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First off, Welcome to my classroom! I am honored to meet you and work with each and every one of you and your children this upcoming year. I have always wanted to become a teacher since I was little so I will work hard to meet my personal goals and your goals as well. I minored in elementary years due to the fact of me loving all Ms. Eleniak children and what they bring into our lives. My students all mean an equal amount to myself—no matter how old they are, what their culture is, what they look like or if they have a disability.. Children are truly an inspiration to all age groups ( I strongly believe). Teaching is a learning curve-and obstacles will come are way but I encourage you to please contact me in regards to anything. Do not hesitate! My door is always open and my phones always 2 1 on. Parents, you are always welcome in my class if you are wanting to drop by or spend a day with u, I encourage 4 5 6 8 7 9 No First day you to do so! I know that we will have Spirit day School of School! a great year together-bring on the 12 13 Meet the14 15 16 11 memories as we watch these children teacher Picture grow into their own person. night @ 4 day Throughout the school year, each child 18 19 20 22 21 23 will be given a special day which Hot lunch No School means that they can bring in their 26 29 25 27 28 30 parent (s) ,a show-in tell item and will Hot Lunch Special Dayhave their “special” snack and provide Saylor Francis it for the class. In regards to newsletters, at the beginning of each month Hot lunch is every Friday throughout the school. I will be ’ll be placing one in each agenda to be sending home a order form for each child in their agenda sent home. Please read due to imat the beginning of the month. If you wish to for take portant upcoming dates or any changthis, please send back in agenda. es that may occur and field trips. Nicole Eleniak

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Things about Mrs. E 1) Family means the world to me– my parents are truly my best friends. I am an only child. My dads name is Alan and my moms name is Shawna. My dad owns an oilfield company Xtreme and my mom is a Teacher works with children who have special needs. 2)To say the least, I am a daddy's girl– He is my rock, my best friend and my dad. You couldn't ask for anything better! 3) My favorite foods are pasta, chicken and salads ( gotta love vegetables!) 4) I have a toy poodle puppy who’s name is JoJo. He is my best friend 5) I enjoy baking and cooking– my mom is a baker so I learned it all from her : ) I am guilty of loving to go shopping– It’s a hobby almost! 6) I don't just have one favorite color, but I have three! I like the colors violet, baby yellow and cream. 7) I spend a lot of my time in the summer on the boat– I love boating! And there is nothing wrong with lounging on the boat, reading a magazine and sun tanning! But weird fact about me is that I am terrified of water. 8) My favorite season is fall. I love the colors, watching the leaves change and the atmosphere that comes along with it. 9) I love to spend my spare time at Chapters Bookstore– I like to sit and get cozy while I have a Starbucks coffee and read by book or work on assignments. 10) My favorite ( and must have!) drink at Starbucks are caramel macchiato and any festive drink that goes along with the season– Fall is pumpkin spice latte’s and winter is peppermint or gingerbread latte’s. I LOVE my Starbucks : ) 11) I love to do yoga. It relaxes you, allows you to think as many thoughts as you possibly can, helps you find your true self and to be connected to your inner thoughts.

Nicole Eleniak

ID # 0002246699


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