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Dedicated to my x my loving family x you inspired me lots, creativity is key.

I Am a Girl Who has Creativity i am a girl who has Creativity I wonder what my life will look like in the far future I can hear my name being called when noone is around I see my family when i’m in trouble I need to control my life before i pass i am a girl who has Creativity i pretend i’m the best at my own talents I feel appreciated when i help people in a way I touch the infinite sky so whenever i work harder, i get so high into it, to reach my dream i worry that the world will be gone in a flash I cry for help, not only for myself, as well as others I am a girl who has Creativity I understand that everybody has an odd unique side to them I say that we are all creative i dream of my talents and wishes coming true as every second passes by I try to be the best i can be and make you happy I hope that everything leads to success and peace on earth I am a girl who has Creativity

Just because i’m filipino

                                                                               Just because i’m filipino It doesn’t mean we aren’t part of Asia Doesn’t mean i’m short Doesn’t mean i’m poor and have a weird accent I might be filipino but i’m a different being

Just because i’m filipino it doesn’t mean i eat our own cultural foods doesn’t mean i’m hispanic in any way doesn’t mean i have to have dark tanned skin beyond my life is a self controlling person

what goes on in the classroom

i’m in the classroom the teachers roams across, pondering a bit she guides as if she were a ruler, i hear the bell ringing ,”brrringgggg” i sit and listen to the pencils hit the paper kids are talkative, sometimes quiet like the nighttime, students do their work the T.A consistently and patiently works, kids sitting teacher is working all is waiting, waiting for the bell to ring again, kids are tired, full of boredom like fishing, the bell rings, ”BRINNNNNGGG” kids and I are excited the teacher preps for the next class.

Events: tanforan Mall Different shops, different people, passing me by I hear kids chatting clothing hangers clicking, and all the other talkative people Kids running, employers working, others shopping, perhaps eating Friends and family kids and babies laugh and talk Some look and feel sad confused, and who knows what, “ BRRING, CLICK, kaaChing� the cash register opens, and closes from each store The sound of music i hear is all mixed up This is Tanforan Mall

The Trio    Bethany Luis is the girl that keeps things calm like a soft blow of wind and finds 

adventures in her life. But one week of school isn’t turning out so good for her.She was only  in 2nd grade when she had moved. She moved from L.A. to Florida for six school years.  Bethany’s home was across the street from her new house, that she now lives in. Ever  since she moved because of her father’s promotion, she had lost all contact with some  friends. Bethany already knows most of the kids, but even some of her former friends  moved away to go to a different middle school. She even knew her neighbors, new and old.  Bethany Luis had already felt comfortable.   Bethany walked out with a half eaten sandwich in her hand.      “Bye Mom! Bye Dad!” shouted Bethany. Bethany ran possibly 8 minutes to get to school. The bell had rung right when she stepped  foot on the campus. She looked around for Katelyn, an old best friend.    “Bethany? Bethany Luis?!” questioned Katelyn.    .Katelyn and Bethany were standing on the greenest grass there was, talking on and on  about the past and present. Katelyn had even mentioned Lindsey Obispo. Bethany was  stunned by the name. After the conversation, Bethany had been looking all around the  campus for Lindsey. Lindsey was the third best friend in their little trio. After 20 minutes she  gave up and went to the restroom to the nearest hall. Walking out of the bathroom, she                        slammed a whole row of lockers. Nobody was around, but only a girl, standing with a brown                       fringed bag looking out the window. It was Lindsey, Lindsey Obispo. Little did Bethany know  .                       how Lindsey had changed, and even why.

The young girl turned around and noticed Bethany. She asked who she was. Bethany  smirked and told her to try harder. Lindsey jumped in surprise. They hugged so tight, as if a  rope was being wrapped around and pulled tight on them. Lindsey invited Bethany to her  house after school. Of course she agreed.   The two girls live just a block away, even Katelyn. Anyways, when they got to the house,  Bethany was already shocked. Same living room decor as it was six years ago. The house  from their childhood was still the same. Lindsey opened the door to the room. Completely  different. White walls, no dolls, makeup everywhere, lights hanging on walls, and even  more. Like pictures of a boy and her, kissing and cuddling, and what not. Bethany loved it,  but she thought it was too much.  “ Yeah.. after 6th grade, i remodeled it. Like it?”   “ Yes. Its pretty.” Lindsey is a spoiled kid, she knew she didn’t want to be a little girl anymore, so she thought  it was good to change, but not in a good way. Katelyn had warned Bethany to not worry  about her anymore.  But of course, she ignored it. Lindsey asked Bethany if she had a  boyfriend. she replied a with a sigh and a light mumble of no. Lindsey giggled and smirked.  Bethany didn’t care. Truly all she wanted was a good life for herself, family, and real friends.  Lindsey had begged to do girly and mean stuff, like making a book of people she hated    and even writing horrible things in it. Just a second after, Bethany grabbed her backpack  and left. She had enough, and couldn’t deal with it. Even Lindsey didn’t know what  happened, though she was the problem.  At that night, Bethany texted Katelyn. She told her  every detail on the not­so conflict. The conversation had ended at the perfect time.  In the morning, Bethany woke up and did her everyday morning routine. Apparently, she  thought it was going to be an “OK”  kind of day, in reality it wasn’t. She left to go to 

Katelyn’s house so the two could walk together. Cars passed by, and wind was blowing  really lightly. She knocked on the door, and stepped inside, and heard Katelyn say a light  greeting. They both walked out the door with their lunch bags, and skipped to school.  Bethany tried to think of an appropriate time to talk to Lindsey.    During lunch, Bethany and Katelyn sat alone, eating and munching on their crispy  croissants. Bethany left, and walked over to Lindsey. Lindsey didn’t mind her presence.  Bethany had told her how she felt and why, only because Bethany hates holding grudges.  Anyways all she ever wanted is to have her old friend back. Lindsey accepted her apology,  she wasn’t really mean, but its just her appearance that changed. All three girls left the  cafeteria, and carried on with school. Bethany had forgotten to tell Katelyn about the good  news, until she ran into her into the hall. Katelyn didn’t mind, she was more happy than ever.  The day ran good, the trio combined again, and after all the confusion going on, it added  up to the biggest thing to happen. That was reuniting.


Jammed Jar

 Kendall had just gotten home after a tough day at school. He sat down, and for an eighth  grader, he was pretty lazy. Kendall took of his new jacket and hooked it onto the coat rack.  he unzipped his backpack and took out his planner. He was assigned a project on the solar  system, but a more very specific solar system. Kendall had a thing for sports and photography.  He took out his 345$ camera, stepped outside, and took a quick snap of the sun. He stepped  back inside and hooked up his usb to the camera and his laptop.   He saved the picture onto his  laptop and printed it out.   “Now i need to print some pictures of the moon and the planets off google and i’m all set to go”  pointed out Kendall.   Kendall ran to the garage, and took his box of supplies. Inside the box was lots of styrofoam  and a “plastic” jar. He had ordered a supply kit offline. The jar had everything, such as the  styrofoam balls, paint, sticks, and etc. Kendall went to the front door from the inside and took his  cardboard poster and set it down on the kitchen table. As he took a step towards the table and  sat down he struggled to open the jar. His project was due in 3 days. Kendall banged it against  the table, threw it on the floor, and even hit the top with a butter knife. Kendall was upset.    “ My gosh! Is there like a special direction or way to open this stupid jar?!”   Kendall didn’t have much time before his parents would get home from work. Kendall turned his  head to look at the clock.   “30 minutes ‘till 5. I am screwed. Mom and Dad might think i’m procrastinating, when really this  dumb jar won’t please me.” Kendall thought to himself.  Kendall had no idea what he would do, but sure enough he had to make an excuse. His parents  made sure that he made this project good and well done, only because Kendall was getting a B                           in science and social studies.  About after 20 minutes of struggling to open the  jar, his parents came in the driveway.    “okay, okay i have 2 minutes to think before they get out of that car. Got it! i’ll say that i was  doing my other homework and didn’t have time to start on the project!” thought Kendall.  “Kendall? We’re home. Did your brother come back from baseball practice yet?” said Mom.

“um no” replied Kendall   Jeffrey is Kendall’s 8 year old brother, who was pretty clever, he even had such great humor.  Jeffrey liked to be a bit smarter than Kendall, but he never minded it. Just after this short chat,  Jeffrey jumped out of Ben’s car and waved goodbye. Jeffrey knocked on the door and stepped  inside.    “Mom, Dad!!! I’m home! oh and hey Kendall.” yelled Jeffrey Kendall was so nervous to ask his tougher little brother to open the jar for him, he knew he would  laugh. He asked him.  “Hey loossseeerrr. What’s up? Can you help me with something?”  “Maybe. What is it?”  “um can you open this jar for me?” pleased Kendall Jeffrey stood there for a second with a straight face bursted out laughing. “BAHAHAHAHAHA!! You can’t open a simple jar?! Lame.” “How is this funny?”  “It just is.” “ Soooooo… Can you open it for me or not? Its due in three days, please?” “HAHAHA. still funny, yeah sure for 50 bucks, cash.” Laughed Jeffrey “NO WAY, i can’t believe you are doing this.”  “Take it or Leave it”    Kendall pushed his brother a bit, and left to his room. He didn’t want to waste money to buy  separate supplies at the moment. He counted his leftover change from Juicy Juices and added  up to 10.86$ It wasn’t enough, not even enough to buy paint. The good ones.    The next day Kendall went to school and nobody could open it. Most of the kids who tried hurt  their hand and fingers. Kendall had only 2 days to work on it. The hours went by and Kendall  walked home. When he got home he begged on and on for Jeffrey to open it.   Even the next day he did so too, he now has less than 24 hours to start. Jeffrey was laughing  and smirking throughout the times Kendall has whined help.

“Ugh. GREAT! It is now 5:26 p.m. and i haven’t even pasted anything. All my supplies are in my  jammed locker. I can’t ask mom or dad, cause right after work they just had to go to a dinner  party.” said Kendall      Kendall sighed and looked down on the ground in such sadness, Jeffrey felt bad, yet so  happy.   “OK. fine i’ll help you.” Jeffrey told.    “ gee, really?!”  “One condition”  Few minutes later, Kendall walked out of the door in a women’s bathing suit and started dancing  to the chicken wing song.   “ NO ONE. NO ONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS!” yelled Kendall Jeffrey stood there laughing, almost falling to the ground. After 10 minutes of laughing, they both  ran back inside and Kendall had changed back into his clothes.   “Thanks man”  “yeah, yeah now move so i can open it”   Jeffrey spit on his hands, rubbed them together, slicked back his hair and lightly twisted the jar.  It had opened. Kendall dropped his jaw and stood in shock.  “ What. But. But how’d you. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?” Kendall screamed. Jeffrey, considering he’s super clever, pointed to the top of the jar cap, where the label sticked on  and read out loud ,” PEEL HERE.” Under that was directions to open the jar.   “ Ohhh… Well, i must be blind. Thanks bro”  Jeffrey looked at him like he was dumb, and walked away slowly.  “ Alright i have to start now!” said Kendall Kendall took all of his printouts and pieces and ran to the kitchen. He cut everything out and  finished his project less than 6 hours. In the morning Kendall had realized he had fell asleep on  his project, and that his parents went to work. He took his stuff, and ran out the door. He was half  an hour late to school. The day passed by, and he was rewarded green ribbon, only for trying. As 

for his grades, it was a C­. Kendall had put most planets in the wrong space, and while working  on it, he was so tired he named the planets wrong, Mars was Milk, Saturn was silky, and it went  on.   Although he got a bad grade, he knew that it was okay he tried. He laughed and said to himself  he would get revenge. revenge on Jeffrey. Also, a kindergartener walked by him and ran to her  parents yelling,” MOMMY!! THAT’S THE WEIRD BOY DANCING TO CHICKEN WING.”

#phoneaddicting - Act I You know, ever since my friends, Madeline and Michelle found out about the new hot smartphones, we haven’t hung out as much as the old times. Well technically, that was last week. I mean c’mon, its a phone, you’re really gonna leave a friend for a smartphone. People these days. Madeline is always using her phone, and so does Michelle. Except they do this weird thing. Whenever we are all together, they tend to text each other instead of speaking in reality. NO. I have a great phone, it calls, texts, and has access to the internet. I’ve got a great life, great family, great world, and so much more. But i want great friends, i know i can’t change specifically themselves, but i want to change the way they act on phones. Seriously, whenever and wherever they hang out i can’t get the little technology out of their hands. Nothing isn’t the way it was before Michelle and Madeline got their phones. They all think because they have a phone, they think they are cool. People think i’m “cool” because i have a dog that jumps over a hurdle when he feels like it, most of the time he hits his face, and walks away like nothing happened. But that’s not all. The last thing i want in this world is to have my friends turn away from me for technology. Just for now, they make things so difficult. Whatever happened to crayons and coloring books? gee. I’d like to call this phone addicting.

#phoneaddicting - Act II Piper: Why does everybody use their phones all the time these days, gee, all they do is plan to miss out on the worldwide news! Michelle: Piper, some people are different. Yeah maybe they are missing out on the news in the real world, but we might know from our phones. Piper:UGH. (knock on door) Michelle: got it. (opens door) Madeline: Hey guys, wanna go to the park? Piper and Michelle: Um yeah sure i guess, sounds fun.. (open gate to playground) Madeline: Guys look i got 16 more followers on InstaFeed! Yes! Michelle: Me too, but i got 23 more followers. BAM. WHAT! Piper: Seriously guys, can’t we just hang out? Madeline: We are, why didnt you bring your phone? Michelle: Oh my gosh, really? No way? Piper: what? Michelle; oh nothing, Madeline just texted me something. (Piper rolls eyes) Piper: whatever, i’m going to the swing. Madeline: Guys lets just go down to the parking lot, kids are coming. (walks to parking lot) Michelle: There’s a spot. Piper: so what are going to do now? Madeline: very funny, im just going to go on my InstaFeed! I heard somebody’s doing a giveaway. Piper: Michelle? Michelle: Same. Piper: (sighs) Well, then i guess i’m just going to sit and read. Piper: Guys, its been an hour, it’s already five o’clock. Lets go to my house? Michelle and Madeline: Sure. Lets go. (opens door to house) Piper: Alright, finally. My feet hurt. Guys hunMadeline: nah, im tired. Thanks though. Michelle: Yeah me too. Piper: But this whole day you guys sat down and used your phones. Madeline: Michelle want to sleep over my house tonight? Michelle: Um sure. I’ll call my mom at your house though. Madeline: Hey, we have to go. Bye Piper! Piper: Bye.

(walks out, next morning) (alarm goes off) Piper: ugh.. thank god its saturday. (front door screeches) Dad: Piper wake up! Eat breakfast now, your mom made um i think pancakes. Piper: mhm.. i’ll be there in a minute! (closes door) (gets read, walks to kitchen) Piper: morning. Where’s Michael? Michael: ba ba ba hehe (all laughs) Piper: thanks mom- dad, can i see that? (hands newspaper) Piper: hmm Bryan Canova is banned.. New baseball player.. AHA. got it! Parents: got what? Piper: oh nothing, i’m going to go to Madeline’s house. Thanks mom, thanks dad! Parents: but- you know what, bye! (knocks on Madeline’s door) Madeline: WHAT DO YOU WANT? IT’S 9:00 IN THE MORNING FYI! I’M STILL SLEEPING IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT. Piper: yeah yeah whatever, just come out here with Michelle, I have to talk to you guys. (walks outside) Piper: okay guys, i found this on the morning newspaper. Smartphones can be fun, but are they fun when they affect you! look, i am going to give you two reasons. 1. you might get glasses because you spend technically half of your time using a phone an inch away from your face. 2. its not worth it, the more data you’re using will make you have to spend more money. also one more thing, its just gonna wear your brain out, and take you out of the real world. Madeline and Michelle: I guess you’re right. Michelle: yeah, now that i look back at it, i found out that we spend more time on this stupid electronic thing, rather than hanging out with my best friends. Madeline and Michelle: We’re so sorry, piper. We really are. Promise we’ll think about friendship first. Piper: really? thank you! (group hug)

#phoneaddicting - Act iii So that’s how i got it to work, and by “it” i mean getting them to get off their phones. I’m quite happy with the outcome. I really am. Even though it took me like three days, i got the hang of it. If it wasn’t for my dad, i would’ve been stuck with ornery friends. THAT WOULD NOT MAKE ME HAPPY. And no, Michelle and Madeline didn’t get glasses. For about a whole month they quit using their phones. Although we didn’t go back to coloring and those childhood of age five days, we instead just started to hang out again at the park with no distractions. The generation of 2010 - present day kinda freaks me out. But to tell you the truth, i actually like some of the things we have today. Anyways, after this incident, we all went out for dessert, and Michael smashed his chocolate ice cream in his face. Not surprising. To keep giving you a bit more detail, my family and i went on a trip to San Francisco a week after, and guess what. Phones everywhere, anywhere. One lady dropped her phone and cracked it as she walked out of T-Mobile. She blamed the stranger in front of her. Odd. Michelle and Madeline are of course still my friends, though they do need some help with their strange addictions. I’m very glad that this phone addicting problem is over. Well,

Wam MagazinE, Nicole Condez

Nicole Condez WAM magazine  

creativity is key.

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