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August 14– September 10, 2010

saving the day work less, live more!

Tupperware solutions make every minute count Cut prep time down to size with products like our Quick Chef, the ingenious, energy-free alternative to electric food processors. It only takes a few quick turns of the handle to chop fruits and veggies or blend puddings, jams and other foods. Recipes included! Q $67.50 value—Save 30%! 81915 $ 00


Save even more time and money with our exclusive Super Time Savers 19-Pc. Set. It includes the Quick Chef and four other great products at half their retail value! See inside for more.

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for hosts

Host a Tupperware party regularly and, for little or no cost, you can build a Tupperware® collection that helps safeguard your health, organize your home and reduce waste.



dating gift

thank you gift

Ask your Consultant about hosting a party in your home. Pick a date to hold that party and you’ll receive an exclusive, all-purpose 2-cup/500 mL Wonderlier® Bowl. $8.75 value.

Receive the exclusive 3-cup/700 mL, 4-cup/1 L & 8-cup/2 L Wonderlier® Bowls for hosting a party and providing recipe ingredients. Use versatile bowls to prep, serve and store. $35 value. $175 party minimum.

Cook with confidence!

FREE! host gift special Host a qualifying party and receive the Cook with Confidence 5-Pc. Set FREE!* Enjoy comfort, precision and ease of use when prepping meals with this exclusive collection of sophisticated kitchen prep tools. Set includes the exclusive Chef Series™ 9½”/24 cm Fry Pan, ideal for many prep chores; two-piece Serving Spoon Set; Spatula; and 12-cup/2.8 L Wonderlier Bowl®. $196 value. 8785 $98 in Host Credit*. *Limit one with party sales of $650 or more and two friends who date and hold their own parties. Future datings must be held within 21 days.

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Be confident! Enhance your self-esteem by preparing exceptional meals quickly and easily with the help of Tupperware® products and recipes. With the Cook with Confidence 5-Pc. Set and the Quick Chef anyone can make this great-tasting Mediterranean Flatbread.

Serves 4 Time: 5 minutes Ingredients: 2.25 oz. can sliced black olives 1½ tbsp. capers 1 garlic clove 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil + 1 tsp., separated 4 oz. feta cheese, crumbled 1 whole wheat tortilla

Directions: 1 Heat 1 tsp. olive oil in your Chef Series™ 9 1⁄2"/24 cm Fry Pan on medium-high heat. 2 In your Quick Chef using the blade attachment, chop olives, capers, garlic and olive oil until you achieve a fine paste. 3 When pan is heated, place tortilla on pan and heat for 1 minute. 4 Remove Fry Pan from heat. 5 While tortilla is still in pan, spread olive mixture over tortilla. 6 Sprinkle feta cheese on top of olive mixture. 7 Place pan back onto heat. 8 Cook for an additional 3 minutes or until the tortilla is crispy and browned underneath. 9 Remove from pan and serve. See more great recipes on

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for guests

Cook once, eat twice! Save prep time by making double quantities of your favorite recipes and saving half for a later date.

Our products help you save time in the kitchen to spend on more attractive pursuits. Save 50%! Super Time Savers 19-Pc. Set Time and money are your most important assets. Why not make the most of both? Save more and get it all! Includes Quick Chef, Pie Press Set, Freezer Mates® 14-Pc. Super Cool Set, Tupperware® Microwave Rice Maker and Spin ’N Save™ Salad Spinner. $304.50 value. Save $152.50! 81917 $ 00


Save 30%! Quick Chef Chops and blends fruit or veggies in no time at all. Includes blade, paddle whisk and funnel attachment for adding liquids. Container features non-skid base and both standard and metric measurements. Great recipes included—see many more on Q $67.50 value. Save $20.50! 81915 $ 00


Cut prep time!

easy as… 1



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Save over 35%! Tupperware® Microwave Rice Maker Requires a $60 order Instead of compromises, this solution achieves the unexpected—perfect rice, with no mess and no time wasted boiling water. Insert includes cooking guidelines for nine types of grains. Limit one with each $60 order. $36.75 value. Save $13.75! 881820 $ 00


Rice in minutes!

Save over 50%! Spin 'N SaveTM Salad Spinner Requires a $120 order Take greens and produce for a healthy spin in this 4-qt./4 L salad prep tool. Or dry cooked pasta and thawed frozen fruits and vegetables. Save time by making it now and storing in the fridge for later. See recipes on Includes bowl with four anti-slip feet, colander, spinner cover and seal. Limit one with each $120 order. $59.50 value. Save $30! 881821 $ 50


Wash and toss your salad all in one!

Pie Press Set Use these multipurpose tools to quickly and easily prepare personal pot pies, turnovers, dumplings or empanadas. You’ll find many great recipes on Set of two. 1636 $ 00


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Buy food in bulk and save!

Save 45%! Freezer Mates® 14-Pc. Super Cool Set Preserve your food and your time. Each container’s rounded corners and recessed bottoms provide faster, more efficient freezing and thawing. And a simple twist is all it takes to remove frozen foods quickly and easily. Includes four each of Freezer Mates® 4-oz./110 mL Mini 1s, two 1-cup/250 mL Small 1s, two 2¾-cup/650 mL Small 2s, two 2¼-cup/550 mL Medium 1s, two 6-cup/1.5 L Medium 2s, one 13-cup/3.1 L Large 2, plus Freezer Label Dispenser and roll of 180 labels Q. $125.75 value. Save $56.75! 81916 $ 00


more ways to make minutes count

Save over 30%!

Save 30%!

Save 30%!

Sandwich Keeper Set Reusable, one-piece solution eliminates the need for wasteful plastic bags. Set of two. $16.50 value. Save $5.50! 81914 $ 00

Commuter Mug Why stop for expensive beverages on the drive to work? Take your own from home! 12 oz./350 mL. Q $27.75 value. Save $8.75! 81913 $ 00

Large Sports Bottle Disposable water bottles can cost a $1 or more each. Keep that money in your pocket by taking water from home in our reusable, squeezable beverage container. Includes handy, removable bottom compartment for keys, change, etc. 25 oz./750 mL. $19 value. Save $6! 81912 $ 00




Find other time and money-saving solutions for life on the go in our catalog.

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work less, live more!

live life on your own terms Do you wish for more flexibility, more time for family and friends, more financial freedom and more fun? Start a Tupperware business and, in just 13 weeks, you can earn a two-night getaway when you share the Tupperware Opportunity with others. As you grow, you’ll earn additional awards. Get started today by talking to your Consultant, calling our Opportunity Hotline at 1-866-376-7518, visiting us online at or by calling us for details at 1-866-376-7521.

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Health • Organization • Money • Environment

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To receive a catalogue of the complete line of Tupperware® brand products: attend a party, contact your Tupperware Consultant or phone Tupperware (listed in the White Pages). To be referred to a Consultant in your area, call 1-866-376-7521 or visit Effective Aug. 14–Sept. 10, 2010. Mid-August Edition 2010-132-116 Canadian English 94561• Ordering #s 77614/ctn 76814/pk

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MID-AUGUST BROCHURE Aug. 14–Sept. 10, 2010

See your Tupperware Consultant for more money and time-saving tips!

in the kitchen. Try meals that use the same healthy ingredients in different recipes or make a double batch and save the second in the freezer—either way, you’ll cut your meal prep and clean-up time in half. This also conserves energy, an environmental benefit. You can also save money on groceries by shopping the weekly circulars and arranging your menu list around sale items.

With simple planning, you can organize your weekly meal menu and reduce time spent

Work less, live more.





Discover value-packed solutions for living a healthier, more organized, environmentally friendly life. Please feel free to invite a friend or two. If unable to attend, contact your Host to place an order. Only a special selection of products are featured in this brochure.

you’re invited to a party!



save over



Quick Shake® Container Attend a party now and get our famous “instant blender” at substantial savings. It’s just the thing for quick-mix jobs such as home-made dressings or pancake batter. 2-cup/500 mL capacity. Limit one offer when you attend a party. $20.25 value. Save $7.50! 89441 $ 75

exclusively at a party!



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work less, live more! jams and other foods. Recipes included! Q $67.50 value—Save 30%! 81915 $ 47 00 Tupperware solutions make every minute...


work less, live more! jams and other foods. Recipes included! Q $67.50 value—Save 30%! 81915 $ 47 00 Tupperware solutions make every minute...