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Tribal/80’s Fashion 

Me < Hi my Name is Nicole Mc Kenna. I created this PowerPoint for my contextual influences unit.

Theme < My theme is AFRICAN TRIBAL. My era of study is the 80’s. I mixed theses together and came up with 80’s meets tribal. I was inspired to do this theme as African culture interests me and I love the bright bold colors that come with the 80’s. When I started to research the theme I got really exited about the design ideas I had.

Research < I researched different images and tribes which related with Africa, tribal ,80’s, colors, etc…


I created this piece of work in my surface pattern class taking my tribal,80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s theme into account. I used crayons and ink to create this tribal piece of mark making. I have scanned it on to the computer and used it for different pieces of work.

This is the same image that scanned on and I used pixlir to highlight it and I used the solarize tool to create more of a bright neon affect.

Imaged solarised

80’s           

Leg warmers Mini skirts Ra-ra skirts Velcro straps Shoulder pads Leotards Spandex Suit jackets Leather jackets Tracksuit pants Many different styles that were popular in the 80’s and in tribal style too, As you can see in the photos to your right.

Above two vests tribal prints. Below (left )Versace jacket.

Hairstyles tribal/80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s style

Red hair

high pony tail

Big messy hair

Big curly flowing hair long

Tribal with feathers hair

Tribal colours


Explanation < I am really enjoying my theme and throughout this power point you will see different pieces of work that I have created based on my theme of African tribal and the era of 80’s. < You will also see the different digital imaging I was able to create from my own pieces of work by scanning work on to the computer and saving it there first and also using photographs. < I found lots of information on the tribal theme then I cross referenced my research with 80’s and I was ready to create new tribal designs and talk about my tribal meets 80’s theme 

Tribal influences and inspirations

Image of bone earrings I solarised the image of the bones they were tribal influences. Tribal tattoo its high lightened using pixlir.

African people and cultures inspired me in many ways African people have many beliefs and usually create there clothing from natural products.

What influenced me Weapons, colours, bones, feathers, straw, Tattoos, Africa, tribal prints, beads, plants, designers.

This image is of tribal prints its solarised on pixlir. I was influenced by different tribal prints, I created some of f my own tribal patterns using ink, crayons, markers, block foam printing etc.

80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fashion icon

80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fashion icons

Tribal fashion icons

ď&#x201A;&#x203A; Nicki


Mara Hoffman


Who: Mara Hoffman What: Spring 2012 Where: Mexico Designer Mara Hoffman blended Aztec designs, rope necklaces and Mexican neon print from head to toeâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; literally! Models donned Mexican fabric in their hair and even in their espadrilles for Hoffman's spring collection. The designer's overall concept stayed true to its name, 'Mexican Mamas' as the garments were fun, flirty and culturally stylish. Although its Mexican it Has all the makings of tribal inspiration.


Who: Edun What: Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Where: Africa Edun–a label known for its ties to Africa–encourages trade between various African countries and the West, However this the first time we saw Africa's presence in the aesthetics of the runway collection. Edun provided a modern look with mismatched traditional African prints, dye patterns and beaded necklaces. Some of the pieces are made in Africa by artisans, giving the overall collection a true essence of Africa.

My Tribal designs

Zebra inspired leggings and 1/2 vest top

Tribal print dress body con dress low cut back

Tribal print body con dress 3/4 length sleeves , V-neck

High waisted floor length fishtail skirt with stiffened frills.

My designs ď&#x201A;&#x203A;

The designs that I came up with from my research into the tribal theme gave me the inspiration and ideas to design some of the clothing above in the images. I used many African /tribal aspects like African animals (zebra), tribal prints and tribal flowers in those designs. I have done different patterns ones that are also in-style this season and looked I have at the recent trends and styles for summer 201213.

Digital imagery

I scanned on a tribal drawing that I done in my surface pattern class I used it on to created a tribal vest top design.

Using layers in I was able to put the tribal pattern print behind the image of the 80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s style dress and then I cut around the dress and cut it out to leave the tribal print. Example on next slideâ&#x20AC;Ś.

Tribal print 80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s style dress!

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