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NM Nicole McCandless

“The details are not the details. They make the design� - Charles Eames

Hello, I’m Nicole.

I am graduating in April 2019 with a dual major in interior design and professional sales. While studing at Weber State University, a few of my favorite subjects have been presentation techniques, historical architecture, and space planning. I have learned so much in the past 4 years while in school and I look forward to using my knowledge and skills in the professional world.

When I am not working or at school, I enjoy reading, writing, playing tennis, and spending time with friends and family. I also love traveling and look forward to spending a month touring and learning about anceint architecture in Europe this summer.







Tile Backsplash

Butcherblock Accents

Cabinet Paint

Storage Island Sink


Project Introduction Revit - Fall 2018 - Senior Year


Prep Area This kitchen was designed for a trendy, young, newly married couple. This kitchen design melds modernity with earthy elements. The kitchen will act as socialization zone, as well as the cooking area. The open layout will lend to dinner parties and allow socialization in the kitchen to occur. The center island will give both seating and counter space for prep. A custom butcher block raised countertop will be used for eating and will be a focal piece in the kitchen. The colors are vibrant and fun, but will have grounding elements by using dark wood elements throughout the space. This kitchen was designed to be functional and to meet all NKBA guidelines.

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1 Primary Adjacency 2 Secondary Adjacency - No Adjacency Required


Bedroom Wallpaper

Bedroom Wallpaper

Engineered Wood Flooring

Kitchen Backsplash

Project Introduction Kitchen

Revit - Fall 2018 - Senior Year

Bathroom Dining Room Walk-in Closet Living Room Bedroom

This unique project was designed intentional community for adults. The residents here will have their own apartments, but will share a large kitchen, game room, living area, and library. Our client for this project was a new widow, who wanted to move into the large apartment suite. I designed the room to be very feminine and calming. The larger communal areas were designed to be modern, fun, and compatible for all ages. All the living spaces will all be open concept, and will have a united theme through the use of fun bold wallpapers, and bright colors in each room. The communal kitchen will be large and spacious. It has two complete kitchens in the space, with one designed with special baking equipment and double ovens. Kitchen Islands were placed to create plentiful counter space, and to break up the large open space. There is also a bar with seating for those who do not want to use the dining area. The Entertainment zone has been split into two sections. The back half of the room has been transformed into a large theater room with recliners, a popcorn machine and snack bar. The other half of the room will be a game room supplied with a oversized navy sectional, as well as a ping pong table and pool table


Project Introduction SketchUp - Spring 2018 - Junior Year This bathroom was created for a client who is transitioning from a wheelchair. All ADA applicable guidelines were met, and it was designed to be transitional and to and mobility through physical therapy. Shades of blues and browns make up this bathroom, making it feel grounded and relaxed. Modern black and white photographs tie in his favorite place on earth, Moab Utah. The wavy pattern on the in Moab. Natural looking materials were



Project Introduction Revit - Fall 2017 - Junior Year In this project, we were tasked to remodel an existing building for a hotel adaptation project. I chose the McCarthy building in San Francisco. The location was chosen because of its fantastic views, green space, and other sustainable considerations. The overall feel of the entire design will be classic with a urban industrial edge. The building will use exposed brick, and beams. Living plants. Planter boxes will be used as a main form of decoration throughout the space. All LED lighting will be used, along with timers, dimmers and sensors where applicable. The luminaires will be sleek and classic, along with the furniture. Although it is a large space, it will have a warm, laid back, and welcoming feel.


Project Introduction Revit - Fall 2017 - Junior Year

and geometric shapes. This space will feel modern and upscale, but will have a fun quirky side, Shades of blue and yellow will be used in the wall colors as well as the furnishings. The Ebony accents will help to create the clean lines and will also help the space to feel grounded. Custom geometric ceiling acoustical panels will be used to help with noise, and will add visual interest to the space. White-boards will be used throughout the space to inspire creativity and

will be intertwined, which will create interdepartmental proximity and allow for a high degree of communication between the employees. This remodel will


Project Introduction SketchUp - Fall 2018 - Senior Year Every year, Weber State University has a Design Charrette, where Interior design, construction management & design, engineering students come together to design a much needed building in a 3rd world country. We have 48 hours to design and we are given certain perimeters we must stick to. This year, we designed a school house in Fiji. When designing the Vuya District School we made sure that we kept the modular format they wanted in mind. In designing this area, we truly embraced the culture of Fiji. We were especially inspired by the lush green land and vivid seascapes of the surrounding area and in our murals, the blue of the ocean. We designed sustainable systems by using low VOC paint that will withstand the climate and included larger windows and doors for additional circulation. We created a framing system that would provide additional 2nd place. It was done in collaboration with McKenzie Speelman, Esther Halls, Chelsea Condie, Katherine Fuentes, and Jamie Grandpre


Abstract: The Give Me A Chance Foundation in Ogden Utah, has been giving women in the local community employment opportunities for the last 8 years. Ogden has a very culturally diverse community, and many of these women need these resources to attain jobs. grades K-6. They tutor and help these kids with math, reading, and computers. Their mission is to empower low-income women by education A remodel of this space will greatly help the sisters working at the facility, as well as the surrounding community. A redesigned more people at a time. References: Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 1(1), 4-12. doi:10.1177/2372732214548677 Clark T, Coastall A, The emotional connotations of color: A qualitative investigation. Color Res Appl 2008; 33:406-410


Sewing Area

Art Room



Project Introduction Revit - Spring 2018 - Junior Year This project was created for the 2018 IIDA Orgatech Booth competition. IIDA wanted a booth that would invite both members & potential members into a no pressure environment. We placed a table for meeting, and a bar as a casual charging station for people to come and go. We chose bright bold colors to make this display pop against the hundreds of other booths at Orgatech. This booth was designed in collaboration with Hannah Montague

IIDA Graphic

TV Monitor For Prensentations

Ceiling Detail

“What is IIDA” Graphic Open Geometric Boxes

Custom Reception Desk


NO VOC Paint - Sherwin Williams Harmony Collection Carpet Tiles will be placed with TacTiles instead of glue The Front entrance includes Walk off Mat Cleanable Environment - Carpet Tiles, and non Porous surfaces

Special Deitary Needs will be Met - Lactose, GLuten, Vegan etc Eating spaces are provided. Mulitiple varieties of fruits will be provided.

Water will undergo quaterly testing Drinking Water will have filters - including sediement & carbon Filters.

Bicylce Storage and support will be available outside of the building. Height Adjust stands will be offered

Glare Avoidance: All Screens are faced away from sunlight no luminaires aimed at screen All Lamps have a CRI rating higher than 80

Sound Masking system will be used Ceiling uses acoustical panels




All materials used will have material transparancy and information. The ceiling height will allow the space to feel open, expansive, and Comfortable

14'-5 1/4"

Project Introduction Revit - Fall 2017 - Junior Year This project was created for an interior design competition. We had to come up with an innovation modern bookstore research of subjects like type of paint, air quality, water quality and acoustical control. Located in Charleston South Carolina. perfectly. The bookcases are all custom, and surround most exterior walls. This allows the bookstore to feel very open and uncrowded. Nook and cubby seats are also provided around the perimeter of the room, so they do not block any part of the open space in the middle.. A smoothie Bar was chosen because it will attract more in store customers, and was a fun were chosen to create a welcoming sociable space. The dark wood tones also help to space to feel grounded and harmonious.

50'-0" 2'-0"

22'-8 1/2"




14'-11 1/4"


9'-5 1/2"

8'-7 1/2"





14'-5 1/4"

10'-0" 6'-0"

7'-8 1/4" 6'-0"

4'-5 3/4" 11'-2 3/4"



9'-8 1/2"





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