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Benefits of Tooth Brushing by Nicole Morgen JORDEN Brush your teeth daily otherwise they will get damaged” all of us must have heard this line at least once in our life time. All the parents and dentists try to scare the children with the similar line. They tell us to clean our dentals to avoid the damage to them but nobody ever discusses about the benefits of brushing the teeth. Tooth brushing can help in various aspects other than the just cleaning the dentals. One should start brushing the dentals even before they have grown any teeth to avoid further issues. The children should be trained to brush their dentals by the parents. You can brush their dentals when they small, but should be allowed to do it themselves once they have reached a decent age to brush themselves. Some of the benefits of brushing the dentals are: ·

Cleans: this is the basic benefit of tooth brushing. It helps in cleaning our dentals getting rid of all the unwanted foreign material from our mouth and dentals. The foreign material like the food particles enhances the bacterial growth in the mouth. It can cause cavities, rotten teeth as well as foul smell.


Removes plaque: the bristles of the brush helps in removing the plaque from the dentals. The plaque makes the enamel appear yellowish. It can turn the color of the enamel permanently; it is not removed on a regular basis. Babies who have not developed any teeth are also prone to plaque, but the plaque will only gather on the gums. You should clean the gums to get rid of it with help of the soft bristled brush since baby gums are sensitive and gentle. Brush baby teeth once they have developed.


Massages: baby gums need to be massaged daily to reduce the pain caused during and before teething process. The gums are soft and gentle. They need to be strong and firm for the erupting teeth. You can use a soft bristled brush to massage the gums gently without exerting any pressure. Apart from all the good works, the tooth brushing also helps in removing the food particles. Sometimes while

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Apart from all the good works, the tooth brushing also helps in removing the food particles. Sometimes while eating some of the food particles are stuck between the teeth. Brushing the teeth can help in removing it. You should consult the dentist for the best brush capable of doing this tricky job. You should always use good quality dental products to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Visit the dentist at least twice a year to avoid dental troubles in your family. Also, do not forget to take your baby with you for his first dental visit. Nicole Morgen is an experienced writer and currently working for is writing on various topics related to Child Dental healthcare. Besides, you can read her other post about baby toothbrush, teething ring, milk teeth and others.

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Benefits of tooth brushing  

we are told to brush our dentals daily but why. Let us find it out in this article.