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==== ==== For the best related tips, here the best related site: ==== ==== The Diet Smorgasbord, Come Take a Pick Obesity is one of the leading "killers" of modern society. As a counter-attack, one must need to know its root cause to be able to choose the right slimming method. Being obese could be hereditary or something that you "did to yourself". This article will be able to help with the you-didit-to-yourself part. So let's begin. In no particular order

Raw Foods Diet- as its name suggests, the food to be consumed should be raw. This method assures that the dieter gets the freshest nutrients. The adverse effect? Nutrient intake is restricted plus bacteria may be present on raw food. DietWatch- an online diet program that helps you track carbohydrates, calories, fat, weight, and all other factors relevant to weight loss. This can be customized to fit the dieters needs. DietWatch claims that it is not a fad diet. Sonoma diet- is a Mediterranean diet that centers its weight loss technique in cooking and planning meals. It is highly advisable to those who look forward to losing weight with only some restrictions on food. This would be scowled at by those who are not into cooking. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle- this is supported mainly by men because it is focused on cardio, nutrition and training on weight. While burning fat, muscles do develop on this type of diet. It boasts of a track record that has gone a long way. Motivation is a key factor to stay in this program. Weight Watchers- this is an online support group where members continuously get help on achieving weight loss. believe it or not, a weight loss program that is based on personality traits! believes that behavior and nutrition are inseparable. eDiets- a more personal approach to dieting is central to this programs continuous existence. Diet plans are customized to suit the persons needs. Apple Patch diet- this program believes that metabolism should be increased to be able to achieve weight loss. As its name suggests, a patch is placed on the body to reduce food cravings. Its principle is comparable to nicotine patches that controls cravings for nicotine. The patch should stay on the skin for 3 days to ensure its effectivity. Mayo Clinic diet plan- this centers on eating food in unlimited quantity, well, except that these foods should be fruits and veggies. The goal of this program is to reduce sugar cravings as the

diet progresses. South Beach diet- this was developed, originally, for obese patients with heart ailments by Dr. Arthur Agatston. This isnt a low fat or low carbohydrates diet (although on the first two weeks, carbs should be shunned). It gives meal plans that are good for the heart and the weight. A vegetarian diet is also available. SparkPeople- a holistic way of dieting. Comparable to eDiets but SparkPeople is less expensive. Medifast- a program that can be bought online. This has long been given by physicians to their obese patients and is a surefire way to lose weight in a short span of time. Biggest Loser Club- yup, it all began on a television show. This program focuses on exercise and meal plans. Change One diet- this originated from the Readers Digest. It advises to change one aspect in your lifestyle or diet every week then weight loss can be achieved. Zone diet- ever heard of the 40-30-30 program? This is it and Dr. Sears developed it. Slim Fast- drinks and power bars that are used to substitute a meal. They became famous with their shakes that promote weight loss. Beach Body- exercise routines and cardio workout that will trim the body in 6 weeks. Jenny Craig- this is actually a brand on weight loss programs. Meals are delivered or shipped to the dieter (low-calorie meals), these being planned and based on the USDA. Subway diet- this may sound absurd but this diet advises a dieter to eat only subway meals. Wow. Grapefruit diet- the name tells it all. A dieter thrives only on grapefruit that is believed to contain something that makes a person lose weight. Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle diet- do you want to lose 10 pounds in as little as 48 hours? Then this is meant for you, or so as they claim. Its a juice diet that cleanses the system and promotes weight loss. Well, there are a lot more of diets out there. This is but a short list. Review each one thoroughly before engaging in any of their programs. Stick only with the one that promotes health and wellbeing. And yes, eventually, the one that lets you maintain those curves..

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weight loss disease  

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