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==== ==== For the best related tips, here the best related site: ==== ==== Why Weight Loss and Hollywood are Synonymous Glitz, glamour and fame. One would think of these when the word ‘Hollywood’ comes up. And yes, Hollywood and its stars are anything but simple, including the stars’ diet. We read about them every time. The world-famous actors and actresses and their ‘secret’ weight loss programs. But are they really ‘secret’? Consider for a second if you would want to have JLo’s behind, Angelina’s abs or Pamela Anderson’s curves. Would you? Great. Then read on. Enter Jennifer Lopez. She’s the epitome of a voluptuous Latina. Don’t think, though, that she achieved this just by sitting all day on a couch. JLo began exercising at a young age. And it is not just simple exercises that she settled to do but difficult, very physical workouts. That was then. Nowadays, she has a fitness trainer based in Los Angeles and classes of yoga. According to her, yoga provides her spiritual, physical and mental balance. Cardio and weights are still very much a part of her ‘other than yoga’ workout. But she states that she’s not bordering fanatical. She tries to be ‘feminine’ on her approach to exercise. Sometimes she does it, other times she does not. And in saying this, we are pacified to know that she is just like any other girl out there who sometimes feels lazy to even lift a finger. She is very strict with her food intake, though. She knows which foods are beneficial and she tries to stay away from the bad ones. Carbs are allowable but not a frequent part of her diet. And yes, she allows a bit of indulgence once in a while. She is not a believer of cutting most foods on one’s diet. For her, everything should be eaten in moderation. And, oh, alcohol is a no no. Now we get on to Angelina Jolie and that wonderful abs. You would be surprised to find out that before bagging the role of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, Angelina had no diet program in particular. In fact, she even smokes and drinks. Admitting that she is similar to her character in the said film, she wanted to prepare for this physically-rigorous role. Angelina began her diet by eating healthy. She regularly had sea bass, vegetables and beef (all are steamed). She also drank a lot of soy milk. She never specified which diet program she practiced but all she said was, it’s a sugar-free diet. Now the curves. Who else should we think of but Pamela Anderson? This girl shuns chicken, red meat, seafood and even fish. She became a vegetarian as early as her teen years. The reason? She witnessed her father slaughter a deer in their backyard! Well, thanks to that deer, she’s now one of the shapeliest women in the world.

Aside from these three, there are other names that come up when ‘sexiness’ is discussed. There’s Jessica Alba, Madonna (reminds you of wine, tastier as it ages), Katie Holmes, and Lindsay Lohan. Jessica Alba is rumored to have started dieting as early as 12. This might be because she has ‘fat genes’. According to her, everyone in her family is big so she eats well, does not binge on desserts and exercises like crazy. Here’s a sample of her daily menu: Breakfast- fruits, cottage cheese and omelet (minus the yolk). Lunch- salad Dinner- fish, vegetables or chicken. Madonna is one of those blessed few who do not have to worry much about gaining weight. Inspite of that, she practices yoga and works out regularly. Her diet is composed of whole grains, protein-rich foods (which should be plant and not animal protein), and non-chemical sweeteners. Katie Holmes, coming from a family of athletes, surprisingly, isn’t one. You will be surprised to find out that she eats almost anything. Her favorite foods are cookie dough, popcorn (butter flavor), burgers (made of veggies, thank God), pretzels and for her drinks, she favors diet coke and vanilla-flavored latte. Maybe it’s dancing, shopping and some jogging that keep her in shape. Maybe. And we end with Lindsay Lohan. She will always be hunted by the rumors that she’s anorexic or bulimic. The worst that she had to battle are the rumors on drugs and diet pills. But she will, of course, always deny them. She reasons out that ‘growing girls’ shed their baby fat. We have yet to hear what diet program she is really into. So, looking at some of these stars’ diets, we could conclude that one must invest in looking good to stay in the limelight. If without a budget, then just run around the block and pretty soon, you will notice that you are starting to look like a star!

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