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Medical Home Remedies Over Generations


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Medical home remedies have become ever more popular as the expense and inconvenience of conventional medicine, and all that comes with it, grows. Those who have decided to adopt a more natural approach to their lifestyles and their bodies are readily embracing the all natural approach as they seek out cures, remedies and treatments. It's no wonder, since most of these remedies have been handed down through the generations and in some case for many thousands of years.

The most common feature of medical home remedies is that they are based around herbs, plants and fruits. If it can be grown in the garden or obtained from a health food store, chances are that it is being used as a base or an ingredient in home made remedies that work.

An everyday minor kitchen burn is one of the easiest of things to cure using one of several medical home remedies. It starts by instinct. The intense pain from the burn tells us that our skin is on fire and we naturally want to thrust our burning skin under water. This is with good reason, because immediately placing the burnt skin under a slow cold running tap will bring relief to the burn and stop the burn getting worse as it spreads across the skin.


Once the cold water has stopped the spreading of the burn, the next thing that can be done is to treat the minor burn with vinegar. Vinegar and water mixed together will not only act as an antiseptic, but will also start the healing process and lessen the time it will take for the burn to heal if it were left alone.

Take the common cold or even the flu. The home remedies that someone might choose when trying to bring ease and treatment include honey mixed with a little warm water and a squirt or two of lemon. What honey naturally does is to loosen any mucus that has collected and helps it to flow. Then there is the use of black pepper as a tea. Just like honey, black pepper will loosen the mucus and help it to flow and dissipate. To sweeten this hot peppery drink, you can even add some of that honey!

These medical home remedies, and many hundreds and thousands like them, are for the most part holistic and work with the body and our natural environment as opposed to against it, which is what conventional medicine is perceived by many to do. Taken in the right dosage for the right ailments, it's clear to see that very many of these home made remedies are well worth further research.

Many consider it prudent to seek out the advise of a medical professional, as well as using home remedies in healing the body. Tweet

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Medical Home Remedies Over Generations  
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