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Sleep Well Guide to Good Sleep Getting enough sleep is vital if you want to feel in tip top condition

activity that has stimulated their mind minutes before. The number one cause for insomnia is stress, with many people worrying about work, money and family or health issues when they go to bed, it leaves them awake all night. With these thoughts going round in your head it’s similar to trying to sleep through a full working circus, it’s not surprising people find it hard to drop off. Avoiding insomnia can be simple by trying a range of different solutions. Having a warm milky drink before bed is known to help you drift off much easier, with dairy such as this containing tryptophan, a sleep-promoting substance. This substance is also included in other foods such as bananas, oats and honey that will all improve your sleeping problems. It’s best not to just think about how well or badly you’ll be able to sleep just before you go to bed. By making a few changes to your daily routine it will mean not having to worry about getting a lack of ZZZZZ. Cutting all caffeine out from your diet after midday will help you snooze - this doesn’t just mean coffee though, coke and tea also contain amounts that will help in interrupting

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eeling tired all the time but never being able to get to sleep? Eventually falling asleep but constantly waking up during the night? It’s likely you’re suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is one of the 83 types of sleep disorders that many people are affected by and most don’t really know what they can do to stop it. Maintaining a good sleeping routine is important in being able to continue to function in everyday life. Lack of sleep and experiencing symptoms of insomnia doesn’t just leave you feeling tired, it affects your health and also plays with your emotions meaning your mental abilities are left all over the place. It leaves you struggling and simple tasks turn into a real chore for you to complete, meaning you find it hard to concentrate on any type of work. Sleep is important in order to give your body and brain a rest from the activities that have taken place in the day. Allowing your body and mind to shut down properly is vital in ensuring you get enough sleep. It will help your mind by using your bedroom for going to sleep only. People who watch TV or finish work in bed find it much harder to switch off and go to sleep, as they are still thinking of the

“sleep leads to a healthy lifestyle”

your sleep. Making sure you finish any heavy meals four hours before bedtime will mean your indigestive system isn’t still working when you lay your head down. You may think drinking alcohol before heading to bed is a good idea, but although it may help you drift off much quicker it’s likely you’ll wake up frequently, giving you a less restful sleep. Heavy alcohol intake will also leave you with headaches, nightmares and night sweats, not really the perfect idea of sleep. To help further try cutting all fluids by 8pm, then you won’t find yourself taking constant trips to the bathroom. Waking up in the middle of the night, it may be tempting to walk to the fridge for a munch, but if you fancy being able to catch up on some more much deserved beauty rest, it’s best to opt for a light sleep-friendly snack, crackers are the perfect thing to nibble on. Although you may wake up craving for a quick fix of nicotine, it’s best to steer clear, grabbing for the cigarettes has similar effects to caffeine and will ensure you’re not ready to go back to bed. If you constantly find it difficult to nod off and even harder to drag yourself out of bed in the mornings, it’s useful to

keep a timetable on your sleeping patterns. Going to bed at the same time every night and getting out of bed at a similar time every morning will keep your sleeping pattern consistent and will improve how well you sleep. Make sure you get enough rest or you’ll find yourself feeling run-down and unenthusiastic about many things. By taking care of your lifestyle, watching your diet and knowing when to stop working will mean you’ll be much more likely to visit the land of nod with ease. A healthy sleep leads to a healthy lifestyle.

sleep facts

• A third of humans life is spent asleep. • Apparently by shining a bright light on the backs of your knees it can reset your brain’s sleep clock. • Listening to 45 minutes of music before you sleep will improve the time you stay asleep • Some studies say women need up to an extra hour more sleep than men. V 15 Vitality

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Getting enough sleep is vital if you want to feel in tip top condition Reviews 14 Vitality Picture Credits: Jumiarh A third of humans life i...

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