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How to be a Fully Qualified Hairdresser in the UK Becoming a hairdresser in the UK can be a very fruitful and exciting career. Men and women will always need a specialist to keep up with the latest styles for various occasions. Obtaining the right certifications can grace a person with the ability to craft award winning styles and put smiles on the faces of a multitude of United Kingdom residents. It is a career opportunity that will always be available once a person acquires the proper credentials. The following are the steps necessary to be a fully qualified hairdresser in the UK: Have the Right Attributes Starting any new career requires attributes that suit the position. Hairdressers in Leamington Spa must be detail oriented with an impressive eye for fashion. They must be sociable and have a background in customer service. Having a background in customer service ensures that every client will be satisfied with the experience from beginning to end. A hairdresser will also want to be mechanically inclined. Since most modern hairstyles are a bit on the complicated side, being good with one’s hands is a definitely positive feature. Having excellent memory skills can also help with such an occupation. Once the hairdresser memorizes the procedures to create a certain style, creative styling will become a second nature. Gaining the Certification A hairdresser in the United Kingdom must pass the National Vocational Qualifications Exam. Passing this exam will get the person the level 2 or 3 certification that he or she needs. The exam sets out to show the person’s knowledge level in the specified profession. Academic courses are available at colleges to enhance a person’s knowledge before the test. An individual can also apply to take courses at an accredited hair academy or beauty school. Obtaining an Apprenticeship Obtaining an apprenticeship is another way to acquire the skills necessary for this position. Hairdressers in Leamington Spa may not require this for hire, but it is an excellent advantage for an applicant. Some salons would rather hire someone with a bit of experience than someone who has not completed an apprenticeship. To get approval for an apprenticeship, one must contact the local hair salons and request the opportunity to learn new skills. Apprenticeships are excellent because they provide the person with an opportunity to make money and gain a wealth of knowledge. After the apprenticeship, the individual can confidently apply to work for the number 1 hairdressers in Leamington Spa. RESOURCE BOX: Brought to you by Nicola Smyth Award Winning Hair, 42 Clarendon Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4PG, United Kingdom, 01926 316887 The number 1 Hair Salon Leamington Spa, Beauty Salon Leamington Spa

How to be a fully qualified hairdresser in the uk  

Learn How you can be a fully qualified Hairdresser in the UK

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