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POETRY Collection You are Special

Gently Guided by the Hand

by Mrs. Gerken

by Jennifer Tutino

You're a very special person, and you should know How I loved to be your teacher, how fast the year did go. Please take the time to think of me as through the years you grow, try hard to learn all you can, There is so much to know. The one thing I tried to teach you, to last your whole life through, is to know you are special just because, you are you.

What's God's purpose for every man? He has for each a special plan. Though the path is narrow, though the mountain high Lo on rocks we stumble, in valleys we sigh. Hold steadfast to faith For his love never fails. With every step taken His works will prevail. Though the journey is long, Though the climb we lament. With each day's a new promise For each sin we repent. Prayer is the bridge that connects God to man. Only through this will reveal his true plans. To become whole in his love. A shining light on a stand. Bring lost sheep as a Shepard Gently led by the hand.

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Mission: Sharing the Art of Living with Heart. Create * Conceive * Connect 2 Editor's Letter News and Celebrations


3 Heart of Fashion Apparel That is Making a Difference & Jen's Fabulous Finds

5 Out and About Florida Marina Clubs SW Florida Sun & Fun Lagoon

6 Ask a Question


Summer is Here


Books Worth Reading


Florida Marina Club

Ask the Nurse, You Asked & We Answered, & Books Worth Reading

7 Summer is Here Mosquito Free, Trip Gadgets, Movies and More

8 Food Blogs with Heart Dine & Dish, This Little Kitchen, Bake Your Day, FoodieChats

9 Recipe Corner 5 Quick Snacks & Pita Burgers

10 Amazing Nature Do Butterflies Have Hearts?

11 Bloggin Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

12 Tech Tips

Gifts for Dad and Dad Apps

13 Featured Foundations DefendersForChildren.org, Project Outreach



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letter from the editor

This month school finished for my kids. They were happy not to have to get up so early, but sad they will miss seeing their friends every day. We've increased our outdoor activities such as swimming, but find it very warm during the 90 degree days. To compensate, we buy popsicles and ice cream and exercise indoors. As a Nurse, I must complete continuing education and this next month I have to be in compliance. I just finished all the requirements by taking 10 tests online...glad that's over. Florida Marina Club is providing an exciting Giveaway to our readers this month. One year Social Club Membership and a One year Corporate Club Membership. Read the Out & About section for further details. Enter online either on Facebook or our Giveaway page on our website. We've joined several new Blogging Clubs and look forward to sharing our news on people who are making a difference. Have a wonderful Summer!

With love, Nicole Flothe

Managing Editor

I met Alyssa and Cameron when I first moved to Naples. I wanted to enroll my oldest son in a preschool in the area and found a beautiful Presbyterian church. During the summer, the church was offering a vacation bible school and they asked me if I would volunteer to be a teacher. I got the privilege of being their first teacher. This recent photo was provided by Josi Teeters. Happiness shines in their eyes.


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Pearl Stone Rose Flower Sewing Machine Day

Flag Day Fathers Day

Jennifer Tutino - Jen's Fabulous Finds e Shelly Aristizabal - You Asked & We Answered Beth Gatrell - Tech Tip of the Week Wanda West - Out & About, Movie Review Cheryl Flothe - Out & About, Recipe Corner, Amazing Nature

Juneteenth Summer Solstice National Catfish Day source - www.punchbowl.com


Jen's Fabulous Finds by Jennifer Tutino I â?¤Marshall's! Who doesn't love a great bargain?

by Nicole Flothe The Heart of Fashion can be found in clothes. Wear original. Do good. SleeveCandy is an online website that offers the largest selection of one-of-a-kind, pre-owned t-shirts. They donate 30% of profits to The Salvation Army's adult rehabilitation programs. Sleevecandy was founded by former roommates and friends that are Kellogg MBA students who share an enthusiastic passion for cool t-shirts and social good. www.sleevecandy.com

Marshall's has fab finds if you are willing to put in a little "elbow grease" or work. There are so many dresses and clothes to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. But if you go there with a specific purpose in mind, you are almost guaranteed to find something fabulous that won't break the bank. Like this dress, for example...only $29.99! So flirty & fun.

Lace is back! Lace is showing its pretty face again, from embellished T-shirts to beautiful dresses like this one. I was shopping in Macy's a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't help but notice this pretty lace sheath dress by Free People. It was originally priced at $128 but I bought it on sale for under $90! Lace definitely amps up the feminine factor!

Cut out tops are this summer's blockbuster hit! They are fun

Another company that is all about loving people and living free is Free Clothing Co. They are a clothing design company that has raised money from their shirts for Haiti and other organizations. www.freeclothingco.com

and flirtatious! Literally anybody can wear them and look great. They can be dressed up or down and pair well with skirts, shorts, capris or jeans. This colorblocked trim cutout top is by Bebe. It was $59. This is a great way to show off your shoulders without feeling overexposed!

Have you ever heard of Kickstarter? They're the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. While I was checking out companies that are looking to kickstart their businesses, I happened upon one named Meant4More Apparel. Meant4More is a message that all of us are meant for something greater. Whether it be in academics, athletics, spirituality, or our personal lives, it is a message that rings true in all facets of our lives. Meant4More is a reminder and a promise to their customers that every life has impact. Everyone, no matter the obstacle, can aspire to greatness and reach for their goals. www.meant4moreapparel.com





Florida Marina Clubs by Wanda West It was a pleasure meeting with Kimberly Constantine, Business Development Manager of Florida Marina Clubs. Florida Marina Clubs is a unique member of Yacht Clubs of America which offers access anywhere in the US. There are so many amenities offered in Naples, Tampa, and Key West Clubs with different types of memberships available. We found extraordinary value in the memberships. A Corporate Membership is $299 year. It caters to small businesses, their families, and employees. Many of the services and amenities are: Clubhouse, fitness center, sauna/shower room, on-site security, heated pool, hot tub and Tiki Bar. Also, they have reciprocal privileges at Clubs at other locations, vacation Rentals in Key West, and Exclusive Member events. Other services include facilities for seminars, and corporate meetings, and weddings. The Marina offers unlimited launches, dockside catering, full boat wash and detail, engine flush, and a fueling station. There is a Social Membership available for $199 a year which offers fine dining and fun family time. It includes use of the clubhouse, fitness center, sauna/shower room, heated outside pool, hot tub, and dining at the Tiki Bar. Casual dining at Jack's River Bar and formal dining at Gordon's on the River.

In Naples - Naples Harbour Yacht Club is nestled along the Historic Gordon River, close to the Gulf of Mexico, and only 5 minutes from downtown Naples. They provide dry slip rentals as well as hurricane and seasonal storage for your boats. Boats are stored in a large secure boat barn. There is a boat launch onto the Gordon River and a ship store with all the essentials for an enjoyable boating experience.


Upscale dining is offered at Gordon's on the River at Naples Harbour, reviving the era of the classic supper club. A spectacular wine list is directed by Wine Sommelier, Ian Ponsord, and world renowned Pastry Chef, Roberta Olphant. Make sure to visit on your Birthday for a special cupcake. Casual dining is on the first floor at Jack's River Bar and outdoors around the pool area and tiki bar.

Tampa offers boat storage barn rentals with an array of services available. Florida Marina Clubs have partnered with other well established companies that prove mutually beneficial relationships for their guests. Key West Harbour is located off the pristine shoreline of the Atlantic, far enough from the mainland for a relaxing island escape. Vacation rentals are available in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom Bahamian inspired luxury condos. Kimberly Constantine was excited to be featured in the June issue of Heartbeat magazine and generously offered one Corporate Membership and one Social Membership as a giveaway that will be posted on our blog using rafflecopter. She gave us a tour of the facilities and we were her guests for a delicious lunch at Jack's River Bar. She also gave us a two week Social Membership which we look forward to using.

Sun and Fun Lagoon

by Cheryl Flothe

School’s out, so what to do with the kids on some of their days off? Head to Collier County’s Sun and Fun Lagoon at 15000 Livingston Road. We visited the Lagoon with the family on spring break and had a fantastic time! With the 1200’ lazy river, 200-350’ water slides, separate pools for six and under and for five to adult, and a snack shack; there’s lots of water fun for all ages. And for adults who just want to relax with a good summer read while the kids play, there are plenty of lawn chairs. Sun and Fun Lagoon ’s open from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. every day this summer. www.napleswaterpark.com/

Turtle Cove has a pool for 5 and up and a fun Water Fountain.

There's even a lap pool at the Dolphin Dive. Tadpole Pool has water guns and lily pads.

Dolphin Dive has high and low diving boards.

Gulf of Mexico Sunset Photographer Glenn Flothe





A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools. - Spanish proverb

sk the Nurse! by Nicole Flothe RN

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to h hear it, does it make a noise? As per Hunter Ervin, he would say, "No because noise is the movement in the ear that produces sound." Jake Flothe says it just makes sound vibrations. Recently my daughter was complaining of ear pain and she couldn't hear out of that ear. So we visited Amazon Pediatrics and Dr. Valcourt said she had swimmer's ear and gave her a prescription for antibiotics. Swimmer's ear is an infection in the outer ear canal, which runs from your eardrum to the outside of your head. It's often brought on by water that remains in your ear after swimming, creating a moist environment that aids bacterial growth. I was giving my daughter Motrin for the pain and she was still complaining. Upon further consultation with the doctor, we reviewed the amount of medication with her weight and determined she wasn't getting enough Motrin. With proper medication she was comfortable and the healing process occurred.


ou Asked & We Answered. by Shelly Aristizabal of Healthy Living Concierge Q: How much water should I drink?

A: Water is probably the most underestimated essential nutrient. You can live up to 5 weeks without food‌ and only 5 days without water. Water is involved in every process of your body, so it is very important you stay hydrated. The best way to ensure hydration is to drink AT LEAST 8-16 oz of water with every meal and between each meal. Your goal is to drink at least 64oz (2 liters) of water a day, or 96-128 oz (3-4 liters) at the optimum. The more you exercise, perspire or drink caffeinated beverages (caffeine is a diuretic), the more water you should drink. The best way to tell if you're getting enough water is by looking at the color of your urine. If it's clear you're doing well. If it's yellow, your body is dehydrated‌The easy solution is: drink more H2O!


ooks worth Reading.

Author Rita Baker delivers laughter and joy in this must read book about the life and antics of a young farm girl and her family. Dare to dream as you follow young Emma Charles Beyond the Creek. Visit her blog... beyondthecreekbyritab.blogspot.com

Author Jill Jana Marie wrote a wonderful book. Sometimes one simple gesture can make someone's day. Marjorie merely writes a note and releases it inside a balloon, but changes a life forever. Discover how a balloon experiment turns into a blessing for another.



ummer is Here!


ummer Season by Nicole Flothe

Summertime brings kids outside, camping, BBQ's, and fun adventures. To provide the best summer season try and remember to apply sunscreen when going outside. The best time to go outside is before 10 a.m. and after 3 p.m. Early a.m. and dusk bring mosquitoes, but if you apply the right amount of bug cream or spray, you won't have too many bites. Our friends at Mosquitoes and Flies Demise advise to keep your home clear of standing water and offer tips on Facebook on how to prevent mosquitoes from overpopulating your yard. They also offer Mosquito Magnets that provide a trapping mechanism that eliminates the bugs. During the summer, many families pack their cars and head out for a summer vacation. A few travel gadgets recommended to us by Genxautosound.com are Bluetooth and Video Players for the car. Hands free cell phone capability is something that will keep you safe while driving the highways. Video Players are a way to keep the kids entertained on long trips. Make sure to pack a camera or add your favorite camera app to your smartphone to remember the special moments in photos and perfect snapshots.



ovie Review Snow White & the Huntsman by Wanda West

I love to go to the movies. I saw previews of the movie, Snow White & the Huntsman, starring Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. I eagerly purchased tickets online and went with a friend to Silverspot Cinema at Mercato. We sat in the 3rd row down in front of the wide screen to accommodate an older gal who was not able to come at the last minute. Well, it was breathtaking dark imagery, especially being so close to the screen. It certainly was a remake of the classic Brothers Grimm fable. It was both thrilling and frightening, and I wondered about young children seeing this version. The day before I saw the movie, I happened to find Oscar winning costume designer, Colleen Atwood, on HSN home shopping showing clothes inspired by the Films costumes. It was the first time she had designed clothes for the public to buy, and I liked some of them. She also showed costumes in the movie which were dramatic and intricate. I liked the movie, but had mixed feelings about it. It showed Kristen Stewart as the title character and heroine. Chris Hemsworth, the huntsman, became Snow White's protector and mentor. It was action packed, intense, and full of surprises. Showing the Power of Love over fear, monsters in the dark forest, and ultimately good winning over the darkness. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 7 rating.


e t i r o v Food Blogs with Heart *Fa Dine & Dish

Bake Your Day

Kristen Doyle is the creator of the award winning website, Dine & Dish. Since early 2006, Kristen has been sharing her favorite recipes, photographs, and life stories with an ever growing

Bake Your Day is all about Cassie's life, and her adoration for cooking and baking through the lens of her kitchen. She loves people, life, and living life well. She especially loves living well through food. She believes that food is nostalgic, comforting,

audience of engaged readers. Kristen has expanded her reach to include working with major brands (Bush’s Beans, Keurig, Zatarain’s…just to name a few.) Visit www.dineanddish.net

brings people together, and builds community. She hopes you’ll find some delicious treats and inspiration to share something new with your loved ones and that you’ll come back often! Visit www.bakeyourday.net

The Little Kitchen

Foodie Chats

Julie started this blog in December 2009 after an email conversation with her sister, Connie. She had been hosting holiday dinners for her family at her house for several years and was constantly sharing

#Foodiechats is a weekly Twitter Show every Monday at 8 p.m. EST. Each week, creator, Steve Green, hosts the show using the hashtag #Foodiechats asking nine questions based around that week's theme. Examples of past themes are: "Perfect Pairings," "Foodie

the recipes she cooked with her family and friends via email. After a few emails back and forth, they came up with the name, The Little Kitchen, which comes from her having a very little kitchen. She convinced her husband to draw up a quick logo, and four days later, she started The Little Kitchen blog. Visit www.thelittlekitchen.net


by Nicole Flothe

Madness," and "On The Grill." Follow @Foodiechats and @steveGOgreen on Twitter, and follow the Hashtag #Foodiechats. Visit www.foodiechats.tumblr.com

Recipe Corner by Cheryl Flothe

Tired of making the same old boring hamburger? I found this delicious recipe for an exciting taste change in Taste of Home’s Potluck and Barbeques cookbook. Fortunately for us; Dorothy Wiedeman, of Eaton, Colorado; came up with this variation on the Greek Gyro. PITA BURGERS 1 small onion, chopped 1 garlic clove, minced 1 t. dried oregano ¾ t. salt ½ t. dried basil ¼ t. dried rosemary, crushed 1-1/2 pounds lean ground beef 2 c. shredded lettuce 1 medium cucumber, seeded and chopped 1 c. reduced fat plain yogurt 1 T. sesame seeds, toasted 6 whole pita breads, halved In a small bowl, combine the onion, garlic, and seasonings; crumble beef over mixture and mix well. Shape into six patties. Grill or broil for 5-7 minutes on each side or until a meat thermometer reads 160 degrees and juices run clear. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, combine the lettuce, cucumber, yogurt, and sesame seeds. Top each burger with lettuce mixture, serve in pitas.

PITA BURGERS image from www.tasteofhome.com


oranges into slices or sections.

2. Sliced

apples dipped in peanut butter.

3. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into fun ¼’s or diamond shapes. 4. Mina pizzas: Spread 1-2 T. ketchup on small bagel or English muffin halves, sprinkle on a pinch of Italian seasoning, top with meat or veggies of your choice, then grated cheese. Broil until bubbly and serve. 5. Serve sliced carrots, celery, bell peppers, or

Visit us online and enjoy our Recipes!



veggies with ranch dressing dip.


Amazing Nature


o Butterflies Have Hearts? by Nicole Flothe

The other day we were going out to dinner as a family and my husband posed an interesting question, "Do butterflies have hearts?" My initial thought was yes, but since I wasn't 100% sure, I had to google it on my phone. I typed in the question and several listings came up saying, yes butterflies and insects have hearts. I found a website called kidsbutterfly.org which had the answer to our question.

Yes, butterflies and all other insects have both a brain and a heart. The center of a butterfly's nervous system is the subesophageal ganglion and is located in the insect's thorax, not its head. The butterfly has a long chambered heart that runs the length of its body on the upper side. It pumps hemolymph (it lacks the red color of blood) from the rear of the insect forward to bathe its internal organs. It has other functions similar to our blood. Image Source: "butterfly: internal anatomy of male butterfly." Online Art. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. 20 Nov. 2007 .


On the Kidsbutterfly.org site they offer... k Access to coloring pages to print and color. k You can browse the Frequently Asked Questions

k k k

k k

k k

section about butterfly and moth appearance, behavior, biology, and more. Learn about the life cycle of butterflies and moths. Find links to other web sites with additional information about these fascinating insects. Browse galleries of butterfly and moth photographs from Asia, Western Europe, North America, and Central America. Read or submit stories about butterflies and moths. Discover teaching and learning tools for students, parents, and teachers, including online resources, books, and videos. Find translations of the life cycle overview in Français, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Nederlands. Kids! Learn more about participating in local field trips and getting a discount on a butterfly collecting kit through the Outernet Project of The Lepidopterists' Society.

What is the Lepidopterists' Society? It was the idea of Charles L. Remington and Harry K. Clench when they were both students in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In March 1947, they mailed a letter to many lepidopterists (people who study or collect butterflies) announcing the organization of an association to "promote the scientifically sound and progressive study of Lepidoptera. The association was proposed to be called The Lepidopterists' Union, but the word "Society" was soon substituted for "Union."

Bloggin - Wordless Wednesdays by Nicole Flothe

1. What is Wordless Wednesdays?

Wordless Wednesdays is a once-weekly blog. It's a great way to post a picture that speaks for itself...no words need to be said or a small caption will do. 2. What benefits do Bloggers get from posting a Wordless Wednesdays? k The post is quick and easy to create. k It gives the blogger a way to connect with

several bloggers in one day. Some people call it Blog Hopping. k It breaks up the regular posts that are usually about the company or topic of interest and provides a picture about your interest to your readers.

your picture and what they think about it. This is also another way that you can make some heartfelt connections. Join us on Wednesdays and link up your Blog.

3. How do you connect with other Bloggers? Once you've created your blog post, you can link up with other bloggers and add your post to their blog if they have a tool called LINKY. The gadget is created using a company called Linky Tools and they provide a website code that you place on your blog. Once the code is on the blog, the tool shows up at the end of your post. This gives people that are participating in Wordless Wednesdays the ability to add their link from their blog to your post. Some people have an image linky tool on their site which offers a small icon of your website on their blog or you just leave the name of your blog and let others know if you have a LINKY. 4. Ask for Comments. The Linky tool that I have used has a statement at the bottom that says, "Please leave a comment after linking...Thank you!" People are more enthusiastic about leaving a comment after you have offered them exposure by linking up on your blog. The comments are based on their interest in



Dad Apps

Into Tomorrow's Tech Tip of the Week Tech out Dad this Father's Day... by Beth Gatrell

These are some Smartphone apps my husband has recommended for Dads. GameBox, SpeedTest, ESPN, Weather Channel, Kayak, Shazam, Flixsters. He likes GameBox because there is a variety of games you can play. SpeedTest is something he uses often to check the speed of the internet, and ESPN is a favorite to give him up to the minute news on his sporting event. We hope you enjoy some of his favorites...

Dad Apps! 2

Many will celebrate Father's Day this month and what better gift to give dad than Tech. Great choices include a new smartphone like iPhone or RAZR and you can download our free app on them. Be sure to include a cool new charger for the phone that also charges other gadgets at the same time, like the Energizer Inductive charger. Some of those other awesome gadgets for Dad might be a new Kindle or Nook, a handheld GPS, or one of many personalized gifts, including a USB keychain or iPad cover. If you head online, places like The US Government have ideas and tips to celebrate a great Father's Day, including being able to take the Fatherhood Pledge! For homemade gifts that have a personal touch, visit Apples 4 the Teacher where they list many ideas of things to make along with poems, activities, games, and more celebrating Dad! Michael's offers some great craft ideas on their site, as well. And you can look up more handmade gift ideas including making a free virtual tie on Billy Bear Kids. If you'd prefer to send Dad a choice, you can send him a GiftCard to his favorite stores like Home Depot and Bass Pro Shop either by email or shipping to him directly. You can also send a greeting eCard from many places, including 123 Greetings, Blue Mountain and Hallmark; who also give you the option of mailing a paper card right from their site. Don't forget to get your packages out on time, you can visit the USPS for locations, prices and mailing deadlines. And be sure to check out more great tech for Dad with us, "Into Tomorrow".




3 4


Shopping Apps 1. Gamebox 2. SpeedTest 3. ESPN 4. Weather Channel 5. Kayak



6. Shazam 7. Flixsters

To view more information about iPhone apps visit


June Quote June Birthstone poem - The Pearl Who comes with summer to this earth, and owes to June her hour of birth, a pearl should wear against her skin, whose innocence many a heart shall win.

Featured Foundations by Nicole Flothe

This month my mother and I attended an event with Brittain Ministries up in North Carolina. It was interesting to learn about all their different missions and we had a lovely time. During our visit, we met a man named RD Mackney who was sharing about an organization called, "Defenders of Children." One of their offerings is, "Blankets of Hope." The blankets are for children that have been taken from homes where they have been abused. They provide the children with something they can hold onto and keep with them to feel safe. Each blanket is handmade with love from the heart. To learn more visit http://www.defendersforchildren.org

Julie Thomas is one of the leaders with Project Outreach which has been providing support to our community for many years. Here is a summary from Julie on what is Project Outreach and who it supports:

My daughter, Angie Meister, started a group called Project Outreach. She got us together as a family and asked if we wanted to see how we could help people in our community. My two other daughter's, Josi Teeters and Cassie DuQuet, and I were quick to respond with a resounding, YES! Since that time we have put together numerous events to help people in the Naples area such as the Relay for Life, Thanksgiving dinner for the Immokalee Friendship House, Restoring the Burbage family after their house fire (article in the Naples Daily News), aiding a family after the father died suddenly on Christmas Eve, Food Drive for the Liberty Youth Ranch. We also went door-to-door when a teen was murdered to see if we could offer counseling to others, donated to Sunlight Home, held a Back to School Bash for underprivileged kids, and gathered school supplies, uniform shirts and more.


Our goal is to grow and continue to help people. We have a tremendous group of volunteers that are always ready to help. I get so many requests every week, it bothers me when I can't help someone in need. We need capital to be able to do more. I literally turn down donations many times as we have no place to store large items, so we are definitely in need of a warehouse as well. I would love to do this full time to reach out to so many in need, but that would require more funding. I am so blessed with three beautiful daughters, their husbands, and six amazing grandkids that I've made it a way of life...to give back. There is nothing more fulfilling!

Facebook : http://on.fb.me/ProjectOutreach


Ad v W it et is e hU s!

Southwest Florida Youth Basketball


Naples Sea Life Lights

Unique Sea Life Light boxes

www.naplessealifelights.com Advertisement

Family Time at Busch Gardens, enjoy a trip of a lifetime!



Camp Ave Maria AveMariaDance.com



Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.