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ISSUE 10 Monday 28 April 2014 Principal’s Message

This week we see the culmination of four months’ work with the staging of the 2014 school production, Bugsy Malone at the Portland Arts Centre. The benefits that students enjoy when they participate in school plays are countless. The opportunity to collaborate and to express themselves in an artistic fashion are just two elements that contribute to a well-rounded education. Young people, who participate in school plays are exposed to culture, learn to listen to and incorporate feedback, and blossom with new-found self-confidence. Theatre teaches young people important values and assists in the development of a range of personal traits. Taking on a character, working in a team, and presenting to an audience of peers and family help young people develop self-confidence. Being part of a play confirms for young people that there are people who appreciate them. Theatre helps build up selfesteem with each round of applause the performers receive.


Principal's Message

ANZAC Day Photos

Community News

IN OTHER NEWS This week’s header photo Congratulations to the Bayview community who participated in the ANZAC March in Portland and Heywood. With over 30 students participating it is our best ever “turn out”. We also saw students participating in other roles of wreath making and TS Henty Reserve cadets. Above: Crystal Berry, Year 11 made ANZAC wreaths for students to lay on ANZAC Day

Study Habits of Successful Students Plan specific times for studying Study time is any time you are doing something related to schoolwork. It can be completing assigned reading, working on a paper or project, or studying for a test. Schedule specific times Support P&F throughout the week for your study time. fundraising by

purchasing your ticket to the High Tea $30 each

Public speaking can be a huge problem for someone too shy or someone who lacks confidence. Being part of the theatre can help a child to move past his/her shyness and develop proper public speaking skills. Theatre brings out a young person’s creativity in a way that no sport can, yet requires the same level of focus and disciplined training needed by elite athletes. Being part of a theatre program is a great way to teach a young person about commitment. When a student is involved in the production of a play, they will realise that there are many others who are depending on them. Every cast and crew member has duties that must be fulfilled, and failure to follow through will let co-stars and co-workers down. Theatre requires a lot of dedication. Cast members must learn lines, songs, memorise stage blocking and dance moves. Backstage crew must ensure that props, lighting and sound are ready at the right time. Dedication is an important skill that is always used in the real world. Students learn this the moment they participate in a play production. We hope that the Bayview community enjoys the fruits of our students dedication and commitment during the performances this week of Bugsy Malone. “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, ― William Shakespeare, As You Like It Dr Michelle Kearney

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Matsudo Home stay A group of 15 Japanese students from Matsudo High School will visiting Bayview College from Sunday 20 July to Friday 8 August. We are looking for host families for them. The benefits of hosting a Japanese student are valuable, with Bayview students gaining amazing time and experience. Hosting is particularly beneficial for Bayview students who are considering participating in future study tours to Japan. If you would like to find out more about hosting one of the students, please collect an expression of interest sheet from Student Services, fill out the slip and return to school as soon as possible. We will arrange a meeting soon to provide further detail and to answer any questions you may have. Thank you!

Mother’s Day Raffle Raffle tickets for a Mother’s Day raffle have been distributed to students. They have each been given 6 tickets. Tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. Please write the name and phone of the buyer onto the tickets and return the tickets with money by Friday May 9. All tickets need to be returned, whether sold or unsold. If all students sell their 6 tickets we will raise over $2500 and this money will go back to the students in the form of extra items such as sporting equipment or payment towards extra curricular activities and excursions. First prize is a pair of ‘Emu’ Ugg boots of your choice worth around $200 that have been donated by the Smith family from “The Shoe Cove”. If you would like extra tickets, please see Jan in reception.

Parents & Friends High Tea Research has repeatedly shown that children who succeed academically, socially and emotionally become more well rounded and balanced if their parents are involved in their education and school activities in some capacity. Bayview College is committed to and highly values parental involvement. All parents have knowledge, skills and resources that support their children and have a strong complimentary role to play in student learning and behaviour. Bayview College understands that busy working parents can find it difficult to become involved in the school community during working hours and we’re often asked “how can we help”.

Needed! Donations of passionfruit, homemade sauce or teapots

This weeks High Tea provides a perfect opportunity to contribute to Bayview. Volunteering your time to assist behind the scenes or encouraging family and friends to buy a ticket are just two ways of supporting this wonderful event. Tickets available from reception.

UPCOMING EVENTS Thursday 29 April Yr 11 Geography Excursion Wednesday 30 April Chess Tournament Warrnambool Thursday 1 May Bugsy Malone Production 7.30pm Friday 2 May Bugsy Malone Production 7.30pm Year 9 Try a career day SW TAFE Saturday 3 May OPEN Day 10.00-11.00am 2015 Yr 7 Scholarship testing Bugsy Malone Production Matinee 2.00pm Evening 7:30pm Sunday 4 May Parents & Friends High Tea 12.30-2.30pm $30 per ticket Ideal Mothers Day present Monday 5 May Jr Football Yr 7,8,9 Hamilton Wednesday 7 May Year 8 Camp Year 12 Drama Excursion & AGE Careers Expo & Uni Tours Thursday 8 May Year 8 camp Year 12 Drama Excursion & AGE Careers Expo & Uni Tours Top Arts & Top Designs Melb. Friday 9 May Year 8 Camp Year 12 Drama Excursion Tuesday 13 May NAPLAN Years 7 &9 Wednesday 14 May NAPLAN Years 7 & 9 Thursday 15 May NAPLAN Years 7 & 9 Year 11 Retreat Friday 16 May Inter-house cross Country run Period 5 & 6

BAYVIEW Newsletter

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Selwyn Williams, Year 9 participated at ANZAC Day with TS Henty Cadets

Students wear medals that belong to family members

Shae Husson & Ben Cottier Year 12

Nathalia Crowe, Kira Dark Yr 8 & Lucy de Guloten Yr 9

Olivia Cottier, Shelby Bridgeman & Jessica Purcell Yr 9

Grace Davey & Angela Bennett, Yr 11

Harrison Hampshire & Toby Norton Yr 9

Bayview students compete Surf Life Saving IRB races

Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Premiership Carnival Round #1 were held in Dromana over the long weekend. These girls had a great time participating. Water temperatures can be as low as 13 degrees which can be challenging to complete in. L-R Grace Davey, Phoebe Merryfull, Liz Grieg, Kayla Gorry & Magan Beavis. Photo courtesy of Amanda Merryfull

BAYVIEW Newsletter

a 119 Bentinck St Portland 3305 I PO Box 256 I Ph. 03 5523 1042 I Fax. 03 5523 5828 I

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Issue 11 monday 28 april 2014  
Issue 11 monday 28 april 2014