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Nicole Casem

Industrial Design 2014

Table of Contents Multi-Rocker CO² Lola Pur-Graphos Trekking Seat RS-1 Reciprocating Saw Bicycle

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pg. 4

Objective: to design a piece of children’s furniture from a single sheet of plywood that can be assembled without any type of fasteners or glue.

pg. 5

Exploration Through paper mock-ups, I explored a variety different types of children’s furniture: desk chairs, lounge chairs, rocking chairs, tables, and shelves.

pg. 6

Inspiration I wanted to design a piece of furniture that I thought a child would enjoy. When I was child, I always loved sitting in rocking chairs because they were interactive furniture. A child’s rocking horse has the same basic concept of a rocking chair, but considered more of a toy than furniture.

pg. 7

Rocking Chairs So I decided to combine the two, a rocking horse and a rocking chair, by creating a sideways rocking chair.

pg. 8

Sideways Rocking Chair/Rocking Horse My main concern at this point was that the piece of furniture was sturdy when used either as a sideways rocking chair or a rocking horse. Supportive points structured as an ‘X’ or an ‘A’ configured into the the assembly stabilized weight and movement. pg. 9

Two Rocking Usages

First, the child can sit on the furniture piece like a rocking horse with movements rocking front to back.

pg. 10

Second, the child can sit on the rocker like a chair and rock side to side ; a sideways rocking chair.

pg. 11

CO² Lola

pg. 12

Objective: to design a unique non-conventional car form with strict specifications for the wheel dimensions and location of the CO² cartridge.

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Inspiration Similar to Le Mans racing cars, like Lola-Aston Martin, my main concerns were aerodynamics and reduced weight.

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Orthographic View

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pg. 18

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Objective: to design a stylish and ergonomic wire-nib soldering iron for pyrography that has heat protection for the hands and aids a user with carpal tunnel syndrome and/or arthritis.

pg. 21

Pyrography The art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks resulting from the controlled application of a heated object such as a poker. It is also known as pokerwork or wood burning. The term means “writing with fire�, from the Greek pur (fire) and graphos (writing).

pg. 22

Interviews Cate McCauley

Stephen Wright


Professional Illustrator

~13 years

Pyrography level


Pyrography experience


Pyrography experience

~10 years

Pyrography level

4-12 hours a day

Hours spent on project

4-12 hours a day

Hours spent on project Injuries


Wrist & pinky finger blister Index, middle, & thumb swell Severe childhood neck injury

Arthritis Pinched nerve on left shoulder


Colwood, Davan, Janik, Walnut Hollow, Star-Tec, & Blademaster


Nibsburner “Best In Show” Model 1381B

pg. 23


different pencil grip aids

pg. 24

specialized arthritis pen aids


pg. 25

Mock-ups Concept #1

Concept #2

Concept #3

comfortable larger arthritis aid rest easy to grip less stress on fingers

simple & comfortable arthritis aid rest easy to grip less strees on fingers thick grip for heat protection

pg. 26

lower grip area for precision arthritis aid rest easy to grip less stress on fingers fingers not directly on tool

Tester #1 C1



Tester #2 C1



Tester #3 C1



Ergonomics easy to grip

4 4 3

3 2 4

5 3 1

rest comfortably between index, middle, & thumb

3 4 3

3 2 4

5 3 2

rest comfortably in hand

4 3 4

2 2 3

5 3 1


4 3 2

4 3 4

4 3 2


3 4 2

2 1 2

1 1 1


5 4 4

3 3 5

2 1 2


Concept Testing Survey

Concept #1 - total 62 points Concept #2 - total 49 points Concept #3 - total 49 points

pg. 27

Tester Feedback

“Feels nice for details.”

“Digs into my hand.” “Not comfortable.”

“I feel like I have more control.” “Looks like a slug.”

“Looks like a shoe.”

Concept #3 refinements

pg. 28

Concept #2 refinements

“Feels the most comfortable.” “I like this one the best.” “This is ‘the one’“

Concept #1 refinements

pg. 29

Temperature Control Housing Vents


Touch LCD Screen

Front ON/OFF LED Button Soldering Iron Wire Sockets

pg. 30

Pyrography Soldering Iron Tip Standard Cord Connector (female 16-gauge)

Indication LED


pg. 31

pg. 32

pg. 33

Trekking Seat

pg. 34

Objective: to design a soft goods product that is light weight and multi-functional for an outdoor activity user who plans to camp outdoors for more than one day.

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pg. 36

Thru-Hiking Thru-hiking is hiking a long-distance trail from endto-end. It is also known as “end-to-end hiking� or “end-to-ending. In order to cover long distances in a manageable amount of time, thru-hikers organize their backpack weight by packing lighter to go faster.

pg. 37

Research As a group, we gathered interviews with different types of hikers ranging from people whose profession involves hiking to people who hike recreationally. From that we were able to get a broad perspective of what are the fundamental necessities and where design opportunies lie.


Patrick T.

Retired CDF Firefighter

Hiking Enthusiast

Stationed at Mt. Gleason

Travels to the national parks regularly for hiking (along and with friends)

Traveled/hiked with squad Advice to first timers: Know what you are packing & where it is Test out new equipment before setting out Make sure you backpack is fitted to you

pg. 38

Uses a 32L bag and a 24L (depends on bear canister) Pack weight was 50lbs when he started, but reduced to 25lbs


Patrick H.


REI Employee

Post-Grad Student

Computer Consultant

Wishes for the PERFECT sitting pad/chair (products now are heavy and too bulky)

Hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (400 miles, 12 miles a day)

Hiked the Arizona Trail (800 miles, 2.5 months)

Usual gear weight 35lbs

Pack base weight was 28lbs

Always goes alone

Hiked at Grand Tetons, Wyoming (3 weeks)

Plan your hike: Research the weather and season Pack accordingly

Gear weight 18lbs (not counting food & water)

pg. 39

Brainstorming We noticed through our interviews there were overlapping categories with similar issues. Listed Categories: -Weight -Water/Food -Equipment -DIY -Clothing -Safety

pg. 40

-Hiking Community

-Hiking Knowledge

Team EXTREME Nicole Casem, Daniel Chaffee, Adam Chow, Corey Higham pg. 41

Exploration I wanted to focus on weight and equipment, so I began to explore multifunctional possibilities.

pg. 42

Trying to utilize equipment hikers already have such as trekking poles, I focused my next round of ideation combining trekking poles with seating.

pg. 43

Trekking Pole Seat Variations

pg. 44

pg. 45


Initial miniature mock-ups helped me understand the physics of how the fabric will behave when held up between two poles.

pg. 46

1st full scale mock-up, gave me insight of how much fabric is needed to make a seat as well as for stability.

2nd full scale mock-up, I made refinements to the shape and removed excess material.

Mock-up seat mounted on to the top handles of trekking poles.

pg. 47


Materials: black cordura plaid fleece brown binding 0.5” 3M hook & loop 1” red paracord 4’ pg. 48


Final (closed)

Webbing 0.375” wide 20 pieces

Cord Ends 0.1875” 4 pieces

Cord Wheel 1.25” 2 pieces

pg. 49


pg. 52

Objective: to redesign a reciprocating saw using Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of “good design”.

pg. 53

Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles good design is innovative makes a product useful is aesthetic makes a product understandable Is unobtrusive is honest is long-lasting is thorough down to the last detail Is environmentally friendly is as little design as possible

pg. 54

Understanding Different Grips Depending on what material the user is cutting and how he/she is cutting it, there are multiple possibilities to hold a reciprocating saw.

pg. 55

pg. 56


pg. 57

Exploration of Handles

pg. 58

Final Three

Reciprocating Saw Orthos Nicole Casem

pg. 59

Foam Concepts

Concept #1 organic shape soft curves ‘hanging’ handle

pg. 60

Concept #2 hybrid organic/angular shape hard curve lines ‘D’ shaped handle

Concept #1 angular shape hard lines elongated handle

Braun Inspiration

pg. 61


Extended Rubberized Grip

Dual-action Trigger

Side Intake Vents

pg. 62

Non-slip Rubber Lip Adjustable Pivot Shoe Bottom Exhaust Vents Blade

Hand Guard

Rubberized Frontal Grip

pg. 63

Exploded View

pg. 64

pg. 65

Objective: to design a bicycle using SolidWorks.


pg. 66

pg. 67

Inspiration I wanted to design a bicycle based on the vintage Indian motorized bicycles.

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ID Portfolio Spring 2014