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==== ==== For the best related tips you really have to check this out: ==== ==== Raising Your Parrot Pet in Humane Manner Parrot as a pet has to be out of the cage once in a while. Now this is quite a big deal raising parrots to abide silent rules of knowing when it must be inside or outside a cage. The reality of having parrots as pet is all about the freedom it can get to interact with its owners. If a parrot is constantly in the cage wailing repeated shrieks all the time, then it is nothing but a talking trophy. It takes daily minutes of patience to gain your pet parrot's respect. Take note, a parrot is just a bird, but the amount of loyalty you can get out of training it is priceless. By giving it firm orders to climb on its perch up or down is just the start. It is quite an accomplishment to see your bird do it in a command. It means the next tasks are on the right stake. Freedom and discipline don't go handy with parrots. Just like spoiled brat kids it will have the tendency to abuse freedom. Once a parrot uses its wings on its first fly, it is dominating the situation. It has the tendency to follow around and do unexpected and menacing things like pecking furniture, especially woods. Once a parrot has gained this confidence while your house is not intended as parrot flying skylines, then it is the start of mess. Do not let your parrot take the full control, but never attempt to punish it harshly at the same time. It takes a lot of patience to watch again and again until the bird settles down with closed wings, picking it up and putting back on its perch constantly, until the bird understands the meaning of getting behaved. After taking control of your parrot's behavior, you cannot avoid being nipped once in a while, especially if your parrot is younger and curious. Parrots must be trained not do this as habit by giving a "NO" command. You can also blow its face after biting you or giving it an earthquake shake while settled on your palm. In extreme cases, deprivation is the best solution to erase the habit. Any strong pecking must be followed by effective punishment of putting your pet parrot in an isolation cage for 15 minutes or so. By constant practice, the parrot will finally understand why it loses freedom after a bad behavior like biting. As part of being amused, parrots scream with all their might as a sign of boredom. To avoid too much of this, distract this parrot's habit by placing it close to a TV where it can watch. Provide playthings at a tender age and make sure not to neglect its need for fun.

==== ==== For the best related tips you really have to check this out: ==== ====

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