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Winter is here, so ditch the fake tan and save the fake eyelashes for New Year’s eve. This season is all about the natural look.


Something about being bronzed in December doesn’t seem quite right. It’s the time of year you can embrace being a bit pasty and let the two-hour long beauty regime take a back seat. Follow these simple tips to achieve an effortlessly natural look that will take you from day to night...


oisturising is a fundamental rule of achieving any look and should always be the first step you take. Without moisture and in wintry conditions your skin may dry out and cause cracks in your make-up. Use a small amount of a lightweight moisturiser all over your face, then leave to sink in for a few moments. A great primer is vital in every beauty regime. A lot of people aren’t aware of how beneficial a primer can be, not only will it make your skin smoother for a more effective application of foundation but it also keeps your make-up looking perfect all day. Use Benefit’s porefessional balm, (£23.50) the silky texture is lightweight but provides brilliant coverage and is miraculous for oily skin. Put a small amount of the balm on the back of your hand and using a wedge sponge pat it all over your face. You can apply slightly more to problem areas like the t-zone where make-up tends to slide off. Blend the balm in to your skin with your fingers. Let the primer absorb for a couple of minutes and then smooth over your foundation. Maybelline dream matte mousse (rrp £7.69) comes in over ten shades so it’s virtually impossible not to find a match. Silicone polymers in the mousse also prevent caking and leave skin soft and natural looking. The creamy texture glides on to

Top tip Primers are an imperative investment, they keep your face flawless for longer and make even the cheapest of eyeshadows stay put.

skin and creates a flawless matte finish that feels weightless. It’s best to apply with a wedge sponge then blend with fingers. Peach and rosy pinks are the best shade of blush to use throughout autumn/ winter; they create an immaculate natural look without looking overdone. Use Bare Minerals blush in ‘Giddy Pink’ and an angular blusher brush that isn’t too fluffy. Tap any excess powder off the brush and sweep gently across the apple of your cheeks (smiling in a mirror will help to identify these) in an upward motion towards your ear. Dab powder over any excess blush to prevent looking too rosy. Now, for the eyes. It’s equally as vital to use an eye primer to prevent your eye shadow from creasing little more than an hour after application. Using MAC prep & prime eye in the light shade (£12) dab a liner brush in the primer and apply on eye-lids like a shadow, from the inner of your eye outwards. Beige and brown colours best complement the natural look, MUA’s heaven and earth palette contains 12 versatile earthy colours for a mere £4. Blend them together to create a smoky intensified look. Apply a golden brown shade across the entire lid, followed by natural beige delicately across the brow bone; use a soft brush to blend. Brown eyeliner pencils tend to

look warmer and less harsh than black and intensifies the natural look. Try Buorjois eyeliner pencil (£4.99) in ‘Brun design,’ ensure it’s sharpened and apply slightly thicker at the outer corner of the eye. Apply Rimmel’s new scandal eyes mascara (£6.99) its’ thick brush has more bristles for defining and finding lashes you never knew you had. Wiggle the brush through your eyelashes, the motion will separate lashes and create a more voluminous look, apply to bottom lashes too. Finish your natural eye look with the revolutionary HD Brows palette (£19.95.) this amazing product will give you an effortlessly sleek brow to rival a professional styling in minutes. The kit is a little pricey but is long-lasting as the high pigmentation of the colours means you only need a small amount for each application. Using the angular brush provided gently (to avoid any harsh lines) sweep across your brow, from the corner of your eye outwards. Your brows won’t smudge throughout the day and will frame your face, transforming your entire look. Finally, opt for neutral colours for the lip. Cold weather plays havoc with chapped lips so an inbuilt moisturiser is a necessity. Use No7’s moisture drench lipstick in ‘Golden rose,’ the coral pink shade will complete your classic natural look.

Top tip

Top tip

Top tip

Check out Superdrug’s range of MUA products to get your mitts on lipsticks and eyeshadows for as little as £1

Dry eyeliners can irritate eyes, blast your eyeliner pencil with a hair-dryer, the heat will soften the tip making for a smoother application.

Smudged a little mascara under your eye? Try Simple’s eyecorrector pen, (£4.99) it tidies up even waterproof mascara without you having to start over.

Top tip Instantly freshen up or set your make-up with The Body Shop’s Vitamin E face mist. (£7)


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