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Materials in Architectu Task One:

Water Cube

The Beijing water cube is a great example of how improvements in technology can effect design in terms of material use and computer software. The Cube’s exterior is made of a transparent dual ETFE cushion envelope, which forms shapes like bubbles. The bubbles respond directly to the design idea, of encapsulating water. These bubbles are framed by steel geometric patterns which link together, just as crystals form themselves. This simplified idea from nature would not have been possible before the use of computerised software and advances in technology. We are able to generate and fit, repeated unconventional geometric shapes together, utilising modular forms. Computer design enables more flexible materials to be used as they are processed and laser cut to precise dimensions. The box or square is a symbol of chinese tradition and mythology. The simple shape is made alive by the state of the art materials, without these or the aid of technology designs buildings such as these would not exist.

ure Birds Nest

The Birds Nest in Beijing is another example of how material used can transform the design of a building, Just like the Water Cube the Birds Nest uses inspiration from naturally occuring structures Using welding the strips of steel are wrapped across and around each other creating a nest emerging from the ground. The structure was called ‘breath taking’ and ‘inspiring’ by many in the architectural world as it took architecture into the next realm of design. Technology and especialy the aid of software is advancing architecture beyond the imagination of many. Buildings such as these on paper could never be calculated to stand at such a magnitude. It is just a taste of what is about to emerge of new age architecture. __________________________________________________________________________

Personal Work

In design studio earth we were asked to create a wall and veil. I experimented physically with materials using elastic bands and pins to stretch my ‘veil’ across. I believe this design could be envisened much like the Birds Nest, using criss crossing elements to connect the shape. The design casts shadows, playing with light and form. The use of computer software could turn this structure into reality, being able to form curves across shapes holding


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