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Cost Savings Through Sustainable Solutions

ITEM Energy Services

ITEM Energy Services





ITEM Energy Services (ITEM) is an Energy Services The mission of our company is to provide cost savings Company providing a broad range of comprehensive through sustainable solutions. This is made possible Energy Efficient Solutions. Our services cover an in depth through our multidisciplinary team of experts made up of analysis of the property, designing an energy efficient Engineers and Technicians focused on leading energy effisolution, installing the required elements, and maintaining cient technologies designed to fit or clients’ unique needs. the system to ensure savings throughout the lifecycle of It is through our process-oriented partner evaluation and the products. We are able to provide these services to our selection process we carefully choose the best in class clients through strategic partnerships with international products to fit our regional environment. manufacturers, green building specialists, government

Who We Are?


Light control solutions can improve the bottom line by increasing employee productivity, cutting lighting energy costs by up to 70%, and reducing the labor, maintenance and operating costs associated with ongoing facility management activities, such as relamping.

agencies, and a team of in-house experts who are responsible for managing the project execution and the intricate relationships along the value chain.

ITEM Energy Services

ITEM Energy Services




What We do?



Technology Solutions

A Comprehensive Approach

ITEM understands that every client is unique. We design




Expertise & Engagement from Start to Finish

each technology application to fit the specific usage of that

building. The objectives stay the same; optimize building Forging working relationships and partnerships with some performance for our clients by using proven methods that of the world’s leading energy efficiency organizations, we lower energy consumption, improve comfort, increase  

at ITEM are able to leverage international expertise from system performance and maximize productivity. industry leaders such as Lutron, Honeywell and partners in the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). ITEM can combine world-class engineering, technological knowhow, financing expertise and project management prac-

Our energy solutions are technology applications that include:

tices to deliver superior results.

Did you know? A recent study revealed that employees working in an optimized Green Building space can increase employee performance by more than 10%. Subjects tested in a non green

As we assess the needs of each client, we design a com-

• • • •

Lighting Controls & Improvements HVAC Controls and Improvements Building Automation and Controls Plug Load Controls & Improvements

prehensive energy program from inception to completion,   encompassing the whole site.

Energy Services

building when moved to a green building were found to have a 39%

Whether this is the first step in the direction of Energy Ef-

reduction in average sick leave days per employee per month: from

gies already in place, ITEM has the capabilities to assist

0.46 days before the move to 0.28 after the move.

ficiency measures, or you are seeking to augment strateyour organization in making the right choices going forward.

ITEM Energy Services

ITEM Energy Services



Our energy management services are your guiding plans to achieving your organizational objectives:




– Strategic Plan – Integrated Awareness & Employee Training – Access to Government Energy Efficiency Grants

Did you know? Motors use 65% of industrial power because they typically run at

High Performance Green Building Design – Technology Specific Solutions – Controls & Automation – Metering Systems

constant or full speed even when it’s unnecessary.

Engineering Consultancy

Building Analysis – Preliminary Building Analysis – Energy Auditing

• • •

Financing Installation Commissioning

Whether it’s from the ground up or the transformation from old to new, ITEM understands how to integrate cutting-edge mechanical, electrical and building automation system technology into real-world solutions. Our goal is to design buildings and systems that will have a reduced energy footprint and a much smaller impact on the environment. Our facility optimization services provide assurance to facility owners and operators that their new and existing buildings will operate as efficiently as possible over their life cycle. Facilities are tested and functionally verified to operate at optimum performance.


ITEM Energy Services

ITEM Energy Services






Office buildings have more floor area (12.2 billion ft2 or 1.1 billion m2) than any other building type in the U.S. and have the highest total energy consumption (1.1 quadrillion Btu or 1.2 EJ) of any building type. Furthermore, the largest buildings have a higher energy use intensity (energy consumption per square foot) than any other size of building. This scale creates many opportunities for energy savings. A good place to begin is with an energy audit of the building.

              Our people are the driving force behind our organisation industry






and we pride ourselves on having employees that are pas- Collectively possessing over 60 years in the in- dustry and sionate about developing, distributing and implementing having worked on thousands of projects within the cutting edge technologies designed to help our clients be Caribbean and across the globe. Through our affiliations more efficient and save them money. The ITEM internal with organisations we have direct access to registered team possesses over 16 years experience in ITEM Energy professional engineers who hold certifications as Certified Services, networking and systems integration. Our Energy Managers, LEED Accredited Professionals and multidisciplinary internal team is comprised of experts Certified Commissioning Agents. made up of Engineers and Technicians focused on lead- ing energy efficient technologies designed to fit or clients’ ITEM is quickly building a reputation regionally as an En 

unique needs.

ergy Solutions Provider by helping our customers achieve their sustainability pursuits via world-class energy engi-

Our partners such as Lutron Electronics Co. and Honey- neering and technology solutions that reduce energy conwell International Inc. are globally recognised leaders in

sumption and thus reduce energy expenses.

Our Team & Partners

ITEM Energy Services

ITEM Energy Services




Did you know? Worldwide, buildings consume nearly 40%

of the world’s energy, 25% of its wood, and 15% of its water.

ITEM Energy Services

ITEM Energy Services





A building doesn’t have to be new to be green. Today’s building owners are retrofitting buildings, converting existing buildings into models of sustainability. They are using new financing tools such as performance contracting to minimize financial risk and maximize energy savings. With an emphasis on “whole building” rather than piecemeal approaches, existing buildings can significantly lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while producing financial rewards for owners.                      


Our Customers Broadly, our target audience comprises of commercial to come as close as possible to achieving the best of both buildings and industrial manufacturing facilities. These in- worlds. Provide an optimal work environment such that clude but are not limited to: Banks, Office buildings, Gov- employee productivity is maximized while having minimal ernment buildings, Schools, Healthcare facilities, Hotels, operating costs. Warehousing facilities, Shopping Centres, etc.

To a facility owner/manager ITEM delivers premier en-

The people controlling these facilities comprise of building ergy management solutions. They can feel confident that owners and managers who are responsible for the daily through our technical expertise and cutting edge technoldecision making and running of these buildings.

ogy they will experience the results of reduced operating costs and enhanced environment conditions.

These individuals all share similar needs and aspirations as it relates to the operation of their building. Their aim is


ITEM Energy Services

ITEM Energy Services





Although the primary purpose of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in commercial buildings is occupant productivity, the objective of most changes to HVAC systems in the next five years will be to decrease energy cost. Because of rising energy prices and the drive to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with building operations, many building owners have begun to manage energy cost actively as an asset, rather than a fixed cost. HVAC accounts for almost one-third of the energy cost in commercial buildings, so these systems hold great potential


for energy savings.

What’s Next?

Most existing buildings in the Caribbean have been con- Before proposing solutions, we would like to gain a generstructed prior to the existence and enforcement of energy al understanding of your company’s needs and how your efficiency standards or certification. This fact alone cer- employees utilize the facility. This is accomplished through tainly indicates that there are significant opportunities for a brief chat with the building manager or facility lead and a energy reduction in any of your commercial facilities and walk through perusal of the facility. that each day valuable resources are misused and wasted. Companies that make a concerted effort to pursue energy efficiency are often surprised at how significant savings can be.

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