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COMPUTER GRAPHICS 1 Nicole McKinnon Portfolio Flagler College Fall 2011

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project 1: Eric project 2: Lifted Research Group T-Shirts project 3: Saint Augustine Groove project 4: City Cat project 5: Pests Out of Control project 6: Granny’s Favorite Fragerance

Project 1: Eric Challenge:To design a vector portrait in Illustrator CS5. Choice of Theme: I chose to create a vector portrait of a close friend of mine, Eric. i wanted to portray his personality through this peice. The bright green swirls in the background remind me of an unpredictable night on the town. The color green, to me, harmonizes with Eric’s personality. Research: City lights were my inspration.

Project 2: Lifted Research Group T-Shirts Challenge: Create five t-shirt templates in Illustrator CS5. Choice of Theme: An urban style male clothing line going green for Earth Day. Lifted Research Group is very music oriented as well, so I incorperated that aspect in my designs. Research: The iguana inspired me through its beautiful green colors. LRG’s urban feel inspired my tape design.

“Design is intellegence made visible.� -Ana Wheeler

“Inspiration could be called inhaling the memory of an act never experienced.� -Johnathan Lethem

Project 3: Saint Augustine Groove Challenge: Create a cllaboration of 50 cropped photographs and adjust the images hue, levels, saturation, ect. in Photoshop CS5. Choice of Theme: I used 50 images of my newly found home town of Saint Augustine. It is the oldest town in the nation, every building bleeding with history. Research: While taking the photographs i was attracted to the acient city’s unigue and aged architecture.

Project 4: City Cat Challenge: Create a collage with at least six diferent images based off your chosen artist of inspiration. Choice of Theme: I was inspired by David Plunkert. I based by composition off Plunkert’s idea of placeing a desaturated human head on unordinary objects. Research: My ultimate inspiration was David Plunkert’s “The Sky Below”, a collage consisting of a woman’s head on a bird.

Project 5: Pests Out of Control Challenge: To re-organize a famous peice of art into your own composition using Photoshop CS5. Choice of Theme: I wanted to take apart the composition and reorganize the images in such a way to create order and a scene. Research: I was inspired by Salvador Dali’s “The Great Masturbator” paiting because of it’s collage like composition.

Project 6: Nanny’s Favorite Frangerance Challenge: To redesign the packaging of the product “Room Scents” in Illustrator CS5. Choice of Theme: I redisigned the box that the product is carried in so that it will be more concealed. I changed the design on the packaging to have a more ellegant style that also interacts with the poroducts frangerance. Research: I was inspired by the floral and country feel of Cracker Barrel’s country store.


2 Pack To Use: Remove the lid and peel off the oil seal on the lower half. Replace the lid by pushing down on the top until the lid locks back on to the bottom portion. To release the scent, raise the adjustable lid to open the vent on the side until the desired amount of frangrance is released. Replace in 30 days or when the scent or when the scent is no longer noticable. CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from food and drink. Do not set on wood surfaces. Keep away from furniture. Contact with fragrance may cause eye or skin irritation. If this occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, seek medical advice. This is not a toy and is entended for adult use only. Bath Solutions, Inc 1501 Nicholas Blvd Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Manufactured and Printed in China c.2009 Bath Solutions, Inc.

Bathroom Kitchen Bedroom Office Great For:

Computer Graphics 1 Portfolio Fall 2011  

A collaboration of projects from Computer Graphics 1 class at Flagler College.

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