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Psoriasis Remedies To Ease The Skin


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Psoriasis remedies for the skin condition psoriasis mainly start and end with managing the symptoms of this condition when it hits. That means discovering ways that work for you to prevent the condition from breaking out in the first place and then if and when it does break out, finding ways to manage the condition.

Psoriasis then, is a skin condition that leaves the skin red, irritated and dry in patches and can look very pleasant. It is in effect the cyclical regeneration of the skin cells gone wild! For instance, skin that is regenerating as it should, usually completes the dying and replacing of new skin cells approximately every 28 days. For someone with psoriasis, this process speeds up and completes within roughly 4 days. The results of which are thick patches on the skin called plaque.


One of the psoriasis remedies that is often suggested to someone who has this skin condition is to remember that basically the skin is very dry and so anything that can be done to hydrate the skin is usually a good idea. With that in mind a warm bath is a simple and ideal way to not only hydrate the skin, but this will also help to remove the thick plaque patches that build on the skin. Warm water will also calm the itching associated with psoriasis. What should also be noted though, is that once the skin has been soaked in water, care should be taken not to dry out the skin again with a towel. The ideal is to use a lotion to seal in the moisture as soon as bathing is finished. In fact a plastic food wrap can be wrapped around the patches to further seal the moisture in to aid the skin!

The kind of bathroom products that are used on the skin are something else to be considered when seeking psoriasis remedies. Harsh or heavily perfumed skin products are not ideal choices for someone with this condition. Instead natural based products are best used. An oil made up of apple cider vinegar and eucalyptus oil is a great way to almost protect the skin before shampooing or soaping. After that a lavender based oil can be used to shampoo and sooth the skin.

One of the classic psoriasis remedies has to be Heliotherapy or sunbathing. Used for close on a hundred years medically, Heliotherapy works because the sun can slow down the rapid cycle of skin renewal that is associated with psoriasis and so aid the condition. It should be said though that sunbathing will not be for everyone and should only be practiced two or three times a week for short periods of time.

Worth mentioning is the need to add plenty of drinking water to your diet. Water will not only keep you and your skin well hydrated, but it will also flush from your system harmful toxins that can themselves cause problems.

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Psoriasis Remedies To Ease The Skin