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Duana Fisher, Nicole Leake, Flynn Carr Roxby Downs is a mining town situated 560 kilometers northwest of Adelaide, South Australia with a population of 4,500. The Township was purpose built to service the Olympic Dam mine and processing plant, located 14 kilometers north of the township. Established in 1988, Roxby Downs is the first town initiated as a joint venture between the state government and a mining company. Roxby Downs provides accommodation and infrastructure for the mine’s long term contractors, service providers, permanent and temporary workforce. Olympic Dam consists of an underground mine and metallurgical processing plant; mining 9 million tonne of ore annually. The mined ore is comprised of 350 million kilograms of Copper, 4 million kilograms of Uranium oxide, 28300 kilograms of Silver and 2200 kilograms of gold. Olympic Dam is the largest known single deposit of uranium and the fourth largest copper deposit in the world. Although Olympic Dam has the largest uranium deposit in the world, this particular resource represents only a small portion of the mine’s gross revenue. The concept of this design was to present an architectural interpretation of the inverse relationship between resources mined from Olympic Dam and potential for the built environment. This development would act to forge a stronger connection between township and mine. Working on the figures released in August 2013 that declared the gross capital resources of Olympic Dam as being AUS$1trillion, this would enable $500,000,000 worth of building fabric to be constructed, where AUS$2000 builds 1m2.

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