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Nicolas A Coia Applicant for Masters of Industrial Design 1616 Beacon Street Brookline, MA 02446 This portfolio details my designs, photographs and poetry

Purpose Custom build a bass guitar to fit my personal needs as a bassist

Design Elements Contoured body allowing the bass to properly rest against the player's body and to allow the plucking arm to rest in the instrument rather than on it Slightly scaled down body to relieve instrument weight when playing in a standing position Customized electronics cavity to enable equalizer to switch between ceramic and steel magnets in the bridge pickup Recessed strap locks Engraved with my a hand carved "signature" giving the illusion of a skeletal structure, bringing a unique life to the instrument Materials Body: Mahogany Pickups: EMG EQ: EMG

Purpose Design an instrument stand to hold two instruments in a space conserving manner Design Elements The instrument stand allows two instruments to sit together, and saves space by crossing the instrument necks to allow collaborative space consumption The center column does not extend to the floor to portray a floating quality Small squares of a soft rug have been glued to the stands to protect against instrument damage The depth and distance of the hooks allow for any size or shaped instrument to be held

Materials Legs and center column: Cherry Instrument holder: Metal hooks wrapped in a red rubberized plastic Protection strip: Soft carpet

Purpose A relaxing and conversation provoking couch. European sizing to be visually lighter. Reclined position to increase comfort Design Elements Tripod styled base to lighten bulkiness of couch and decrease use of materials and tooling costs Single leg in the back also increases aesthetics through its swooping lines and structural capabilities Five足degree tilt applied to promote a more relaxed sitting position and make the couch feel bigger than it actually is Materials Fabric: Felt or boucle Cushion: Dense but comfortable foam

Purpose Design a stylish and functional desk that can hold up to abusive use. And overtime show use and age of materials

Design Elements Hand carved regions in drawer to show beauty of the woods grain and add a sophisticated style and quality Drawer pulley system underneath to prevent drawer from falling out and to improve feedback when in use. Proper tension applied will give a nice resistance and substance to the drawers slide Tapered legs to add a feminine essence to the desk Materials Top ­­ Joined maple strips Legs (top) ­­ Walnut Legs (bottom) ­­ Wrought iron Drawer ­­ Walnut

Purpose Design a contemporary desk with a stylistic edge to it. Obtain a light and airy feeling to open up the users perspective of work. Create privacy and promote collaboration between individuals Design Elements Tiered wood tops to create space and allow visual flow

Aluminum legs to provide privacy to the sitter from guests and allow guests to have their own desk space for small meetings

Materials Top ­­ Customized from a standard list. (i.e. maple, cherry, oak, walnut) Back legs ­­ Solid aluminum or wrought Iron Front legs ­­ Thin aluminum

Purpose Winter is my preferred time of year. The white of a fresh snow reflects the most delicate of shadows and smoothes surfaces that are normally edgy and harsh. Capturing this life in Boston's Chinatown, one of my favorite areas, was my motivation Composition The warmth of the red brick, I felt, contradicted the cold white and grey of the fresh snowfall in a beautiful and expressive way

Winter has the ability to trap people in their homes, cars and offices, a few of us eventually learn to break out of these places, just as light will soon break from the icy cavern winter has tried to impose on this lamp

Purpose Winter is my preferred time of year. The white of a fresh snow reflects the most delicate of shadows and smoothes surfaces that are normally edgy and harsh. Capturing this life in Boston's Chinatown, also one of my favorite areas, was my motivation Composition A Pandas natural habitat is usually a warmer climate in Chin, on this day however, I spotted one stuck in a snowdrift

Snow has a very unique way of sitting. Unlike a human, who will amass an entire object to secure his position, Snow, on the other hand, will let itself form to its surroundings, as it has so eloquently done here This snow bench directly represents my ambitions in capturing the beauty of a winter storm. The shadows allow themselves to an effortless expression and mood

Purpose Document Boston graffiti

Composition Graffiti, just as any art, is a reflection of the artist in their preferred medium. The culture of graffiti has been built around 'tagging' buildings and structures in hard to get to and sometimes hard to find places, but more often than not, in very public and high traffic areas The graffiti below is showing you its reflection, which happens to be the only artistic medium it can know. I wanted to bring this piece to life and show it as more than graffiti and as part of the cityscape The second photograph portrays graffiti from a different walk of life, construction. The inside of this cement truck has delivered the world with a gorgeous residue from many job sites around the city. This is in a sense natural, but isn't concrete graffiti to the earth?

Purpose Document Boston graffiti

Composition Keeping with the essence of giving a more tangible life to the world of graffiti, I wanted to bring humanistic qualities to this train through the emotion of an early morning rise. On every clear day, it is awaken with a brilliant sun, enriching the colors of the train with its warming glow The below photo is a type of graffiti only produced with a camera. In this photo, I allowed the Boston commuter line to streak the sky and bridge with it's colors The third and final photo is an extension of the artists original purpose. To make his or her mark with their particular tag

Purpose CItyscapes

Composition Boston at night is when I feel it really sings. I let the city do her singing below. The colors in this photo are as I captured them with my camera. Through the long exposure of this picture, I was able to release color in the clouds being reflected from city lights on the Charles River New York City is a city of many things, space not necessarily being one of them. The opposite photo portrays just that, as its world disappears into the distance

Purpose Look beyond the impoverished country of Costa Rica to see the thriving beauty that needs only sunlight and rainwater to flourish

Composition There are a multitude of plants in South America, I really wanted to capture the beauty these plants have in both their most affluent as well as their less coveted states This tree and plant broke cultural boundaries in their intimate dance between root and leaf I tend to find myself drawn to the mysteries the natural world likes to show. Below, this sun dried leaf held a mysterious beauty that I needed to share The stem of the red flower is a few inches long, easily the most recognizable feature of the flower, however I found the very tips of its stamen to hold a lot of life to them. The closer you get, the more detail you begin to see

Purpose Look beyond the impoverished country of Costa Rica to see the thriving beauty that needs only sunlight and rainwater to flourish

Composition During the summer months, pregnant turtle swim up to shore at the below beach. There, they lay hundreds of eggs in hopes that a small percentage will make it back into the ocean and survive long enough to begin another cycle of life. You can relax in the structure and watch this amazing wonder at no harm to the turtles Although tiny and quite beautiful, the delicate mushroom happens to be extremely poisonous. I don't know that I'd venture to sip fresh rain water from its inverted cap

This cool crisp shadow Swaying in my heart The deep dark beauty Screaming for the part Excrementing my love Into the hands of a flower Petals torn and thrown Love showing its power Time flutters its wings of sorrow Tears fall from everglade eyes I reach down to the petals And drink the love that you cry Eyes of the world Can see through me Eyes of the world Can peer into me Eyes of the world Have me by the throat Eyes of the world wake up Wake up and find out who you are Eyes of the world, you are my eyes

two silhouettes screaming at the moon wondering what it's like to feel looking around and seeing the others gathering on the solid wood floor two silhouettes dancing along wondering what its like to steal away from the shadows and into the night where they can be for real two silhouettes dancing on the moon looking down through the fog two silhouettes seeing what its like when they have finally run from it all

When lying beneath the sand Of storms which wither away, And you and I we sit beside Water that flows our way And presidential speaks and lies, That FEMA representatives lay down and die Another one, a sector four point five The sun it flows right through my eyes A light begines to shine Yet nothing has changed in times of lives, waste, continues to rise And gasoline is soaring The prices are so high Yet president bush A tear rolling down his eye Asks for a compromise But isn't he a giant A gas guzzling fiend A millionaire of wealth and owner of the ring Conserve your fuel, he says His hummer skips on by Conserve our gas, he asks He winks, the prices rise Because another war on terror In the name of gasoline Is happening over seas When we have no New Orleans

a rose on fire sings its song alone everyone stands to watch it its petals, its thorns, its throne a rose on fire stands wilted and burnt a little girl picks it up life begins to spurt a rose with life comes strong from death placed in a water jug and loved with great respect a little girl and a rose with no name grow strong together their roots, their song: the same

Fall 2009 Portfolio  

Graduate School Application Portfolio

Fall 2009 Portfolio  

Graduate School Application Portfolio