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Issue 101 • November 2015

Tropicana Fruit and Veg is well known throughout Adelaide for having fresh, quality produce, at the best possible price. Most of our produce is sourced from local South Australian farmers, not only because it guarantees freshness, but because we believe it is an important factor in sustaining the Fruit and Veg industry in our state. Unlike some big food chain stores, we personally and carefully select our produce from the Adelaide produce markets and local farmers, where it is then delivered to our shops within only a few hours. This ensures you are always getting the freshest produce. After all, that’s what we all want. Visit Joe, Rob and Mat at Tropicana Tea Tree Plaza and Mawson Lakes.

Make the change and support local.



We asked some loyal customers why they love shopping at Tropicana, and this what they said We have shopped at Tropicana since their first shop at Ingle Farm. We followed them to TTP and now Mawson Lakes. We have always found their produce fresh and affordable.




I've been a customer of Tropicana for 8 years and was so glad to find they had opened a new store at Mawson Lakes! The family love the freshness and variety. We love their new salad packs! LORNA, PARADISE

" "

Everything is really fresh, they have a great range, it's convenient and the staff are very friendly. KATE AND OSCAR, MAWSON LAKES


Our FREE gift to you for Christmas At this time of year Nigella and I spend a lot of time in our garden enjoying the sunshine and watching the flowers unfurl. My motto about gardening is "a little bit often". There are some gorgeous gardens in Mawson Lakes and I can’t wait to hear the winners of the garden competition which will be announced at the Mawson Centre on Saturday 7 November. Linda and Nigella in their garden

A lot has been happening in ML over the last month and you can catch up inside. There was Dogs Day Out (page 28), the Twilight Concert (page 14) and the Soccer Club Playday (page 30).

and announcements of things to come next year. If you’d like to be in the calendar, or you have something special coming up in 2016, such as an event, seminar, product launch etc, we can place it on the date in the calendar. Deadline for entry is 9 November. Contact Nicole at design@ The beautiful Calendar will be a collector’s piece. It’s a FREE Christmas gift to you from Mawson Lakes Living. Look out for it in your letterbox and in the shops in early December. See page 5. Wishing you a great Christmas and holiday. We'll be back again in January 2016 to welcome the New Year.

Linda Vining

Editor, Mawson Lakes Living Living Legend, City of Salisbury

And there's a lot going on in the way of economic development, from submarines to supermarkets. See (pages 6, 11 and 24). Be sure to catch the action this month when the Ride for Sick Kids starts at Mawson Lakes (pages 20 and 32).

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Kirra and Sharna with Dita at Dogs Day Out. Story page 28

This issue will be the last magazine for 2015. In December we are doing something completely different. We will publish a 2016 Pictorial Calendar that will feature beautiful photographs of Mawson Lakes, pictures of local personalities

Cover: The Sanctuary, Mawson Lakes Photo by John MacGregor

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Community Conversations

have your say...

Pedestrians call for cycle bans ML is promoted as a bicycle-friendly place and unfortunately this has led to an influx of bicycles (often from outer suburbs) using the footpaths as fast routes to work or the train station. Joggers and walkers are at risk from these riders and we are becoming scared to use our own pathways. This morning I helped a young woman with earphones walking through the tranquil parkway when a bicycle came up behind her and gave her such a fright that she stumbled and fell. The rider just kept going. Local councils have the power to declare no go zones. ML should be one of them. - Jarred, Shearwater. Ban bicycles from walkways I read in MLL where a woman tangled with a bicycle that caused her to fall into the lake (MLL/ Sept). My neighbours and I too have issues with bicycles on pedestrian ways. One afternoon a small group of mums, children and dogs were standing on a pathway when a speeding bicycle came amongst us, sounding a demanding get-out-of-my-way bell. The rider was forced to slow down as mums ran about to protect their children. As a result, out of the mouth of the cyclist came the most obscene language. He turned backwards and yelled aggressively at us until he was out of sight. Commuter bicycles, strolling walkers, children and dogs are a bad mix, downright dangerous. Cyclists should use the roads, not the walkways. - Lisa Rhodes Demise of Safety Assist The Safety Assist program (formerly Safety House) is closing. The regulations for ensuring the safety of children have changed, new communication technologies and an increased understanding of what it means to be safe at home, in the community and online has influenced the Board’s decision. Mobile phones and apps are now being used by families to provide a different level of security from 30 years ago when the program started. The cost of risk assessment to meet today’s high standard for keeping children safe means it is cost prohibitive to continue the program. Safety Assist signs will be removed. - Brenton Keen, President, Safer Communities Australia Inc. 4

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015

Loving dogs Congratulations on the 100th Issue! Thank you for such meaningful stories and your tireless efforts toward the wonderful magazine. My family look forward to getting it in our mailbox every month! Reading Nigella's column on A Dog's Plea (MLL/Oct) reminded me of my dog Bean who died from biting a poisonous toad. One afternoon before it started to pour, a big scabrous toad jumped into our house, and Bean, being a curious and protective dog, jumped in growling, bit the toad and got poisoned. His mouth foamed heavily while he was going through a seizure and died. We cried a river that night. When I read Nigella's column, it brought tears to my eyes. Xuân and Joonas, Parsons Ct, Mawson Lakes Cancellation of Mawson Lakes Christmas Carols in 2015 It is with regret that I announce that the Mawson Lakes Christmas Carols planned for 6 December has been cancelled. Although this is a crowd-pleasing event that has been running for 15 years, the funding and the resources to stage such a large production have not been attained this year. The committee would like to thank the people who have supported the event. We are re-designing it and hope to bring it to you again in 2016. - Paul Schulz, Secretary, Organising Committee Cancellation of Christmas Market Unfortunately the Council-run Christmas Market to be held at the Mawson Centre has been cancelled. Staff changes have prevented us from holding the event this year. - Claudine Spinner, Neighbourhood Development Coordinator, City of Salisbury. Grandma goes flying I had a sudden desire to travel interstate to see my grand daughter on her birthday. I’m getting on a bit and was not sure where to start so when I saw the Flight Centre advertisement in MLL I rang and asked for help. The professional and friendly assistance I received was excellent and in no time I was on my way to the airport with a boarding pass and seat allocation. I sincerely thank the staff at Flight Centre for making my wish come true. - Tania King

Beanies for Nepal Lesley Rosenthal from Mawson Lakes started a project to knit beanies for kids in Nepal. Friends and colleagues got knitting and 210 beanies were delivered by medical teams going into the remote north western part of Nepal. Many people said how relaxing it was just to sit and knit. So, if it all gets too much for you: KEEP CALM & CARRY YARN!

Advice from columnists The articles by the regular writers are my favourite part of the mag. Good tips from professionals which I often cut out and pass on to others. Thank you. - Darren Marfitus Light the Night Thank you Mawson Lakes Living for your generous donation to Light The Night. In my time of need the Leukaemia Foundation was a wonderful support for me and my family. Light The Night is a walk in October to raise awareness about blood cancer. - Sandra Freeth

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Submarine Combat System opens at Mawson Lakes A secret weapons laboratory is being built at Mawson Lakes and is due to open this month. Lockheed Martin Australia has built the submarine combat system laboratory to support the Royal Australian Navy’s Future Submarine project. Submarines have been a hot topic in the Federal Government discussions recently and South Australia is a focal point in the debate. It is hoped that the developments at Mawson Lakes will lead to more investment in the $50 million Future Submarines Project. Construction of the world class facility started in July and an expanded phase scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2016. Millions of dollars will be spent on the new facility and the working population of Mawson Lakes will increase. You can see the construction site at Technology Park on Parkway, off Mawson Lakes Boulevard. "A submarine’s combat system is essentially the eyes, ears and sword of the boat," said Raydon Gates, Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin Australia & New Zealand. "A submarine’s tactical effectiveness depends on a fully integrated suite of sensors, sonar, radar, navigation, imagery systems." The laboratory includes a reconfigurable submarine command centre to test and validate the Royal Australian Navy’s concept of operations in a

Mawson Lakes is a centre for submarine development

simulated operational environment. The laboratory will feature advanced computer processing with reconfigurable hardware, and collaboration space dedicated to bringing known and proven technologies to the next generation of Australian submarines. "The laboratory is all about risk reduction," he said. Lockheed Martin will collaborate with Saab Australia and Thales Australia & New Zealand in the submarine combat system. Saab Australia Managing Director Dean Rosenfield highlighted the tremendous potential of the collaboration to build the submarine combat system laboratory. "We have a highly talented engineering team at Mawson Lakaes and their work in naval combat systems and system integration is well regarded," said Saab Australia Managing Director Dean Rosenfield. Ed

Now we are getting serious! P R I N T I N G | O F F I C E S TAT I O N E RY | S TA M P S

91 Research Road POORAKA | 08 8262 6133 | | 6

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015


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Remembrance Day Remembrance Day is dedicated to the memory of Australians who died as a result of war. Annually observed on November 11, Remembrance Day is not a public holiday in Australia, however many Australians stop what they are doing at exactly 11am for a minute of unified silence in honour of the deceased before resuming work again. Services are held at 11am at war memorials across the country, at which the "Last Post" is played by a bugler and a one-minute silence is observed. Remembrance Day, which was originally called Armistice Day, commemorated the end of the hostilities for the Great War (World War I).

feel the benefit


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Andrew George is a Master Practitioner of Spinopractic Massage and Time Line Therapy, Master Practitioner and Master Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Master Practitioner and Trainer of Hypnotherapy. After many years of hard, physical work which resulted in chronic back pain and not able to find suitable treatments, Andrew decided to train in mind/body healing and connection techniques to improve his own and others overall health and well-being. If you suffer from back pain, anxiety or feel, stressed, tired, fatigued from a busy schedule and would like to feel relaxed and better within yourself then call Andrew to make a time and go through the services on offer to assist

The signing of the armistice occurred on November 11, 1918 – on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. On the first anniversary of the armistice, in 1919, one minute's silence was instituted as part of the main commemorative ceremony. After the end of World War II in 1945, the Australian and British governments changed the name to Remembrance Day as an appropriate title for a day which would commemorate all war dead. The poppy is a popular Remembrance Day symbol. Poppies were among the first plants that came from the battlefields of northern France and Belgium during World War I. Red poppies are worn on Remembrance Day to remember those who died during a war.

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A little about floating - drift away for total mind and body balance

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Massage – heal your body for peace of mind

Spinopractic massage is a belief that the body heals itself, through pinpointing and eliminating any weaknesses where the spinal column has been compromised. Pressure is applied to


e feel the ben


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015


h y p n o s i s


relax these muscles so any toxins are allowed to release. Drinking plenty of water after treatment then enables the body to flush these toxins and allow blood to deliver nutrients and replenish the muscles to maintain stability and optimum performance. Experience the ultimate relaxation therapy beginning with a healing Spinopractic Massage followed by a deeply relaxing float session for total mind/body healing.

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claiming entitlement.

ck and


I hope that this month’s article finds you all well, thank goodness this winter is over.

Gap Fr eG e Che

DentalonMetro DentalonMetro



From the dentist Peter Bertossa

I usually remind folks at this time of the year that around now is a good time to use your dental Peter Bertossa BDS extrasDrDr cover annual Peter Bertossa BDS

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All but a few health insurances entitlements (including BUPA) are based on a Calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31) with the remaining few based on the financial year (Jul 1 - Jun 30).

This is to say that if you have been told you need a crown or would like to replace a tooth with a bridge or implant, you may as well use this year’s entitlement so that you get a new entitlement on Jan 1 to use for 2016. For anyone who needs to clarify their eligibility to claim we are more than happy to provide an itemised quote.

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Health & Fitness with David Morris

Want to build?

Starting anything new can be daunting for some people. The truth about Crossfit is that you need to come and see for yourself because not all gyms are created equal. At Crossfit we care about your athletic development. Here is an honest review from one of our older, but certainly not old members:

a new home?

"For me, starting at Crossfit was a major decision, I have done kick boxing for the past three years and had become quite complacent and slightly bored. I decided that I needed to take more time for myself and step outside of my comfort zone. Walking into the box for the first time I was a nervous wreck, everything was new and I felt like I was starting all over again. I struggle with self confidence and with being older than the majority of members I found it quite daunting, but I’ve since realized that’s my issue and everyone has been amazing, supportive and welcoming. I like training at the box as there’s no competitive vibe. Everyone works to improve themselves and not to beat others. The trainers have their client's best interests at heart and would never put anyone at risk. I would definitely recommend to anyone to come to Crossfit 5000, I’m loving the workouts and am very grateful that the staff adjust some of the exercises for me. David can be very proud of the business and community that he is building at Crossfit 5000. It’s a real testament to the kind of trainer he is." Nat

an addition to your home? a group of townhouses?

QUALDEL HOMES for Quality Delivery

can help you Call — Jan or Dean who are long time residents of Mawson Lakes Jan — 0411 742 044 Dean — 0411 742 045 Office — 08 8351 8888 Builders Licence — GL 55218


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8am til 4pm - 7 days a week Dinner By Arrangement

Available to groups of 25+ Bookings call 1300 60 50

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4/12 McGowan Street POORAKA South Australia 5095

David Morris

Head Coach

0415 156 862 10

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015

665 Salisbury Highway Mawson Lakes

Telephone 08 8250 8070 10

Council Report - My First Year by Cr Steve White It has now been one year since I was elected to represent Mawson Lakes and parts of Pooraka and Parafield Gardens at the City of Salisbury.

Unfortunately an underpass under Dry Creek rail bridge was deemed unsafe as that route floods a number of days each year. Likewise a route across the tracks next to the Dry Creek bridge was regarded as unsafe as it would have had to cross six tracks. Finally an overpass next to that rail bridge would have had to be as high as Elder Smith Road bridge to clear interstate freight trains and would have required lifts for people with a disability and a very long bike access ramp.

This year has been one of learning my role and handling resident requests to prune trees, refurbish play grounds, add public rubbish bins and a park seat. I have had to learn what is within Council responsibilities and what are State and Federal matters. For example: a.

Main North Road, Salisbury Highway and Elder Smith Road are state routes and Mawson Lakes School grounds and the Mawson Lakes Interchange and its surrounding parking are also state responsibilities.


The Parafield Airport and its grounds is a Federal responsibility.

Looking forward and subject to agreement, I hope the following developments will proceed next Financial Year: 1.

Bike Trail/Walking Connection from Shoalhaven and Cascades to Mawson Central and The Bridges. After 6 years wait Council and State Department of Transport have agreed on a plan to connect Mawson Lakes either side of the rail track. A causeway is planned across Dry Creek next to its rail bridge connecting to a ramp and steps up the Shoalhaven side of the Elder Smith Road bridge ramp. The steps and ramp will provide access to the station and bridge footpath which will be turned into a combined bike/ pedestrian route into Mawson Central and looping back underneath to The Bridges. When I take the train I see a number of Shoalhaven and Cascades residents clambering up the dirt tracks worn on the side of the Elder Smith Rd bridge, so hopefully this will be a thing of the past.


Child-safe fence around Shearwater Playground. A safety fence to prevent young children wandering onto nearby roads or the lake has been requested.


Exercise Area Near Pledger Wetlands. Exercise equipment for older residents has been requested near Pledger Wetlands. Funding for this and the following Street Gym will have to be split.


Street Gym Equipment. Younger residents have requested Street Gym equipment.

On a disappointing note, Council has just been informed by the State Planning Department that the upgrade of Elder Smith Road bridge to four lanes is a low priority, and that a Council request to interrupt traffic turning onto Elder Smith Road to allow traffic from The Cascades to enter the road has been turned down. Also the recently announced Northern Connector between South Rd/Port River Expressway and the Northern Expressway to Gawler was to have been joined by an extension of Elder Smith Road but this has been omitted due to lack of funds. The Council is writing to both State and Federal members requesting a higher priority for duplication of the Elder Smith Road bridge both on economic and community traffic grounds. Cr Steve White Elected Member, Levels Ward M: 0498 490 346 E: Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


Japanese exchange students in Mawson Lakes Endeavour College hosted 32 students from Mobara High School in Northern Japan for a day last month. To create the best Australian experience the Japanese coordinator, Lisa Katsiskitis, planned a day full of activities. The day began with ‘buddies’ from Year 9 meeting and playing language games to learn about each other, which led into a typical Australian morning tea. The students tried a great variety of fresh Australian fruit and an enormous range of Australian biscuits and sweets; from lamingtons to TimTams, TicTocs and TeeVee Snacks. The most popular were definitely the TimTams and the Arnott’s Shortbread Creams – but it all disappeared very quickly! Once the food had settled, the students experienced a session of Australian sport – with games of AFL and netball. Once they had the initial skills in hand, the students had a terrific time. Particularly impressive was one very small 12 year-old girl who was hesitant to engage, but her first ever kick was a booming drop punt that went over 50 metres! We should’ve convinced her to stay; she might be able to help out our struggling SA teams. A bit of physical exercise tends to make the stomach grumble, so next for the Mobara students was the experience of a typical Aussie BBQ - with sausages, 12

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015

patties and lots of salad. Watching the Endeavour students tucking in, one Japanese student was heard remarking, ‘Why (does) everybody (have) so much sauce?!’ Whatever the response, both groups of students were in fits of laughter moments later. It was encouraging to witness such a comfortable and friendly atmosphere between the students. To finish the day, the Mobara students gave an entertaining presentation on Japanese culture. The students took turns speaking about some of their festivals and landmarks. They also held a karate demonstration, dressed an Endeavour student in a traditional kimono, and performed a song. Endeavour presented the visiting students with a gift bag which included individual laser-cut wood name - tags made in our new Design and Technology facilities, an Australian bookmark - made by our Year 9 English students, a toy kangaroo and a Caramello Koala. A fantastic day was had by all, and we look forward to our partnership with Mobara High continuing into the future.

Tel: 8344 0000

17 Whittington Street, Enfield Web:

Visit the website for further information & school tour dates Spaces available for 2016‌ Welcoming Term 3 Reception students

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A Centenary Celebration In October Mawson Lakes Living published its 100th issue and to mark the occasion we held a Centenary Celebration to thank our advertisers and the volunteers who contribute to the magazine in many different ways. Sitting on the lawn of the university as the sun went down listening to beautiful music, created an intimate and engaging community atmosphere that brought together business sponsors, local retailers, residents, international students and visitors from afar. Linda Vining

"A lovely, lovely night.”

Opera singer Grace Bawden


Kelly, Katina and Lauren from Flight Centre

Rotary President Sherif Salama with Robyn Bryant

Rebecca from Chemplus hands goodie bags to Ann and Merrilyn

Thank you to our sponsors: University of South Australia, Martin Real Estate, Chem Plus Mawson Lakes, Photography by Janet Coelho, Mawson Lakes Dental, Real Plus Accounting, First National Sharp, Northside Curtains and Blinds, Mawson Lakes Community Church, Flight Centre Mawson Lakes, Nic's Harmony Hair and Beauty, Mawson Lakes Skin Cancer Clinic, Martelco Equipment Hire, Key Accountants, New Century Restaurant.

"Experts in property maintenance"

virus cleans adware removal data recovery pc & laptop repair Mark


custom builds upgrades audio/visual setup test and tag service 0432 146 212




Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015

“Maintenance division” Vince Musolino 0458 220 165

Linda welcomes people to the concert Reshma Sharma and Christine Hillier

Salisbury City Band

"We really enjoyed the concert - the band was excellent, the singer superb and the setting terrific." - LESLEY

Above: MLL princesses of the night

Left: Roslyn Bendeich, Emma and Neil Langloise

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ASIA gOLF CRUISE PLAY THE BEST IN ASIA. CRUISE IN STYLE. Thailand - Vietnam - Japan - South Korea - China




1300 767 892 50 Mawson Lakes Boulevard, Mawson Lakes SA 5095

Fine Asian Cuisine Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

Dine In & Take-Away OPEN 6 Days a Week 4:30pm - 10pm Closed Tuesday


08 8285 4890

Phone Shop 1/99 Elder Drive Mawson Lakes





8am - 9pm Weekdays 9am - 5pm Weekends



printing brochures

leaflets $ competitive


Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

Ad design: Nicole Aspinall


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ORTHSIDE curtains



E E te FR re & Q uo

M ea su

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A family business servicing all of Adelaide and surroundings for over 35 years

Northside Curtains and Blinds have been servicing Adelaide and surrounds for over 35 years. As one of Adelaide’s oldest curtain companies, our commitment to expert friendly service is second to none. "At Northside, our total commitment to keeping our work local is so important. No sending off our manufacturing to other states when we have wonderful people here in Adelaide!" Our prices are highly competitive and quality is of the highest standards. Our love of fabrics and design is passed on to all our clients and the fabulous testimonials and repeat business that Northside Curtains and Blinds have had over the years prove we are one of the leading experts in the field.

Visit our New Showroom

Northside Curtains and Blinds specialize in beautiful custom made curtains and soft furnishings and all their workmanship is local.

Come on and let us transform your home into a work of art and a fabulous place to live.

8 2 8 1 7 37 7

located at Parafield Airport, Main North Road next to Bunnings.

Crossword puzzle Solution on page 30 ACROSS 1. Inflatable item 5. Biological pouches 9. "____ right up!" 13. Horrible boss 14. Like Utopia 16. Allowance for weight 17. Quiz option, often 18. Saucy condiment 19. Leave the stage 20. Not well-thought-out 22. Deters 24. Bad joke's sound? 26. Kind of palm or nut 27. Back payments 30. Ocean bottoms 33. Japanese delicacy 35. Mold 37. Well-chosen 38. Exercise, as power 41. New Zealand bird, once 42. Iron 45. Anxiety may be a symptom of it 48. Ruby's live-TV victim 51. With expertise 52. Sign after Pisces 54. "... happily ____ after" 55. Rates racehorses 59. Crops, as a snapshot 62. Certain newspaper piece 63. "Put two and two together" eg 65. Click, as the fingers 66. Act the crybaby 67. Aquarium beauty 68. Homely fruit 69. Scot's language 70. Must have 71. Quieter "looky here!"


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015

DOWN 1.IRA type 2. Taj Mahal town 3. Gets one's goat 4. Cuts canines 5. Nickname within the family 6. Jewish month before Nisan 7. Paparazzi target, briefly 8. Spoke impudently to 9. Bomber attribute 10. It's hailed by city dwellers 11. "_____ go bragh!" 12. Hamsters, often 15. Cafe concoction 21. Chinese river 23. Exercise units 25. Audience attracter 27. Pronto 28. Copy 29. Enjoy the bunny slope 31. Renders powerless 32. Baby 34. When dark comes o'er the land 36. "____ does it" 39. Grassy field 40. Kind of ranch 43. Wrap tightly with a blanket 44. Calcutta dress 46. Info from a tachometer 47. Speaks freely and candidly 49. According to law 50. Apply novocaine to 53. Acrimony 55. "where the heart is" 56. Impersonator 57. Kind of wire 58. Like some losers 60. Coterie components 61. Barbeque utensil 64. Like some scientists Every traveller, every trip

Get your travel vaccine today

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Get REDy to Ride A dedicated team of cyclists, including cycling legends Stuart O’Grady and Olympic cyclist Katherine Bates, will be in Mawson Lakes this month as part of the Ronald McDonald House "Ride For Sick Kids". Mawson Lakes Hotel will play a central role in the celebrations as the team nears the conclusion of the event. The cyclists will set off from Port Lincoln on Sunday 15 November and ride more than 1,000 kilometres around the Upper Spencer Gulf. They will arrive in Mawson Lakes 7 days later on Friday 20 November for a round of final night excitement. You can join the cheer by booking for a dinner at the Mawson Lakes Hotel where a 3-course meal will be served and there will be raffles, auctions and entertainment. Tickets are $50 for adults and $15 for children. See page 32 for details.

on Lakes this month A peleton of cyclists will be at Maws raising funds for sick kids.

Then on Saturday morning 21 November at 9.30 you can see off the "REDy to Ride" peloton on their final day as they do the stretch into Adelaide. Jump on your bike and come along dressed in red to support the cyclists who will be wearing red. Make a donation and join in the fun. Ronald McDonald House in North Adelaide is a not-for-profit organisation that provides housing for rural families with a seriously ill child receiving treatment at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Contact admin@ Ph 8267 6922

“Great teaching is about a person’s curiosity being awakened and about exploring possibilities.” - Randall Pearce Head of Pedare Junior School

Private School Bus Service from Mawson Lakes 20

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015

Caring For Your Feet with Mardi Edwards Are your feet fit? Feet are much more important than many people consider. They aren't just something attached to the end of your legs, they are an amazing engineering marvel. They move us through our daily lives, absorb shock, propel us forward and allow us to balance, walk and run. You don't have to be playing competitive sport or be an elite athlete to think about your feet, because all activity, whether it's walking to the shops, chasing the kids or playing bowls, requires healthy fit feet.

Lakeside Nails & Waxing Private Salon Studio

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Feet that aren't performing at their best can result in a range of symptoms including knee and hip pain, shin splints, heel pain, callouses, blisters and arch discomfort, to name but a few. Foot related problems affect a wide range of people including children, adults, sports people, and people with health conditions including diabetes and arthritic conditions. No matter who you are your feet can affect your performance. If you are experiencing foot or leg discomfort now is a good time to see a podiatrist and get things checked. We provide a range of services including callus removal, ingrown nail treatment, footwear advice, and assessment of foot mechanics and walking patterns. Our feet need to carry us around for a lifetime and life is far more fun when your feet are pain free.

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Who’s reading Mawson Lakes Living? This little magazine is designed for the people of Mawson Lakes but it has legs that take it all over Australia and around the world as these photos show. Richardson last MLL went on a world tour with Colin in Scotland. s month. Here it is in the Orkney Island

MLL was well received by the locals Akureyri in the north of Iceland!


MLL looks out over the geysers in Rotor ua with Margie from the Yorke Peninsula

timer at the Taking a ride with an old- ia rail museum in Tasman Five years ago an earthquake shattered Chris Sarah reads MLL at the earthquake musetchurch. um. 22

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015

Send a picture and caption to the editor for possible publication in the magazine, of yourself, friends or family reading Mawson Lakes Living anywhere outside of Mawson Lakes.

Food and eroticism - what makes a good aphrodisiac? Foods that stimulates the love senses (sight, smell, touch and taste) are said to be aphrodisiacs. The word comes from Aphrodite, the Greek godess of love. Aphrodisiacs have been used since the beginning of time to help couples improve their sex lives. The eroticism between food and passion is well known, but do you know which foods have aphrodisiacal qualities and if they actually work? The most popular aphrodisiac is the oyster, made famous by the 18th century lover Casanova who is supposed to have eaten 50 oysters every day for breakfast. Oysters look like female genitalia so the power of suggestion is strong, but they are also said to raise testosterone levels in men as they contain dopamine, a neurotransmitter that stimulates sexual arousal. In ancient India, young men would eat goats testicals that had been boiled in milk to act as an aphrodisiac. In parts of Asia fresh snake blood or bat blood has the magical qualities. Tiger penises, shark fins and ground rhinoceros horns are also popular in some cultures. For centuries figs were looked on as one of the most luscious fruits because when they are split down the middle the pink flesh resembles a woman’s vulva.

The phallic shape of bananas makes them suggestive. Their sexy reputation extends to many cultures and according to some Islamic stories, the banana, not the apple was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Bananas are packed with potassium and vitamin B12 to elevate energy levels and they also contain bromeliad, an enzyme that triggers testosterone production. According to Greek legend the first pomegranate tree was planted by Aphrodite. Bursting with rich red seeds when sliced open, the fruit has long been associated with reproduction and fertility. Studies show that the pomigranite’s antioxidants increase blood flow and testosterone levels. The aromas of cayenne pepper, ginger and garlic are also known to stimulate the arousal centres of the brain and garlic’s anti-clotting properties may affect libido by increasing blood flow to the brain and sex organs. For women, parsley and truffles have aromas that resemble androstenol, a pheromone responsible for men’s sometimes musky body smell, which is known to influence female arousal. Dark chocolate contains the mood-lifting brain chemical dopamine so here’s a very good reason to have a little box of chocolates ready for your sweetie when you’re in the mood to flirt. But, not matter what you choose, the power of suggestion is the strongest stimulant. If a person believes that a food is an aphrodisiac to enhance their sex lives, it probably will. Matty Silver, Sex Therapist

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New supermarket and student housing for Mawson Lakes A multi-million dollar building known as the Mawson Lakes Central Plaza is being planned for Mawson Lakes to provide accommodation for university students enrolled at the Mawson Lakes campus and for students from other universities who may wish to commute.

Construction on the $45 million centre is expected to begin on Capital St this month and the building is due for completion by the end of 2016. The three-storey plaza, owned by Hot Property Group, will offer about 210 beds in shared rooms. On the ground floor there will be 11 shops and an IGA Supermarket. A basement carpark will provide parking for students’ vehicles. LEFT: An artist's impression of the $45 million Mawson Lakes Central Plaza, planned for Capital Street.

Delish Recipes by Annette Shotton Cheesecake Truffle Balls • 2 bags of Snickers fun size bars • 1 teaspoon butter • 9 Nice biscuits • 1 block of cream cheese, softened • 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract • 1 bag Milk chocolate chips • 1- 2 teaspoons sea salt flakes


1. Place butter and most of the Snickers bars into a small saucepan and melt over low heat slowly without scorching. By the time you complete the rest of the recipe, they will have melted. 2. Place biscuits into a ziptop bag, seal and use a rolling pin to crush the crackers to fine crumbs. 3. In a mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, biscuits and vanilla. Mix thoroughly to create a dough. 4. Add the melted Snickers. Stir to combine. 5. Chop the rest of the Snickers bars into quarters. Mix most of these into the truffle dough, setting aside some for decoration. Refrigerate mixture. 6. Once chilled form into uniformly-sized balls by

rolling between your hands, then place on foil or waxed paper. Feeze or refrigerate. 7. Melt chocolate chips in a microwave safe container slowly until it is a good consistency for dipping. Check every 15 seconds and stir until you get a nice creamy dip. 8. Remove the truffles from the fridge and oneby-one use a fork to dip and turn them in the chocolate. Allow the excess chocolate to fall through the tines of the fork. 9. Place coated truffles back on the foil/wax paper and arrange one slice of Snickers bar atop each one. 10. Sprinkle each truffle with a few flakes of sea salt. 11. Refrigerate and serve chilled.

Bakeware, Cake Decorating, Fondants, Flavours and Ingredients P 0423 905 507 W f 24

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015


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Brain Benders - a test of comprehension and general knowledge

Photo by Mike Holtby

Look through this issue to find many of the answers. Puzzle solution page 30 1. Where in ML would you see the photo on the cover of the 2016 Calendar. See p 5?

9. Ascot is a racecourse in which Australian city?

2. What do Australians honour at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month?

10. Who was the godess of love in Greek mythology?

3. What colour will the cyclists in the "Ride for Sick Kids" be wearing when they arrive in Mawson Lakes?

11. What kind of weapon is a katana?

4. In the movie Oddball which breed of sheepdog saves the penguins? 5. A heptad is a group of how many? 6. What is a cassowary? 7. How many feet are in a fathom? 8. Johnny and Baby are characters in which musical playing in Adelaide this month? 26

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015

12. Katie Thiele won the 2015 Telstra Business Woman of the Year last month. She is chief executive of which organisation? 13. In which country is Narenda Modi the prime minister? 14. "Like nothing" is an anagram of which 1994 Disney animated film? 15. Which spirit is the basis for a White Russian cocktail?

Legal Eagle’s Perch with Bill Morris •general concreting •plain or coloured •exposed aggregate Tony Piper •shed floors lic no: RL102043 •retaining walls •steps 0412 606 519

Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

Where there is a Will….(or not) If you have separated from your partner it is extremely important that you change your Will…. or make one if you don’t already have one. When you made your Will it was no doubt in happier times and you left everything to your then married or de-facto partner. The trap is that just because you have separated doesn’t mean your Will no longer applies. It does apply!! If something were to happen to you, your former married partner would still inherit under your Will – quite likely not the outcome you would intend. If a person without a Will dies before divorcing then things can be even grimmer because if the deceased has no children, their whole estate goes to their spouse to whom they remain legally married. If they do have children, the first $100,000 of their estate will go to their spouse, as well as half of the balance of that estate. It is an inexpensive and very effective method of protecting your assets after separation to have a solicitor draft up a new Will for you. In short, you can’t afford not to do it. Separation is not the only event that has implications for your Will – divorce, re-marriage or re-partnering can also have implications. If you think your Will may not suit your current circumstances, call us about these important arrangements. This article is intended as general information and not intended to create a solicitor client relationship. You should get legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances and needs.

F A M I LY L A W A N D C R I M I N A L L A W 8 Goodall Parade Mawson Lakes SA 5095 Ph: 08 7325 9100 all hours

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Dogs Day Out by Dita Last year when I went to my first Dogs Day Out, I was just a scared little puppy and it was all a bit overwhelming for me so I had trouble taking it all in! But this year I am much more mature (I turn 2 this month!) and I had a very important and grown-up role to play at this year's event. Nigella was unable to make it to Dogs Day Out so I was given the very special job of filling in as a Mawson Lakes Living Ambassador. I felt very special perched on my purple throne, watching all the other dogs visiting the loads of stalls and attractions. Many people stopped by to say hello, give me a pat and comment on how well behaved I was and what a good job I was doing standing in for Nigella. I was very proud to represent Mawson Lakes Living.

the gorgeous hairless Chinese Crested Pandora, dressed to the nines in a spring fair outfit. She looked so glamorous despite the wind, and was very deserving of her first prize place. Highlights of the day were the spectacular displays of dancing, trick and sniffer dogs, RSB dogs and much much more. I watched the athletic flyball competitors for ages. This was the first time they had attended Dogs Day Out and they were a sight to see! Flyball is an exciting relay race between two teams of four dogs. Dogs race against each other from a start/finish line, over hurdles to a box that releases a ball when the dog presses the springloaded pad, then back to their handlers while carrying the ball. It is very exciting to watch!

I took some time off from my PR duties to have a good look around and there was everything a dog's heart desires, from pupcakes to clothes, toys and treats. There were lots of dog trainers, behaviour advisors, breeders and therapists giving advice and assistance. Our local vet was there offering free health checks and discounted microchipping. There were plenty of fun competitions to enter, such as, most photogenic, best dressed, look alike, and best trick. I helped mummy and my sisters judge the best dressed competition. So many clever dogs had come dressed in fabulous costumes. I had a bit of a crush on superman but my mummy (Nicole Aspinall) couldn't go past

Pandora the hairless chinese crested, dressed as a spring fair

Mathematics and Accounting Lessons in Mawson Lakes  Tuition from year 7 to 10  Group Lessons can be arranged  For mathematics tuition Contact Mary Odeke 046 906 6580  For accounting tuition Contact Ben Emitu 047 022 7244


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015

Movie Review - Oddball If you have ever driven along the Great Ocean Road on your way to Victoria you will have marvelled at the spectacular coastal scenery (Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge). Enroute is a large rural centre called Warrnambool and it’s here that this true adventure story about a dog and a colony of cute penguins takes place.

The penguin population plummeted from hundreds to just 10. What could be done about this environmental crisis?

Not far off the coast of Warnambool is a rocky island that is a breeding ground for fairy penguins. All was fine until the foxes discovered they could cross the water to the island at low tide and raid the penguin nests.

Maremmars are a big guardian dog originally bred in Italy to protect livestock by evicting invaders from their territory.

A chicken farmer who had a Maremma Sheepdog called Oddball came up with an experimental plan to save the penquin colony.

When Oddball was installed on the island he was so successful at scaring off the marauding foxes and feral dogs that the colony was saved and a new environmental control was established that revolutionised conservation management of penguins all over the world. This gripping story with its trials and tender tidings is told with laugh-out-loud humour by Australian actors (Shane Jacobson and Sarah Snook). Lots of expressive doggie closeups and finely choreographed romping around adds to the fun of this flick, not to mention the stunning aerial photography of the jagged coastline. It’s a warm-hearted movie good for kids and adults alike, and a must-see for dog lovers. For more information google "middle island maremma project". Since watching the film Mawson Lakes Living is providing a financial donation to this project. Ed Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


Community Groups Listings sponsored by Mawson Lakes Living Community Church: Sundays 10:00am Endeavour College. Stephen - 0403 007 156 or 8162 5108 Cricket Club: Two day and one day senior teams New Friday night u/10 team. Anton - 0412 394 592 Crossroads Community Church: Sunday 10:30am The Denison Centre, Mawson Lakes School Anthony - 8258 3179 or 0425 874 240 Heart Foundation Walking groups Contact Christine 8260 3855 or Elaine 0415 889 018 Football Club Training: Tues & Thurs 6:15pm at Mawson Lakes Hotel Oval Geoff - 0410 412 281

Introducing juniors to soccer In September the Mawson Lakes Soccer Club held a very successful funday to introduce young players to soccer. The club will be registering two teams in the 2016 competition, an U9 and U11 team. MLJSC will run a development squad, open to all ages, for anyone who wants to try the sport. Registration is now open. Contact the club: or 0432 898 500 RIGHT: Gurneil Singh masters the perfect throw in.

Life Church: 5:00pm every Sunday. Level 1, 31 Main Street, Mawson Lakes Nick - 8284 3861 Mahjong: Every 3rd Sunday from 11am at the Mawson Centre. All Levels. Janelle 0403 539 226 Mawson Lakes Garden Club 4th Tuesday of the month, 7:30pm Mawson Centre, room 2-03. Ph Vaal Thrupp: 0499 303 167 Find us on Facebook Mawson Lakes Girl Guides Contact Girl Guides SA on 8418 0900 Mawson Lakes Hotel Social Club: functions, discounts, weekly members draw and meat raffles $30 annual fee. Lyall Hill - 0414 951 859

LEFT: Susan Sohar teaches some juggling moves.

Mawson Lakes Music Appreciation Club 4th Sunday of month at 4pm in different homes. Ph: 8260 7077 Mawson Lakes Photography Club For experienced/amateur photographers of all ages. Vaughan 0400 472 318 Mawson Lakes 'Ducklings' Playgroup: Birth to 5 years 9.30am Mondays and Thursdays at Denison Centre Bec 0422 425 967 or Michelle 0481 234 212 Mawson Lakes Scout Group Meets Scout Hall, Parafield Gardens weekly. Ages 6-15 Jeff - 0407 619 357 or Sarah - 0417 848 088 Mawson Lakes Toastmasters Club Communication and leadership training Darko 0403 314 498 Mawson Lakes Golf Club Redeveloped, new members & public welcome Playgroups in Mawson Lakes on facebook or Fran T. - 8162 5108 / 0437 081 942 Rotary Club of Mawson Lakes Significance Church: Sundays 10:00am GP Building UniSA Office 8260 1832 mobile 0434 679 754 A/H Quilting Friends: alternate Mondays 6pm-9pm & 2nd & 4th Sat each month 10am-5pm - Mawson Centre Clare - 8367 6918 or


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 101 - November 2015

Susan Close MP, Minister for Education & Child Development (centre) opening the Mawson Lakes Junior Soccer Club with Dave Scordo, President Chris Grist, Ali Burrell and Bradley Hudson.

Puzzle solution from page 18

Brain Benders solution from page 26 1.UniSA wetlands near the Mawson Institute 2.Fallen soldiers 3.Red 4.Maremma Sheepdog 6.A bird 7.six 8.Dirty Dancing 9.Perth 10.Aphrodite 11.Japanese sword 12.Guide Dogs SA/NT 13.India 14.The Lion King 15.Vodka

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Mll Nov 2015 101  

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