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Skin Tones That Tan Best-When It Comes To Tanning When it comes to tanning, how you go about it can change drastically depending on your skin tone. The method of tanning as well as other aspects of tanning depend heavily on just what type of skin you have. The Skin tones that tan best can enjoy more freedom in how they tan while people with skin tones that are bad for tanning may be forced to jump through extra hoops. There are really six main skin tones when it comes to tanning, each requiring something a little different. 1: Very pale. People with exceptionally pale skin, almost white, will have a very very difficult time getting a tan. Light skin is far more vulnerable to the sun than dark skin, so pale individuals will find themselves burning quite quickly. For individuals like this relying on sunless tanning lotions is probably their best bet. If laying out in the sun is what they want to do, though, then heavy use of suntan lotion is advised. 2: Pale. Pale individuals share many of the same qualities as the first type. However, they are a darker complexion and thus can afford a little more leeway. They can more safely sunbathe or use tanning booths with less worry. They still need to be careful to take care of their skin, but they are not as fragile as people with very pale skin. 3: Light Brown. Skin tones that tan best are those that are darker, so a light brown will have a pretty decent time when it comes to tanning. With just a common use of suntan lotion they can easily get the tan they desire with very little effort or worry. They can still burn easily if they do not use suntan lotion, though. 4: Light Olive. People with light olive skin tones can tan very easily and require very little assistance in the form of tanning salons or tanning lotions and sprays. They can stay in the sun for much longer and are less prone to getting sunburn, although it is still possible. 5: Dark Brown. A dark brown complexion will tan easily and have a very difficult time getting burned. They will really require no assistance whatsoever, and while alternate methods work just as efficiently, they can easily sunbathe without having to worry about being really careful. 6: Black. People with black skin do not really have to worry about getting burned at all. Their dark skin will protect them against the harmful rays of the sun. They can tan but it is less noticeable. Individuals with this skin tone would benefit greatly from lotions that act as moisturizers, as it will allow any tan to give their skin a healthy, youthful glow. The Skin tones that tan best are generally the darker complexions, but not too dark. A middle ground is what you want if you want the easiest time tanning. However anyone can get a tan with the right prep work. As long as you take your skin tone into account and act accordingly you can work up to that bronze glow you want without having to worry about the negative side effects.


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Skin Tones That Tan Best-When It Comes To Tanning  
Skin Tones That Tan Best-When It Comes To Tanning