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NICOLAS JOHN PRATT Graduate Architect



Date of birth: 07/04/1987 Email: Mobile: +54 9 11 5163 3968

Nationality: Australian Current location: Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

Completed Masters of Architecture at RMIT (Melbourne, Australia) in semester one, 2010 with a HD average. Received my Bachelors of Architecture at the end of 2007. Completed VCE in 2004 at Kew High School, Melbourne, Australia


CAD/2D - Knowledgeable in both AutoCad systems as well Microstation PowerDraft, using both professionally and during my university studies. 3D - I have an extensive knowledge in Rhino 3D and am experienced in 3D Studio Max and Sketch-Up. Grasshopper - I have an extensive professional use of grasshopper with an intermediate skill base. In mid-2011 I was involved in a 2 week grasshopper workshop at the University of Melbourne focusing on the use of grasshopper in parametric 3D modelling, design + fabrication. Rendering - Primarily use V-Ray for Rhino in both personal and professional visualization. I also have experience rendering with 3D Studio Max. Presentation - I have extensive experience in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in both university work and architectural fi rm based work.


2010 - Competed Major Project Design Thesis with a top score of 98% under the supervision of Nicholas Hubicki with a final critique panel that included Dr. Peter Corrigan. 2009 - Upper Pool Architectus Design Excellence Award winner for my design studio work ‘The Speculative Campus Project’ for Vivian Mitsogianni. 2009 - Research Assistant for Vivian Mitsogianni preparing for her PHD presentation and exhibition. 2008 - Upper Pool Architectus Design Excellence Award - Nomination 2008 - High Distinction in Design Class with Neil Appleton 2008 - High Distinction in Design Class with Nicholas Hubicki. 2007 - Upper Pool design excellence award - Nomination 2007 - High Distinction in Design Class with Tom Kovac. 2006 - High Distinction in Design Class with Christine Phillips.


For my major project design thesis as part of my Masters of Architecture at RMIT, under the supervision of Nicholas Hubicki I took a real brief and adapted it to an updated site and set of constraints. Docklands Lido, a public swimming pool/water polo complex, sited in Victoria Harbour, Melbourne, Australia, was a highly resolved and realistic design proposal. It was my intention from the beginning of my thesis to create a highly buildable, yet thoroughly designed project that adhered to the real-life problems, issues, questions and expectations that accompany a public complex such as a swimming pool. This project received a High Distinction score of 98 in semester one 2010 at RMIT which was the equal highest score for that particular graduating class.


Lab Architecture Studio I was a full-time graduate architect at LAB where I worked from mid2009 until early 2012. I spent one year of my time at LAB working part-time while studying full-time at RMIT, with full-time work commencing July 2010. My role at LAB was non-specific during my history of employment and allowed me to experience a wide range of project types, sizes, tasks and responsibilities. I have worked extensively in the sketch/concept design stage of projects, acting as LAB’s front end 3D modelling employee and having a long lasting responsibility for report and presentation compilation. I also worked on various competition entries, design development packages and EOI submissions in my time at LAB. These include a apartment complexes, public swimming pools, various cultural-focused projects and multiple high-rise hotel/apartment/office buildings. These project sites have varied from Melbourne, to China and the Middle East. Lyons Architects I was on the design and presentation team behind the Lyons submission for the Victorian Arts Centre Competition. I worked on a short-term contract for 6 weeks during university holidays throughout which time I produced concept design proposals, renders, diagrams, photo montages and context drawings for the submitted proposal.


Nicholas Hubicki Architect/Tutor Cox Architects + 61 404 176 378

Dean Boothroyd Senior Associate LAB +61 439 634 001


Paul Morgan Architects Working on a temporary contract in late 2011, I was involved heavily in the SD stage of a Library redevelopment in Melbourne focusing on planning, design, rendering and presentation. During my 6 weeks at pmA I was also involved in Design Development + EOI’s for various projects. Brunswick House Extension Working individually for a client in Brunswick, Melbourne, I consulted with the client to design a 20sqm extension to the existing terrace house. Town planning submissions to council were approved and construction is currently underway. Techne Architects I Worked as a student architect for the mid-sized design based firm focusing on 3D modelling and various presentations of the firms projects and portfolio. I also involved myself in office admin and day to day operations.


Having resigned from LAB Architecture Studio in late February to relocate to Buenos Aires indefinitely I am now seeking new job opportunities. Whilst taking Spanish classes 4 hours a day, 5 days a week in Buenos Aires, I have been attending to small solo freelance design work in my time here, working primarily in website development + management. I am now currently available for either full-time, part-time or casual work in the capacity of a graduate architect, ideally working in concept design, design development, 3D modelling, rendering and presentation related work. I am always looking for new skills to complete various tasks and fulfil diverse roles. I accept new challenges to my skill-base and career very efficiently and seriously.

LAB ARCHITECTURE STUDIO - LAB exhibition - Beirut residential facade - Boya shopping complex - Ningbo shopping centre facade - Birrarung Pools - DMC Showroom - Frankston yacht club competition - Fitzgibbon St House - Xitaihu flower expo pavilion - Donglihu CBD masterplan - Qiaoyu xitaihu masterplan - Wujin Council Office - Hengqin City Complex

Exhibition photo - project panels

Exhibition photo - large scale models

Exhibition photo

Exhibition photo

LAB EXHIBITION National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia Type: Gallery Exhibition Status: Completed

As part of the ‘Draw the Line: The Architecture of LAB’ exhibition at the NGV, 27 projects from LABs portfolio were exhibited through renders, diagrams and planometric, sectional + technical drawings. I was in charge of the curation and layout of the projects individually on panels which were custom printed. The short time frame allocated for the organization, printing and application of the panels resulted in the need for an extremely efficient workflow to allow for testing, alterations and the deadline. As well as demonstrating our extensive portfolio, Draw the Line exhibited in great detail the process taken to develop Federation Square. This was achieved through curated archived drawings, various types of physical models and other supplementary material.

Presentation renders

Project panel layouts

Professional renders

Tiled facade mockup construction photo

Tiled facade mockup construction photo

RESIDENTIAL BLOCK Beirut, Lebanon (2007–2009) Client: A&H Construction & Development Company + Avenue Ventures s.a.l Gross floor area: 26,200m2 Type: high-end luxury apartment development Status: Under construction 2D DD Drawing

Entering this project in its later stages, I was charged with assisting in the rationalisation of the conceptualised facade system. Employing custom cut stone, the 12 variations of the stone were strategically located on the facade to allow for optimal efficiency in it fenestration by limiting the amount of physical alterations to the stone. This was achieved while maintaining a strong graphic across the entire facade. Project roles + responsibilities: - Facade rationalisation + design - 3D modelling - DD package drawing + compilation

Rhino 3D model screenshot

Microstation drawing screenshot

Professional renders

BOYA SHOPPING COMPLEX Tianjin, China Type: Shopping complex podium, hotel, apartment tower Status: In development ‘Baked’ grasshopper geometry

The facade of this project was developed through a series of investigations into the various parameters of building fenestration and its capacity to abide by certain rules while delivering an interesting graphic. This was done through a specifically developed Grasshopper script that allowed the user to input building size + form, desired amount of fenestration and the level of ‘warping’ amongst other limitations such as window size and distance between windows. Project roles + responsibilities: - 3D modelling - Parametric Facade Design

Grasshopper script

Physical models

Rhino screenshot

Professional renders

WANDA SHOPPING CENTRE FAÇADE Ningbo, China Type: Façade design Status: On hold Surface area: 18,100 m2

The client brief for this project was to refresh the image of the existing retail centre through the design of a new façade system.

Extent of additional facade

Diagramatic render of tiled facade + entry canopy

LAB studied potential façade systems which addressed the dual client requirement for the design of a ‘new face’ to the retail centre, coupled with economic considerations of ease of fabrication, construction and staging to minimise disruption to daily operations to meet an aggressive and ambitious construction schedule. In the existing building the disparate location and forms of retail components, parapet height, entries, openings and languages are ‘glued’ together by an arcaded circulation which only finds a common expression at each of the entry gates. In transforming this agglomeration the design strategy employed an 18,000 m2 shroud of triangular tiled façade screen, suspended outside the existing building form. The location lighting, advertising, signage and notification of entries within the unifying ribbon was produced through a colour and material delineation of tiles orchestrated through the Sierpinski Triangle fractal pattern.

Rhino screenshot

These constraints were dealt in part by the use of emerging software technologies such as Grasshopper for Rhino to efficiently locate this pattern and its variant tiles on the existing façade. This software also allowed for the incorporation of structural strategies into the 3D modelling which in turn assisted with the rapid production of 2D drawings for the delivered schematic design package. Project roles + responsibilities: - Entry canopy design - Facade rationalisation + design - 3D modelling

Grasshopper script for entry canopy

Presentation render

Presentation renders

BIRRARUNG POOLS Type: Open air public aquatic centre Site area: 15,000 m2 GFA: 3,500 m2 Status: Speculative development/Ongoing Rhino programmatic render

This government submission, which was developed with a large team of development + project managers, consultants and strategists, proposed an urban pool in the Melbourne CBD which assisted in connecting the city and its precinct (Batman Park). This was achieved through: A limited building footprint on site + maximized sustainable landscape An elevated bicycle veloway which links to major urban hubs + existing bike tracks, and; A riverside boardwalk The facilities included a 35 x 25m water polo pool, training pools, multiple servicing tanks, changing facilities, spectator seating and health, hospitality, dining + entertaining centres. The project focused heavily on its sustainable capabilities. Employing SWOPA (Sustainable Whole Of Precinct Approach) the Birrarung pools complex was governed by the principles that everything is connected to everything else. This meant that there was no waste once excess low grade heat was transferred from existing building complexes (Crown Casino, WTC, Crowne Plaza etc) to maintain the pools temperature. Additionally, and among other initiatives, grey water is treated and irrigated in the rejuvenated surrounding landscape.

Pull-apart axo

Project roles + responsibilities: - Design assistant to Don Bates - 3D modelling - Diagramming - Presentation report compilation

‘SWOPA’ Diagram

LAB renders - Nicolas Pratt

DMC SHOWROOM Damascus, Syria Type: Housing estate sales centre Status: Competition (2nd place)

This short term competition entry for a sales + showroom of a future gated community resulted in two schemes from LAB. I was heavily involved in the design of one of the options from initial planning + organisation to formal + facade design. The pinched forms allow for ease in both vertical and horizontal circulation - a tough constraint considering the steep and vast hill the project is sited on. Allowing for optimal vistas to and from the complex was achieved through this pinching, as well as the filleted corners, functional arrangement and long strip windows. Project roles + responsibilities: - Design assistant to Don Bates - 3D modelling - Presentation renders - Functional planning - Diagramming

Option two renders

LAB renders - Nicolas Pratt

FRANKSTON YACHT CLUB Type: Yacht Club, Cafe + Multi-purpose space Site area: 2,600 m2 GFA: 1,355 m2 Status: Competition (2nd place) Architect: LAB architecture studio PROGRAMMATIC DISTRIBUTION

The building incorporates public food, service and changing facilities, a multifunction + community space, offices for the Frankston Yacht Club management as well as boat storage + other sailing associated programed spaces.


The varying programs formally and operationally overlap for spatial flexibility and create zones of preferred vistas, efficient boat storage + transportation and ESD components.

Programmatic jelly diagram

Project roles + responsibilities: - Primary designer - Rendering - 3D modelling - Final presentation compilation - Animation Presentation render

Ground floor plan

Presentation render

Professional renders

HENGQIN CITY COMPLEX Hengqin, Guangdong, China Type: International Customs Buildings Status: Competition

Project roles + responsibilities: - Design assistant to Don Bates - 3D modelling - Facade design - Diagramming

Formal evolution

Circulation diagrams

Presentation renders - Nicolas Pratt

FITZGIBBON ST HOUSE Melbourne, Australia (2011) GFA: 120m2 Type: Residential extension

Privacy screen - view from neighbouring balcony

Project roles + responsibilities: - Concept Design - 3D modelling - Animations

Privacy screen concept studies

Shadow diagrams

Professional renders

XITAIHU FLOWER EXPO PAVILION Type: Exhibition centre, hotel + conference GFA: 55,500 m2 Status: Competition - 2nd Place

Vertical circulation diagram

Project roles + responsibilities: - Design assistant to Don Bates - 3D modelling - Diagramming - Animation

Programmatic diagram

Canopy close-up

Professional renders

DONGLIHU CBD MASTERPLAN Dongli, Tianjin, China (2011) site area: 183.23ha gross floor area: 3.067 million m2 type: Sustainable masterplan Nodes diagram

This project was for the design of a sustainable masterplan for a new CBD zone within a region of urbanization on the periphery of Tianjin The key design drivers for the masterplan were the linking of sustainable principles with the provision of amenity and urban density. This included: Masterplan structure based on walkable activity nodes, linked by a precinct-based strategy of carparking and public transport connections; Facilitation of mixed-use development models and typologies in place of the traditional Chinese single-use zoning; Use of local geo-thermal resources for energy production and district heating; Extensive open space network linked to waterfronts and the key activity nodes providing a pedestrian and cycle friendly circulation network separate from the road network. As a design assistant I was required in the preliminary strategic design phase, initiating the location of nodes, open space and density guidelines among other recommendations. I was also in charge of the 3D modeling contribution and involved in the development of material for the submitted presentation.

Sun penetration diagram

Project roles + responsibilities: - Rendering - 3D modelling - Diagramming + presentation work - Design - Animation

Programmatic render

Professional renders

QIAOYU XITAIHU MASTERPLAN Changzhou, China Type: Master plan + hotel, apartment tower, villa design Status: Approved/In development Shadow diagram

Project roles + responsibilities: - Masterplan design - WIP Presentation Rendering - 3D modelling - Tower + Hotel design + facade development Hotel facade design

Y towers + supergraphic

Masterplanning development

Y towers

LAB renders - Nicolas Pratt

COUNCIL OFFICE AND HOTEL Wujin, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China (2009–2011) Client: Management Committee, West Taihu Lake Ecological Leisure Area Site area: 12,249m2 Gross Floor area: 27,295m2 Type: Government office building + hotel

Project roles + responsibilities: - Rendering - Entry canopy design - 3D modelling

Test renders

Entry canopy design/Rhino screenshots

Federation Square East Melbourne, 2010

Selandra Rise GAA main street Melbourne, 2011

Responsibilities: Presentation + diagram renders, hotel facade design

Responsibilities: Formal design, 3D Modelling, rendering

Xitaihu City Masterplan Changzhou, China, 2011

Qiaobei Masterplan competition Xiaguan, China, 2011

Responsibilities: Presentation + diagram renders, 3D modelling

Responsibilities: Presentation + diagram renders,

Chenjia Town Club China, 2011 Responsibilities: Concept design, facade design, presentation + diagram renders, 3D modelling

Huizhou Masterplan Guangdong, China, 2011 Responsibilities: Presentation + diagram renders, facade design

Devonport Regional Gallery Devonport, Australia, 2009

Chengdu Sports Centre Redevelopment Chengdu, China, 2010

Responsibilities: Presentation + diagram renders, masterplanning, site + feasibility studies.

Responsibilities: Site + feasibility study, schematic design, staging + option studies.

GEI 3 Tower Nanjing, China, 2010 Responsibilities: 3D modelling + rendering

Kunshan Masterplan China, 2010 Responsibilities: Presentation + diagram renders, hotel + residential facade design , 3D modelling

Wanda Shopping Centre Faรงade Baoshan, China, 2010 Responsibilities: Facade design, 3D Modelling + rendering, presentation compilation

Chongming Bicycle Park China, 2011 Project roles + responsibilities: - Concept Design - 3D modelling - Animations

PAUL MORGAN ARCHITECTS - Emerald Hill Library - Other projects

Presentation renders - Nicolas Pratt

EMERALD HILL LIBRARY South Melbourne, Melbourne (2011) Client: Port Phillip City Council Gross Floor area: 500m2 Type: Library + heritage centre extension Project roles + responsibilities: - Rendering - Entry canopy design - 3D modelling

Test renders

Entry canopy design/Rhino screenshots

NMIT Redevelopment

Residential extension

Responsibilities: Concept design, presentation + diagram renders, 3D modelling

Responsibilities: Concept design, presentation + diagram renders, 3D modelling

South Melbourne Market roof canopy NMIT Library Responsibilities: Presentation renders,3D modelling

Responsibilities: 3D modelling, presentation renders

STUDENT PROJECTS - Major project thesis 2010 - Docklands lido - Final year design studio - the speculative Campus project - Level 8 design studio - Federation tower - Level 7 design studio - Palimpsest

Aerial Render


Ground view towards crossbar

Melbourne, Australia Type: Public aquatic complex/Water Polo centre Site area: 3,000 m2 GFA: 9,500 m2 Supervisor: Nick Hubikci Awards: Australian institute of Architects BVN graduation prize in architecture 2010 - shortlisted. For my major project design thesis as part of my Masters of Architecture at RMIT, under the supervision of Nicholas Hubicki I took a real brief and adapted it to an updated site and set of constraints. Docklands Lido, a public swimming pool/water polo complex, sited in Victoria Harbour, Melbourne, was a highly resolved and realistic design proposal. It was my intention from the beginning of my thesis to create a highly buildable, yet thoroughly designed project that adhered to the real-life problems, issues, questions and expectations that accompany a public complex such as a swimming pool. This project received a High Distinction score of 98 in semester one 2010 at RMIT.

Interior view

Docklands Lido employs found historical data as a readymade footprint. As a nod to the history of Docklands, a motif is derived from its industrial inspired truss structure. The use, adaptation and mutation of the interwar-popular typology of the Lido resolves several site specific constraints. Functioning as a wind barrier, while allowing for uninterrupted sunlight, the raised programmatic beam of the ‘Lido’ maintains Victoria Harbour Promenade’s waterside circulation. Via an aerial jetty – a girdling, partially vegetated trafficable roof – the public can use this civic interface independently in the tradition of the ‘Sunday stroll’, without using its facilities, and taking advantage of the Yarra’s views to the city and the bay. Aerial view towards city

Location plan

Aerial render

Level one plan

Perspectival section

Ground (plant) plan

Roof plan

Lido components

Entry view

Typical structural diagram

Aerial view View over deck + outdoor pool

‘Breaking open the lido’ diagram

Typical English Lido

Interior view


Type: University Campus Building Site area: 7,500 m2 GFA: 15,500 m2 Supervisor: Vivian Mitsogianni Awards: 2009 Architectus design excellence award - winner

Street view

Using processed based design – which required the construction of a series of steps and guidelines based upon initial esquisses and hunches – this project speculated the potential to transform a readymade building type (in this case an inner city train station) into a highly flexible learning environment. Incorporating multipurpose teaching spaces, a library, labs, open + public space, theatres and workshops, this project explored how these spaces can co-exist under a single dumb shed in an urban environment.

Interior view

Aerial view

Interior view



























Level one plan


Street view

Interior view Interior view

Interior view

Aerial view

The train station + mirror maze Process diagrams

The shed + dazzle boolean

The fragmented cladding

Interior view

Street view

Pull-apart axo

Street view

Street view


Creating a physical extension to Federation Square, this tower proposal adopts dazzle pattern as a secondary skin to fulfill the requirement of camouflaging the extension. Draped under the dazzle cloth, the tower + surrounding public plaza allow for optimal views to and from city landmarks and allow for an ever changing formal appearance with the belief that the view of a building is never static. Programmatically, the tower houses both commercial offices and communal tertiary design education spaces.

Ground view

Unlike various proposals for this site, a formally adapted and true extension was unfavored over a tower; a type that allows for maximum commercial gain, landmark status and flexible plaza usage at ground level.

Street view

Aerial city view

Night view

Aerial view


This large scale ‘box’ retail space is sited on a large semi-unused, industrial Docklands plot. In accordance with the brief, ample parking space was included, but in an unorthodox ramping system that undulated above and around the shopping space itself. Lending to improved spacial efficiency (and thusly future developement + investment opportunities) this landscaped car park is hidden behind + above the retail facade, utilising a single footprint + creating a palimpsest of the sites (and much of Docklands) former - albiet temporary - use.

Ground floor plan

Formal process diagram

Nicolas Pratt - 2012

Nicolas Pratt_Architectural Portfolio_120501  
Nicolas Pratt_Architectural Portfolio_120501  

Nicolas Pratt_Architectural Portfolio_120501