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Introduction Teenagers often are unapologetically loud and proud. We tend to be seen clustered together doing what we set our minds to. Many of us work together to achieve goals such as evoking positive change. This is displayed abundantly in the month of June. The month of June is LGBT+ Pride Month. June was given this title so that the lives lost at the Stonewall riots in the end of June, 1969 would be remembered. Today, this month is celebrated by many through nonviolent rallies and pride festivals. With the growing awareness and acceptance of this community, more and more teens are coming out to celebrate themselves and others who identify as LGBT+.

GSA Stand-In

On June first, GSA gathered in the lobby of the school with signs to celebrate the start of LGBT+ pride month.

A few members from GSA converse about pride month in the lobby on June first.

GSA Goes to Pride

A few members of GSA attended Boston Pride Festival to celebrate pride month.

GSA members gather in Copley Square, awaiting the start of the Pride parade.

AJ and his cousin hang out before the parade begins.

Abby holds her rainbow flag high and proud as Stephen smiles at the parade.

Pride takeaways:

During this trip, GSA was able to be with a vast amount of like-minded and loving people. While we each have our own takeaways from the day, as a group, it provided us with the strength and power to keep evoking positive change within our own community.

Teens at Pride When pride season rolls around, LGBT+ teens are quick to gather our friends and attend the nearest pride festival. This is the perfect opportunity for many of us to experiment with self-expression. If you go anywhere near the site of a pride festival, it is likely that you will run into a very colorful and heavily accessorized teen. It takes a great deal of fearlessness and confidence to express oneself in such a way that many of the teens at pride do. These teens are positively impacting the community because they are inspiring others to follow in their footsteps and be unapologetically themselves.

A teen at pride takes in the colorful view while sporting a patched denim vest.

Proud teens march in the parade.

Memorable teen fashion at Pride

Teen at left shows her pride with her rainbow suspenders and a rainbow ribbon around her hat.

Teen at right sports pastel-colored shorts and a flower crown around his head.

Young adults wearing rainbow makeup to celebrate Pride. The girl on the left has her cheeks highlighted in rainbow colors and the girl on the right rocks rainbow eyeshadow that compliments the flag tied around her.

This cheeky duo sports rainbow glitter on their cheeks to celebrate Pride.

This brightly garbed teen checks her phone while carrying a sign for the LGBT+ and ally group she is walking in the parade with.

Dancers at Pride

What I Learned While doing this project, I learned a lot about photojournalism and street photography. I was able to practice achieving a visually appealing composition while taking candid photographs. I also spoke to a few other experienced street photographers who noticed I was photographing Pride and I learned a few things from them. This assignment also taught me a lot about confidence and how once one is more open with themselves, they become more confident and stop caring about what others think. This idea can be seen through the countless number of brightly dressed and accessorized teens who showed up to Pride feeling proud as ever.

Impact of Teenagers The teenagers in these photographs all appear to be very happy. Their willingness to express themselves in a positive way has likely made them much happier. Not only are they positively impacting themselves, they are also positively impacting their community. They are inspiring others to embrace their true selves. They are also showing their support for the LGBT+ community, whether they are part of it or not. The more teens who attend pride, the more the people in their community will feel welcomed and accepted.

Teens Succeed-Nelson  
Teens Succeed-Nelson