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Eat, shrink and be merry Does the thought of dragging yourself to the gym fill you with dread? Are you fed up yo-yo dieting? If, like the rest of us you struggle with weight loss, you are not alone. We have a great new plan for you, to make eating healthy quick, easy and even fun.

longer life. (, 2009) serving with side salad will be enough to kill I shouldn’t eat that cupcake, it’s oozing It is most definitely not just about eating your cravings and won’t leave you wanting with icing, sugar and sponge’ we’ve all though, perhaps more important is regular junk food. You truly can cook yourself thin. been there, we know it’s bad for us but exercise. David Bohl, a personal trainer It’s easy to make excuses about being busy we still eat it, why? Most likely because believes with regular exercise you’ll sleep and struggling to find healthy food on the we’re starving ourselves on an absurd diet better, have a more positive outlook, reduced go, it’s true – there are a lot more fast food of lettuce and celery, put yourself in that stress, better concentration, and more energy outlets than salad bars but simple preparation situation and all you won’t be able to stop and endurance to run your life efficiently of lunch before you go to work would save thinking about real food, so much so that you and effectively. It can even improve your you calories and money (just think of the will find yourself completely famished and love life. Overall, regular exercise slows the handbags you could buy with the money you ironically you’ll want to eat anything and ageing process and adds to the quality of your save over a year.) Don’t have time in the everything in sight. Sound familiar? life. (, 2008) morning? Prepare it the night before. Truth is, diets don’t actually work. Dan Rutherford a GP also agrees. According to the government Whether it’s the juice diet, soup diet, baby The exercise need not be strenuous, food diet, grapefruit diet or the raw “Regular exercise gives you the energy and endur- a power walk, gentle swim or a food diet, sooner or later you’ll ance to run your life more efficiently and effectively.” cycle along the beach, even getting need to eat actual food and when off the tube a stop early, taking the you do, the pounds will pile on, stairs or walking to the shops, it is that easy around one in three women in the UK are maybe more than before. to start to change your life. (www.netdoctor. Ban yourself from anything entirely obese and these statistics are increasing., 2007) Trying for a baby? Pregnancy problems are and you’ll want it, it’s proven. Pick one day Exercise can even be fun, you more common in overweight women, leading a week and let it be your ‘treat day’ allow could try dance classes or the new craze them to be more likely to go in to labour yourself a glass of wine, or a carb-loaded hula-hoop classes, a favourite with Beyoncé early. Act now to change your life before dish, it’ll help you eat well throughout the and Michelle Obama. Fitness classes are an health issues could become a major problem. week if you know come Saturday you can incredible idea, get fit, meet new people and The quest for a beach body has indulge a little. have fun, just think of the rewards, it will begun, only a few months until the season of As with anything in life your food feel a lot better than sitting on the sofa with a summer holidays arrives, don’t leave it until and exercise regime is all down to habit. You greasy take-away. the last minute to shift the extra pounds, get may think you need to starve yourself, eat Fed up with breakouts the morning a head-start now to get that Rihanna bikini only raw vegetables or guilt-trip yourself to before an important party? A healthy balanced body. the gym because you’ve tripped up but let me diet would fix that too along with healthier And it’s not just your waistline that till you now, you don’t. It really is so simple. hair and nails, you’ll be radiant in a flash. To will feel the perks, it’s all very well using Read on and follow the only advice that will improve skin a wholesome diet is essential. It anti-ageing creams and serums, but this could help you eat yourself beautiful in no time at is vital to get enough proteins, vitamins and all be in vain if you’re not getting the right all. minerals; lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, fresh nutrients. Prunes, raisins and blueberries The secret is, making better vegetables and fruits; avocado, cucumber and choices, and the choice is all yours. If you had are packed with antioxidants; perfect for a cabbage are particularly recommended. balanced diet and helping you look younger. a slice of cake for a friend’s birthday, ensure Ask anyone with a healthy balanced Eating the right foods at the right times can you eat well for the next few days. Sure, you diet, how they feel, you won’t hear them say significantly boost your mood and energy and can have lasagne; you just need a different curb your stress, says Elizabeth Somer, author tired, lazy or bloated. Trust us, change the take on the original sauce and cheeselittle habits in your diet and you will reap the of “Eat Your Way to Happiness.” Eating a loaded dish. Try using turkey, lean beef or a benefits. It’s in your hands now, we know variation of foods, which includes a small vegetable alternative, cut down the cheese, you’ll join us and make the right decision. amount of sugars and fats will leave you pasta and sauce and load on the veg, it will feeling a whole lot better and even living a never be entirely good for you, but a small 20

Eat, shrink and be merry  
Eat, shrink and be merry  

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