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What NOT to give on Valentine's Day They say it's the thought that counts, but don't heed this simple advice on Valentine's Day. Words are not enough on this special day - a gift is the token of affection. But to win your honey's heart, a gift requires some careful thought. No matter what stage your relationship is at, you should think twice before picking any of these 10 not-so-sweet gifts for Valentine's Day. 1 Lay off the lingerie Being off sizewise can be the kiss of death. "Lingerie is a popular gift, but it can lead to a lot of disappointment," says Ian Coburn, writer of the column Lunch Is Not a Date. "Guys typically guess the wrong size. Give her either too big or too small and she'll think you're calling her fat." A survey found that while 22 percent of men who give a gift on Valentine's go for lingerie, only 2 percent of women say that is what they want. Instead, try a pair of glam thongs (see opposite). 2 Pass up practicality Whatever you do, don't give her anything that plugs in. No vacuum cleaners, blenders or coffee makers. Don't even think of a steering wheel cover or anything from the hardware store. Twenty years ago my sweet love gave me a purple extension lead from Bunnings for Valentine’s Day ... and I’m still not over it! 3 Avoid weighty gifts No matter how noble your intentions, avoid gifts designed to help with weight loss. From a gym membership, to a year's supply of diet meals, to an exercise bike, these types of gifts are anything but a help. Instead, surprise her with a romantic getaway. 4 Sugar for your honey Chuck the chocolates, especially if the gal is trying to eat healthy. Bringing sugar-laden treats can either mean you're not listening, or you're trying to sabotage the weight loss effort. Instead, try a beautifully wrapped fresh fruit basket. 5 Jewellery If thinking about jewellery, make sure your ladylove has specifically commented on a design


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because it’s an awful disappointment to receive an expensive gift that's just not right for you. Instead, pamper her with a jewel-encrusted bag or a jewellery box because no woman who likes jewellery ever has enough storage for her precious pieces. 6 Self help not now This is not the time to remind your sweetheart of any neurosis in need of a cure. Instead, select a handsome coffee table book on her favourite subject. 7 Kinky calamity Give a sexy gift like this too early on and your date may pass judgment that you're unhappy with your sex life. Instead, light a spark in her heart with aromatic candles. 8 Dogs alive Steer clear of dogs or kittens. Just because she likes to cuddle up to you, does she really need anything else to absorb her affection? Instead, charm her with a cute and cuddly soft toy that won’t steal ALL her kisses and hugs. 9 Fakes are phony Giving a fake watch, belt or Gucci bag is no way to tell your lady you love her. It sends the message that you're cheap, have no taste or can't tell a fake from the real deal. Instead, buy her the real thing, or a subscription to a classy fashion magazine, and give her the first copy, gift wrapped, on Valentine’s Day. 10 Going over the top If it’s a new relationship, don't fork out hundreds of dollar for a weekend away or a spa treatment. You could end up being ancient history before the mud pack dries on her face. Instead, earn best boy status with a single rose. Editorial advice

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