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Nicole Simons Community Resource Guide Summer 2018

Family Services

CHILD & ADOLESCENT SERVICES Children, Teen, and Family Services



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LEARNING DISABILITIES PROGRAM 18+ with learning disabilities (intellectual and developmental)

K MARGARET CARTER Adult Day Center Program

DAME MARJORY BEAN HOPE ACADEMY Educational and Therapeutic Services for Students

TOMORROW’S VOICES Children with Autism or on the Autism Spectrum

WINDREACH For children and adults of all abilities



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EDGEWOOD PEDIATRICS Dedicated to the care of infants, children and adolescents

KINETIX NATURAL MOVEMENT Movement for children, tweens, teens, families & those with special needs

OCEAN ROCK WELLNESS A balanced and healthy lifestyle for all

1 FAMILY CENTRE Family Centre is an internationally accredited Bermuda charity (charity #378). The organization was founded in 1990 and since 1996 has provided early intervention services to children who were suffering from family-based problems such as abuse, neglect, and other emotional challenges. The scope of Family Centre’s work is island-wide, as services are available to any Bermuda resident that meets the criteria and has the need. Family Centre provides urgent services to strengthen and stabilize children in crisis, and a broad range of services that prevent children from becoming in crisis. This combination is essential in making lasting change to the norms that define well-being for all children in Bermuda.

WHO THEY SERVE Ages: 0 – 65+ Waitlist – No Cost - FREE Special Requirements / Physical Exam – No To Register – Walk-ins Welcome / Contact the office Assistance for ESL Families – YES! help is provided.   Who: Families – children, parents, guardians, Students – learning, behavioral and emotional Youth Leadership services to high risk children.  FREE Counselling Services to get families out of crisis and to break negative cycles of abuse and neglect.  A range of services many of which are applicable to students with disabilities.  Therapeutic services for families and children

SERVICES OFFERED Advocacy and Training: Community and parenting workshops, family support groups, parent tip sheets, social marketing and advocacy for children. Community Programs: Youth Leadership Academy, Beyond Rugby Bermuda, and Homework Academy Counseling Services: Including screening and referral, triage, support services, social skills groups, family groups, and specialized camps. Youth Development Zone: A community initiative that helps youth who are affected by gang culture, violence, and abuse or neglect.

WHY THEY ARE USEFUL The mission of the Family Centre is “to strengthen families and support systems to create a healthier Bermuda for our children” This organization is an excellent resource center for parents, students, families and professionals. Students with disabilities can


utilize the assistance with homework, counseling services, social

Dr. Sandy DeSilva

skills groups, and specialized camps. Parents and families will

Director of Services

benefit from the use of support groups, information sessions, and advocacy groups.

Physical Address: Sunshine League House 27 King Street Hamilton HM 19 Bermuda Phone: 232-1116 Fax: 236-0607 Email:


CHILD & ADOLESCENT SERVICES (CAS) Child & Adolescent Services (CAS) provides innovative, research-based preventative and treatment programs that strengthen the emotional health, wellbeing and safety of children in their homes, schools and our community at large. The programs and services make it possible for children and adolescents to recover, regain hope, and become healthy, safe and thriving adults. Child & Adolescent Services offer a full spectrum of services which are designed to emphasize each young person’s strengths and promote recovery. WHO THEY SERVE


Ages: 4 – 19 Waitlist – Occasionally, Depending on the clinician Cost - FREE Special Requirements / Physical Exam - Intake assessment is completed at the time of visit.  To Register – Walk-ins Welcome / Contact the office  Assistance for ESL Families – YES! help is provided through the Bermuda Hospitals Board

CAS has an interdisciplinary team that includes a clinical social worker, consultant child psychiatrist, child psychologist, occupational therapist, family therapist, experiential therapist and nurses, who are trained to work with children and adolescents. Each team member plays an important role in helping young people deal with crises and learn healthier ways to cope with their difficulties

Who: Families – children, parents, guardians

SERVICES OFFERED Rapid, state-of-the-art diagnosis is determined through integrated psychosocial assessment Treatment is tailored to each child’s needs Promotes the emotional wellbeing of young people and their families Professional counselling and treatment services in child friendly environments Outpatient Clinic: Psychiatric and psychological assessments, family therapy, occupational therapy, experiential therapy, individual and group counseling Autism Spectrum Clinic: Assessments Day Program: Education support, behavioral modification, school transitions, social skill development

CONTACT Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute 8:45am to 5pm Monday to Thursday 8:45am to 4pm Friday Tel: (441) 239-6344

Inpatient Unit: 24-hour nursing care, observation, assessment and

Fax: (441) 232-1512

treatment, individual and group interaction, and experiential therapy

24-hour Helpline: (441) 236-3770 ext. 3258


Emergencies outside hours listed

Students who have disabilities whether they are cognitive, behavioral,

above: Go to the KEMH Emergency

emotional or intellectual will benefit from visiting Child and Adolescent


Services. Their interdisciplinary team will help families to find a solution or a plan for educational support, transition support, and social skill development. In severe cases of students with co-morbid disorders there are inpatient and outpatient services available. Assessments are available for behavioral and learning issues.


LEARNING DISABILITIES PROGRAM AT MID ATLANTIC WELLNESS INSTITUTE The Learning Disability Program has its administrative base at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, although many of the services are provided in the community. The philosophy of the Learning Disability Program is that every service user should be supported in ways that increase their engagement in meaningful activities and relationships. This requires the service user to be at the forefront of everything that is done to support them.

WHO THEY SERVE Who: Families, Adults Ages: 18+ with learning disabilities (intellectual and developmental) Waitlist – Occasionally, depending on program requested Cost - FREE


Special Requirements / Physical Exam - Intake assessment is

Fairview Court, MWI

completed at the time of visit.

44 Devon Springs Road Devonshire, FL01

To Register – Contact the office Assistance for ESL Families – YES! help is provided through the Bermuda Hospitals Board

Bermuda 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and by appointment


Tel: (441) 236-3770 ext. 3380 or

Services include 24-hour support in 13 group homes across the island New Dimensions Day Program Respite care Community Support Team. Multidisciplinary assessment, advice and support to individuals, families and the group homes Cars and mini buses are available to transport users Learning Disability has adopted the principles of positive behavior support as the approach used to understand and respond to challenging behavior.

ext. 3381

This organization would benefit families who have students who are transitioning to adulthood with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program will assist them with behavioral strategies, and support as well as respite care if there are cases that require it. The program is also just a great resource for families to gain further information and need a starting point.


Respite Care:

New Dimensions Day Program

Each of the homes support

Respite care can be provided in three

This provides services for users who

between four and nine people

of the group homes.

live with their families in the

there are 13 group homes across

Adults who live in their family home


the Island.

can apply for respite of up to six

They are supported to reach their full

These homes are staffed by

weeks per year.

potential in an inclusive, diverse and

community support workers,

Access to respite care is through the

creative environment.

clinical managers, and members

team’s social worker.

These users are encouraged to excel

of the multidisciplinary team.

It is usually paid for by the

in many areas such as arts, crafts,

Two of the homes are wheelchair

individual’s health insurance or by

bowling, cricket, fishing, spirituality,


the family.

and more.

“If we are to achieve a richer culture, we must weave one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.� - Margaret Meade


K MARGARET CARTER K Margaret Carter is a government-managed center that exists to promote service delivery that is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities by preparing them for and providing them with meaningful work experience in an integrated community or extended (sheltered) employment through vocational, rehabilitation and supervised work experience that enhances their optimal quality of life. WHO THEY SERVE Ages: 18 – 50+


Waitlist – No Cost - FREE Special Requirements / Physical Exam – All clients are assessed using the Functional Inventory Skills Handbook or the Becker Work Adjustment Profile to gather baseline information for individual program development To Register – Referral from other government facilities, schools

An adult day center program Employment training, Functional skills training, Production work Treatment/support services Wellness program

and general public, contact the office. Assistance for ESL Families – YES! help is provided.   Wheelchair accessible Who: Adults with cognitive challenges that range from mild to moderate and result in learning disabilities secondary to Downs Syndrome, Autism or congenital disorders. 


Production Center Program

Employment training Program

Perform a variety of tasks and

Encourages clients with mild

acquire on-the-job training that

disabilities to unlock their potential

enhances workplace skills

and become less dependent

Clients are trained in specific job

Helps clients to acquire work and/or

skills, workplace etiquette and other

volunteer skills to retain full- time or


part-time employment Treatment/support services Functional Skills Program

Clients benefit from occupational

Addresses life skills that persons use

therapy services as needed.

every day, in different environments. Direct increase in personal independence in those with autism, intellectual disabilities, and related disorders. Adult day center program Provides social, recreational and community awareness activities Meets the needs of older, learning and physically disabled clients. 

Wellness Program • Encourage clients to develop healthier lifestyle choices to lower health risk factors, improve well-

CONTACT K. Margaret Carter Centre 21 Robert’s Avenue, Devonshire DV01

being and maintain a productive, active work environment.

Phone: (441) 292-2591

• The program offers the clients

Fax: (441) 292-9399

opportunities to participate in Bowling, Golf, Exercise Programs and Nutritional discussions


5 DAME MARJORIE BEAN HOPE ACADEMY The school motto is "Hand in Hand, We All Can Achieve!" Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy believes in working together and instills this thought in their students. They believe that each child has the right to equal opportunities and the highly trained and qualified staff ensure that each student gets the attention they need. The school focuses on the academic and personal growth and development of students. WHO THEY SERVE Ages: 4- 18 Cost - FREE Waitlist – No, Maximum Enrolment of 24 Special Requirements / Physical Exam – Full medical diagnosis of student is required. Nurse on staff to provide on-site medical care. To Register – Register with the Department of Education Assistance for ESL Families – YES! help is provided.  Wheelchair accessible Who: Students with severe co-morbid disorders such as emotional, physical, behavioral, and medical.

SERVICES OFFERED Occupational Therapy Physio Therapy Speech and Language Educational and Therapeutic Services Access to Equal Opportunities of Education for All Nurse Adaptive Physical Education Functional Skills Program Autism Specialists  Friends of Dame Charity – overseas program allows them to provide respite care for parents  Transportation for wheelchair students WindReach Collaboration for therapeutic learning

CONTACT Assistant Director, Lisa Swan at the Ministry of Education Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy 10 Old Military Road, Devonshire Parish, Bermuda, DV 02 | Directions 441-292-7978 Tel 441-296-1106 Fax 

6 TOMORROW’S VOICES Tomorrow’s Voices – Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre officially opened its doors to clients in October 2007 a place that could provide hands-on Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior services for children on the Autism Spectrum. Tomorrow’s Voices is designed to meet the individual needs of children who are diagnosed with Autism or on the Autism Spectrum.

WHO THEY SERVE Ages: 4-18 Waitlist - Must be accepted to attend.

Full Day In-Centre Program

Cost: Services are highly structured, individualized, delivered in a 1:1 or 1:2 setting and based on research and data.

Half Day In-Centre Program

Historically, good ABA services can be quite costly due to the nature and rigor it takes to implement these services with

Hourly In-Centre Program

fidelity. Tomorrow’s Voices is a charity that subsidizes 75% of the cost for Bermudian families to get the best service at a reduced rate. Costs are individualized based on depth, breath and frequency of services. Special Requirements / Physical Exam – All clients are assessed upon entry. Medical / Psychological documentation required. To Register – Referral / Contact the office.  Assistance for ESL Families – YES! help is provided.  

In-School Consultation

Wheelchair accessible Who: Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Downs

In-Home Consultation

Syndrome, Intellectual Disabilities, Fragile X, Co-morbid Disorder students, PDD

Community Integration Consultation

SERVICES OFFERED Language therapy within a Verbal Behavior (VB)/ Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) environment A maximum of 1:2 therapist-to-child ratio General curriculum teaches each child critical language skills functional activities Socialization Verbal behavior/functional communication Inclusion Program Assessment of skills deficits and problem behaviors Behavior Management Skill Acquisition Academics Play and Social Skills Toilet Training and Self Care

CONTACT Emma Williams Administrative officer Natasha Pedro-Petty B.A., M.A., BCBA – Part Time Senior Verbal Behavior Therapist

“Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision.” Stevie Wonder

7 WINDREACH WindReach is a fully-accessible 4-acre facility located in Warwick Parish, Bermuda, featuring a multi-purpose Activity Centre, Petting Zoo, Therapeutic Riding Centre, and a fully-accessible playground. WindReach is unique in that it offers a variety of therapeutic and educational experiences for people with varying physical and intellectual their programs on a weekly basis.

WHO THEY SERVE Ages: Preschool - Adult Waitlist - No. Cost: Field Trips $10 / other services - call to inquire Special Requirements / Physical Exam – No. To Register – Referral / Contact the office.  Assistance for ESL Families – YES! help is provided.   Wheelchair accessible Who: For all abilities, Students, Adults, Learning Disabled, Physically Disabled, Intellectual Disabled

SERVICES OFFERED Adaptive Sports Program: Offers a unique opportunity for people with similar abilities to come together and participate in fun competitive activities.  Therapeutic recreation is a purposeful intervention that uses recreation to build health restoration.  This program has the potential to enhance health or produce high-level wellness.

WHY THEY ARE USEFUL WindReach is enjoyed by all who attend. There is something for everyone in this nurturing, holistic environment. The WindReach facility meets the needs of all within the disabled population and serves schools across the island.

Life Skills Program: Designed for individuals of any age and ability who are able to work at various levels of independence on site at WindReach.  Includes Job Skill Development / Skills Mentoring, Adult Community Participation, and Student Community Participation.  Agreat option for transition to adulthood students who need to work towards a job-related placement. 


Therapeutic Riding Program:

57 Spice Hill Rd Warwick WK 03

Offers individualized riding lessons and equine related activities to


help with physical strength, balance and coordination. Helps with attention, concentration and self-esteem of people with

Tel: (441) 238-2469 Reg. Charity 92

special needs.

Find them on:

NOTE: During the summer months these sessions are not held,


however Equine Assisted activities are enjoyed.

Instagram YouTube

8 EDGEWOOD PEDIATRICS Edgewood Pediatric Services is dedicated to the care of infants, children and adolescents. Services are provided by a staff of highly-trained professionals working in a relaxed friendly environment. Edgewood Pediatrics emphasize the importance of consistent well-child care for monitoring and documenting growth and development. For acute illness, pain or persistent discomfort, patients are seen on the day they call the office. Patients with chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes are monitored on a regular basis. Parents calling the office with medical questions can speak with the nurse or physician as required. WHO THEY SERVE Ages: birth – 21 Waitlist - No. Depending on physician Cost:  Co-pay based on insurance provider and coverage Special Requirements / Physical Exam – No. To Register – Contact the office  Assistance for ESL Families – YES!   Physician fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese  Wheelchair accessible

SERVICES OFFERED Well child visits (birth – 18 years) Neonatal, high-risk and premature infant care


Sick Visits

Edgewood Pediatrics

Certified Asthma Care and Education

Telephone: 441.295.8000

Lactation Support Diabetes and endocrinology Immunizations

Fax: 441.236.8338 Address: 13 Richmond Road, Hamilton HM 08

Pediatric Consultations

Find them on:

Registered Nurse


Overseas Advanced Care Hospitals


Clinical Psychology Services – Individual and Family Therapy, Psycho educational Assessment, School Consults, Behavior Modifications, Pediatric Counseling for health-related concerns such as Autism, Obesity, Diabetes and Cystic Fibrosis in Children

WHY THEY ARE USEFUL Edgewood Pediatrics is currently Bermuda’s first and only full suite pediatric facility that offers not only physicians but an on staff registered clinical psychologist. This gives an opportunity to address issues such as behavior, social, and emotional areas of the whole child. This approach speeds up the assessment process and helps families to reach answers in a timely manner. Parents no longer have to travel overseas for behavioral assessments and can also address issues that pertain to health-related counseling, autism, family and support counseling and more.

9 KINETIX NATURAL MOVEMENT LTD. Kinetix – Natural Movement studio is the only certified movement (yoga, gymnastics & aerial arts) studio in Bermuda dedicated just to children, tweens, teens, families & those with special needs. This studio boasts the ability to work with both typical and special needs children to address occupational, emotional and behavioral challenges. Kinetix also offers a yoga in school’s program that is Island wide and takes mindfulness and movement to a greater audience. WHO THEY SERVE Ages: Birth – Senior Waitlist - No.  Cost:  $45 private sessions to address specific needs. Drop in rates / termly rates. If applying for OT insurance coverage may apply. Special Requirements / Physical Exam – If the student is visiting after recommendation from an occupational therapist or a psychologist there may be a need for documentation to be sent ahead to plan the session. To Register – Sign up online  Assistance for ESL Families – YES! Assistance is available.


Rehabilitative yoga for children and adults. Kinetix offers a range of movement classes for all including: Yoga – prenatal, mommy and me, special needs yoga, paddle board yoga, teen and family yoga. Aerial Arts – aerial yoga, sculpt, aerial dance Gymnastics fundamentals Mindfulness and Movement in Bermuda Schools Program


Kallie Marcus Founder and Director 441-704-0701


Students with disabilities can benefit from the mindfulness and movement program along with the one-on-one instructional time. Private sessions can assist students in their physical and mental development. They can also be tailored to help the student to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Mindfulness sessions have been proven to reduce problem behavior in students with high incidence disabilities, attention and focus issues¬.

10 OCEAN ROCK WELLNESS The Ocean Rock Wellness Bermuda mission is to help the Bermudian population live a balanced and healthy lifestyle through integrated health care promotion, education, and delivery. The founders of Ocean Rock Wellness Ltd. have also developed and implemented a holistic, mindful working environment to help promote and achieve balance from the top down. WHO THEY SERVE Ages: Birth – Senior Waitlist - No. Depending on physician. Cost: Co-pay based on insurance provider and coverage Special Requirements / Physical Exam – No. An initial consultation and intake assessment will be completed during the first visit.  To Register – Contact the office. Assistance for ESL Families – YES! Language services available Wheelchair accessible FREE parking  Sheltered bus stop outside


CONTACT Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:30 am to

Holistic Pediatrics: Dr. Peets Talbot provides excellent general

4:30 pm

medical care, education on nutrition and disease prevention, a healthy

Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

balance of mind, body and spirit from the beginning.

Closed for lunch 1:00pm to

Functional Medicine

2:00pm daily.

Chronic Disease Management Weight Management: Dr. Famous Bariatrician and Specialist in

Ocean Rock Wellness Ltd.

Nutrition, Behavior and Physical Health provides a customized 12-

Charities House

month program open to all ages.

25 Point Finger Road

Biomat Therapy

Paget, DV 04

Nutrition Coaching


Specialized Lab Tests

Tel: (441) 295-5100

Exercise and Yoga Classes

Fax: (441) 295-5101

Physiotherapy / Acupuncture

Health and Wellness Seminars


The founders of Ocean Rock Wellness provide first class service and genuinely care about each of their patients. These qualities make the process smoother for families and students with learning disabilities and special needs. They work to address health issues, physical needs and dietary needs. These all play a key role in a person with special needs’ life. The facility and their approach is fantastic and are all very helpful and welcoming.


Nicole Simons Community Resource Guide Summer 2018

Nicole Simons Community Resource Guide June 2018  

A comprehensive guide to resources in Bermuda for the special education and disabled population.

Nicole Simons Community Resource Guide June 2018  

A comprehensive guide to resources in Bermuda for the special education and disabled population.