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USE CHEMICAL POTENCIAL ENERGY! Micaela Espinel, Nicole Salem 8C

ABOUT THIS ENERGY This type of energy was invented by in 1839 by a British scientist called William Grove, while he was working on batteries; he discovered how to do this type of energy because he knew that hydrogen gas and oxygen were produced and electrical current. This type of energy is a special renewable chemical energy because it helps the environment because it is an alternative for petroleum that is a nonrenewable that is hurting the world

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Where in the World is this energy source being used right now, and for what purposes? This type of energy is use now in canada, the organization that produce this energy is called CANADIAN HYDROGEN AND FUEL CELLS ORGANIZATION for the use in plublic transportation in the country “Say "H H2i" to the hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and products being developed, and put to work, by Canadian organizations�

This energy use in Ecuador Unfortunally there isint any hydrogen fuel cells in Ecuador, and if there is a change to introduce this energy to the country it would be a great orppotunity to help the environment.

How they work Hydrogen can be absorbed in metals absorbed in metals without the need of high pressure. But releasing Hydrogen again is a very difficult and very slow process without the need of high pressure. But releasing Hydrogen again is a very difficult and very slow process.

The pros

The positive benefits of this energy source are that it is another way to produce energy and it’s different from the others. It can help us in many ways so we don’t waste other types of energies

The negative consequence of this energy source is that as all energies it wastes some electricity and also it is difficult to get this type of energy source in many countries. Releasing Hydrogen again is a very difficult and very slow process.

The cons

Compared to fossil fuels this energy is Fuel cells can provide power to replace internal combustion in cars because their energy is efficient, clean and fuelflexible. The ideal location in Ecuador to set up our company would be in Quito near buildings and companies that always need some energy resources and are looking for something different. That way people could look and appreciate at our energy source and also could help the citizens around Quito.

The materials that would be needed to set up the infrastructure for our energy source across Ecuador would be challenged and removed. It would take us many years to create this and also a lot of money. This energy source be provided to customers and they could buy it at our company and could use them for many things. This could affect transportation by people with cars or buses buying it and help more the environment. Could save money by using this instead of buying gasoline that is made by fossil fuels. Many people in the future will buy this energy source and help the world and people around. This could be a very big change in our society. Hydrogen fuel cells combine hydrogen with oxygen to produce water and then energy.

This source of energy be easy to incorporate into our lives because people can get used to this method of energy resource and can save more energy that other energy sources. It interacts with other forms of energy.

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hydrogen fuel cells  

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