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Rowing Open Day Eating Out in ML

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Sunday 20 March 10.30am to 2pm

Have a go! Learn to row!

Come and see us at The Boat Shed on Paquita Park, overlooking Sir Douglas Mawson Lake (car entry via Douglas Drive, Mawson Lakes) Contact coach JERRY ELDER 0419 854 371 or

► ‘Come and Try’ session. Bring shorts and T-shirt ► Register for Precision and Learn to Row programs ► See boat displays and demonstrations ► Watch sprint races on the Lake ► Test your fitness on our rowing machines ► Enter an ergo rowing competition and win prizes ► Enjoy a BBQ lunch and refreshments ► Gather information on training sessions, rowing programs and upcoming regattas

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Community Magazine Mawson Lakes Living

: Issue 105 - March 2016

Fixing Dates community comments and opinions in this issue - see pages 4, 5, 6 and 22. MLL is a very popular forum for discussion so if you have a point of view send an email to the editor and start a Community Conversation. As one correspondent said, "MLL encourages me to have a voice about local issues." If you want to complain or change something, raise your voice. This little magazine is read by Ministers, Mayors, Councillors and other can-do members of our community and they are always keen to hear your thoughts.

Linda Vining

Editor Living Legend, City of Salisbury

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Why can’t Easter be held on the same day each year? Nobody ever seems to know when Easter is. As it stands, the annual variance causes confusion and makes it hard to plan events and holidays. The date for Easter (which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ following his crucifixion) goes way back in 532 AD when a monk calculated it as the first Sunday following the full moon after the autumn equinox. This can shift from year to year by as much as 35 days, anywhere between March and the end of April. This year Easter Sunday is 27 March, but next year it is 16 April. Problems also arise with varying dates for Australia Day. This year the celebration fell on a Tuesday (26 Jan) so Monday was rife for a sickie to create a 4-day long weekend. Next year the anniversary falls on a Thursday, so you know what will happen then... One MLL correspondent suggests that Australia Day be held on the last Monday in January and this would stop complaints from employers, cheating from employees and a better deal for business. A worthy idea. There are many thoughtful and humorous

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OPINION - Courtyards instead of Backyards

When I was a kid I spent most of my time in the backyard - a shady tree-lined world with hidden places, a bit of a rocky outcrop and a sleepy creek down the back where white lilies grew. I remember a long swing over a tree branch and a shady porch for an afternoon laze. I would play in my cubby house, swing on the hills hoist, taunt my brothers with hide'n'seek, and we could make as much noise as we liked. We knew that mum’s eye was on us from the kitchen window but we never felt suffocated by "controlling" command. Boy, how our lifestyles have changed. I have been looking for a house in Adelaide (Mawson Lakes is on the list) since I started work here. One thing I notice is the Aussie backyard does not exist in modern housing developments; instead we have courtyards. Sure, as compensation, Mawson Lakes has long trails of walkways and abundant wetlands, but this is government land. I can’t build a cubby with my kids, throw a rope over a tree or let them freerange all day in a wonder world on their own. 4

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

According to Tony Hall, author of The Life and Death of the Australian Backyard, big backyards started vanishing from new houses in Australia in the 1990s as a result of longer working hours and dual working parents who have little time to spend inside the house - and even less time in the backyard. Hall says: "Today, people borrow big amounts of money, amass expensive possessions and take on large debt. This changes your options. You live an indoor, air-conditioned life with no time for lawn mowing. Fewer men use tools, so there’s no need for a shed out the back. Instead you grow fat, sitting in your small courtyard cooking sausages on a portable BBQ and sipping wine while your children sit inside at their computers." So, is it any wonder modern-day kids are bored during the school holidays, even though parents spend big dollars every day to entertain them. We have killed off the backyard and with it goes imaginative play and hours of self-entertainment. The death of the Aussie backyard is an outward expression of the new Australian lifestyle. I wonder where it will lead us? - Jacqui Moore

Community Conversations

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Happiness is … Everybody is striving for well being in a quest for happiness. We found it when we came to visit friends in Mawson Lakes. They prepared an itinerary for the weekend that included an early morning walk around the lake, a bicycle ride along the creek, stops at cafés for coffee and good food, a look at artworks using the MLL book "Outdoor Art" and a copy of the community mag to read. The healthy mind platter consists of seven daily essential mental activities. We had it all in Mawson Lakes, what a great place to live. No wonder you are all so happy here! You talk to each other and smile hello. - Jess Beaumont, Cairns Qld Ed: As a result of receiving this comment, MLL did some research on the Healthy Mind Platter. Read more on page 20. Strangulation of Australia Post I read the community comment on pricing Australia Post out to business (MLL/Feb) and the very next day I received an email from my property manager in ML telling me that due to the increase in postage their office would no longer be sending monthly statements by post. If I wanted correspondence by post I would have to pay for it - the strangulation of the postal industry in Australia. - Ana Ayoola Listening to the over 70s The report by MP Susan Close (MLL/Feb) was a welcome rundown on what she’s doing for the ML community. It’s pleasing to see a politician who is talking to the people she represents. Now, here’s an issue I have. I am 70 plus and see red at the suggestion that drivers over 70 are incompetent to be on the roads. I lead a very active life and use my car for my volunteer work, to take my grankids to activities to assist their parents, and I make regular trips into the country. I have more than 50 years driving experience, don’t drink, take drugs, or hoon. I am fit and well and my car is registered and insured. The suggestion that I should give up my licence is insulting. Please have a little more respect for Seniors. - B Phelps

Shop Local We built our house in The Cascades 10 years ago when we got married and now we are a family of 4. We like to buy local so always turn first to MLL to see what/who is available before we go elsewhere. Every month I read the community comments and find I am not alone in thinking about the problems we face here. It encourages me to have a voice about local issues. - Lisa Preet’s suggestion I am a very big fan of MLL. At school we all know you. We call you the purple lady. My favourite page is the dog’s page where it tells us about Nigella’s interesting life. I have a suggestion though. Maybe you could add a children’s page in the magazine. - Preet (10) Ed: Happy to do it, if the children will help me The Purple Lady Label Everything The kids have been at school only a few weeks and already they have lost heaps of stuff; and brought home other stuff that does not belong to them. It’s impossible to return stuff without a name. I have learned the expensive way that ALL school items need to be labelled. If they are, they come back like boomerangs. There are plenty of online stores selling labels for everything from shorts to shoes but be aware that stick on labels wash off. A permanent marker works well for me and you can rewrite your child's name when it gets pale. For clothing I like sew-on labels embroiled with the child’s name. They cost more but they last the distance. So mums, please label everything so I can return your stuff to you … and you can return mine. - Emma Hough

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Community Conversations continued What a difference a comma makes So, the comma, once an essential part of grammar, is now a hindrance (MLL/Feb/Adjusting your speech). Well, try this little exercise that an English professor wrote on the board. He instructed his students to punctuate the following: "Woman without her man is nothing" The men wrote: "Woman, without her man, is nothing." The women wrote: "Woman! Without her, man is nothing." - Jon Bryce Language shortcuts An opinion piece in MLL/Feb on the way we are corrupting language (page 9) by verbing was well illustrated when I turned the page and read Susan Close’s column. She wrote: "I have written to UniSA to ask it to investigate bituminising the car park and access road…" I presume she meant "lay bitumen on the road to the golf club." - Justin Millar Separating motorists, cyclists and pedestrians Let me start by saying I ride a bicycle so I am not anti-bike. But I am also a parent with kids and dogs who walk around Mawson Lakes and I want to add my comment about bikes on walkways. Bicycles are hard machines that travel at speed by cyclists who wear crash helmets and focus on getting from one point to another as quickly as they can. On the other hand, walkways are used by people who are often directionless. They stroll, linger and enjoy the sunshine, the birds, the scenery and their children and pets. Many wander deep in thought. They change course and stop and start. In contrast to the metal machines that whizz by, humans are vulnerable, soft and fragile. Mixing the hard and the soft in these circumstances is a recipe for conflict and collision already reported in the community conversations in MLL. Australian town planners need to separate motorists, bicycles and pedestrians as

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they do in other parts of the world, not shift the problems off the roads and onto the pavements. - Sue McCormich Something missing Everybody in Mawson Lakes knows and trusts the community magazine, it’s the place to go if you need something. But there’s something missing. Some months ago I had a toilet malfunction and needed a plumber. The following month I needed an electrician, and now I’m looking for a cleaner. The first place I turn to is MLL. But there are no local electricians and no local plumbers or cleaners in the local magazine. Can you do something about this? - Marie Woerth The cost of schooling My daughter has just started primary school and I used to think that sending her to a government school would be free. Oh no. There is no such thing as free schooling. Even if you choose public education there are costs in the form of uniforms, camps, excursions and resources. The cost of educating a child over it’s entire school life is $64,000 in the public system and up to $489,000 in a private school. - Harry Signallis Vehicle crime Recently vehicle crime has been occurring in Mawson Lakes. SAPOL recommends the following protections: *lock your doors and close windows *remove valuables *park off the road and in a locked garage if possible *while at home keep keys in a safe place *do not leave a spare key hidden in or near your vehicle *install and activate an alarm or immobiliser. If you see anything suspicious contact police on 131 444 - Senior Constable Jess Wilson, Mawson Lakes Neighbourhood Police Officer, South Australia Police


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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

e-book series be seen in Mawson

What's in store at On The Run We’ve all seen the big development on Elder Smith Drive with the OTR signage, so Mawson Lakes Living spoke to the chief operations manager, Michaela Webster, to get an update on the opening, and find out what’s in store. The convenience store and BP service station will open in late March or early April. "We are the store that never closes and our research tells us that Mawson Lakes is a good fit with our brand," said Michaela. "The suburb is growing at a fantastic rate, it's modern and innovative and has a good supply of labour, particularly university students, so we are investing heavily in the site." The range of goods will include a mini supermarket, Oporto grilled chicken, an ATM, lotto, grab and go fruit salad, coffee, a bakery and more. Also on site will be a car wash and a dog wash. On The Run is a family owned business called Peregrine Corporation, that operates 131 stores across SA. It is the largest private employer in SA and is offering 30 new jobs in Mawson Lakes.

Founded in 1984 by a Palestinian immigrant Fathi Shahin, Peregrine bought the Mobil fuel outlets in South Australia in 2010, and in 2014 bought 25 company-owned BP outlets. The acquired sites were rebranded and upgraded to 24-hour On The Run stores. Today Shahin's three sons own the company that serves more than one million customers per week. Peregrine also owns Krispy Kreme donuts and these may be coming to the Mawson Lakes store in time. Michaela says to look out for the opening specials that offer products to try, discounts and supermarket specials. "Our goal is to make life easier, and we want to do it better than anyone else," she said. Ed

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Codan comes to Mawson Lakes The electronics giant Codan Limited has relocated its head office to Technology Park in Mawson Lakes. It has signed an agreement with Renewal SA to lease a large site on Second Avenue for 15 years (with an option of another 10 years). Up until 2013 the site was occupied by BAE Systems but a government investment of $18 million, as part of the Northern Economic Plan to attract tertiary qualified people and high-tech industries to the northern suburbs, has been successful in attracting Codan - an international export company with a 200-strong workforce at Mawson Lakes. Codan designs and manufactures a sophisticated range of radio communications products, metal detectors and mining technologies. It has three main arms: Radio Communications which are used worldwide by organisations such as the United Nations Peace Keepers, Red Cross and third world military and security organisations. Minelab which specialises in advanced electronic metal detection products for military and humanitarian de-mining projects, gold prospectors and hobbyists who scour the beach for coins and jewellery. Minetec serves the mining industry in surface and underground operations with safety tracking and collision avoidance systems. In preparation for the arrival of Codan at Mawson Lakes, the government has upgraded the surrounding infrastructure along Parkway and Second Avenue by building roads and perimeter fencing and erecting new storage and testing facilities. The main building has been refurbished into a top class, open-plan centre with three levels that can house up to 300 employees. Research and development laboratories,


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

Matthew Csortan with staff members Priscilla, Felix and Aleli who are manufacturing high-tech electronic circuit boards.

auditoriums and outstanding staff facilities including a catered kitchen, a vegetable garden, an outdoor courtyard, a children's room and an indoor gym are some of the impressive features of the centre. Executive General Manager of Group Operations, Matthew Csortan, grew up in Adelaide and went to UniSA to study mechanical engineering in the 1990s. He remembers when sheep grazed on what is now the high-tech hub of Adelaide, and drag cars raced along dirt tracks out the back. Next year his son will go to Endeavour College. Matthew describes Codan as 'an humanitarian born business'. "We work extensively with developing areas of the world to keep communications open in times of trauma (wars, floods, disasters) and keep people safe. Codan products are sold into 150 counties and you will find us in many of the danger spots keeping communication channels open and detecting landmines." "In moving to Mawson Lakes we have room to grow and we want to develop collaborations with other high-tech companies here who are pushing the frontiers in electronics, communication and defence. We look forward to working more closely with UniSA and to developing educational links with the schools in the North." Ed


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Grinding your teeth?

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From the dentist Peter Bertossa

The truth is everyone does it, it is only a question of degree. Worse still, it is generally beyond our control because for most of us it happens during rapid eye DrPeter Peter Bertossa movement sleep. ThisBDS isBDS Dr Bertossa a lighter and less relaxing phase of sleep during which we dream and our brain undertakes emotional resolution. It is not necessarily bad stress that makes us grind. Planning a good holiday, a wedding, a house move, can all lead us to grind excessively. Sleep disrupted due to physical ailments, bad backs and operation recovery can also lead to grinding.

For most people, excessive tooth wear does not arise. Instead pain tends to be the problem when we are going through ‘phases’ of excessive night time grinding. Headaches, rows of sore and sensitive teeth, sore muscles around the jaws, head and neck, a sore jaw joint – can last a few weeks. The condition, when acute, is managed with anti-inflammatories, jaw exercises and the construction of a custom night guard by your dentist. This is a custom prescription device to wear to sleep at night. Do not confuse a night guard with an over-the-counter sports mouth guard - they are not even remotely the same and the latter can exacerbate rather than improve the problem. Dental on Metro provides comfortable laboratory made night guards and they are claimable on all dental extras cover.


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Dental on Metro is a ClubClub Kids the Kidsbulk bulkbilled billed under under the Metro Building, Ground Metro GymGym Building, Ground Floor Floor Child ChildBenefi Benefits ts Scheme Schemenew Dental Clinic in Mawson Lakes. MAWSON LAKES MAWSON LAKES After hours appointments available ** are Please enquire for details. Valid when mentioning this promotion. ** Please enquire for details. Valid when mentioning this promotion.


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People Profiles - Jane Hinchey, Book Coach Author Jane Hinchey writes because she has to, the characters in her head won’t give her a moment’s peace until she unleashes them into the world. She writes sexy, snarky, badass paranormal romances. She says that writing soothes her author’s heart and gives her peace… "and working from home barefoot and braless doesn’t hurt either." Jane’s debut novel, First Blade, was published in 2015 to five star reviews, and now she wants to show other would-be writers how to get their stories on paper. She is planning to run workshops in Mawson Lakes this year.

Now she is a woman on a mission. She wants to liberate your book dream. She doesn’t want you to go another year with your book unwritten, gathering digital dust.

"There are many obstacles to writing," said Jane. "Over the years I wrote dozens of stories… that I never finished. Fear and procrastination became close companions. It was overcoming those fears, pushing through the blocks that led me to become a book coach."

Her idea is to hold local workshops in Mawson Lakes. "I’m thinking of small intimate gatherings where you can safely unleash the author within. I’m looking for women who are aching and desperate to write a book, women who have a book dream gathering dust" she said.

Growing up in rural South Australia with no television until she was eight years, Jane became an avid reader and writer, yet it was over 20 years later before she wrote her first novel.

Reach out to Jane at and grab a free chapter from her book First Blade at {you can also find a Writers Mindset Meditation there}.

Shop 1, 9-11 Hurtle Parade, Mawson Lakes 5095

08 8359 8739 10

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

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Life is like a grindstone. Whether it grinds you down or polishes you up depends on what you are made of.


Home Loan Help with Joe Vancura Money Smart Tips of 2016 2016 could be the year that you pay off your home loan, or free yourself from debt – or purchase your first home or investment property. These tips are designed to help you make the most of your budget and gain your financial goals for the year to come. Save Power Around the Home By introducing some eco-friendly and power saving measures in your home you could shave hundreds of dollars off your quarterly energy bills – especially during summer and winter when the cost of cooling and heating is sure to skyrocket. You can do simple things like turning appliances off at the wall when they’re not in use, using cold water on your washes or going all out and getting some solar panelling installed! You could even end up selling the energy you create back to the grid. Set A Budget and Stick to It It’s surprising how many people don’t follow this ages old, simple piece of financial advice. Sit down and figure out how much you earn (your income), and then factor in your fixed expenses (phone and internet contracts, mortgage repayments, rent etc.) and an average of your variable expenses (bills, groceries, travel, fuel). The leftover figure is what you can afford to either spend or save as you see fit! Following the theme of this blog – it’s pretty highly suggested that you save the excess for something like a home loan or put it towards paying off your already existing debt, rather than buying that jet ski or guitar you’ve been eyeing off. Consolidate Your Debt Do you have wildly different rates on every source of debt that you have? Maybe your mortgage is at a reasonable interest rate, but you have an out of control personal loan? Or your credit card is costing you more on repayments than you’d prefer? A simple solution to this is debt consolidation. All of your debts can be lumped together in one easy to manage and easy to pay account – this means less money to keep track of, and sometimes even a lower rate, which will free up your finances.

SOLUTIONS We can help you obtain and manage a home loan that suits your needs, your lifestyle and goals. Whether you are a first home buyer, buying your next home, looking to purchase an investment or wanting to refinance and or consolidate debt, we can help you make the right choice. First Home Buyers

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We will compare hundreds of home loan products from over 30 leading bank and non bank lenders and structure a loan that’s right for you.

For more handy tips please visit our website

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Crossword puzzle Solution on page 30


We welcome Dr Asif Hussain - Consultant Physician to our team of Visiting Specialists



67. School Student Transport Scheme DOWN 1. Dooryard bloomer, in a poem 2. Insect stage 3. Things done in the gym 4. ALF and Mork, for two 5. Charity sale 6. It's almost seven but seven's not 7. Abbreviation for retired 8. Get hold of 9. Successful trap setters 10. 1962 Kubrick film 11. Black, poetically 12. Tub stopper 13. Kennedy and Danson 21. "Help yourself" 22. Address abbr. 24. Ship's destination 27. "Amazing, ___ it? 28. Clear, as a windshield 30. Things done in the gym 31. _____ ends meet 32. Underworld river 33. Bunny tail 34. "No ____ traffic" 36. Mary or Jane 39. Software buyers 40. "This ____ on me!" 42. Protected, as a home 43. Stork's kin 45. Put away for a while 47. Decide to withdraw 49. Not fashionable 51. It's a start 52. Informal evenings 53. Bit of bickering 54. Capital on a fjord 55. Kind of atttraction 56. Night-sky bear 57. Whopper creator 61. _ ___ in India

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016


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ACROSS 1. Head pests 5. Arctic breakaway 9. Nodded off 14. Information Management and Analysis Tool 15. Say with certainty 16. Type of gas 17. Lawrence, in Stockholm 18. Epsilon follower 19. Not under one's breath 20. LA 10-percenter 21. Things done in the gym 23. Black-eyed legume 25. Master of rhymes 26. Abominable 29. Wagner contemporary 33. Firewood measure 35. US Beehive State flowers 37. Break bread 38. Atkins or Huntley 39. Detach 40. Tasting of wood, as some spirits 41. Address on the Web 42. Furrier John Jacob 43. End table? 44. Free-for-all 46. Earth models 48. Difficult 50. Detroit player 53. Things done in the gym 58. "Wheel of Fortune" buy, perhaps __ _ 59. Sacred song 60. Group of three 61. MIT, for one 62. Aboveground? 63. Birthright seller of Genesis 64. Chick's ending 65. ____ down (softened) 66. It's tossed in a pub

Caring For Your Feet with Mardi Edwards

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"Experts in property maintenance"

“Maintenance division� Vince Musolino 0458 220 165

A FREE family lifestyle magazine for parents of tweens and teens. Pick up a copy this month from the Mawson Centre.

Healthy feet are important for feeling good and staying active. Here are some simple steps to keep your feet health and pain-free. 1. Keep feet clean and dry. Good foot hygiene reduces the risk of fungal and bacterial skin and nail infections. Wash feet regularly and don't forget to dry between your toes. 2. Examine feet regularly. By looking at your feet regularly you can check for skin damage, infections and pressure areas which can cause foot problems. This is of particular importance if you have diabetes as circulation and feeling can be reduced which makes feet more at risk. 3. Cut nails correctly. Cut nails straight across or as directed by your podiatrist, to prevent ingrown nails and nail infections. 4. Protect feet in public. Always wear footwear in public areas to reduce contact with fungus, wart viruses and to protect feet from harm. 5. Wear comfortable shoes. Wear shoes that fit well and are appropriate for the situation. Thongs for the beach/pool, and joggers for walking. Save those fashion shoes for going out with minimal walking required. Most importantly know when to seek advice. Don't attempt to self-treat foot problems. If you have foot pain, nail damage or discolouration, hard skin or painful foot lumps and bumps contact us on 8262 9999 for all of your footcare needs.

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Property Tips with Ben Frank Making property the home of your investment dollar During the last 10 years Australian residential property values have grown on average 5.8% per year. Investing in real estate has five key advantages. 1. The first and simplest is that housing is, and always will be, a commodity in demand. We all need a place to live. And it seems that while our population continues to grow, we are also tending to live in bigger houses with fewer people per household. It’s a pressure cooker of homebuyer competition driving property prices ever upward. 2. Property values in desirable locations will always go up. Simple supply and demand. The right postcode adds a premium to any house stock, because residents will pay more for a luxury address. But property investment is about more than just capital gains, which is the beauty of real estate. 3. Your investment has the potential for two sources of return – appreciation plus rental income. Make the right purchase and the right improvements to it and you could earn a positive cashflow while you hold the property, and a tidy profit when you sell.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid ‘til 31/01/16


Book FREE Bookyour your FREE no noobligation obligation quote quotenow. now. 1000’s of satisfied customers across greater Adelaide. REPS IN ALL METRO AREAS PHONE NOW FOR QUOTE!!

1000’s of satisfied customers across greater Adelaide. REPS IN ALL METRO AREAS PHONE NOW FOR QUOTE!!

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MANUFACTURING: 4-6 Archimedes Place, Golden Grove or: SHOWROOM: 77 O'Sullivan Beach Road Lonsdale

Spring 2016 Perth Homemakers Sale …??

4. Once established your investment needs little maintenance – with a good property manager in place you could spend as little as 10 hours per year keeping things running smoothly. 5. A last word on making property the home of your investment dollars. You might be thinking of blue chip stocks as a safer option. In fact, the banks see real estate as a secure investment and will generally allow you to borrow up to 80% of the value of the property. Loans to buy shares (called Margin Loans) are usually only permitted to a maximum of 70% of the value of the shares. Essentially, the banks consider property to be a safer bet. About Ben Frank Ben Frank is a Property Buyer’s Agent. A buyer’s agents represent the buyer (as opposed to a real estate sales agent who acts in the interests of the seller). If you are interested in buying property to secure your future home or as an investment, consider using a buyer’s agent to help you navigate the process of buying. 14

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

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Legal Eagle’s Perch with Bill Morris What is the word for it? – Is it ‘sequestered’? I have spoken before about the legal importance to you and your personal property rights if you have, knowingly or otherwise, entered into a de-facto relationship. You may think you have quarantined the personal property that you brought into the relationship for your own children. Unless you have taken the appropriate legal steps, it will not be quarantined - you should come and see us for an obligation free consultation. On a light hearted note - I feel our business is now in a permanent relationship with Mawson Lakes (ML). My vivid first impressions of ML were the wide streetscape entrance with manicured lawns, a broad, lazy, curving lake with model sail boats gracefully sweeping from side to side. The water’s edge cafe’s at which I could get a table without having to personally know someone; the uncrowded supermarket and quality goods shopping; leafy residential areas in all directions. Even the cars seemed to be moving slowly, as if to take in the views. Of course, this was back in late 2012! We intended our legal business would not be some kind of legal factory using high-cost late-night advertising - that was not our vision. We opted to offer personal, affordable family law and other legal services and to have a quiet way of business life in ML. We have now achieved just that. When a former Federal Circuit Court Judge, who is something of a wordsmith, visited us recently I asked him to give his one word impression of ML. He said ‘sequestered’. I liked that, do you?

F A M I LY L A W A N D C R I M I N A L L A W 8 Goodall Parade Mawson Lakes SA 5095 Ph: 08 7325 9100 all hours

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Eating Out in Mawson Lakes Bubbly Vietnamese Kiosk If you have never tried a Banh Mi, you are missing out on a gastronomical movement that I encourage you to indulge in. And not far will you need to travel, Mawson Lakes is home to one of Adelaide's finest locations for this Vietnamese delicacy. If you have visited Mawson Central at a weekday lunch hour, you may have wondered why the line and crowd of people around the asian kiosk 'Bubbly' between Michelle's and Woolworths the answer is Banh Mi.

The Vietnamese baguette style sandwich has a loyal fan basis with an almost cult following. You will find Facebook pages and websites dedicated to the search and review of the best Banh Mi in town. On a recent visit to Hoi An, a Banh Mi vendor was stationed at the entrance to our hotel. Not a day went by that the sweet flavours of this delicacy escaped my lips. Unlike authentic foods from other cultures that are westernised to suit our palate, Banh Mi is a staple from Vietnam that will not disappoint. By Penny Reidy

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A Vietnamese baguette style sandwich with a crusty golden skin, soft fluffy bread and filled with coriander, cucumber, carrot, mayonnaise and crispy pork or chicken - a more tastier fast food for lunch you will struggle to find.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

Restaurant Review Dosa Plaza Dosa Plaza is a new restaurant in The Cascades. It isn’t just a place for vegetarians and vegans but it’s a place for anyone who enjoys excellent South Indian style food. It’s expansive range of over 100 different dishes accommodates many different tastes and flavours. Whether you feel like sweet, savoury or spicy you can be assured that Dosa Plaza has a dish or ten for you.




Opening Hours

8am til 4pm - 7 days a week Dinner By Arrangement

Available to groups of 25+ Bookings call 1300 60 50

Now I say South Indian style food, and their Samosas do have that authentic flavour as if taken straight from an oven in Bangalore, but Dosa Plaza is even better than that. They present a menu that is an amazing display of cuisine fusion. The chefs of Dosa Plaza are seasoned travellers and have incorporated new flavours into their dishes while on their travels.

665 Salisbury Highway Mawson Lakes

Telephone 08 8250 8070

Their menu is divided into Chinese, American, Mexican, Italian, and traditional South Indian giving any guest a plethora of choice that will suit their taste buds. The service at Dosa Plaza is expedient and you’ll be greeted and seated as soon as you walk in. The interior is very open and affable with a choice of tables and booths available. The presentation is simple yet clean and inviting. Dosa Plaza uses an order form style to take orders which means that there is no waiting for service and your food will come out in reasonable time. They are offering a FREE Mango Lassi to MLL readers if you bring in the coupon opposite. Go try! Jonathan Tonkin is a resident of Mawson Lakes who likes to eat out so he is well acquainted with the many and varied eateries in the area. Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


The Healthy Mind Platter Our mind needs 'mental nutrients' to establish and maintain mental health. Information overload, and the tragedies of the modern world can fracture our sense of security and wholeness so that many people are deficient in a daily regimen necessary for mental well-being, according to Dr Daniel Siegel who developed the Healthy Mind Platter. The Healthy Mind Platter has seven daily essential activities necessary for optimum mental health. By engaging every day in each of these servings, you promote integration in your life and enable your brain to coordinate and balance its activities. These essential mental activities strengthen your brain's internal connections and your connections with other people and the world around you. It’s important to recognise the full spectrum of essential mental activities, as with essential nutrients in your diet. Make sure that every day you bring the right ingredients into your mental diet, even if for just a bit of time. Just as you wouldn't eat only pizza every day, we shouldn't live on focus time alone with little time for sleep or down time. The key is balancing the day with each of these essential activities. When we vary the focus of attention with this spectrum, we give the brain lots of opportunities to recharge and form stronger mental pathways. One way to use the platter is to map out an average day and see what amounts of time you spend in each essential mental activity. Like a balanced diet, there are many combinations that can work well.

Here are seven daily essential mental activities to optimize brain matter and create well-being: Focus Time: When we closely focus on tasks in a goal-oriented way, we take on challenges that make deep connections in the brain. Play Time: When we allow ourselves to be spontaneous or creative, playfully enjoying novel experiences, we help make new connections in the brain. Connecting Time: When we connect with other people, ideally in person, and when we take time to appreciate our connection to the natural world around us, we activate and reinforce the brain's relational circuitry. Physical Time: When we move our bodies, aerobically if medically possible, we strengthen the brain in many ways. Time In: When we quietly reflect internally, focusing on sensations, images, feelings and thoughts, we help to better integrate the brain. Down Time: When we are non-focused, without any specific goal, and let our mind wander or simply relax, we help the brain recharge. Sleep Time: When we give the brain the rest it needs, we consolidate learning and recover from the experiences of the day. The Healthy Mind Platter was created by Dr Daniel J Siegel, Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute and Clinical Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine.

Our Team Your Success At First National Sharp, our Property Management Team get the results you’re looking for the ‘first’ time.

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

Mind Massage (new name for Brain Benders)

Some answers are in the magazine. The rest is up to you. Answers on page 30 1. OTR will open in Mawson Lakes in April. What does OTR stand for?

10. In what year was Netflix launched in Australia?

2. Name the recently retired army chief who is the 2016 Australian of the Year, recognised for fighting for diversity and equality.

11. What is the meaning of the expression "a month of Sundays"?

3. The cyclist who won the 2016 Tour Down Under making a record four-time win? 4. Where in Mawson Lakes has the electronics giant Codan Limited established its new head office? 5. Name the SA politician whose 2016 award Companion Order of Australia has stirred controversy? 6. How many points are on the Mercedes Benz star? 7. What is a Leap Year? 8. What year will be our next Leap Year? 9. Name the tall, blond model recently engaged to Rupert Murdoch?

12. Cerise is the French word for which fruit? 13. How many pockets does a snooker table have - a)four b)six c)eight? 14. King Ragnar Lothbok was a legendary hero from which historic age? 15. A turophile is a connoisseur of a)chocolate b)herbs c)cheese d)truffles? 16. Who is the lead singer of The Rolling Stones? 17. What is a Fitbit? 18. The Red Shield Appeal is the fundraising drive of which Australian charity? 19. Unscramble these letters to name a country town in South Australia TMNOAO. 20. With which sport do you associate an ergometer (ergo)?

'Small Planet' Photograph by Grant Hugo To achieve this result Grant takes approximately 9 to 14 photographs in succession, changing position between each shot. The separate images are then digitally 'stitched' together, flipped, squashed and formed into an elipse shape. Only half of the original globe is shown here.

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The Aussie Thong What a happy little summer issue of MLL you produced in February. Your Summery Thin Song of the Thong made me laugh. Here’s another thong song I thought your readers might enjoy. Rory The Aussie Thong

Let’s talk about the Icons that are worshipped by us Aussies. Akubra hats, the Opera House, meat pies and speedo cossies. Some would say our Icon is that famous waltzing song, I reckon that it’s something else. I reckon it’s the thong. You can keep your Nikes and your Reeboks. It’s the thong that should be put, with Aussie pride and dignity, on every Aussie foot. I’ve thought a thousand thoughts on this and I reckon the Aussie thong, is more an Aussie Icon, than the swagman’s billabong.

VOLUNTEER REWARDS Spoken on Australia Day by the Salisbury Young Citizen of the Year Bianca Bilsborrow who was recognised for her voluntary work in the community ... "We do not earn while we are volunteers, but what I have received from my voluntary work is priceless."

A thong for each occasion. It’s just sound commonsense to make a tough, all purpose thong, to wear to all events. It’s good for killing blowflies on the barbecue or stove, And it’s great for crushing garlic; just belt it on the clove, A thong for early evening, to wear with hipster tights, I can see the jingle in my mind, as though it were in lights. "Just a thong at twilight, when the tights are low." With a string of diamantes, ’twined artistic round each toe.

Bianca receives her Young Citizen of the year award presented by John Harry CEO and Mayor Gillian Aldridge



A thong to wear to worship. I’d call it Even Thong. The strap is very holy, and the soul, so very strong. A thong to wear to football, to cricket, or the shops, to shearing sheds, to factories, steel-caps for the cops. And when we go Republic, and we’re looking for a song to celebrate our Icon, let’s hear it for the thong. Forget Waltzing Matilda, Advance Australia Fair, a brand new National Anthem will be wafting through the air:


God save our gracious thong. Keep our feet safe and strong. Wear them instead of shoes, to pubs and barbecues. Health, happiness to all of youse, God save our Aussie shoes.



Adapted from the Aussie Bush Poem by Blue



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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

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Tackling declining literacy standards The low level of literacy in Australian children is highlighted by research by the Centre for Independent Studies that will be released this month. It claims that one in every five children who started school this year was not proficient in the skills to learn properly.

quite curious, whereas Aiyanna is 3 and she likes picture books and storytelling. "If we teach our children to value learning we equip them with tools that will last a lifetime. Then they can teach themselves anything - how to undertake courses and how to find their way wherever they go."

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham Lisa said that the has seized on four ingredients the findings needed to teach to encourage children to read parents to are time to sit with make reading them, a variety a priority. of books, comics "Reading is and online stories the building that engage them, block of all practice and learning encouragement. and children Aiyana and Amaru with mum Lisa in the Mawson Lakes Library who start My kids really school with a good like Dr Suess books command of vocabulary and knowledge are at and have a big collection. Amaru said that even a great advantage." though he read Dr Seuss a long while ago he still remembers the stories and the rhyming language. Mawson Lakes mother of two, Lisa, said she and her husband read to their children every Dr Seuss died 25 years ago but piles of his night. "We go into different rooms because unfinished drawings were found in his home our children are at different ages and different in California and a new book called Which Pet levels. Amaru is 5 and he likes to sound out Should I Get will be released in Australia, after it words and explore things independently, he's became a bestseller in the US last year. Ed

We have been providing quality Montessori preschool education/Childcare for over twenty years, offering a holistic, caring environment for your child. Come and meet our enthusiastic staff and discover how the Montessori program assists children to reach their FULL potential.

46 Murrell Road PARA HILLS

8396 2633

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Montessori MANOR


Recipe - Tuna Mornay Historically, since about the second century of Christianity, Christians abstained from meat on Friday as a kind of sacrifice and reminder that acknowledged Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross which we commemorate on Good Friday. Here is a fish dish that is suitable for Easter or any other time of the year. Leftovers are also good for the school lunchbox. INGREDIENTS: 2 tablespoons butter 1 celery stalk, diced 1 leek, sliced 2 tablespoons cornflour 1.5 cups milk 2 cups grated cheese 420g can corn kernels 420g can tuna in springwater 1/2 cup frozen peas 1 cup cooked pasta shapes 1 tablespoon lemon juice salt and pepper salad to serve

METHOD: 1. Heat oven to 200 degrees. 2. Melt butter in a pan, add celery and leek and cook until soft. 3. Combine flour and 1/4 cup of milk in jug. Add to vegetables in pan and stir for a minute. Add remaining milk and stir until thickened. 4. Add lemon juice and 1 cup of cheese and stir until melted. 5. Remove from the heat and add drained corn, peas, drained pasta and drained tuna. Stir gently to combine. Add salt and pepper. 6. Pour mixture into an ovenproof dish and sprinkle with remaining grated cheese. 7. Cook in oven for 20 minutes or until cheese is golden. 8. Serve with salad. AU 27296 BLD 242 901

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

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Sales Service/maintenance Breakdown Repairs Ducted Reverse Cycle Evaporative Units Hi Wall Split Systems

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Is the temperature in your home OUT OF CONTROL?

LOCAL Mawson Lakes BASED Business

Book Review Everybody has heard of Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame but few people know what really went on behind the scenes at the legendary Playboy Mansion. All is exposed in this book by Hefner’s former girlfriend who stayed with him for 7 years and became his number one girlfriend. Holly was a 22 year old university student struggling to make ends meet when she went to a party at the Playboy Mansion, and brazenly asked Hugh, fifty-four years her senior, if she could move in. He agreed and over the years groomed the small-town insecure girl into a glamorous, sexy Playboy Bunny. But, at the time, Holly didn’t realise what she was getting herself into. Hef kept his girls under an oppressive regime, denying them jobs and holidays, and making them adhere to a 9pm curfew every night. There were drugs, sex, cosmetic surgery, and endless parties, and Mr Playboy repeatedly pitched the girls against each other through manipulation and jealousy to generate drama. While keeping to Hef’s rules and trying to fit into his very particular girlfriend mould, Holly began to lose sight of who she was and what she wanted, until one day she realised that Hef was losing his desire for other girls and he desired her to spend the rest of her life (or perhaps Hugh’s life) with him. This was not what she had in mind. She writes, "I didn’t want someone who wanted to settle down with me because he was getting too old and too tired to continue his playboy

lifestyle… because I was convenient and docile - the perfect girlfriend. I had always wanted to find a soulmate who was creative, ambitious and adventurous . . . and yes, Hef might have been all those things at some point in his life, but that point was long gone. What was left was an old man running like crazy on the treadmill that was life at the mansion desperate to live up to his image. I needed to find a way out." This is a quick, easy read, and Holly is engaging in the recounting of a shocking, candid and moving memoir. Ed The book is available from the Mawson Lakes Library or you can purchase online.

TADPOLE GIVE-AWAYS Tadpoles love the leafy garden pool in Bronwyn Barter's backyard in Mawson Lakes. It’s breeding season and Bronwyn has so many tadpoles (in different stages of development) that she would like to give some of them away to good homes. If you would like some tadpoles for your own pond or for the grandchildren call 0408 853 364.


0421 166 842 105 Research Rd, Pooraka SA 5095

• Shower Screens • Splashbacks • Mirrors • Glass Tabletops • Bathroom Accessories • Pool Fencing

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Who’s reading Mawson Lakes Living? This little magazine is designed for the people of Mawson Lakes but it has legs that take it around Australia and all over the world as these photos show.

the Westminster School Russell Ellis, President of little light reading while a on up hes catc , tion aii. Founda Arizona Memorial in Haw waiting to board the USS

a at the nie and Shiann Christie, Stepha airne (see story p28). at N strawberry farm

Three years ago Akane Miyama was a Japanese exchange student staying with a family in Mawson Lakes. Now back in Japan, she keeps in touch by reading MLL.

'Style on Sea' enjoying Ann and Greg Schnell from Brighton Beach. at fish and chips and MLL


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

Send a picture and caption to the editor of yourself, friends or family reading Mawson Lakes Living, anywhere outside of Mawson Lakes, for possible publication in the magazine.

2016 is a Leap Year About every 4 years an extra day is added to the calendar to keep it in alignment with the earth’s orbit around the sun. A common year has 365 days but a leap year has 366. The extra day is added to the shortest month which is February, so that in February which usually has 28 days we have 29 days in a Leap Year. 2016 is a Leap Year so in February we had 29 days. The last leap year was on February 2012 The next Leap Year will be 2020. Why have a leap year? Our calendar year is 365 days but the time it takes for the sun to orbit the earth (the solar year) is slightly more. It may not seem like much of a difference, but after a few years those extra quarter days in the solar year begin to add up. After four years, for example, the four extra quarter days would make the calendar fall behind the solar year by about a day. Over the course of a century, the difference between the solar year and the calendar year would become 25 days! Instead of summer holidays beginning in December, for example, it wouldn't start until nearly a month later, in January. As every kid looking forward to Christmas holidays knows— calendar or no calendar—that's way too late! So every four years a leap day is added to the calendar to allow it to catch up to the solar year. But Wait! It's Not Quite that Simple! The math seems to work out beautifully when you add an extra day to the calendar every four years to compensate for the extra quarter of a day in the solar year. The solar year is just about 365 ¼ days long, but not exactly! The exact length of a solar year is actually 11 minutes and 14 seconds less than 365 ¼ days. That means that even if you add a leap day every four years, the calendar would still overshoot the solar year by a little bit—11 minutes and 14 seconds per year. These minutes and seconds really start to add up: after 128 years, the calendar would gain an entire extra day. So, the leap year rule, "add a leap year every four years" is a good idea, but not good enough!

Calendar Correction To rectify the situation, we omit leap years three times every four hundred years. This shortens the calendar every so often and rids it of the annual excess of 11 minutes and 14 seconds. So in addition to the rule that a leap year occurs every four years, a new rule is that a century year is not a leap year unless it is evenly divisible by 400. This rule manages to eliminate three leap years every few hundred years. It's smooth sailing for the next 3,300 years This ingenious correction has worked beautifully throughout the centuries in bringing the calendar and the solar year into harmony, pretty much eliminating those pesky extra 11 minutes and 14 seconds. Now the calendar year and the solar year are just about a half a minute off. At that rate, it takes 3,300 years for the calendar year and solar year to diverge by a day. Born in a leap year What happens if you are born in a leap year on 29 February and your birthday disappears the following year? Leap Year babies (called Leaplings) can celebrate their birthday on 28 February or 1 March. Some only observe their birthday every 4 years. Not bad if you can get away with it. Different countries have laws to define the coming of age of leaplings in legal terms. In UK Leap Year babies have to wait to 1 March, in NZ it is 28 February. Legend has it that a Leap Year is the time when marriage traditions are scrapped and women turn the tables and propose to men on that day, once, every four years. Go for it girls! Here’s a little ditty to help you remember Thirty days have September, April, June, and November. All the rest have thirty-one Except for February alone which has 28 And 29 in a leap year.

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Fruit for Dogs by Nigella Sweet, plump, red strawberries make a delicious treat, and are quite safe for dogs to eat, so I discovered this summer. My first taste of a strawberry was in the Adelaide Hills in Nairne. We were driving along on a Sunday afternoon when we saw a sign that said Sweet Strawberries - October to May. In we went. When Mummy bought a punnet I was very curious so she gave me a little piece of strawberry to try. I’d never seen anything like the plump, round, red berry. I took a tentative sniff and then a little taste, and, oh, my taste buds said "YES". Mummy bit another strawberry in half and gave me the tip - lip smacking good, then another, and I was on my way to a love affair with strawberries. Three gorgeous dog-loving sisters run the Strawberry Cafe in Nairne where their parents grow the fruit in the fields out the back. The sisters have set up a groovy outdoor cafe that sells the most delicious strawberry pancakes. Stephanie came over to give me a cuddle; that’s her in the photo.

Stephanie gives me a strawberry to try.

She told us she has a fox terrier called Tom who loves to go into the field and help gather the strawberries. He’s allowed to eat as many as he likes because strawberries are good for dogs. Stephanie said they are low in sugar and full of antioxidants and they also have an enzyme that help keep our teeth white. Lots of fruits are good for dogs. I like apples too and mummy gives me little bits of apple and peach as a treat. But there are some fruits that are not safe for dogs - grapes and figs are a nono, so always check first.

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

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Matching Easter Eggs Someone has been busy decorating these easter eggs. Look closely at the eggs in the first column and draw a line from the first column to the matching eggs in the second column. Colour the eggs with your crayons or markers.

Parenting Miss 6 by Penny Reidy The Bandaid Fairy Children have a number of magical, mythical creations that assist parents through elements of their innocent childhoods. The Tooth Fairy collects teeth, the Easter Bunny brings chocolate treats, Father Christmas delivers toys. So what would be the harm in one more magical character to my Miss 6's life? After struggling with a simple task of removing a bandaid from her arm and seeing it deteriorate over the period of nearly a week there was only one thing I could think of - the introduction of a Bandaid Fairy!

This amazing fairy would sweep in during the night while my little Miss slept and painlessly remove said bandaid. No more tears, kicks or screams - Miss 6 was content with the fact that this magical fairy could complete the task with much less pain than Mum ever could. Problem solved! So I thought. Until Miss 6 started enquiring with her friends about their bandaid fairies, and my solution started to unravel. If the bandaid fairy is really you - then what about the tooth fairy - and then the big one - what about Father Christmas! I realised then, creating fairies and mythical characters is a serious business that I really had no business delving into. Stick with the ones that are tried and tested my attempts at creating fairies was over! Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


Community Groups Listings sponsored by Mawson Lakes Living Community Church: Sundays 10:00am Endeavour College. NEW Pastor Chris Mann - 0403 007 156 or 8162 5108 Cricket Club: Two day and one day senior teams New Friday night u/10 team. Anton - 0412 394 592 Crossroads Community Church: Sunday 10:30am The Denison Centre, Mawson Lakes School Anthony - 8258 3179 or 0425 874 240 Heart Foundation Walking groups Contact Christine 8260 3855 Football Club Training: Tues & Thurs 6:15pm at Mawson Lakes Hotel Oval Geoff - 0410 412 281

Useful Numbers Mawson Lakes Living Magazine Salisbury Council Mawson Lakes Library ML Community Centre Mawson Shops Mgment - Taplin Adelaide Transport Info Ambulance, Fire, Police Emergency Neighbourhood Police Officer Electricity problems Gas problems Water/Sewerage problems

8260 7077 8406 8222 8302 5555 8302 5449 8211 8777 8210 1000 000 0419 572 514 13 13 66 1800 808 526 1300 883 121

Crossword solution from page 12

Life Church: 5:00pm every Sunday. Level 1, 31 Main Street, Mawson Lakes Nick - 8284 3861 Mahjong: Every 3rd Sunday from 11am at the Mawson Centre. All Levels. Janelle 0403 539 226 Mawson Lakes Garden Club 4th Tuesday of the month, 7:30pm Mawson Centre, room 2-03. Ph Vaal Thrupp: 0467 925 004 Find us on Facebook Mawson Lakes Girl Guides Contact Girl Guides SA on 8418 0900 Mawson Lakes Hotel Social Club: functions, discounts, weekly members draw and meat raffles $30 annual fee. Lyall Hill - 0414 951 859 Mawson Lakes Photography Club For experienced/amateur photographers of all ages. Vaughan 0400 472 318 Mawson Lakes 'Ducklings' Playgroup: Birth to 5 years 9.30am Mondays and Thursdays at Denison Centre Michelle 0481 234 212 Mawson Lakes Scout Group Meets Scout Hall, Parafield Gardens weekly. Ages 6-15 Jeff - 0407 619 357 or Sarah - 0417 848 088 Mawson Lakes Toastmasters Club Communication and leadership training Darko 0403 314 498 Mawson Lakes Golf Club Redeveloped, new members & public welcome Mawson Rowing Club The Boat Shed, First Avenue Mawson Lakes. Jerry Elder 0419 854 371 Rotary Club of Mawson Lakes Significance Church: Sundays 10:00am GP Building UniSA Office 8260 1832 mobile 0434 679 754 A/H Quilting Friends: alternate Mondays 6pm-9pm & 2nd & 4th Sat each month 10am-5pm - Mawson Centre Clare - 8367 6918 or


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

Mind Massage solution from page 21 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

On The Run David Morrison Simon Gerrans Technology Park Mike Rann Three Every 4 years an extra day is added to February to keep our calendar aligned with the solar calendar. In a leap year Feb has 29 days instead of 28. 8. 2020 9. Jerry Hall 10. 2015 11. A very long time 12. Cherry 13. Six 14. The Vikings 15. Cheese 16. Mick Jagger 17. An electronic wristband that measures the wearer’s fitness. 18. Salvation Army 19. Moonta 20. Rowing

Easter puzzle solution from page 29

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Here at Mawson Lakes Dental, Dr Satera Papageorgiou along with her proficient and professional team of dentists, dental therapists, hygienists and friendly staff is pleased to welcome you and your family to our practice. We provide many dental services to our valued patients which include; • General dentistry • Dental Implants • CEREC – cad cam technology - porcelain restorations • Veneers – resin & porcelain • Wisdom teeth extractions • Invisalign – the clear alternative to braces • Orthodontics • Laser Frenectomies


Dr Satera Papageorgiou Dr Cathy Wiering Dr Stephanie Walls Dr Emilija Ports Dr Peter Nguyen Dr Taf Mabheju

• Teeth whitening – Smartbleach teeth whitening - in house in 1 hour • Dental Hygienist/Therapist • IV sedation - for nervous patients • GA’s - dental treatment in hospital • Sleep study/sleep apnoea /anti-snoring devices • Mouthguards • Nightguards

Opening hours

Mon – 8.15am – 5pm Tuesday – 8.15am – 7pm Wednesday – 8.15am – 5pm Thursday – 8.15am – 7pm Friday – 8.15am – 5pm Saturday – 8.30am – 12noon

Shop 10, The Promenade Shopping Centre, Mawson Lakes

Phone: 8260 2499

Invisalign accredited dentists 32

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 105 - March 2016

Mll march 105 online  
Mll march 105 online