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RTCs and Fall Rally Issue

Message From Your LTG Hello Everyone! As our summer breeze turns to crisp fall weather, I am glad to hear you are all prepared to go into the school year with new ideas for your home clubs! In this very special issue of my newsletters, I wanted to share the amazing outcome of the Regional Training Conferences! The RTC that was held near us was on September 15th at Burlington Township High School. I want to give a huge shootout to Clearview and West Deptford Key Clubs for coming and training their officers that day. Also this past month was Fall Rally! Key Clubbers form all around NJ came together to celebrate as one for the service year. I was so estatic to see our division cheering on as well. We ‘re small, but mighty! Yours truly, Nicole

In this  Issue:     Letter  from  LTG………..1   RTCs  Recap………….2   Pictures  from  RTCs….2-­‐3   Fall  Rally  Recap…..5   Fall  Rally  Pictures……4-­‐5                

Regional Training Conference Recap The  RTC  held  in  the  South   was  at  Burlington  Township  on   September  15th!  I  was  so  proud   and  amazed  when  we  had  the   biggest  turn  out  in  history  for   the  South!  The  District  Board   and  I  came  together  with  the   officers  and  members  across   South  Jersey.  Also,  other  RTCs   where  held  in  Northern  and   Central  Jersey!  In  the  following   pages  you  will  see  how  different   people  had  created  different   experiences  and  memories.    We   had  a  blast  getting  to  know  each   other  through  a  number  of   icebreakers!                              

This years  theme  was                                           “  Experiment  of  Service”,  a   science  theme.  The  Board  taught   a  series  of  workshops   throughout  the  morning   covering  topics  from  how  to  be   the  best  president  you  could   possibly  be  and  how  to  public   speak.         I  hope  those  who  went  had   a  marvelous  time  and  learned   more  about  Key  Club,  their   position  and  about  themselves.                          

Fall Rally Flashback

  As  most  of  you  know  already,  Fall  Rally  is  the  largest  event  in  the   New  Jersey  District  where  Key  Clubbers  from  all  over  come  together   to  celebrate  a  new  year  of  service!  This  year,  thanks  to  every  one  of   you,  we  broke  the  record  of  most  attendees  ever.  We  had  a  total  of   3,036  people  come  to  cheer  their  division  on  for  the  sprit  stick  and   also  learn  more  about  our  District  Projects  and  hear  amazing   speeches.     The  energy  you  all  put  off  during  the  session  was  incredible.  We  hope  you  enjoyed   the  crazy  superhero  costumes  we  dressed  up  in.  We  ranged  from  Superman  to   Aquaman,  to  Green  Arrow.     To  those  who  went,  I  hope  you  go  again  next  year  and  that  you  had  a  wonderful  time   at  Six  Flags  Great  Adventure.  To  those  who  couldn’t  make  it,  I  hope  you  come  next   year  to  enjoy  your  few  years  as  Key  Clubbers  to  the  fullest!        

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Fall Rally RTC Newsletter  

Division 3A Key Club Newsletter Issue 4 Volume 1

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