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DVD Review - Captain Phillips Based on a real life hijacking incident that garnered worldwide attention, Captain Phillips tells the tale of two strangers from opposite corners of the earth who are brought together by circumstance and fate. Richard Phillips (a fine performance by Tom Hanks) is the Captain of an unarmed cargo ship sailing international waters off the coast of Africa en route to Mombasa. A band of Somali pirates (all very convincingly scary first-time actors) led by Abduwali Muse are determined to board the ship and hold its captain and crew hostage for ransom. Captain Phillips is directed by Paul Greengrass of Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum fame. Not surprisingly therefore, the tension and urgency are very real. It is both exhausting and exhilirating. I had a bit of trouble with some motion sickness as I often do with movies filmed at sea or with hand-held cameras but it moved along at breakneck speed with plenty of nail-biting thrills to distract from the shaky camera. Compelling.

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Review by Nicole Aspinall

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