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With money worries arriving in to every home, it seems time to question just how little you can actually live on.

If you’d happily splash out hundreds of pounds on a pair of shoes without a second thought, then you probably wouldn’t dream of living on nothing. No we haven’t gone mad here at Vault, we’re not talking about living like Scrooge, or even those images you’ve conjured up in your head of tramps wheeling round trolleys of rubbish. We’re talking about simple living. Religious groups such as the Quakers believe life is about helping each other and not material values. They say a “sense of community does not depend on professing identical beliefs, but from worshipping, sharing and working


together”. Looking past your new laptops and that shiny new mobile you just had to have these groups try to show what you NEED to survive on, not the things you WANT. The Quakers formed in 1652 and now currently have 340,000 members across the world; they must be doing something right then

the new cool and sexy surely? Their principles are to use other people’s thrown away clothes, fix others broken belongings and use companies so called faulty goods. In all, they use things everybody else thinks are old and useless. It’s not just groups like the Quakers that believe it though.

Websites for networks such as Simple Living in America convince the public to forget about money worries and start thinking logically. This group plainly state: ”If you believe we need more stuff and junk produced in third-world countries by underpaid workers and sold by mega-corporations, then we may not have much to offer you.” This may in fact seem true to you and that groups like this are preaching to the unconverted but stop for a second and listen to what they exactly have to offer. This site believes the solution to making everyone realise how much they want for and in turn how much


As we’re all saying “hello credit crunch” it seems just about the right time to think about saving those pennies. Is it really possible to live on only £10 a week? What about £5? How about £2 a week? What about even spending next to nothing? Yes you did read that right, absolutely nothing a week! they waste is plainly to learn how to “use less stuff, use less energy and learn how to live a more simple lifestyle”. They talk about learning to live with enough while still living comfortably in life. Need more persuading? “The lifestyle choice of living simply, doing more with less, is one of neverending learning, self-discovery, joy and fulfilment. Though the path isn’t always easy to follow, it is truly rewarding. When you choose to live simply you can honestly wake up each morning refreshed in the knowledge that you are doing your part to help make the world a better place. We believe simple living is the new cool and sexy thing we must all embrace - it’s living more simply and learning to do more with less!” These groups guide you through the best ways to live simply! They put together a list of ideas to help you reduce what you’re spending and in most cases they even guide you through what will cost you absolutely nothing. Here’s a few of their thought-provoking ideas.

Air and water are the easiest to get. Being freely available to all - provided you drink from water fountains and not your kitchen tap, that is. Always be on the hunt for a new outfit from anyone that’s deciding to throw out their old clothes, often there’s nothing wrong with them they’ve just got bored. Charity shops are always a winner for really cheap outfits.

T I P S Freeganism living ensures you wont go hungry. All those supermarkets that throw food out if the packaging is slightly damaged, there are many people that will go through those bins and take what they want. Ok, so maybe that’s not totally legal, so what about growing your own veg? Think you need to buy a house? Oh no, why not try house sitting. I kid you not, they recommend offering your services to look after other people’s houses, move from one to another and you land yourself with no rent and no mortgage but always a roof over your head. Using your local library is the best way to keep yourself occupied. This is a great way of finding yourself a free hobby, getting buried in millions of books without using a penny.

Don’t spend money on travel. Join a company that means you deliver transport for other people from one destination to another.

So, maybe not all their ideas are that practical, but have we got you thinking about cutting back on the budget for your next supermarket shop? Thought so.


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Saving The Quakers formed in 1652 and now currently have 340,000 members across the world; they must be doing something right then Religious...

Finance Mag  

Saving The Quakers formed in 1652 and now currently have 340,000 members across the world; they must be doing something right then Religious...