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AUGUST 4, 1789

France Daily News

King and Queen’s Lifestyle By: Amanda Hulsey Fancy. Majestic. Elegant. That’s how the entire palace and life is like for King Louis XVI and Queen Antoinette. They can eat everything they want, from the most sugar filled delicacies to the most perfect bread to the best of corn. They can dress in anything: silk, cotton, fur, wool, leather. There are no limits to what the King and Queen of France have. Within the Palace of Versailles, there are many extravagant and elegant rooms, beautiful and expensive decoration, and the best of portraits and lighting. They have everything they need within that castle, everything and anything anyone could ever want. They have to have the best, after all. They were royalty, and apparently no one should defy royalty, especially when it comes to the King and Queen of France. King Louis XVI is al-

ways at the dinner table, filling himself up with bread and cakes and meat. The bread is freshly baked and warm, nothing could better it. The cakes are only the best, filled with exotic sugar that came from the New World. The meat was warm and recently slaughtered, all the animals plump and perfect for their Dear King. Thanks to Marie Antoinette, their clothes and royal jewelry amount grew exuberantly. She wastes her money on the latest fashion, with the tightest of corsets and most royal of dresses. Her shoes always shined, clacking upon the polished stone floors. Her hats are as tall as horses, her hair wrapped up and braided and stretched beyond comprehension. She always spent her money on hats and hair styles, never once stopping to consider how much debt France would have to pay for her silly fashion

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trends. We peasants know nothing of anything more fancy than bread, though all the sugar would rot off our teeth and plump up our stomachs. Our clothes are in rags as we scrape up the last bit of wheat, the harsh winter giving us the struggle of our lives. We have no King. He sits away in his castle, ceremonies constant and content as we struggle to survive in our own, cold homes. The Queen wastes money on one time clothes, while we sit in the same rags that we’ve had since the day we were born. They have everything, while we have nothing.

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THE PALACE OF VERSAILLES When most people think or talk about the Palace of Versailles they will say things like, “Oh yeah, that’s where the King Louis XIV lives” or “That place is just so beautiful”. I can tell you that I do not think of the Palace of Versailles like that at all; I think that Versailles is a waste of the tax money that I pay to the king. I am from the Third Estate and

all members of this estate would agree with me, we all don’t have a lot of money and for us to have to pay so many taxes to the king and to see it wasted on something that does not benefit us in any way is something that we don’t want to see. Versailles is just a place for the king to get away and to avoid people like us. He is taxing us and has no

idea what bad conditions we are in. People are dying because they cannot pay for food to eat and people are losing their homes. If you ask me I think that something should be done about this; the king should not be able to rule outside of where he cannot see how this affects the majority of the people in his kingdom. To fix this it is going to take the support of almost all of the Third Estate, we are going to have to force the king to come back to Paris and rule from here. This should be able to fix the negative effects of his taxing and they will hopefully be lowered.

THE PEASANTS AND NAP OLEON BY: ALEX WOOD The peasants thought Napoleon Bonaparte, was not fair. The reason they though napoleon wasn’t fair because of the Napoleonic code. This code stated that the there will be equal taxes for all, including the nobilities. That means everyone paid the same amount. With the little money the peasants had they could hardly pay it and feed themselves. The common people or the middle class and the rich and the peasants had to pay the same amount of money or bread to the king. Na-

poleon was the one who invented this rule because he wanted equal taxes for everyone. The peasants also liked him for the same reason, his meant that everyone was being taxed the same. So everyone was being treated fairly this meant equal taxes for everyone. If the middle class where being taxed fifty dollars then the peasants were being taxed fifty dollars. That makes everyone have the same amount of say in the government, or voice. The peasants were ok with paying taxes but not that much. But at least everyone was

paying the same amount. They also liked him because he won almost every battle he fought. So the peasants made sure to support him because they had the most amounts of people. They were about onethird of the population so they needed to support him. The peasants’ point of view of napoleon was that he was bad or unfair in some cases, but fair or equal with rights in others. At least napo-

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THE EXECUTION OF KING LOUIS XVI BY: JOSH TEGANO One day after being convicted with foreign powers and sentenced to death by the French national convention king Louis xvi is executed by guillotine in the place de la revolution in Paris. Louis ascended to the throne in 1774 and from the start was unsuited to deal with the severe financial problems that he had inherited from his grandfather king Louis xv. In 1789 in a last ditch attempt to resolve his country’s financial crisis Louis assembled the state’s general a national assembly that represented the three estates of the French people the nobles the

clergy and the commons the state’s general had not been assembled since 1614 and the third estate the common used the opportunity to declare itself the national assembly igniting the French revolution. On July, 1789 violence erupted when Parisians stormed Bastille a state prison where they believed ammunition was stored. Although outwardly accepting the revolution Louis resisted the advice of constitutional monarchists who sought to reform the monarchy in order to save it. He also permitted the reactionary plot plotting of the un-


popular queen Marie Antoinette. In October 1789 a mob marched on Versailles and forced the royal couple to move to tuileries; in June 1971 opposition to the royal pair had become so fierce that the two were to flee to Austria. During their trip, Marie and Louis were apprehended at Vergennes, France, and carried back to Paris. There, Louis was forced to accept the constitution of 1790. The next January, Louis was convicted and condemned to death by a narrow majority on January 21, he walked steadfastly to the guillotine and was executed nine months later, Marie Antoinette was convicted of treason by a tribunal and on October 16 she followed her husband to the guillotine.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1— King and Queen lifestyle Page 2—Palace of Versailles; The Peasants and Napoleon Page 3—Exicution of King Louis XIV; Word Find Page 4—Crossword;

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