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ANNUAL REPORT To the community 2013

A MESSAGE TO OUR COMMUNITY It is a pleasure and an honour to present to you the 2013 Annual Report. Much was achieved with new and continuing projects keeping the members of the Board busy throughout the year. Please read on‌‌ It astounds me that there continues to be some uncertainty as to the work of United Way in our community. It is our aim to provide clarity through regular media exposure as well as actual work in the community so that there is growing public awareness of who we are and what we do! As such, our yearly calendar now includes dates of Board meetings, sub-committee meetings AND promotional events. We are working at improving our website, and appreciate the support of the Portland Observer to publish photographs and articles on a regular basis. I encourage you to share our story by passing this Annual Report on to a friend or colleague when you have finished reading it. Thank you in advance! Despite continuing financial pressures across our community and indeed our nation, United Way Glenelg donated over $30,000 back to the community in 2013 to ensure that more than 1500 people in the Glenelg Shire were assisted with education, income or health related opportunities. Many of the projects and programs that were funded will provide ongoing benefits to the community beyond the 2013 calendar year. Our three year financial commitment to the Portland Re-engagement School ended in 2013, however we continue to advocate for and support students who are disadvantaged. We also promote opportunities to involve the students in meaningful community projects to enhance their school and community connectedness. 2

A MESSAGE TO OUR COMMUNITY continued... Two major new initiatives kept us very busy throughout 2013: Firstly, the enormous amount of work that a specially formed sub-committee put into the establishment and management of the Lewis Court Fund. Funds will directly benefit senior citizens in the Glenelg Shire for many years to come. Secondly the launch of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library together with our Foundation Partner, Portland Aluminium. This early literacy program has provided funds to put one story book into a child’s home every month until his/her 5th birthday. By the end of 2013 300 children were registered, with work ongoing to ensure sustainability of this program. In addition United Way Glenelg worked in partnerships to promote and conduct the Administrative Professionals Breakfast and Santas on the Run projects. We also provided a reading corner at the Upwelling Festival and manned the gate at the Portland Show and Shine event. As well as working hard in the community we also worked hard behind the scenes to refine and improve our management processes to ensure confidence in operations. I thank those who assisted us to achieve these outcomes – Work-place givers Community partners Sponsors Supporters who attended and participated in events Members of the Board Nicole Angelino our Executive Officer I encourage you to get involved in United Way Glenelg (if you are not already) as a work place giver, sponsor, community partner, member of the Board, helper or supporter, to ensure that our work continues in the Glenelg Shire communities. Marg Millard President, United Way Glenelg 3

Local Eyes Project Photographer: Eloise Saunders


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2013 highlights •

• •

In 2013 over $30,000 was donated back to the community through local health and human care organisations. This was slightly down on previous years as funding was distributed Dec/Jan/Feb 2013 &2014 Over 1500 people living in the Casterton, Heywood, Portland and surrounding districts were assisted in the last 12 months with the outcomes still flowing years after programs have been funded The establishment of the Lewis Court Fund with funds directed to projects and activities that directly benefit senior citizens in the Glenelg Region. The Administrative Professional Breakfast, hosted by Committee for Portland, with the assistance of Keppel Prince Engineering. Special guest speaker was Greg Champion. Margaret Kempton, Kyeema Support Services was announced as the 2013 SW TAFE Administrative of the Year Finalised our 3 year commitment to supporting the Portland Re-Engagement Program. We’ve witnesses many success stories over the last 3 years and we continue to advocate on behalf of those students who are disadvantaged Together with our Foundation Partner, Portland Aluminium we successfully launched the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, our early literacy program to children in the Glenelg Shire. By the end of 2013, 300 children were registered to receive books every month Powerhouse Production Santas on The Run saw over 25 Santas running the one mile dash in this hilarious event. Bringing some colour to Christmas Eve festivities In Partnership with Portland Aluminium, YMCA and Beats Cycle for Hope we held our first Caring for Cancer Carers function in the Botanic Gardens. It provided a rare opportunity for families to come together and relax for the afternoon. We worked with a diverse group of community members to deliver “Local Eyes”, a unique photographic exhibition to showcase the community through a different lens. 6

Hannig Family, Santas on the Run 7

Local Eyes-Your community through a different lens We all have an image of Portland, Heywood or Casterton in our mind’s eye. We all know what it looks like, how it works and how it feels. But our view is just one perspective. What might our town look like through the eyes of a 27 year old male who battles Autism, Epilepsy, Depression and Asperger Syndrome on a daily basis? What about an older man who loves to volunteer in his community but lives with a chronic illness that often confines him to hospital? These are just some of the people who took part in Local Eyes, a unique photographic exhibition created by United Way. This was a photographic exhibition with a difference. Five individuals supported by United Way Glenelg’s community partners were given training and a digital camera, and paired up with a volunteer mentor, to take photos of the community they live in; Portland, Heywood and Casterton. This unique photographic exhibition gave us a chance to see our town from a new perspective. Four of the five participants worked with ABC Open Producer South West VIC, Colleen Hughson to make an audio recording of their stories. They then edited sound and photographs together to produce a “Day in a Life video story”. The artist were: Stephen Selwood Miranda Jones Darryl Brown Colin Hewson Eloise Saunders

Kyeema Support Services Portland Reengagement Program Heywood Rural Health Casterton Old Community Court House DWECHS

The exhibition was funded by Glenelg Shire Council and supported by Orchard Rise Creative Arts Studio, ABC Open and Julia Street Creative Space.


Local Eyes Miranda “I left school when I was 14 years old in 2010. I was bullied at school and didn’t feel comfortable. I started home schooling and planned to find work when I finished at Year 10 level. Instead I enrolled at the Portland Re-Engagement Program in 2011 with the hope I could make it through the year. We set a goal that my school attendance would be 90%. Instead I would attend for a couple of days and then not show up for 3 weeks. I was lucky that I then received some counselling and support which helped me talk about things that I kept bottled up inside of me. I’ve now made new friends and I now feel more comfortable and confident.”


Change starts here! United Way Glenelg raises and allocates funds to support a strong network of agencies that provide services in the Glenelg Region. We work in collaboration with our community partners to look for the most effective way to help local people gain access to educational, economic and health related opportunities. As a result we improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilising collective action. United Way Glenelg gives individuals and families living in the Glenelg Region, the opportunity to reach their potential and improve their quality of life. Because it takes a whole community working together to change social conditions, United Way works to build partnerships that bring together communities, agencies, businesses and other sectors to achieve shared goals. United Way focuses on three main priorities: EDUCATION: Helping young people achieve their potential INCOME: Strengthening the capacity of the community to gain independence HEALTH: Improving people’s health


Allocation of Funds for 2013

Education Dolly Parton Imagination Library Community Grant Writing Workshop Income Portland Re-Engagement Program Portland Secondary College Health Dartmoor Bush Nursing Heywood Rural Health Samaritan Fund Brophy Family Youth Services 11

Volunteer Allocations Panel United Way Glenelg Community Partners have the opportunity to apply for money from our Community fund to allow them to provide services which would otherwise not be available to the community. To gain funding these organisations must provide an outline of its service/project, projected budgets, time lines and partnerships through an application. A panel of volunteers from our donors, business and community sectors ,assembles and this Allocations Panel assesses this information and provides recommendations to the board for the distribution of funds to agencies. United Way Glenelg would like to thank the following independent volunteers for their respect and careful consideration when assessing all applications from our community partners. Peter Hayman Portland Aluminium Terry Weissel Quest Apartments


Education Helping young people achieve their potential Research shows that the experiences of children’s early years can have strong effects on their future, with implications for their health, development and ability to earn. The quality of an individual’s education has a profound and lasting impact on the person’s ability to succeed in the world. We are working to address education needs in our community: •

Providing resources and support for improving literacy across our community

Improving access to quality, affordable early learning opportunities

Creating safe spaces and mentoring programs for at-risk youth


Education-Dolly Parton Imagination Library The Dolly Parton Imagination Library is based on a simple but powerful philosophy: to provide parents and carers with the necessary support and resources they need to read to their children, before they reach school age. In partnership with Portland Aluminium, The Dolly Parton Imagination Library and Penguin Books, United Way Glenelg is delivering high quality books to homes each month for children aged 0-5, and support to parents throughout the process. Parents must register their children to receive the books. There is no cost to the parents. While the program is available to all children living in the Glenelg Shire it is aimed at vulnerable families. We’re working with government and non-government agencies in the Glenelg Shire who work directly with vulnerable families to ensure these children receive the books as these families are considered top priority.


Income Strengthening the capacity of the community to gain independence. One third of school leavers aren’t in further education or employment, and Australia has the fourth highest rate of family joblessness in the world, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. The Glenelg Shire has one of the lowest Year 12 or equivalent completion rates of all Local Government Areas in Victoria being ranked 62 of all 79. We believe from doing our research, the key to breaking this cycle is in the transition from school to work. We and our Income Community Partners work directly with disadvantaged schools to help students find pathways to learning or earning. Students who are otherwise at risk of disengaging from and leaving school before graduating, are given opportunities to gain meaningful employment, access decent housing, raise families and earn a regular income.


Income - Students lounging as they learn at PSC Forget bringing an apple for the teacher. Hard working staff at Portland Secondary College are now enjoying coffee made expertly by their students thanks to an innovative new partnership with United Way Glenelg. The furbishment of the PSC Whalers’ Café and Reading Lounge was funded by the United Way Glenelg Community Fund and merges this comfortable lounge area with a barista and waiters’ station where students can practise their hospitality skills. The unique facility is aimed at students in years 8 – 10 who have re-engaged in schooling or are at-risk of disengaging from formal educational and allows them to build vocational skills as they transition to mainstream studies, further education and training or into the workforce. Students from the PSC Re-Engagement Program (PREP) will soon be using the space as they work towards completing their Certificates in Hospitality and then holding popular free coffee mornings for their teachers to help build practical skills. “This wonderful space gives at-risk students the chance to practise making and serving coffee in a safe and supportive environment” said United Way Glenelg Executive Officer Ms Nicole Angelino. “The reading lounge also gives students a comfortable spot to build their literacy skills – so crucial as they move towards their final years of secondary schooling and begin to prepare for the workforce or further education,” Ms Angelino concluded.


Nathan Stevens, Nicole Angelino & Toni Burgoyne


Health Improving people’s health United Way works to improve access to quality health care and improve the overall health and welfare of individuals. Through collaboration with our Health coalition community partners, we are working to ensure more local people and their families access appropriate services and care to get the support they need.


Health-School Holidays South American Style in Dartmoor South American style will come to Dartmoor during school holidays in 2013, thanks in part to a grant from United Way Glenelg (UWG). UWG has contributed $1800 to the Dartmoor Bush Nursing Centre to run Zumbatomic classes for country children who would otherwise have little or no access to holiday activities. Program partners Heywood Rural Health and the YMCA are also lending support. Zumbatomic is an offshoot of the popular Zumba Fitness program and is aimed specifically at primary school aged children. Classes are described as high energy fitness parties with participants learning choreographed routines incorporating moves from salsa, hip-hop and reggae set to the latest music. UWG Executive Officer Nicole Angelino said the program was a fun way for Dartmoor district kids to come together for both fun and fitness. “UWG is very pleased to be providing the funds to support the connection of young people living in and around Dartmoor,” Ms Angelino said. “Zumbatomic is great exercise as well as being a lot of fun and these classes are an opportunity for Dartmoor children and families to get active during the 2013 school holidays,” Ms Angelino concluded.


Lewis Court Fund United Way Glenelg believes Education, Health and Income are the 3 building blocks to a good life. This will continue to be our focus for the Lewis Court Fund, but instead directing funds to support senior citizens. Within these three (3) broad impact areas, funds will be directed to projects and activities that directly benefit senior citizens in the Glenelg Region. • • •

Helping redress disadvantage caused by remoteness Enhancing aged care services and facilities. Building community capacity for age friendly communities to confidently engage older people in community through • active living programs • community based recreational, social, and physical activities that support good health and alleviate social isolation • community leadership and volunteering opportunities that promote the skills and knowledge of senior citizens • intergenerational activities Fostering community development by increasing the social and economic participation and lifelong learning opportunities for older people in local communities. Encouraging positive ageing, community health and wellbeing, and education programs


Lewis Court Fund


Message from United Way Glenelg Executive Officer This is my ninth year with United Way Glenelg and continue to be proud and humbled by the significant contribution local people in our community are prepared to make to improve lives. From volunteering, to making a regular donation or advocating on behalf of those who don’t have a voice, I witness positive changes occurring everyday. United Way is committed to strengthening the community in order for it to flourish and give people hope for a better future. By focusing on our three key priority areas of Health, Education and Income we are taking a holistic approach to creating long-term, positive change. In the last 12 months we have made two significant contributions to the community which I’m very proud of. Our work in the area of early literacy through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library is only 6 months old but already we’re seeing evidence of behaviour changes in some of our most vulnerable children. According to the Rotary Literacy Project Guide, in a 20-year study of 27 countries, researchers found that children who grow up in homes surrounded by books receive three more years of schooling than those whose homes are devoid of books. The second major contribution is the establishment of The Lewis Court Fund. A fund designed to support older people, so they can continue to have full and active lives. The donation received from the sale of the property of Lewis Court Home for the Aged will leave a positive legacy in the community for years to come. 22

Message from United Way Glenelg Executive Officer continued... These are exciting times for United Way Glenelg and it is a privilege and an honour to be part of it. I would like to thank the support of my volunteer board members who keep our organisation strong. With their support, guidance and encouragement we have been able to seek new and innovative opportunities to improve the work we do. Be assured that our mission will continue to focus on changing lives, and the community. Nicole Angelino Executive Officer


United Way Glenelg Volunteer Board Members

Margaret Millard Principal Portland South Primary School

Bev McIlory Manager Glenelg Southern Grampians Drug Treatment Centre

Ann Kirkham Active Communities Manager Glenelg Shire Council

Brian Lineker Business Owner Lineker Leather

Anne Burley Property Officer Port of Portland

Steve Walker Port Development Manager GrainCorp

Les Horovitz Accountant Forte Financial Controller Services

Gail Barrett Director Seaview Real Estate

Deb Saunders Project Director South West Alternative Medium Project inc

Peter Hayman Industrial Electronics Technologist Portland Aluminium


Recognising our supporters Business Support United Way recognises the importance of developing and nurturing long term and mutually beneficial partnerships for the development of our community. These contributions have assisted us in meeting the needs of our Community Partners and the community of the Glenelg Region.

Gordon Hotel Lineker Leather OzChild Orchard Rise Studio Plaza Clothing Portland Signworks Portland Floral Club All Trade Services South West Fibre

Workplace Giving Special thanks go out to each and every one of you for your individual contributions. Everyone can feel proud that their support is making a significant difference in the lives of many in the Glenelg Region. All Trade Services Bayview College Brophy Family & Youth Services Dhauwurd-Wurrung Elderly Community Health Department of Education Forte Financial Controller Services Glenelg Shire Hatch Alliance Heywood Rural Health Incitec Pivot Kempe Keppel Prince Kyeema Support Services Lineker Leather National Australia Bank Mitre 10 Portland PM Design Portland Aluminium Police Association Port of Portland Portland District Health Portland Observer South West Fibre Westvic Staffing Solutions


Local Eyes Project Photographer: Darryl Brown


Be part of creating change Building the community is everybody’s business No other contribution you make will provide more help to the community in which you live, than the contribution to United Way Glenelg. Contribute via Workplace Giving This is the easiest way to donate money back to your community. Workplace Giving is simple to set up and administer. It can be as easy as donating as little as $2 per week. Every dollar you donate goes back to the community you live in. Make a Donation All donations over $2 are tax deductable Support an Event United Way Glenelg will be holding events throughout the year. Participating in and supporting these events will raise money to reduce costs to administer United Way. Make a Bequest A growing number of Australians are seeking to leave a legacy of giving through bequests to charitable trusts. By contributing in this way you are helping to ensure the ongoing impact United Way Glenelg has on the community. If you can help please contact United Way Glenelg today: Nicole Angelino Phone: 0410 513 305 Mail: United Way Glenelg 4 Gawler Street PO Box 1032 Portland Vic 3305 Email: Website:


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Cheque Attached Cash, Please drop into our office 4 Gawler Street, Portland, 3305 Direct Credit BSB: 033-656 Acc No: 127910 Westpac, Percy Street, Portland, 3305 Credit Card, Please go to our secure payment gateway on


Dolly Parton Imagination Library


United Way Glenelg would like to thank the following for their contributions to the images in this document Orchard Rise Studio Eloise Saunders Darryl Brown Miranda Jones Holly & Josh Nash


United Way Glenelg 2013 Annual Report to the Community  
United Way Glenelg 2013 Annual Report to the Community