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way more than what you can see how awesome can a panda be?


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very Ɵme we talk, we are selling a belief. A noƟon of who we are, of what we are up to, or of what we love and hate. That means that we are selling ourselves, our thoughts and views. ProsƟtuƟon feelings aside, we can take the idea of selling oneself deeper. The manner we talk and behave sells an idea of who we are. The way we look and dress as well. To pass the deep meaning behind in a carefree way, a diīerent mix of ingredients, preparaƟon Ɵme and methods of puƫng it all together is required. Same with cooking. We can all start from a same point. We can all start with eggs. But the Įnal product will diīer if we use diīerent ingredients

or cooking Ɵme or temperature. In adverƟsing, things are not diīerent. We can all start from the same brief. But the ideas we use to develop it is what makes the process so brilliant and intricate. The way you mix, however, depends on the taste of those you want to please. There are so many diīerent combinaƟons out there. Some of them demand a longer preparaƟon Ɵme. Some of them demand the use of loads of ingredients. Some of them demand an intricate and delicate method. Who you want to reach, who you’re doing this for is what is important. And remember, our own tastes are narrow, so we have to keep open to try new things,


to experiment. The adverƟsing industry, like so many others, is constantly changing. And we have to keep going with it. Even if you are the best chef out there, if you keep on doing crème brûleé and nothing else, you will soon be forgoƩen. Like Uncle Ben said to Peter (in Spiderman, for those who don’t know), ‘with great power comes

great responsibility’. So, if you’re already great, you are expected to keep delivering greatness. And if you aren’t, just keep trying and innovaƟng, and you’ll get there. And remember to always use great ingredients. It doesn’t maƩer how good the recipe is, if you use a bad ingredient, everything will go bad.


to visit The lovely Capri in Campania, Italy


apri is an island in the west coast of Italy. The most common way to get there is to go to Naples and get a boat from there. For all of you that have moƟon sickness, I strongly advise to take a pill before geƫng on board. I didn’t, so I had a really rough Ɵme in the half an hour or so that takes to get to the island. AŌer you get there, it is much beƩer, and you can get a taxi, a bus or a funicular to go up to the city centre. Some hotels have the service of geƫng your bags out of the pier and taking straight to your room, which makes it much easier for you. Don’t be cheap and accept it, or else you’ll have a really hard Ɵme. The streets are stony and almost everything you do is by foot. The paths aren’t large enough for cars and that is one of the loveliest

things about the town. It is such a delighƞul place to stay and relax. Get a nice hotel and spend your mornings by the pool side, aŌer your fulĮlling breakfast. Then have a nice lunch in one of the many delicious restaurants over there. Just pick any, hardly you’ll go wrong. AŌer that, have a nice gelato while geƫng a tan on one of the beaches. Then, go back to the hotel, have a long bath, a nice rest and get yourself all dressed up to enjoy a night out. You can go and appreciate a Tarantella, or just normal club music, is up to you! But before, make sure you stop somewhere to have a great Italian dinner with some wine. Then, go singing out loud on the nice cozy streets on your way back to the hotel. On the next day, do it all over


again; but, this Ɵme, save a liƩle Ɵme to walk around the most cute and agreeable stores and have a look on the many things they have to oīer. If you don’t like those small local shops, no problem! Capri has

also posh brands. Hermès, Dolce and Gabbana, Missoni, Miu Miu… choose your favourite. Just don’t forget that the most important thing in Capri is to enjoy yourself, have a great Ɵme and eat well!

œ˜Žœ¤’Ž’œ¤œ£¤Š–Žšª’Žš ªŠ£¤’Ž¡Žထ “šŠ­ၺၸၹၺန 13

to read Millennium series by Stieg Larsson


t all begins with dŚĞ'ŝƌůǁŝƚŚƚŚĞ ƌĂŐŽŶdĂƩŽŽ. This translaƟon is quite diīerent from the original Ɵtle. Men who hate women would more appropriate, but perhaps less appealing. Nevertheless, the hatred from the original Ɵtle is what makes the story so thrilling. Is not unƟl the end that you realize why the book is so called. It might be diĸcult to follow the intricate story at Įrst because of the variety of characters with Sweden names; but as you go by you get so involved by the so well wriƩen narraƟve that you can’t put the book down. As soon as I Įnished the Įrst book, I was so absorbed that I went straight to a bookstore and got the second one, dŚĞ 'ŝƌů tŚŽ WůĂLJĞĚ ǁŝƚŚ&ŝƌĞ. I was on vacaƟons in São Paulo at the Ɵme, ‘tourisƟng’ at day

and curling up in bed with my book at night. Three days later, I was done. The second book focused more in the mysteries behind the enigmaƟc personality and aƫtude of the girl with the dragon taƩoo. It is a perfect thriller, with so much acƟon and intricate culminaƟons that I needed Ɵme to assimilate. The third and Įnal book, dŚĞ 'ŝƌů tŚŽ <ŝĐŬĞĚ ƚŚĞ ,ŽƌŶĞƚ͛Ɛ EĞƐƚ, conƟnues were the last book ended. The second and the third book feel like a same story separated in two big chapters. It is a very tricky story, with jaw-dropping moments, and revelaƟons so surprising that you wished the series didn’t end there. In fact, it shouldn’t. A fourth novel was being wriƩen at the Ɵme SƟeg Larsson, the genius behind this series, passed away. Millennium


was supposed to be a ten volumes series, not a trilogy. In my egoism, I sorrow his death, as I wanted his cleverness to be passed upon with his perspicuous books; but I don’t think I’m the only one. It is sad to see a great mind to go before his

Ɵme. And it is more unfortunate to know that Larsson died before his books became world best-sellers. But dead or alive, he has my great admiraƟon for his aƩenƟon to detail when wriƟng his mindblowing stories.

to watch

Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni


oberto Benigni is an Italian actor and director who has a most disƟnguished personality. He is funny and outrageous, yet it feels like he struggles. Maybe that is why >ŝĨĞŝƐĞĂƵƟĨƵů was so successful. The 1997 Italian Įlm is not just one more story about the World War II. Although a concentraƟon camp is the scenario for most of the Ɵme, >ŝĨĞŝƐĞĂƵƟĨƵů is about love above all. This is, for me, the most delicate, sensiƟve and touching approach of love ever portrayed in a Įlm.

Although the main actress, Nicolleta Braschi, lacks of appeal, and is not truly capable of showing the deep emoƟons the narraƟve demands, the Įlm overcomes it with its excellent script and delighƞul performances by Benigni and the liƩle Giorgio Cantarini. >ŝĨĞŝƐĞĂƵƟĨƵůwill make you laugh and cry and hope for the best. It is a Įlm about innocence and love, war and hate, joy and games, pain and sorrow. A Įlm so complete and so tender that will make you rethink your concept of love. A Įlm to all.






upclose “Œœ—Ž š‘¢Š “£¤’ŽŒ¡ŽŠ¤œ¡Ššœ¦šŽ¡œpandaန  Ž¡Žထ£’Ž¡Ž¨ŽŠ—£’œª£’ŽŽšŽ¦“š¨Ž¡¥“£“š‘ ှŠš˜¦Œ’˜œ¡Žဿန


Why London?


Įnished high school in Brazil and went straight to University to study Law. As I went on studying that, I realized that Law is more poliƟcs than anything else, at least in Brazil. It was also quite boring and unimaginaƟve, and the part the interested me the most, Criminal Law, was also the most dangerous to work with. So, I decided to take a year out, go somewhere new and do something I’ve never done before. As a result, I came to London to study Fashion Media and CommunicaƟon, a LCF [London College of Fashion] course. It was really intense and fun; and I got to know many diīerent subjects, such as Fashion History, Journalism and Photography. I really enjoyed

my Ɵme here, so I decided to stay. I dropped out my course in Brazil, and applied for staying here. At Įrst, I thought about doing something with Fashion MarkeƟng, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I’d be happier outside the Fashion world, and if I ever wanted to come back, I could just specialize in that. That is how I ended up in LCC [London College of CommunicaƟon], studying AdverƟsing. And to be honest, I love it. The Campus is just one big building (or beƩer, 3 grouped in a same complex), and it is really amusing. Every Ɵme I walk around, I discover new things. There are workshops staƟons, the SU bar, the library. Many things. It is so thrilling.


Why advertising?


h well, AdverƟsing is most exciƟng. I think adverƟsers have the power to rule the world, we just don’t want to. [Laughs] It is rare to Įnd something or someone in a posiƟon of presƟge that hasn’t used adverƟsing somehow. PoliƟcians and big companies are well-know because of adverƟsing campaign behind them, or at least from PR or something in relaƟon. Also, adverƟsing is a combinaƟon of creaƟvity and business, so it is, in fact, a really diĸcult area, which is most thrilling. I always liked a challenge. [Laughs] And London? To be honest, I didn’t choose London because of what it is. I came here because it had the course I was looking for at the Ɵme. I felt in love

with it aŌer I came here. But it is impossible not to [fall in love with it]. I sƟll remember when I arrived here. It was rather fun. My bags didn’t arrive with me, so I took a cab, suitcase-less, and went to my temporary home. It was in Kensington. So, Įrst sight of London was actually a neighborhood full of trees and liƩle charming houses. I can sƟll feel my heart beaƟng faster and my breath hard to get. Bit stupid to feel like that because of a city, right? But it was like that. And then, unƟl today, the more I get to know this city, the more I love it. We are kind of friends or lovers that are sƟll geƫng to know each other. And the weather is the bitch who wants to break us. [Laughs]


What is the down side?


’ve just said! The weather! Fortaleza, where I come from, is a rather boring city, but it is always sunny and I my apartment there is just two blocks away from the beach. So, anyƟme the boredom came, I could just put on shorts and Ňip Ňops and have a walk on the beach. Really diīerent from there, where is grey all the Ɵme. Especially in the winter. I hate the winter! Besides that, the fact of having leŌ my friends and family was quite hard. I used to play games with my friends at least once a week, and every Sunday had lunch with my

family. So, these small tradiƟons are the things I miss the most. And my dog. I really miss my dog. She is 15 years old now, so I never know if she will sƟll be there the next Ɵme I go back home. I know she is sƟll very healthy, but you never know, right? I actually said to my mom that she can lie to me if my dog dies while I’m organizing my Įnal projects. I would probably cry for days. She is one of my best friends. We grew up together. And I also miss driving. It is really good not having to worry about parking or traĸc here, but, damn, I like driving and I miss that.


You seem to miss a lot. Do you want to go back to Fortaleza?


o way! Yes, I miss a lot. I miss my family, friends and dog. I miss all the luxury I had over there. I miss not having to clean my house, or wash my clothes. But with all the technology we have nowadays, I can talk to my friends and family very easily. And well, one needs to learn how to take care of oneself, no? [Laughs] I needed to learn how to cook and now I really enjoy doing so. Going back to Fortaleza would be a regress. I intend to go back there as much as I can, but just for visiƟng. Don’t want to go back to live there again. It is geƫng awfully dangerous and, besides

that, there is nothing to do there, really. It is quite a big city to what might be considered a big city here in Europe [Fortaleza has 2.3 million habitants], but sƟll, people there are really close-minded, there is no incenƟve for growing. I don’t think I would be able of challenge myself there. I have to live where things are happening. That doesn’t mean that I will always live here, in London. There are many places in the world where things are happening, even in Brazil. And I am really open to go to new places. I love travelling, love geƫng in touch with new cultures.


Why Panda?


andas are adorable, right? But all they do is eat and sleep. That is a big part of me. I love sleeping and eaƟng, and just being idle. But what really makes me happy is to do stuī. To produce, to be acƟve… It

makes me feel good. So here things run diīerently. Panda is not about being cute and lovely; it’s all about being awesome and dynamic. It is about going and making things happen, and having fun in the way.

Is that why you started it?


o be honest, this is a University project. We have to Įnd our own voices in order to successfully launch ourselves in the adverƟsing industry. The funny thing about it is that it requires a lot of self-

knowledge, of knowing who you are or what you like to do. It is really hard for me to do so! I was asked I what is the one thing I love the most. I don’t know! [Laughs] I like going to cinema, traveling, geƫng


to know new people. I like eaƟng, sleeping, watching TV series and Įlms. I like crosswords, dogs and shopping bags! [Laughs] I also love playing games, horseback riding, classic music, and rock concerts. See? I like a lot of things. I can’t say that I like one of these things more

than the others. How could I? So maybe this will be a way of showing things that I like, or rather things that amuse me that I think it might interest others. A bit of what I’ve experienced. It is not that will put dogs here just because I love dogs, though! It has to make some sense.

How does it feel to produce a magazine by yourself?


t is harder than I thought. I thought it would be easy because I wouldn’t have to discuss every single aspect of it with other people, but in fact, it just brings a lot of work that other

people should be doing into my hands. I’ve done a magazine before. Or beƩer, a sample of a magazine. It had only 12 pages, and we were 7 people!




t was a fashion magazine, so quite diīerent from this. I was the editor in chief, so even though every single bit of it had to pass through me, I had liƩle to produce. But don’t get me wrong. It was almost as much stressful as it was pleasant. Well, now, I have to produce. To create a lot. To do every single damn bit of it. It is fun to show how much I

can do and expose myself and my thoughts and experiences, but it is also hard. But as I keep saying, I am always pleased with a challenge. And this is interesƟng, and really fun to do. However, I do have mini freak outs someƟmes, especially when I think about the content and the deadline.

So what are you doing next?


’m going back home! [Laughs] I haven’t been in Fortaleza for the past… 6 months, since Uni started. So I’m planning to go to the beach

and enjoy the sun; meet my friends and family; hug my dog; drive... Do all the things I miss. And have loads of fun and food, of course! [Laughs]

Does that mean you don’t have other projects?


o, no, no, no! I do have projects! I have many ideas, or projects or whatever you may call it, to be produced all the Ɵme. I keep a small folder with random ideas I get. SomeƟmes, I am in the tube and I have a crazy though, I quickly write it on my phone, so I won’t forget. Then, when I get home I put

it in my Ideas folder so I can always go back and produce them when the Ɵme is right. I oŌen have ideas that require skills that I don’t have yet, so I try to learn them in order to make things happen. Right now, I have a few ideas maturing, but… Well, we’ll see.




¤¤Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x17D;á šá ż­Â&#x17D;Â&#x160;ÂĄÂŁ¤Â&#x153;Â&#x160;Â&#x161;Â?Â&#x160;á šá ¸­Â&#x17D;Â&#x160;ÂĄÂ&#x153;Â&#x2014;Â?Â&#x2039;Â&#x153;­¤Â&#x153;ÂŚÂ&#x161;¨Â&#x17D;Â&#x201C;Â&#x2014;¤Â&#x2019;Â&#x17D; Â&#x2018;¢Â&#x17D;Â&#x160;¤Â&#x203A;Â&#x17D;ÂŁÂŁÂ&#x153;Â?¤Â&#x2019;Â&#x17D;Â&#x201C;Â&#x161;Â&#x2018;Â&#x153;Â?Â&#x153;Â?á&#x20AC;&#x201D;


irst Ć&#x;me I heard about Michael Jackson was a long Ć&#x;me ago. People talked about him with pity and disgust, for he was a Music genius who succumbed and failed. And that went on for a long Ć&#x;me, several discussions and accusaĆ&#x;ons of pedophilia. And then, as everything else in Media, the news went cold and the subject was leĹ&#x152; aside. UnĆ&#x;l then, and for long aĹ&#x152;er, Michael Jackson was, for me, just one more arĆ&#x;st, a celebrity with a scandalous in his personal life, no one very important. Years later, in High School, someone came to me and told me â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Michael

Jackson diedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. That, I have to say, didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t raise anything in me. Not even pity. His death was a media uproar, as it is every Ć&#x;me a celebrity of such magnitude dies. Cries, reports, documentaries and tributes came. Funny how people tend to neglect the deadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s errors. I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see many comments about his pedophilia then; and, on the rare Ć&#x;mes it happened, the report tended to acquit him, showing the lack of evidences and even the regret of those who had falsely accused him. It was then that my cousin, 10 years old at that Ć&#x;me, started to listen


to Michael Jackson earnestly. He spent hours listening and watching his idol to produce his art. My cousin began to know the dance steps, songs, career and even a bit of Michael Jackson’s personal life. He bought the CDs and listened to them everywhere, including at my home, when he spent a few weeks with us. When Michael Jackson died, his tour, that was sƟll being produced, was, obviously, cancelled. However, it became a documentary. dŚŝƐ /Ɛ /ƚ shows Michael Jackson’s thoroughness on back stage, during rehearsals, meeƟngs and recordings. My cousin watched the documentary so many Ɵmes that the DVD got really, really scratched and eventually it stopped funcƟoning. I listened to the songs without noƟcing, and started to like them. Many Ɵmes, I joined my cousin to watch the videos online, to watch and re-watch the steps. We argued over the song we were going to listen in the car, which video we were going to watch again, which song to skip whilst watching the DVD, which cover act was the best. It was thanks to the zeal of my liƩle cousin regarding to Music that I discovered Michael Jackson, not the defamed celebrity, but the

arƟst, the entertainer. Michael Jackson was more than a singer, a dancer, a choreographer, a writer and a producer; he was a genius. Naturally talented, truly disciplined and extremely perfecƟonist, he shocked with his music, with his dance steps, with his videos and with his concerts. He was, in the most pure sense of the word, a performer, a real arƟst. Unfortunately, it took me a long Ɵme to get to know him and, to be honest, I know almost nothing about his personal life and his career with his siblings, I don’t know all songs, I have no idea of how many kids he had or when Thriller Įrst came out. But what I know about him, about his career, about his art, his perfecƟonism, about his enthusiasm, makes me, today, have great respect and admiraƟon for his work. UnƟl today, I haven’t seen an arƟst like him, no other arƟst as complete as Michael Jackson, a truly revoluƟonary genius. The most amusing thing for me, however, is that today I’m sƟll an admirer of Michael Jackson, whilst my now not so liƩle cousin has moved on and doesn’t listen to his former idol. Who knows? Maybe now I’ll start listening to Metal with him.


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