruit smoothies. Convenient flip-cap and removable bottom compartment complement active lifestyles. 20 oz./600 mL. Set of 2. Limit one offer when you attend a party. $28.75 value. Save $11.75! 89440 Lupine and Lime $ 00

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Save over 40%!

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b KeepTabs™ Set Requires a $85 order Stackable storage collection makes dorm or apartment life easier. Colorful seals feature large, easy-open tabs, so organization is a snap. Sizes nest together to save space. Set of two each of the 5-oz./160 mL Mini, 2-cup/500 mL Small and 5-cup/1.2 L Medium containers.. Limit one set with each $85 order. $32.50 value. Save $15! 881819 $ 50 Health • Organization • Money • Environment


Tupperware® products help you live healthier, get better organized, save money and safeguard the environment.



Make large quantities of homemade soup and reheat as needed to save money and reduce your intake of sodium and preservatives. An entire pot of homemade soup can cost less than half of a single serving of canned soup.

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a CrystalWave® Lunch set Requires a $60 order Enjoy a hot, healthy lunch anytime or anywhere with this pair of microwave reheatable containers. Includes CrystalWave® Soup Mug and CrystalWave® Divided Dish. Limit one set with each $60 order. $44 value. Save $18! 881818 $ 00

Discover value-packed solutions for living a healthier, more organized, environmentally friendly life. Please feel free to invite a friend or two. If unable to attend, contact your Host to place an order. Only a special selection of products are featured in this flyer.







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July 10–August 13, 2010

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Help your kids look smart and stylish. Kick the brown bag habit and send ‘em back to school with a healthy, low-cost lunch packed in our eco-friendly, 3-pc. Lunch Tote Set. It’s designed for all ages, so you can also take it to work. Look inside for more info on this and many other great offers for outdoor summer fun and back to school! $33.25 value—Save $12.25! 81905 $ 00


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Save money. Host a Tupperware party regularly and, for little or no cost, you can build a Tupperware® collection that helps safeguard your health, organize your home and reduce waste.

dive in for savings!

FREE! dating gift Date a party and receive a Personal Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. $8 value.

FREE! thank you gift Receive the exclusive Heat ’N Serve® 5-Cup/1.2 L Square Round Container for hosting a party and providing recipe ingredients. Use it to reheat meals on the go. $23 value. $175 party minimum.

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FREE! host gift special Host a qualifying party and receive the exclusive Heat ’N Serve® 8-Pc. Collection FREE!* This set of microwave miracles can free you from kitchen prep chores for more time outdoors. The unique, no-worry valve makes them completely automatic—so anyone in your family can reheat barbecue leftovers or other foods quickly and easily! Set includes 8¼-cup/2 L Oval, two 4¾-cup/1.1 L Ovals, 8-cup/1.9 L Square Round, two 2-cup/475 mL Square Rounds, 6¼-cup/1.5 L Round and 3-cup/ 700 mL Round. $196.50 value. 8784 $98 in Host Credit* *Limit one with party sales of $650 or more and two friends who date and hold their own parties. Future datings must be held within 21 days.


Note: Food and props not included.



Buy 1, Get 1 FREE! a 4-Pc. Tupperware® Impressions Entertaining Set Al fresco dining never looked so good! Serve up summer fun in your backyard or at poolside with this set of colorful bowls, now at a great, two-for-one price. Features 5½-cup/1.2 L, 10-cup/2.5 L, 18-cup/4.2 L and exclusive 32-cup/7.6 L size. $146.50 value. Save $73.25! 81904 $ 25


Take the fun outdoors. Host a qualifying Tupperware party this summer and receive an exclusive Picnic Set valued up to $337.50 FREE! See pages 34-35 of our Spring & Summer 2010 Catalog for details.

Save over 50%! b Tupperware® Impressions 11-oz./330 mL Tumblers Includes Drip-Less™ Straw Seals. Set of 4. 476 $ 00


c Microwave Cereal Bowls 2 cup/500 mL. Set of 4. 472 $ 75 c



Sales of locally-grown fruits and vegetables have grown 20 percent over the past decade. That makes it easier than ever to purchase nutrient-rich, preservative-free produce to serve at your outdoor barbecues.


d Krazy 8 Set Preserve your sanity—just use virtually unbreakable Tupperware® products on your outdoor patio or pool decks. This 24-pc. set features high style and is ideal for big outdoor family or friendly gatherings. It includes two 4-Pc. Tupperware® Impressions Bowl Sets (eight pieces total), eight Microwave Cereal Bowls and eight Tupperware® Impressions 11-oz./330 mL Tumblers with Drip-Less™ Straw Seals. $256 value. Save $138! 81906 $ 00


Achieve your dreams with confidence... Do you wish for more flexibility, more time for family and friends, more financial freedom and more fun? Start a Tupperware business and, in just 13 weeks, you can earn a two-night getaway when you share the Tupperware Opportunity with others. As you grow, you’ll earn additional awards. Get started today by talking to your Consultant, calling our

See many more solutions for outdoor entertaining in our Spring & Summer 2010 Catalog!

Along with healthy food and exercise, your overall well-being can benefit greatly from quality time spent relaxing with friends and family at outdoor barbecues and picnics.

Opportunity Hotline at 866-376-7518, visiting us online at or by calling us for details at 1-866-376-7521.


a CrystalWave ® Lunch set Requires a $60 order Enjoy a hot, healthy lunch anytime or anywhere with this pair of microwave reheatable contain...

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