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==== ==== For the best related tips, here the best related site: ==== ==== Shedding Off the Layers of Deception from Weight Loss Myths Weight loss myths are dangerous things. Because they spread all sorts of lies about weight loss, they ultimately become obstacles in your quest to lose weight. Its only when you have successfully broken through the layers of deception that are cloaking weight loss myths that you can start shedding off pounds as well. Top 6 Popular Weight Loss Myths and the Truth behind Them SKIPPING BREAKFAST IS A GOOD WAY TO START THE DAY. In Chinese cultures, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and must therefore be taken regularly. Whether or not you agree to this doesnt matter; what matters is that health experts confirm this as truth as well. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day as its what will provide you much needed energy to perform your daily routine. More importantly, breakfast prevents you from feeling hungry in inopportune times and being forced to consume unhealthy food just to appease your hunger. Start your day right by eating breakfast. THE GENES ARE TO BLAME! Some people excuse their penchant to overeat on their genes. They say that a passion for food is a family trait. If thats so then surely the whole French and Italian population, famous throughout the world for being connoisseurs of food, are obese by now. But they arent, are they? In fact, French and Italian folks are one of the most beautiful people in the world? Genes are not to blame if everyone in the family loves to eat. It may be a family trait, but its more of a trait by choice rather than genetic. All of you, unconsciously or consciously, chose to overeat. Dont use genetics as an excuse to stop yourself from losing weight. DIET AND EXERCISE CAN STAND ON THEIR OWN TWO FEET. Some prefer to lose weight by dieting and nothing else. Others prefer to lose weight by exercising alone. Both concepts however are wrong. In order to effectively lose weight, you need to have a complementary diet and exercise regime. You need to do both if you truly want to lose weight. Of course, as there are many fad diet and exercise programs being floated around in the market, it might be difficult for you to choose one thats truly beneficial. As such, its best that you ask help from an expert in order to work on the right exercise and diet program immediately. SKIPPING MEALS CAN HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT. Although skipping meals can theoretically help you lose weight, youd need to have iron control over your appetite in order for this to continue working in the long term. Also, skipping meals have

certain health disadvantages, not the least of them is an increased risk of suffering from ulcer pains. You dont have to skip meals in order to lose weight. In fact, its better that you dont. What you should do instead is eat four to six smaller meals a day. Placing the proper interval of time between meals will help more in making you lose weight than skipping breakfast or lunch! ITS BEST TO EAT FOOD THAT ACT AS FAT BURNERS. Of course its bestif theres such a food. Unfortunately, theres none. If there had been one, then wealthy celebrities such as the Duchess of York or Oprah Winfrey wouldnt have any need to struggle with their weight, would they? After all, they could eat as much food as they wish as long as it falls under the fat-burner category. And so, contrary to popular belief, foods like cabbage soup or grapefruit will not help you burn fat. What they can do however is lessen the calories youre eating, and thats what really helping you lose weight! YOU NEED TO SPEND MONEY IN ORDER TO LOSE WEIGHT Again, thats another whopping lie, and one that has hurt thousands of people throughout the years. If you want to lose weight, you dont have to spend lots of money to do so. Possibly, you could invest in an exercise machine or pay a one-time fee for a consultation with an excellent weight loss doctor, but beyond that its sweat and tears but not dollars that youll be spending. Money is never the issue when it comes to losing weight. If you have the willpower as well the right diet and exercise regime, then just be patient and youll start losing weight in no time.

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