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: Symantec 250-622


: Implementation of DP Solutions for UNIX using NBU 5.0

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1. Which command is used to install NetBackup on a UNIX client where rsh is not available? A. bpcd_install B. update_clients C. bpclient_install D. install_client_files Answer: D 2. Which two steps are performed to set up a scratch pool? (Choose two.) A. create a volume pool. B. add a line in bp.conf: SCRATCH_POOL = SCRATCH C. create a file called SCRATCH_POOL and type SCRATCH in it D. mark the checkbox called "Scratch Pool" in the NetBackup Administration Console Answer: AD 3. A moderately used database server must be configured as a NetBackup client. The database application is custom built and is not covered by a NetBackup database agent. The server is in production around-the-clock. Backups must not interrupt production, and open files must be backed up. The DB data exists on SAN attached disks, though available disk space is scarce. Which of the following backup methods would best fit this scenario? A. Copy-on-write snapshot B. Mirror snapshot C. VERITAS Snapshot Provider enabled backup D. Block level incremental backups Answer: A 4. NetBackup has been installed in a SAN with a shared robot that contains ten drives. However, only four drives appear as selectable and there are only four unique drive paths in the OS. Which two commands are used to correct this problem? (Choose two.) A. tpconfig B. C. tpautoconf D. sg.install E. shared_drive_notify Answer: BD 5. Which three NetBackup processes are running after a successful master server installation? (Choose three. ) A. bprd B. bptm    

C. bpjobd D. bpdbm E. bpdm Answer: ACD 6. You have been given a NetBackup 5.0 configuration to implement that contains the following operating system levels. Which three are supported by NetBackup? (Choose three. ) A. Microsoft Windows 98 B. Sun Solaris 9 C. IBM OS390 D. HP HP/UX 11i E. RedHat AS 3.0 Answer: BDE 7. You need to add a number of Windows servers from another department to your Solaris NetBackup master server. The system administrator for these systems has given you a Domain Administrator account and permission to install the client, but he will not be available to help you. He has not given you access to the computer room where the systems are physically located. What is the supported method for installing the client? A. share the installation CD on the network, log into the systems via a Remote Terminal session, map the CD and run setup.exe B. from the Administration client on the master server select all the remote clients in Host Properties, right-click, and select Remote Client Install C. log in to any Windows system on the domain as the domain administrator, run Launch.exe on the installation CD and install to network clients D. remote installation to Windows clients is not allowed from a UNIX Master; the system administrator will have to give you physical access to the clients. Answer: C 8. You have an MSSQL database that you need to add to your environment. Which three items do you need to know before backups can be configured? (Choose three. ) A. the version of MSSQL being used B. the kind of authentication being used C. the directories in which the database files are located D. the backup retentions needed by the DBA Answer: ABD 9. You are installing NetBackup Database agents into an environment with a high level of change control.    

You are using all of the relevant Database agents. Which database forces you to restart the database though it does not necessarily require rebooting the whole system? A. Oracle 8i B. MSSQL 2000 C. Exchange 2000 D. Microsoft Access Answer: A 10. Which three determine tape usage when preparing for a NetBackup deployment? (Choose three. ) A. tape type B. backup window C. number of fulls D. number of file systems E. number of incrementals Answer: ACE 11. You are preparing for the installation of NetBackup on a Solaris system. This will be a Shared Storage Option environment that consists of one robotic library, two SCSI tape devices, one bridge, and one Fibre Channel switch. Which four files do you review to ensure a valid Target and LUN configuration? (Choose four.) A. st.conf B. vm.conf C. sg.conf D. sg.links E. /etc/system F. Answer: ACDF 12. In preparation for a master server upgrade, you want to launch a backup of the NetBackup catalog. Which two methods accomplish this? (Choose two.) A. in the GUI, right-click your configured catalog backup policy, and select Manual Backup B. in the GUI, right-click on Catalog and select Backup NetBackup Catalog C. from the command line, run bpbackup with appropriate switches D. from the command line, run bpbackupdb with appropriate switches Answer: BD 13. Corporate change control policies require that you have a back out plan before undertaking any application upgrades.    

Which two steps could be included in your back out plan for a NetBackup upgrade? (Choose two.) A. uninstall the upgraded version of NetBackup and reinstall the older version B. reinstall the OS and then reinstall the original version of NetBackup C. use bprecover to recover the preupgrade catalogs from tape D. use bprestore to recover the preupgrade catalogs from tape Answer: AC 14. Which two steps are required during the initial installation of a NetBackup master server? (Choose two.) A. create volume pools B. define storage units C. set up policy schedules D. enter the server license E. specify the NetBackup server type Answer: DE 15. Which two methods can be used to install NetBackup license keys? (Choose two.) A. when prompted during the NetBackup software installation B. after the NetBackup software installation by executing get_license_key C. after the NetBackup software installation by executing add_license_key D. after the NetBackup software installation by clicking the Support tab on the NetBackup Administration Console Answer: AB 16. Which script is executed to uninstall a VERITAS Maintenance Pack from a UNIX master server? A. Vrts_pack.uninstall B. Vrts_patch.uninstall C. Vrts_pack.install and select Uninstall D. Vrts_patch.install and select Uninstall Answer: A 17. What are three recommendations for NetBackup media server installation? (Choose three. ) A. You should remove any other vendor backup software. B. At least one tape drive should be available for backup operations. C. All NetBackup servers should recognize and be recognized by their client systems. D. You should make certain that you have a server of a supported hardware type running a supported version of an OS. Answer: ACD 18. Which two statements are true about a media server upgrade installation from version 4.5 to version 5.0? (Choose two.)    

A. All clients must be on 5.0 if their media server is on 5.0. B. All master and media servers must be on NetBackup 5.0. C. The media servers must be on 4.5 or 5.0 if the clients are on 4.5. D. The master server can be upgraded to 5.0, and media servers can remain at 4.5. Answer: CD 19. Which two statements are true about upgrading an existing NetBackup installation to NetBackup 5.0? (Choose two.) A. All master and media servers must be on the same revision level. B. All clients must be on the same revision level as their media servers. C. A media servers revision level may be one level higher than its clients revision levels. D. The master server's revision level may be one level higher than the media servers revision level. Answer: CD 20. You are installing the NetBackup for SQL Agent. What must be current for communication to take place between NetBackup and the SQL database? A. ODBC B. TCP/IP C. Internet Explorer D. Windows Service Pack Answer: A 21. Which of the following two statements are true of the Advanced Client installation on a UNIX client? (Choose two.) A. The installation is selected from the Add-On Product software menu. B. The installation must be push-installed from the master server. C. The installation requires that the standard NetBackup client already be installed. D. The installation is installed automatically with the standard NetBackup client. Answer: AC 22. What are four valid versions of the Microsoft Windows OS for a NetBackup client installation? (Choose four.) A. Microsoft Windows 2003 B. Microsoft Windows XP C. Microsoft Windows ME D. Microsoft Windows 2000 E. Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 F. Microsoft Windows NT 3.5.1 Answer: ABDE    

23. Which two actions does the installation script perform when performing a local UNIX NetBackup client installation? (Choose two.) A. adds entries to the inetd configuration file B. tests connections to other NetBackup clients C. enters all media servers as SERVER entries to the vm.conf file D. enters the master server as a SERVER entry to the bp.conf file Answer: AD 24. Which two methods determine the patch level of a client? (Choose two.) A. run the support script in the goodies directory on the master server B. select Help > About from the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface on the client C. select Help > About from the NetBackup Administration Console on the media server D. select Help > About from the NetBackup Administration Console on the master server Answer: AB 25. Which command do you use to install a NetBackup license? A. bplicense B. nblicense C. get_license_key D. add_license_key Answer: C 26. Which two statements are true about installing multiple media servers? (Choose two.) A. A server license key must be installed on each media server. B. All media server installations must be pushed from the master server. C. All media server installations should be performed as root/administrator. D. All media server installations can be pushed from a media server with the same OS. Answer: AC 27. Which command do you use to confirm that a robot is configured correctly? A. vmadm -l B. vmquery -d C. tpconfig -d D. robtest -listall Answer: C 28. Which two functions does the tpconfig command perform? (Choose two.) A. displays the disk drives and tapes B. adds and configures robots C. displays current media status    

D. displays robot and tape drive configuration Answer: BD 29. Where in the NetBackup Administration Console is a disk location for backups created? A. Policy B. Storage Units C. Host Properties D. Device Manager Answer: B 30. Where in the NetBackup Administration Console is the file fragment size set for backups? A. Policies B. Storage Units C. Media Manager > Devices D. Host Properties > Media Manager Answer: B 31. Which command can be used to configure tape drives and robotic devices? A. vmconf B. robtest C. tpconfig D. bpconfig Answer: C 32. You have a NetBackup media server with two tape drives. Which three settings must be set to use both multiplexing and multistreaming? (Choose three. ) A. Multiplexing must be enabled on the storage unit. B. Multiplexing must be set in the schedule configuration. C. The USE_MULTIPLE_DATA_STREAMS option must be set in the file list taB. D. The NEW_STREAM directive must be used in the file list for the policy configuration. E. The Allow Multiple Data Streams box must be checked on the Attributes tab of the policy configuration. Answer: ABE 33. A database agent has been configured on a NetBackup client to use four channels, or stripes. The NetBackup policy has been configured to use a storage unit with four tape drives. The backup job is initiated and multiple jobs appear in the Activity Monitor. However, only one of the jobs is active and the other jobs are queued. Which two NetBackup configuration options allow all streams to run at once? (Choose two.) A. Limit Jobs Per Schedule in the Schedule Attributes B. Limit Jobs Per Policy in the Policy Attributes    

C. Wakeup Interval in the Global Configuration Options D. Maximum Jobs Per Client in the Global Configuration Options E. Schedule Backup Attempts in the Global Configuration Options Answer: BD 34. Which area of a policy is used to assign a retention level for a backup job? A. Files B. Clients C. Attributes D. Schedules Answer: D 35. There are three media servers using Shared Storage Option (SSO) to share four tape drives. An additional shared tape drive needs to be added to the configuration. What would be the correct procedure to add the additional shared tape drive to the configuration? A. select Actions>New>Shared Device B. select Actions>New>Shared Global Device C. select Actions>New>SSO Device D. select Actions>New>SSO Global Device Answer: A 36. Which systems must drivers be configured on to communicate with Shared Storage Option (SSO) controlled tape devices? A. only the master server B. only the robot control host C. each SSO media server D. the SSO media server configured first Answer: C 37. How do you ensure that configured policies are backing up all volumes/file systems on all clients? A. use bp_testall B. use bpconfirm C. use check_coverage D. check the Backup_All option in every policy Answer: C 38. What is the recommended method to configure NetBackup to handle new tapes introduced to the environment? A. configure NetBackup and implement barcode rules to assign new media to the NetBackup pool B. configure NetBackup to use a scratch pool and implement barcode rules to assign new media to the    

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