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Andreas Hannes Directie & Co Billy Mullaney . . Egle Budvytyte Javier Murugarren Margo Van De Linde Matthew Day Nicole Beutler CHRONOS Fabiàn Santarciel de la Quintana Alondra Castellanos Arreola Assi Weitz & Rob Gradisen Emma Berentsen Esther Mugambi Eva Šusová Fernando Belfiore Felix Schellekens Genevieve Murphy Hee-Seung Choi Ira Brand João Dinis Pinho & Jochem Naafs Michael Jahoda Isadora Tomasi & Moa Holgersson Nina Boas Noah Voelker Orion Maxted Sandra Kramerova Tamara Kuselman Zhana Ivanova Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti Sarah Van Lamsweerde Pedro Matias & guests Tommy Pham Sherize Strang Tea Teearu Dereck Cayla & Pierre Bessette NOW – Ivo Bol & Marion Tränkle & Roos van Berkel Charlie Laban Trier Burkhard Körner Noha Ramadan Katinka Marac Andrea Božić Penelope Morout & Christina Mastori Fire Drill – Emily Gastineau & Billy Mullaney Jimmy Grima Oneka Von Schrader AFTERIMAGE – Susanna Brenner & Helle Lyshøj & Minna Tiikkainen Parisa Madani Paul Beumer

Three days across disciplines with artists from Amsterdam

Nicole Beutler Projects & Keren Levi | NeverLike & BAU & Jacuzzi & Frascati by

Frascati Amsterdam January 24 / 25 / 26 2019

During the fourth edition of the dance and performance event COME TOGETHER fifty artists will be showing their work in all the spaces and interspaces of Frascati theatre in Amsterdam. COME TOGETHER is a manifesto and a celebration of the many innovative and contemporary makers that Amsterdam harbours and at the same time it's a clarion call to the broader Amsterdam arts field to come together and work together. Performance makers from different generations and backgrounds convene to share insights, develop thought, meet colleagues and present their ideas to the public. During COME TOGETHER, the makers and the audience alike get a chance to discover and experience performance works in all their facets, disciplines and stages of development within a single context. Curatorial team Nicole Beutler, Keren Levi, Eva Vilanueva (BAU), Eva Susova (Jacuzzi), Riccardo Guratti (NeverLike), Justa Ter Haar (Nicole Beutler Projects) COME TOGETHER is initiated and produced by Nicole Beutler Projects, Keren Levi | NeverLike, BAU Platform voor dans en performance, Jacuzzi en Frascati Producties. With financial support from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Veem House for Performance, ICK Amsterdam, Plantage Dok, LeineRoebana. www. cometogether.amsterdam

Alondra Castellanos Arreola Siblings Dance Day 2 19:40 + 20:25 FRAS 3

Siblings Dance (work in process) works with mechanisms of overexposure and contrast, as a body of thoughts that is fluid and double-sided. As sounds, thoughts and textures that are looking for the opposite. A movement between antipodes. Alondra Castellanos Arreola (Mexico) is a choreographer and performer based in Amsterdam. She graduated from The Mime School in Amsterdam (2015). Her practice lies at the intersection of choreography and visual arts with a particular focus on the use of space and questions regarding materiality. She is interested in how the human body is moving and interacting with an object and the affective relation created between the two.

Ana Vilela da Costa Family Album Day 3 19:35 + 20:15 FRAS 2

Family Album is a project about memory and its absence. About what was forgotten and the

Producers: Marije Evers, Justa Ter Haar, Riccardo Guratti /Publicity: Naomi Wallenburg, Mayke Klomp /Technicians: Martin Kaffarnik, Manuel Boutreur, Ramses van den Hurk, Wijnand Moeken, Sanne Hensen, Krzysztos Burdzy /Floor Producers: Angela van Kalsbeek, Naomi Wallenburg, Floor Cremers, BIbi Scholten van Aschat


fictions one creates to cope with what is no longer. It is a piece made from found photos which are then used as an evocation of memory. The author doesn’t have photos from her early childhood and she is trying to (re)create a family album relating this absence with other people’s abundance or, at least, with other people’s rejections. Ana Vilela da Costa (Lisbon, 1984) is an actress and a performative artist. She holds an MA in Theatre – Performing Arts, from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (2014) and a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas (2008). She is currently in the 2nd year of DAS Theatre – AHK.

Andrea Božić | TILT A Card Game All days 19:00–23:30 (continuous) ELSEWHERE

A Card Game is a game of resocialisation for two players based on three simple rules. The player reads the card and continues to play the game at her/his own rhythm, tactics and strategy. To

the onlookers, he game is invisible to the naked eye and sometimes even the players do not know that they are playing it. It can be played at any kind of social gathering, on the street, at home, at work, on holiday or in any other imaginable situation. Andrea Božić is a choreographer with an educational background in dance, film, theatre, English, literature and media art. Andrea is a founding member of TILT; an in-disciplinary platform she runs together with artist Julia Willms and sound artist Robert Pravda.

Andreas Hannes & Paulina Prokop CLOUD COLLISION: A meta-skip in 8 rehearsals Day 2 21:35 FRAS 1

This is a sketch show. An attempt to further elaborate and disseminate the experience and affect of the action of skipping. In 2017, Andreas started developing the practice of continuous skipping, focusing on the space and body in transit. In CLOUD COLLISION, infinite skipping is happening somewhere else than the room, in other places, futures and histories. When one direction opens multiple, where one time has plenty, our story becomes a roadtrip in distance, in tempo, in our eyes. Paulina Prokop (1987) studied Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan and in 2017 graduated from the Scenography department of the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Andreas Hannes (1987) studied percussion (classical music) at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2018, he obtained his degree for choreography at the SNDO School for New Dance Development.

Assi Weitz & Rob Gradisen To the Power of Three Day 2 22:10 + 22:55 FRAS 3

Three stories, unrelated to each other, except for the use of body movement as the only form of expression. Set to the music of the duo ‘Hexenschuss’. Assi Weitz (1969, Tel-Aviv) – audio/visual artist and musician with several years of practical experience as director, editor and sound designer for television industry. He set up and led the digital film studies at SAE institute Amsterdam for 10 years, alongside performing and recording with several Amsterdam/Tel-Aviv based bands of alternative and experimental music. In recent years he has shifted also into the contemporary dance scene and develops visual concepts and video installations.

Billy Mullaney SEMESTER Day 2 19:00 FRAS 1

SEMESTER is the word-for-word and equation-for-equation delivery of a semester’s worth of quantum physics lectures. The performer has no idea what he’s saying; the lecture was reproduced by memorizing the text phonetically alongside the movement of chalk on blackboard. If embodied performance generally, and dance specifically, can index a regime of discipline on the body through the compliant bodies’ surrender to outside forces, SEMESTER proposes a choreographic mode of knowledge and its performance that devalues conventional standards of expertise and mastery. Billy Mullaney is an American artist working in theatre and performance art. His work proposes a choreographic approach to knowledge, an undermining of virtuosity, and interventions into conventional modes of spectatorship. Billy studies at DAS Theatre, where his research focuses on the performance and phenomenology of tarot readings.

Burkhard Körner VOCAL OBJECTS Day 3 19:35–21:20 (open doors) FRAS 3

The human voice as such, contains in itself the quality of a presence. Yet, an invisible one. Can we create a texture of voices that makes us see vibrations and structures in space? Can a voice act as strong as a laser installation? Is it possible to leave traces so that we start remembering the vocal impact across the space? For COME TOGETHER #4 this durational work extends our awareness of (dance-) performance to include the level of a bodily vocal production that doesn’t want to be music nor dance but rather create a landscape of ephemeral but yet touching objects. Burkhard Körner is a choreographer, performer and singer from East Germany who graduated in 2015 from the SNDO Amsterdam.

Charlie Laban Trier & Beck Heiberg Digging a Glittery Grave Day 1 22:15 (open doors) FRAS 3

In Digging a Glittery Grave, Beck Heiberg and Charlie Laban Trier are continuously re-building an installation of mourning rituals by using, wearing and embodying objects connoted with aesthetics of cuteness. They propose a space where an audience gets to experience and participate in a work that’s aiming to dismantle and rediscover affects of cuteness. They challenge their own relationship by experiencing being locked inside a projected gaze. By actively diving into the aesthetic

filter they try to find a new empowered friendship. With this work they’re mourning what never was, or didn’t get space to take place. Charlie Laban Trier, (1987, Copenhagen) is a choreographer and performer. He graduated from SNDO in 2018. He is an active member of the Iconic House of Ultra Omni and received the DanceWeb scholarship in 2017. Beck Heiberg (1987, Copenhagen) is a performer and choreographer educated at Hotstepper’s dance education in Copenhagen and Juste Debout School in Paris.

Christina Mastori & Penelope Morout T.E.P.

of four independent dance artists. They are all graduates from the Modern Theatre Dance at the Amsterdam School for the Arts. The Sea Is Where You Think It Is is a coproduction with Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK, and is made possible thanks to Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

Dereck Cayla & Pierre Bessette Immersion All days 19:00–23:30 (continuous) ELSEWHERE

Immersion communicates what is most intimate to us through the extensive natural expanses of the

the world. A story about female beauty, seen and told through the clothes of this world. Directie & Co is a theatre collective from Amsterdam consisting of dancers and physical players, and is led by choreographer and director Yvonne van den Akker.

. . Egle Budvytyte Incantation Karaoke Day 2 19:40 + 20:25 FRAS 3

CHRONOS The Sea Is Where You Think It Is Day 1 19:00 FRAS 1

“We are our choices.” These words by Jean-Paul Sartre resonate in The Sea Is Where You Think It Is, a dance performance that exists in the here and now. Every moment in our lives offers an endless amount of choices and opportunities to make and take. What keeps us from choosing the unexpected, the decision to do something new? The Sea Is Where You Think it Is is an experience between dancer and audience in which they discover and play with the potential of their choices. CHRONOS is a young Amsterdam collective consisting

Assi Weitz & Rob Gradisen, To the Power of Three

The Project Elephant is a live performance installation motivated by the fragile matter of animal rights, and particularly the amount of elephants that are being killed every day for their skin and ivory in Asia and Africa. T.E.P. is a project that emanated from the inherent need of the artists, Christina Mastori & Penelope Morout, to become involved through their creative practices with topics vital to our society in order to create awareness and spread knowledge. T.E.P. is equally a form of protest, using mainly the origami technique as movement initiation in order to create paper elephants, as well as an invitation for the spectator to become engaged in this matter. Dance maker Christina Mastori pursued an education in dance and movement sciences and later focused her studies on injury prevention and movement rehabilitation. Penelope Morout is a dance artist and architect. After having completed her studies in dance and architectural composition, she continues to be intrigued by dance as a space-directed poetic movement with infinite possibilities, as well as by architecture as defined by the human body and its existence within the designed space.

Esther Mugambi Podcast for Introverts Day 1 19:50 + 20:30 FRAS 2

Incantation Karaoke is a performance channelling multiple entities and ideas bruised by modernity and extractivism through a form of a song. The work explores

All days 19:00–23:30 (continuous) ELSEWHERE

NL) is a London-based performance artist. Most of her work is based on autobiographical material and the transformation of this material into diverse forms of theatre, performances and installations.

Podcast for Introverts is a solo performance mixing object theatre and soundscape. The myriad technological means available today have complicated direct communication. Esther takes you by the ear into her world, making a communal event of listening to private thoughts. Esther Mugambi (Australia/ Kenya) is a performance artist based in the Netherlands and is a graduate of DasArts, Amsterdam. She has collaborated with Marloeke van der Vlugt on various productions and previous episodes of ‘Podcast for Introverts’. Marloeke van der Vlugt is a Dutch artist and researcher. After graduating from Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam, she studied Scenography at Goldsmith’s Academy London and Choreography at the Laban Centre in London.

Eva Šusová & Angelo Custodio Tempo~orale Day 3 21:55 + 22:35 FRAS 2

Patagonian landscapes. This video installation shows this secret connection between the two using the skin as passing voice. We seek to let vibrate in a common pulse what is under the skin and outside of it. For the video installation Immersion, choreographer/dancer Dereck Cayla worked with film director Pierre Bessette. In 2009 Cayla joined ICKamsterdam and has worked with Pieter C. Scholten and Emio Greco and guest choreographers Nicole Beutler, Andrea Božić and Robyn Orlin. French film director and philosophy teacher Pierre Bessette is based in Santiago de Chile and directed two short films: Narcisse in 2012 and Song sotto voce in 2017 for which he received several awards for best experimental film.

Directie & Co Life Is Short. Buy That Dress. Day 2 19:00 FRAS 1

Life Is Short. Buy That Dress. is about women. How they can have a huge wardrobe full of clothes and still have nothing to wear. How they always compare themselves with other women. How the world drowns in the amount of clothes that are thrown away. The same clothes produced by other women on the other side of

the potential of rhyme, repetition, sonic alteration of the voice and the proximity of the performer to induce the audience into collectivity and singing. . . Egle Budvytyte is an artist based in Amsterdam. She makes videos and performance situations to explore the relationships between body, architecture, environment and audience. By choregraphing performers to enact gestures that can often seem contradictory to their surroundings, uncannily out of context and sometimes filled with a sense of emergency, she looks at the body’s ability to challenge conventions of conduct and the narratives of normativity implicit in public spaces.

Emma Berentsen When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Baby Monkey Day 2 22:10 + 22:55 FRAS 2

A first try-out of a new work about all the things we wanted to be when growing up, and about all the things we still want to be. It’s grown-up Emma’s attempt to go back to her personal archives and capture childhood-Emma’s dream of becoming a baby monkey. A piece about dreams and achievements, about loss and imagination. Emma Miriam Berentsen (1987,

In Tempo~orale, rhythm is a mode in which we palpate the ground. Engaged in its maintenance, two bodies resonate their voices. They score live, using strategies that were understood in order to locate the Tempo~orale. It is an oralscore in which we openly showcase our fragmented identities supported by vibrating diaphragm and deep listening. Tempo~orale is developed and performed Eva Šusová and Angelo Custodio. A project supported by the AFK and Jacuzzi. Eva Šusová and Angelo Custodio met and obtained their MA in Fine Arts at the master program Master of Voice at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Eva previously obtained her BA in choreography at the School for New Dance Development and together with her colleagues they started Jacuzzi Space for Performance. Angelo finished his BA in classical singing at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam.

Fabián Santarciel de la Quintana Enjambre Day 3 19:00 FRAS 1

Enjambre (Swarm) is an urgent, raw and sweaty artistic work. It is a visual experience reaching to the viewer through broken and convulsive images. We see an agglom-

erated formation of thirty human beings on an attempt to become a mirror reflecting our animal identity: millions of years of bodily segregations and conjunctions that reproduce and extinguish, cycle by cycle, forever. A millennial ritual rooted in our bodies. Fabián Santarciel de la Quintanais a Uruguayan theatre maker and mime performer. He created TRÁFICO, an artistic bridge between The Netherlands and Uruguay. Enjambre is the fifth production of this project.

Felix Schellekens Making Spells

Fire Drill Consequences Have Consequences Day 2 20:00–23:30 (by registration) ELSEWHERE

Consequences Have Consequences is a pseudo-empirical body of research focusing on specific, measurable outcomes for performance. What will it take for art to actually make people DO things? What kind of performance would make an audience member, e.g., burn down an Albert Heijn? CHC exposes the aesthetic implications when art is used “as a tool for ___”. Here we share CHC v 0.1.2, a series of one-on-one perfor-

member of the Ulysses Network, 2017 was awarded the Nieuwe Maker Subsidy with Nicole Beutler Projects and in 2018, became a member of Standplaats Utrecht.

Hee-Seung Choi OBJECTS A USER’S MANUAL Day 1 19:50 + 20:30 FRAS 3

OBJECTS, A USER’S MANUAL is part of the artist’s ongoing exploration on integrating movement into her installation work. The work uses a sequence of transformations—the body in movement sets a sculpture made of MDF in motion—as a metaphorical

Fernando Belfiore THE FOUNTAIN Day 3 23:30 FRAS 1

THE FOUNTAIN is a choreographic installation live performances as part of a social sculpture series. The concept of social sculpture, introduced by Joseph Beuys stated that art has the potential to transform social structures through human activity. The FOUNTAIN has been a nomadic and collaborative project and has taken as a starting point in public spaces with local groups as performance installation. The meaning and the functions of a fountain has changed over time as it is the role in public space. The performer as a fountain, as a source of creativity. Art as potential change. The artist as a collective force. The FOUNTAIN will premiere in July in Amsterdam. Fernando Belfiore[1983 – Sao Paolo, Brazil] is a choreographer and performance artist based in Amsterdam. He graduated from the SNDO and studied theatre at Sao Paolo Public University – EAD/USP.

Fernando Belfiore, THE FOUNTAIN

Day 2 19:40 + 20:25 FRAS 2

“There’s a way of repeating in music that can hypnotise. I kept thinking to myself that it’s a form of making spells” –Thom Yorke. In a 15-minute bewitching experience Felix Schellekens – accompanied by Isadora Tomasi and Mees Borgman – crafts an esoteric composition. Through melancholic voice melodies, haunting synths, ambient spheres, organic build ups and unexpected transformations he celebrates the intuitive approach of making music and by that the magic of collaboration. Felix Schellekens (1990, NL) is a multidisciplinary performer & theatre maker from Amsterdam. In 2015 he graduated from the Amsterdam Theatre School Mime programme. During his education he met Isadora Tomasi and Mees Borgman, with whom he shares his love for musically-driven creation.

allows us to notice every single ‘other’ as a living ‘other’. Ibelisse is a performer, musician, visual artist, theatre maker and teacher. In the past years she has actively studied Shamanistic practices from several traditions and lineages.

Ira Brand An Invitation A Fight Day 3 21:55 + 22:35 FRAS 3

Tonight, Ira wants you to have a fight with her. A physical fight. Just between the two of you. Here on this mat. Tonight, Ira wants you to watch her fight. Tonight, Ira wants you to practice. Tonight, Ira wants you to imagine what else might be possible. An Invitation A Fight is an extract of the research of Ira’s forthcoming work Ways To Submit. It explores dominance and submission, what it means to play in power, and how we might discover other ways of relating to each other. Ira is an artist, performancemaker, writer, and curator. She is Co-Director of artist-led collective Forest Fringe, and is currently enrolled on the DAS Theatre Masters Programme, Amsterdam.

Isadora Tomasi & Moa Holgersson YOU TELL ME Day 1 23:25 FRAS 1

mances involving a) a researcher, b) a test subject (that’s you) and c) a set of stimuli, in order to calibrate a cause-and-effect relationship between performative action and physiological audience response. Fire Drill is the collaboration of Emily Gastineau and Billy Mullaney. Based in Minneapolis and Amsterdam, they create performance works that challenge contemporary notions of spectatorship and engagement.

Genevieve Murphy The One I Feed (text excerpt)

representation of one’s dealing with one’s social and physical environment. With each movement having consequences, different landscapes are created throughout the performance. Hee-Seung Choi (1976, US/NL) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam. Before relocating to the Netherlands, she was mainly a composer and instrumentalist. She draws her inspiration from familiar signs, routines and arrangements found in everyday life. Choi works in a combination of media, including video, performance, sound and installation.

Day 3 21:55 + 22:35 FRAS 4

The One I Feed sketches a portrait of the conflict in a destructive mind. Taken from a larger work with accordion duo TOEAC and ventilation tubes, this piece shares Genevieve’s fascination for the attractiveness in destructive behaviour and the euphoria it produces when you give in to it. Repeatedly feeding this harmful desire results in something far too complicated to give up. Fascinated by psychology and disability Genevieve (Scotland) studied music composition at The Royal Conservatory of The Hague (2013) and currently lives in Amsterdam. In 2016 she became a

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti Kiosk of the Noble Savage Day 1 22:15 + 22:45 FRAS 2

This concert-performance aims to grasp transcendental knowledge that stems from animism and shamanism. Animists recognise that we are not apart from, or above nature, but that we are nature. In this ritual-concert Ibelisse dives into the role of the Priestress, serving as a bridge between the romanticised ‘noble savage’ and the reasoned science. An oracle game that intents to get us closer to the idea that our reality as we experience now could be a dream; the legitimate kind of dream that

Moa and Isadora share a similar feeling about physical performance: Movement and sound take equally big parts when they create. It’s like a duality, like parallel thinking, but actually it’s one. In which ways can a narrative be told? Can a fragmented story still be a whole? Instead of linearity they want to investigate fragmentation. Using music, voice, movement, language and researching folkloric elements as seeds that have been planted through history in our collective mind/body. Isadora is educated in Mime (AHK) and text theatre. She explores sound, performance and movement in her work and in collaboration with other choreographers and directors. Moa is currently studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and has previously worked with aerial disciplines and contemporary dance practices in both performative and visual arts contexts.

Javier Murugarren Pasionaria Day 3 21:20 FRAS 1

Pasionaria is a physical and sonic investigation that uses darkness to seek the re-connection of body, space and time with other planes of perception beyond image. It portraits the potential of obscurity and twilight as mechanisms of an obsessive and ancestral physical and spiritual trigger. This research initially avoids any kind of visual

construction in the performance; it calls for a reconfiguration of the aesthetic thrill to allow the spectrum to other forms beyond the vision. Javier Murugarren is a multidisciplinary artist working with choreographic experimentation, bringing movement together with textiles, sound and language. He is a founding member of the performance troupe IC (2006), co-curated the performance/galley Gare Du Noord (2016-2018) and just opened ReMo, a performance & textile studio in Amsterdam Noord.


as worked closely with Nicole Beutler Projects. Since 2017 he is the coordinator of a residency program at ArtEZ. Jochem Naafs is an engaged dramaturg, lecturer and researcher who is interested in the role of research within the artistic process. He is affiliated to the ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance.

Julie Kurris & Lucas Wiegerink In Dorso Day 1 19:50 + 20:30 FRAS 3

Performer Julie Kurris and composer Lucas Wiegerink want to celebrate the ingenuity of the body. Their body is a landscape that moves and folds. A sound

contemporary dance and performance and makes autonomous (performative) light installations. Katinka has a preference for multi-disciplinary collaborations that combine dance, performance and visual art. Her work often researches and disrupts the experience of space and time and examines the relationship between tangible exterior space and inner space.

Margo van de Linde Me & the Beguines: 3 Scenes Day 2 22:10 + 22:55 FRAS 4

Starting point: A series of conversations Margo van der Linde had with her neighbours in Het

Day 2 & Day 3 19:00–23:30 (open doors) ELSEWHERE Matthew Day, F4l (CORPS) photo: Nellie de Boer

“From spending his early years with the birds, the trapper learns to call – constantly improving, learning with time. As you age, you figure out how to hone your whistle, ending up almost speaking the birds’ language. You don’t know what they’re saying, but you’re calling with them” – Michael Grima (60), Malta 2017.

The choir is composed of men who, like Jimmy Grima’s father, studied their parts for twenty/ thirty years. This is his attempt to collect, preserve and make accessible the community of those who know how to whistle like singing birds – the bird trappers – now on the other side of the law. Jonathan aka Jimmy Grima is an artist, designer and curator working in the fields of graphic arts, performance and film. In 2009 he co-founded The Rubberbodies Collective of which he is the artistic director. Three years ago he moved to Amsterdam and currently is a resident at DAS Theatre.

Jão Dinis Pinho & Jochem Naafs Blank Whispers Day 2 19:40 + 20:25 FRAS 2

Blank Whispers shows the research Dinis Pinho and Naafs have been doing together. As in a Chinese whisper game, they are sharing poetry and dance and giving continuation to this material, letting it shift shapes (potentially for eternity). Everytime they come together it is a performance: Jochem brings a poem, reflecting on João’s last dance (which reflected on Jochem’s previous poem), João brings a dance, reflecting on Jochem’s last poem (which reflected on João’s previous dance). From here many new options emerge: performing both the dance and the poem at the same time, giving feedback on the feedback, etc. João Dinis Pinho is a dance performer and choreographer. Since 2016 he has created and performed in various collaborations, as well

of Figures for Landscapes will be performed with Matthew Day, Tomislav Feller and Noha Ramadan. Matthew Day (1979) who was a teenage ballroom dancing champion, studied Dance and Performance Studies in Sydney and Melbourne. In 2016 he completed a masters at DAS Choreography, Amsterdam.

Michael Jahoda The Phillip Project Day 2 22:10 + 22:55 FRAS 3

The Phillip Project is a multimedia artistic collaboration project based in Amsterdam. Since 2001 The Phillip Project has created a series of 17 inter-locking, multi-media, site-specific Episodes. Each Episode is created by a select group of artists, and focuses on a specific artistic question and aspect of Phillip’s journey. Phillip is a fictitious character and the leitmotif who comes to life in pure dance, spoken word, film, video, broken glass, scrap metal, a one man disco, a tap dancing swimmer, a pig, a child, a prince, a super hero, a martyr, a god and more.... For COME TOGETHER #4 the Phillip Project will present a 20 minute, work in progress excerpt of Episode 18 – ‘The Life and Death of Phillip Newhouse’, the last and final episode in the Phillip Series. Created and performed by Michael Jahoda, Robbert van Hulzen & Dirk Bruisma.

Nicole Beutler A first glimpse of METAMORPHOSIS world is brought to the surface. The music is seen through the back and the back has its own composition. The back as a landscape starts to create a unique sound and sings a song. What is hidden behind it? Julie Kurris graduated as Master of Music Theatre from the Royal Conservatory The Hague and holds a BA in dramatics from KASK Gent. Lucas Wiegerink (Amsterdam, 1985) is a multi-facetted composer who draws his inspiration from fine art, literature, history and science. Wiegerink studied composition at the conservatories of The Hague, Amsterdam and New York.

Katinka Marac THE MOST ARTIFICIAL THING Day 1 19:00–21:35 (open doors) FRAS 4

THE MOST ARTIFICIAL THING Is a light installation that attempts to bring nature indoors. A moving light sculpture creates several environments, inspired by movements and rhythms of phenomena happening in nature and our bodies. Katinka Marac designs light for

Begijnhof. This place was her home for many years – a courtyard of houses at the centre point of the city inhabited by women. What brought them there and do their stories have a common thread? What does it mean to be a Beguine? Using the format of the one-woman show and guided by percussionist Henning Luther, Margo shares three portraits. Margo van de Linde is an American-raised, Amsterdambased theatre maker. She has performed for over 10 years as a comedy improviser, MC, spoken word artist and singer. In her work she fuses elements from these worlds in order to create portraits and a sense of intimacy.

Matthew Day F4L (CORPS) Day 2 23:50 FRAS 1

F4L (CORPS) is solo study that appropriates, mutates, and reformats materials and scores that were constructed for the artists’ recent project Figures for Landscapes. Figures for Landscapes is a durational dance performance made with six other dancers to be performed on location in specific sites. This compressed version

Day 1 21:40 FRAS 1

The world around us is continuously evolving. Fixed forms become fluid over time and new forms arise. What is frozen will melt. Nicole Beutler translates the composition, form and content of Henry Purcell’s ‘The Cold Song’ into a constantly transforming performance concert, reflecting on the emergence of a new time. A preview of her new big stage production 8: METAMORPHOSIS: A ritual for the end of patriarchy with eight male dancers & singers and one drummer premiering in May 2019. Nicole Beutler (München, 1969) works in Amsterdam as dance/ theatre director and curator. She has a background in Fine Arts and German literature and graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO).

Nina Boas Psychokinesis For A New World Day 1 22:15 + 22:45 FRAS 4

A landscape of windmills, a vision like Don Quijote traveling through a man made garden, the windmills move at the slightest touch. Is it Magic? Do the objects move be-

NOW BLINK Day 2 19:40 + 20:25 + 21:10 FRAS 4

BLINK is a performance using blinking of the eyes as a performative tool. It is a part of NOW’s research into rhythms and patterns of our body and brain, exploring conscious and unconscious blinking as indicators of states of mind and different moods. NOW will perform an experimental score for three people that generates blink instructions with different rhythms and chance variations. The blinks are captured by EEG and trans-

create emergence and complexity, when enacted and combined by performers. This performance is born out of Orion’s research into the science of complexity, cybernetics, and cognition; and research carried out at BAU Labs with Marion Tränkle and the participants of the We Live Here performance academy in 2018. Orion Maxted is a theatre and performance maker based in Amsterdam. He studied Computing before turning to Music and Performance Art, he holds a Master of Theatre from DAS, and is supported by Frascati

Noah Voelker, Who Wants To Meet A Real God Damn American?

cause we think them to? The performance is the combination of physics and mindfulness. Too often we are forced to believe that things have an answer, that science will prove the thesis. But where is the magic? Where is the imagination? Psychokinesis is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction. Psychokinesis For A New World harnesses the energy gained through the performers and creates a psychedelic and magical performance with performers Zoë Schollee and Inez Almeida. Barbara Ellison composed the sound. Boas graduated in 2003 from the art academy AKI ArtEZ in Enschede and recently (2016) graduated from the Master of DAStheater.

Noah Voelker Who Wants To Meet A Real God Damn American? Day 1 19:00 FRAS 1

What begins as a story about Noah being denied a film role for not being American enough, intertwines with youthful memories from Suburban Texas and his relationship with his Russian adopted, but authentically American brother. Taking aim at what it is to be American and the unsettling potency in being an American in light of recent history. Noah Voelker (1990), is a Texas born, Netherlands based theatre maker. He has worked in the areas of storytelling, directing, writing, devised performance, sound design, and dramaturgy. His performance and theoretical research is concentrated in authenticity in performance, storytelling, and audience participation/collaboration. He received his MA from DASTheatre.

Noha Ramadan & S.M. Snider Untitled Reaper Day 3 22:15 FRAS 1

Description: the theatre naturally, drone, disorientation, strong/ silent, kill, roll, boycow, rave, palindrome, martha, pompom, the beat. For bodies, wood, theatre, guitar, voice, plastic, light and audience. Noha Ramadan’s work draws from dance, music and film. She is interested in compositional and poetic strategies which she likes to collapse and reconfigure to find new fields of affect and modes of disruption. Her current works deal with disorientation and spatiality. She graduated from DAS Choreography. Since 2017 she co-organizes Jacuzzi, an artist-run studio in Amsterdam. S.M.Snider is a musician, sound designer, performer.

lated into a musical piece for light and sound, using the body as the intermediate between two different systems: the score and the performance environment. NOW creates interdisciplinary performances and installations that stretch the space of the ‘in-between’: between mind and body, nature and technology, risk and responsibility. NOW is Ivo Bol, Marion Tränkle and Roos van Berkel.

Oneka von Schrader Cephalgia Day 1 19:50 + 20:30 + 21:10 (by registration) ELSEWHERE

A song for the headache cosy corner in the basement. Oneka von Schrader graduated 2015 from SNDO.

Orion Maxted What If Then: Competing Systems Day 3 19:35 + 20:15 FRAS 4

We long for a world where we live, think, move, love and come together. Performance can be the place to stage such systems in their most elemental form. In this practice, we consider how simple rules called ‘if-then’ rules can


Parisa Madani THE FUTURE IS SHEMXLE Day 3 21:55 + 22:35 FRAS 4

THE FUTURE IS SHEMXLE: ACT 1 – A LOVE STORY – is a choreography by Parisa Madani. Performed by Devika Chotoe, Antonella Fittipaldi. Gentle fist 64 palms. Can you see my light? Do you want to fight?

‫قشع‬ ‫همه‬ ‫زیچ‬ ‫تسا‬

In the drag show THE FUTURE IS SHEMXLE: ACT 2 – LA GRANDE FINALE – Parisa performs her song “my_face__2018” that she first performed in Berghain Berlin last October. She is inviting the dance teachers David Cham and Fernando van der Kraats to perform with her. Dancing and cake is to be expected. Thank you 4 cuming. Parisa Madini (ageless) is from the Middle East and West. Living SNDO life in Amsterdam. Model, Drag Queen, DJ, Host, Singer and Bad A$$ MF.

Paul Beumer Does It Have A Story? Day 1 & Day 2 19:00–23:30 (continuous) ELSEWHERE

“Does it have a story? I don’t know yet. I just wanted to know if it is possible to print a river.” Paul Beumer has been using a drone, 3D printer, photogrammetry, video, and animations software, to create this adapted reality, a video loop and a bio degradable plastic object. Paul Beumer graduated in 1997 from the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) as a Set and Lighting designer. Driven by the need to shape his fascination for the miniature, he immersed himself in drone photography & video, 3D visualization, 3D printing techniques and VR, in order to create an alternate reality.

Pedro Matias & Guests Babe, the SPACE remaining is yet-to-be(come) fluffed Day 3 20.00–23:30 (open doors) ELSEWHERE

By bridging embodied critical thinking and space, we give agency to the (queer) body through labour, care and activation of, perhaps, a territory and its (inner) landscapes. Babe, the SPACE remaining is yet-to-be(come) fluffed is durational, collaborative, fluid, diagonal and intermittent in its core. By using time as liquid matter, we upset the consumerist tempo, facilitating new constellations and dialogues to spill. Invited guests and audiences are encouraged to transform the flows of the work from within and together we hope to be(come) precursors of a community, notyet-here. Pedro Matias was born in 1984 in Lisbon, Portugal. By embracing his and others’ bodies as artistic medium and sexual machines, Matias understands performativity asymmetrically rooted in his ‘ways of doing’. Pedro aims to upset oppressive structures by shaking against corporatism, consumerism and ‘sameness’, in an attempt to create and articulate new flows of knowledge. Matias lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Sandra Kramerová About Dance, Fireflies, And The End Of The World As We Know It (Excerpts) Day 3 19:35 + 20:15 FRAS 2

Combining the ideas of several authors around Modernity and its link to the poetics of dance, this lecture-performance proposes both an intellectually engaging and visually stimulating experience. To prevent the Western world from yet another cyclical crisis of Modernity, we need to reinvent ourselves. In order to do that, we need imagination. Dance is the

paramount example of uselessness. All that sweat... for what? Dance can trigger imagination. In its elusive openness, it invites us to connect. Therefore, dance can change the world. This piece can change the world. Sandra Kramerová is a Slovak born dance artist. Sandra´s solo choreography LADIA was turned into a dance film (with over 30 selections worldwide). Lecture Performance: About Dance, Fireflies and the end of the world as we know it is her latest project developed with Jordi Ribot Thunnissen and Anastasia Kostner.

Sarah van Lamsweerde Georgic Seeds 2#: Agripuncture Day 2 19:40 & 20:25 FRAS 4

At Come Together #4, Sarah van Lamsweerde will present work developments of Georgic Gardens, an ongoing collaboration with artist / voice performer Esther Mugambi and graphic design studio Speculoos (Sophie Boiron & Pierre Huyghebaert).The project in general looks at the relationship between war and agriculture. Sarah is working on a participative research practise called “agripuncture”, which in short involves pinpointing violent spots on maps of a city and scattering the seeds of healing plants in those places in public space. Sarah van Lamsweerde (Brussels, 1971) creates performances, installations and publications that explore the (super)natural agency of language and objects. She graduated from Dasarts in Amsterdam with a master’s degree in artistic research and performance.

Sherise Strang I’d Had Enough So I Killed Him

Susanna Brenner & Helle Lyshøj & Minna Tiikkainen AFTERIMAGE All days 19:00–23:30 (open doors) ELSEWHERE

AFTERIMAGE is an ongoing collaboration between three visual artists who share a history in performing arts. So far, the installations have been very precisely choreographed and programmed spatial peformances. During COME TOGETHER #4, the AFTERIMAGE team opens up their work for experiment and to the here and now, to play with the light and the room and to react to the audience. The challenge is to be flexible and create new afterimages in the very moment. The goal is to facilitate an experience where construction becomes the pen, where the moment is the author. When successful, the composition will be an esthetical memory of the present. Susanna Brenner studied jewelery design in Germany and obtained BA and MA degrees in Fine Art in Great Britain as well as in The Netherlands. Her artisic work is multidisciplinary with a focus on video. Helle Lyshøj has a BA from Design School Kolding Denmark, and a BA in Fine Arts from Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. She creates video design and video scenography. Minna Tiikkainen is a lighting designer working internationally

within the field of performing arts and contemporary dance. She has a BA in Fine Arts, and an MA in Lighting Design from the Theatre Academy of Finland.

Tamara Kuselman All (sucks in a sharp breath), Right (ragged sigh) Day 3 19:35 + 20:15 FRAS 4

This piece researches the limits between the control and the lack of control. The performers follow a script based on excersises used to keep control over thoughts before a sports competition. At the same time, their bodies are performing falls, attempts of standing up, failings, etc. Tamara Kuselman finished a residency at Delfina Foundation in London and at Jan Van Eyck in Maastricht (2017). In the near future she will be attending residencies at ISCP in New York City and at Vijfde-seizoen in Den Dolder.

Tea Teearu Channel Of Your Peace Day 1 19:50 + 20:30 FRAS 2

Join the Channel of your Peace WhatsApp group: send a message to +31 616831191 to be added. The group will be active during the performance and all the days of the festival. It will be a space for all of us to discuss and share impressions about the event in the form of text, photos, videos, soundrecordings, etc.

Day 2 22:10 + 22:55 FRAS 2

In Altering Ego, the performer tries to alternate between different urban dance styles and mix them up with theatre/mime aspects. The focus lies on exposing different characteristics of these urban dance styles through different forms and intentions. This multilayered complexity of the performer character, in which very different personalities coexist, corresponds to our present day reality of multiple identities. The performer incarnates more than one character, both good and evil, man and woman, young and old. One capable of changing perspective all the time in order to grow and learn. Tommy Pham (born 1992 in Purmerend) started his dance exploration with b-boying in his attic and afterwards got more interested in other movement and theatre practices. He followed the 5 o’clock class in Amsterdam until he went to Tilburg to study at the Fontys Dance Academy.

All days 19:00–23:30 (continuous) ELSEWHERE



6 5

Tommy Pham Altering Ego

Zhana Ivanova Counterpoint [B]


Day 3 21:55 + 22:35 FRAS 2

I’d Had Enough So I Killed Him is a theatre/dance solo inspired by the life of Maya Angelou, an AfroAmerican woman who in her life fought as an activist and feminist for the black women of America. Maya Angelou is mainly known for being a writer and a poet. A search for being, seeing and wanted to be seen. A search for identity, security and strength. A search for conviction and being judged. Sherise Strang graduated at the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance (UCD/JMD) in 2016. In her work, Sherise is looking for purity, rawness and new connections.

Tea Teearu is originally from Tallinn, Estonia, graduated from the SNDO in Amsterdam. Currently working as a web developer and freelance as an artist. By challenging the normative modes of staging and redefining the value of what’s being presented, she creates events that are a reflection of our everyday lives both online and offline.







In a stark white setting, three men are engaged in a mysterious ritual or game. They move in such a way as to appear suspicious, anxious, involved in an enigmatic exercise of power. What is happening? Something erotic, violent, rivalrous? Are they about to fight or dance? Dominance and control are implied as they seem to be testing each other’s boundaries or perhaps looking for a way to communicate and relate to one another. The video is a component of a performative constellation comprising several works under the common title Counterpoint. With performers Fabian Holle, Gerindo Kamid Kartadinata and Pedro Manuel. Zhana Ivanova’s practice involves rearranging and reconfiguring daily patterns and structures to which we have grown accustomed. Her works are mostly shown within a visual arts context.

You Think It Is Noah Voelker: Who Wants To Meet A Real God Damn American? 19:50 – 20:25 FRAS 2 Esther Mugambi: Podcast for Introverts Tea Teearu: Channel Your Peace 19:50 – 20:25 FRAS 3 Julie Kurris & Lucas Wiegerink: In Dorso Hee-Seung Choi: OBJECTS A USER’S MANUAL 19:50 – 21:00 FRAS 4 (OPEN DOOR) Katinka Marac: THE MOST ARTIFICIAL THING 20:30 – 21:05 FRAS 2 Esther Mugambi: Podcast for Introverts Tea Teearu: Channel Your Peace 20:30 – 21:05 FRAS 3 Alondra Castellanos Arreaola: Siblings Dance Hee-Seung Choi: OBJECTS A USER’S MANUAL 21:40 – 22:10 FRAS 1 Nicole Beutler: A First Glimpse of METAMORPHOSIS 22:15 - 22:40 FRAS 2 Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti: Kiosk of the Noble Savage 22:15 – 23:10 FRAS 3 (OPEN DOOR) Charlie Laban Trier & Beck Heiberg: Digging a Glittery Grave 22:15 -22:40 FRAS 4 Nina Boas: Psychokinesis For A New World 22:45 – 23:10 FRAS 2 Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti: Kiosk of the Noble Savage 22:45 – 23:10 FRAS 4 Nina Boas: Psychokinesis For A New World 23:25 – 23:55 FRAS 1 Isadora Tomasi & Moa Holgersson: YOU TELL ME

1 Day

Continuous 3 Andrea Božić | TILT: A Card Game 4 Christina Mastori & Penelope Morout: T.E.P. 2 Dereck Cayla & Pierre Bessette:

19:10 – 19:35 FRAS 1 Billy Mullaney: SEMESTER Directie & Co: Life Is Short. Buy That Dress. 19:40 – 20:20 FRAS 2 Felix Schellekens: Making Spells João Dinis Pinho & Jochem Naafs:

5 7 8


Fire Drill: Consequences Have Consequences Oneka von Schrader: Cephalgia Paul Beumer: Does It Have A Story? Susanna Brenner, Helle Lyshøj & Minna Tiikkainen: AFTERIMAGE Zhana Ivanova: Counterpoint [B]


19:35 – 20:10 FRAS 2 Sandra Kramerová: About Dance, Fireflies, And The End Of The World As We Know It (Excerpts) Ana Vilela da Costa: Family Album

Blank Whispers

19:40 – 20:20 FRAS 3 Alondra Castellanos Arreola: Siblings Dance . . Egle Budvytyte: Incantation Karaoke

19:40 – 20:20 FRAS 4 NOW: BLINK Sarah van Lamsweerde: Georgic Seeds #2: Agripuncture

20:25 – 21:05 FRAS 2 Felix Schellekens: Making Spells João Dinis Pinho & Jochem Naafs: Blank Whispers

20:25 – 21:05 FRAS 3 Alondra Castellanos Arreola: Siblings Dance . . Egle Budvytyte: Incantation Karaoke

20:25 – 21:05 FRAS 4 NOW: BLINK Sarah van Lamsweerde: Georgic Seeds #2: Agripuncture

21:10 – 21:25 FRAS 4 NOW: BLINK 21:35 – 22:05 FRAS 1 Andreas Hannes & Paulina Prokop: CLOUD COLLISION: A meta-skip in 8 rehearsals

22:10 – 22:50 FRAS 2 Emma Berentsen: When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Baby Monkey Tommy Pham: Altering Ego 22:10 – 22:50 FRAS 3 Michael Jahoda: The Phillip Project Assi Weitz & Rob Gradisen: To the Power of Three 22:10 – 22:35 FRAS 4 Margo van de Linde: Me & the Beguines: 3 Scenes 22:55 – 23:35 FRAS 2 Emma Berentsen: When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Baby Monkey Tommy Pham: Altering Ego 22:55 – 23:35 FRAS 3 Michael Jahoda: The Phillip Project Assi Weitz & Rob Gradisen: To the Power of Three 22:55 – 23:20 FRAS 4 Margo van de Linde: Me & the Beguines: 3 Scenes 23:50 – 00:10 FRAS 1 Matthew Day: F4L (CORPS)


Continuous 3 Andrea Božić | TILT: A Card Game 4 Christina Mastori & Penelope Morout: T.E.P. 2 Dereck Cayla & Pierre Bessette:

Immersion 1

19:00 – 19:30 FRAS 1 Fabián Santarciel de la Quintana:

Immersion 1 5

Fire Drill: Consequences Have Consequences Jimmy Grima: SONG OF A BIRD:

19:35 – 21:20 FRAS 3 Burkhard Körner: VOCAL OBJECTS

19:35 – 20:10 FRAS 4 Orion Maxted: What If Then: Competing systems. Tamara Kuselman: All (sucks in a sharp breath), Right (ragged sigh) 20:15 – 20:50 FRAS 2 Sandra Kramerová: About Dance, Fireflies, And The End Of The World As We Know It (Excerpts) Ana Vilela da Costa: Family Album 20:15 – 20:50 FRAS 4 Orion Maxted: What If Then: Competing Systems Tamara Kuselman: All (sucks in a sharp breath), Right (ragged sigh) 21:20 – 21:40 FRAS 1 Javier Murugarren: Pasionaria 21:55 – 22:30 FRAS 2 Sherise Strang: I’d Had Enough So I Killed Him Eva Šusová and Angelo Custodio: Tempo~orale 21:55 – 22:30 FRAS 3 Ira Brand: An Invitation A Fight 21:55 – 22:30 FRAS 4 Genevieve Murphy: The One I Feed (text excerpt) Parisa Madani: THE FUTURE IS SHEMXLE 22:15 – 23:03 FRAS 1 Noha Ramadan & S.M. Snider: Untitled Reaper (in progress, 2019) 22:35 – 23:10 FRAS 2 Sherise Strang: I’d Had Enough So I Killed Him Eva Šusová and Angelo Custodio: Tempo~orale 22:35 – 23:10 FRAS 3 Ira Brands: An Invitation A Fight 22:35 – 23:10 FRAS 4 Genevieve Murphy: The One I Feed (text excerpt) Parisa Madani: THE FUTURE IS SHEMXLE 23:30 – 00:00 FRAS 1 Fernando Belfiore: THE FOUNTAIN


Continuous 3 Andrea Božić | TILT: A Card Game 4 Christina Mastori & Penelope Morout: T.E.P. 2 Dereck Cayla & Pierre Bessette: Immersion 1 Fire Drill: Consequences Have Consequences 5 Jimmy Grima: SONG OF A BIRD:



Paul Beumer: Does It Have A Story? Susanna Brenner, Helle Lyshøj & Minna Tiikkainen: AFTERIMAGE Zhana Ivanova: Counterpoint [B]


PEDRO MATIAS & GUESTS: Babe, the SPACE remaining is yet-to-be(come) fluffed



Susanna Brenner, Helle Lyshøj & Minna Tiikkainen: AFTERIMAGE Zhana Ivanova: Counterpoint [B]

Graphic design: Connie Nijman

19:45 FRAS 1 CHRONOS: The Sea Is Where

Profile for Nicole Beutler Projects


Three days long fifty artists show their work in all the spaces and interspaces of Frascati Amsterdam. COME TOGETHER is a manifesto and a ce...


Three days long fifty artists show their work in all the spaces and interspaces of Frascati Amsterdam. COME TOGETHER is a manifesto and a ce...