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Nicole Parsons Newfoundland Supportive of Women Leadership Networks

Director of Corporate Services

Nicole Parsons of Newfoundland has built a 20+ year career as a human resource professional. She specializes in labor relations and HR systems and has a deep understanding of relevant employment and current labor issues. She joined Nalcor Energy in 2016, and as Director of Corporate Services she managed a wide portfolio which encompassed payroll & benefits, corporate policies and diversity.

Built a Career Nicole Parsons is Board Director for the nonprofit, Choices for Youth. The organization works with at-risk youth throughout Labrador and Newfoundland. She joined Nalcor Energy in 2016 and built a career of more than two decades as a human resource specialist. Nicole lends her voice to advocacy efforts supporting women in leadership and gender equality.

Human Resource Specialist Nicole Parsons was a member of the Steering Committee for Empowering Futures with Electricity HR Canada. Her twenty-plus-year career as a human resource specialist has equipped her with the expertise to confront unconscious bias and inequality in the workplace.

Bachelor of Commerce Nicole Parsons graduated with honors from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Commerce. She was formerly a member of the Training & Qualifications Committee with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), and she is currently the Board Director at Choices for Youth, an organization with nonprofit status which addresses the needs of at-risk youth in the region.

Director in Corporate Services Nicole became a member of Nalcor Energy in 2016 and would become a director in corporate services where she managed a portfolio which included diversity, engagement, talent management, benefits, and corporate policies. She is known for her sound understanding of current employment and labor issues, and she has developed the reputation as a trusted sounding board for managers.

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